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    Just to update the scoring stats: Hughes now has 13 points (3G 10A) in 11 games. He’s one point behind Makar (who had that hot start but has cooled off since) and three points off the outright NCAA defenceman scoring lead (with a game in hand on the leader). EDIT: I think Hughes will continue to climb the leaderboard, but I don’t think he can catch Adam Fox the way he’s playing for Harvard (15 points in only 7 games so far). However, it’s also a heck of a lot easier for Fox to put up points as an elite player in the ECAC than it is for Hughes to dominate the Big Ten (which is a far more competitive conference).
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    Love the little skate over to the opposition bench and vocal celebration after the goal. Ref and a Gens teammate are even trying to hold him back as Matty skates right over to the Niagara bench and gives the Icedogs players an earful as he rubs his GWG in their noses. This was a chippy game, with 18 penalties called and 14 power plays, so clearly Matt was fired up and wanted to give it to the Icedogs. But honestly, Brassard also just likes to be a s*** disturber, regardless of the game story. Couldn’t find a nicer guy with off the ice, and he’s loved by his teammates, but he sure isn’t popular with opponents. Seems like he never passes up an opportunity to rub a little salt in the wounds.
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    I'm going to play a bit of devil's advocate and go over something that's been on my mind since we drafted Quinn. Going into last year's draft, he was ranked 6th and 10th overall by a few publications that I recall. It was a stronger then average draft year, so this puts him on track to be a very good NHLer most likely. I see most of the forum penciling him into our lineup and treating it like it's almost a certainty that he will be with the Canucks next year. Looking at some of the top defencemen of the last few years that play a similar style, you see that guys like ... Torey Krug (3 years college, 1 year AHL) Erik Karlsson (1 year in Sweden after draft, quarter of the next year in AHL) Roman Josi (2 years Europe after draft, 2 years AHL) Kristopher Letang (2 years of Junior after draft, part time of third year in AHL) Tyson Barrie (2 years of junior after draft, 2 more years of mostly AHL) Keith Yandle (1 year of junior after draft, 2 years of mostly AHL) all spent 3 or 4 years in the minor leagues before they became regular NHLers with the exception of Erik Karlsson. I feel that Quinn Hughes might be looking at 2020 before he's on the Canucks, or he might get the 7 game taste of the NHL next year, but not more.
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    Brassard FTW! Oshawa wins 4-3 in OT. Brassard with 2 goals, including the game winner. He now has 14 points (6G 8A) in 18 games.
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    Just want to point out that Pettersson May be a bit homesick. New country, new team, no family around it must be really tough for him. He is our most valuable player and fans need to be supportive of him and the team in order to keep his spirits up. Really happy he got a goal tonight.
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    My brother went to school with Greg in grade 7 i'm guessing about 1972 or 73. I was five years younger. Playing street hockey at the school parking lot was like watching Gretzky in the 80's lol. Greg actually helped me with skating that year as he was constantly at the rink (could skate like the wind compared to anyone i had seen at that point in life) But it was really interesting to know someone as a young child who actually made it to the NHL. A number of years later we went to a Victoria Cougars game and he was on a line with Barry Pederson, the two of them ripped it up! Just wanted to throw out these memories
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    Well written. I like Hughes as our pick but I believe you are correct in how things play out.
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    I think it has to do with helping power play. It’s just hasn’t been the same without edler and Brock.
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    Brassard has his 5th goal of the season, scored tonight on the PP. The goal also happens to be Matt’s 100th career OHL point:
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    Totally fine whether he does or doesn't play in the "A". All that really matters is that the finished product is an elite one. He could always be like Gostisbehere, who played like a grand total of 20 games in the A and dominating as a point-per-game guy before staying for good.
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    He might, he might not. Everyone takes their own path. Players are coming into the league younger and younger. He's played against men before, NCAA is also decently good competition...he's got a great chance of stepping right in.
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    The more I think about it the more I hope he plays with EP and on the PP1. EP should be able to build up his stats and then hopefully we can actually trade him for some assets.
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    So Peter Forsberg revealed that he had a congenital condition and played his entire career with only 60% vision in one of his eyes.
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    Yeah, plus Fox is a D+3 in his junior (3rd) year and turning 21 this season. The previous two seasons (which are more comparable to Hughes, in terms of age and experience), he’s been right around a point per game, while playing in a weaker conference. Fox is a quality prospect, no doubt, but he’s a step down from Hughes. He’s also less well rounded, as Hughes’s two-way play (even though it’s still a work in progress), is already better than Fox’s IMO (and Makar’s as well).
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    I agree with you Sid. The ECAC is not as tough of competition, I don't think Fox will be a bad defenseman at the NHL level but I don't think he'll be an elite guy like Quinn Hughes should be...
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    Michigan has been a bit soft defensively, and not just the D corps but team-wide, and their goaltenders have definitely struggled to make saves in several games. And yes, as @westcoastsniper notes, they hasn’t converted as much as the should have on some of the chances Hughes creates (and Norris is hardly alone in that regard). The Wolverines definitely haven’t looked as good as many people, including myself, were expecting then to be this season. That said, they really haven’t been terrible either. Just not the powerhouse they were pegged to be (most preseason rankings had them top-5 in the NCAA). But they are still sitting in decent enough position in their conference (they’re currently 3rd in the Big Ten), and have split their two series against highly ranked Penn State and Notre Dame. There’s still plenty of time for them to climb the rankings and conference standings, and make it into the national tournament. On the other hand, if they don’t get things on track, and they bow out early this season, it means that Hughes becomes available to sign his ELC and join Vancouver for a few games before 2018-19 closes out. Not necessary a bad outcome, if that’s how things go. Actually, as a Canucks fan, it’s might be the best case scenario.
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    Behind the Athletics' paywall - Halford talked to assistant coach Gary Agnew. Link in tweet below. Italics are Agnew's words His offensive game is solid especially on the powerplay where Agnew says he has been getting most of his points - sees him as a power play type of guy (see quote below). His defensive game needs work but is improving. Says he is receptive to coaching and is always asking questions to improve. Talks about how he needs to be closing in quicker. On the pace of the game: "you’ve got to be able to do it at this level before you do it at that level." On the minuses: "Certainly he’s not fully responsible for all those minuses. But when there’s a little bit of a trend, there’s a trend." Very complimentary of his offensive game where he can make plays in high pressured situations. On making plays under duress as a positive for the next level: It’s certainly a positive, and it’s something he’ll have to adjust to when that takes place. But again, he’s a guy that’s going to be a power-play type of guy when he gets there, and as long as he can get the other facets of his game down — which he is doing — he should be able to get there at some point, and stay there. Which is another goal, obviously. You don’t want a guy that goes up early, then comes down and takes a while to recover. I think that’s the type of guy he’s going to be. A good puck-moving, solid defenceman that can add offensively and hopefully defend the right way. He doesn't know how it's going to translate overall but his style of play is similar to Olli Maatta's. On readiness: "I think that Chatfield, Brisebois and even [Ashton] Sautner are call-ups that are certainly closer at this point to being NHL full-timers." He doesn't think Juolevi is far away.
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    I think I would prefer Alex Biega to DP at this point. He does all the little things right, which is more than I can say for DP this season.
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    I don't often hear someone being compared to someone younger.
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    Nah, not so far. EP of course could do both offense and defense from the start, Bo and Boeser got it pretty quickly, but most rookies don't. As I said I agree that Green doesn't tolerate cheating on D, and that makes it that much more difficult to be in a position to score for a new player. In Gaudette's case I'm not sure what his offensive ceiling is, time will tell, but I also agree that a stint in Utica soon - scoring in a 1st line role - would probably be good for him.
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    I agree with Baggins on Adam going back to Utica, that is once Jay Beagle returns from injury. He needs the development time to refine his game and that would be best accomplished by getting the ice time and playing on both the PP and PK. On the Canucks he is only averaging 11:40 of ice time / game and in Utica I suspect he could get 17 minutes or more. He has not been a negative player defensively on the Canucks and his compete level is very high IMO but the offensive side of his game is just not there yet and that is where time spent in Utica would really help him.
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