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    Todd Bertuzzi says "hi". Let's just focus on winning.
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    Markstrom after the game: "They still don't have any soccer fans in Toronto, so, I don't know how they don't call that back. It's happened before, it's going to happen again, and we need to get some soccer fans in Toronto. It's very frustrating, and it's not the first time, so... *deep sigh*"
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    Can't believe some idiots are already giving up on Boeser. Are your f***ing kidding me?!
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    ZOMGGG future goaltending controversy!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah lets dump on one of the best wingers we have had in years. Kid is on a 70 pt /30 goal pace with 28 pts in 33 games...slows down for a few and the wild trade proposals begin. Forget about last season, forget about how he is one of the few, probably only guy, that can finish off EP's brilliant setups...bad few games = no mercy= ship him out. We have a new shiny toy now.
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    Baertschi Brock and Bo ... tripple B line has to be together at least until EP is back
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    Pettersson is averaging 2 injuries per year should we trade him as well? You could say every player in the league is one injury away from ending their career. And what the hell exactly is your proposal? Trade him. For what? To who? I'm guessing this thread gets locked.
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    Never should've gone to OT. We should've won it in regulation. Arizona kicked the 2nd goal in.
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    Couple of days left until Matheson get to eat some ice, or....? Time to make a statement? Will TG give orders? Hardly I think, he seems too political correct....
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    Yeah, its nuts. He's not fast. But plays fast. Makes plays at the pace people are moving around him at. Then slips in that wicked shot. With Petey gone, he is the predominant forward taking on zone entries. Getting the PP set up. Even with Pettersson, Brock is often the guy taking those drop passes from Edler. Making his way, with the puck, into the offensive zone. Waay better than people are giving him credit for.
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    Boeser was ok just like Horvat was okay!!! some ripping on Boeser all night is garbage, he was ok he had 4 shots on net along with Bo, both were just unlucky their shots didn't go in. to say this game wasn't entertaining, speak for yourself, the first was rusty but the second and third we outplayed the yotes. if the ref had seen the kicked in goal and denied them, we would have won. but thems the breaks!
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    It's a marathon not a Sprint boys and girls let's remember that. One point closer baby!
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    Yes. Trade him for Gudbranson. That'll show him.
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    Canucks Fan: "Tonight's game couldn't get any worse" Shaw Cable: "Hold my beer"
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    No Petey, got a point. Tied it late to get that point too, so I'll take it. Without Pettersson, this team is like last year's, but without the twins, so if we can manage getting a point I'll be happy. Goldobin needs to convert. He had a ton of PP chances point blank. Bo has been cold too, at least goals wise. Brock as well. Virtanen too. With Goldy, Bo, Brock, and Virtanen not scoring, it's hard to expect any wins without Pettersson. We're lucky Baertschi doesn't look rusty at all after his concussion.
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    He's an ideal possession player on that basis. Unfortunately, our defense cannot handle a puck and then do anything aside from shinpad rebounds. Put it like this; if Virtanen was playing with Karlsson, Letang, or any other defenceman that knows what to do when they get the puck, they'd be a magical F-D pairing. Virtanen can blow into the zone, either with speed or power. He demonstrates it again and again. But he does get closed out, which is fine, normal. So if he gains the zone, and has a defenceman to actually pass to who can hold it, or made another possession play, that frees up Virtanen to occupy the net area after the zone entry (which we've seen a few times). He can then either take off and retain possession along the half wall if there's no play - leaving the D to reset and be available for the pass or a possible one-timer if a winger pulls to cover someone else, OR , he's in front for tips and garbage goals. I feel like Virtanen is a support player on that basis. Reminds me of a guy who will 'play as good as the 'next' best player on his line'. Like: If he's playing with 4th liners, he'll be as good as the best 4th liner on that line. But our defence is where the play, and the puck goes to die. So it takes that option away, and I do believe other teams see it, if you watch how they close up in the zone. The point men are simply covered by the straight angles; they know nobody is going to do a fancy play or a really super crisp pass from our blue line.
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    He should stay. Schaller should be sent down.
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    Gaudette, Baertschi, and Markstrom deserved better from the rest of them.
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    A lot of passengers on this team right now. Some of them are being paid way too much to watch stuff happen.
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