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    Imagine Petey and Quinn both breaking ankles for the Canucks, maybe on the same shift one day. The elusiveness ^
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    Did you not see Quinn playing with men at the worlds last spring? All Quinn needs to show that he has many of the same attributes as EP...is NHL teammates ... Quinn can pass with the best of them Quinn can steal pucks with the best of them Quinn can skate better than the best of them Quinn can get his shot through to the net...which is more valuable than Edler's bomb that rarely gets by the first defender let alone hits the net. I think you will be eating some words come next winter.....
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    On the upside our Vintage bot appears to be well oiled and operational today
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    dont forget to bring back my car back tomorrow... JUS SLIDE IT UNDER THE DOOR
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    Oliver Wahlstrom 5 points in 14 games @ Boston College ... ouch
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    dont know how many people watch Hot Ones but im stoked on this episode.
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    Quinn was always a high-risk high-reward draft pick. He fell to us in the draft because of his size like Pettersson. I'd rather take the risk and draft Pettersson or Hughes then take the safe pick and end up with an NHL plug. Plenty of those in the later rounds.
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