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    Vancouver Canucks (25-24-7) vs San Jose Sharks (33-16-7) February 11th @7pm Projected lines (not sure who is out for Zack yet) The Orcas MACDADDY?-Horvat-Leivo Goldobin-Pettersson-Boeser Roussel-Sutter-Virtanen Eriksson-Beagle-Motte Hutton-Stretcher Tanev-Gudbranson Pouliot-Biega The Wall The Kid The Baby Sharks So why are you having to endure my simple, unflashy GDT you may be asking yourself. Well... I WILL BE AT THIS GAME!!! I have only been in attendance of 2 games in my entire life. The first was in Calgary as a baby, and the second was in 2009 when the Canucks fell 6-5 in the shootout to the Blue Jackets. Being from out of town I don't have the chance to see games very often and this night has been a very long time coming! As a die hard Canuck fan and long term CDC member, I ask you forgive my boring GDT. In return, I will be giving updates from inside Roger's as a fan who doesn't have the chance to see live games. What the atmosphere is like, plays you do not notice from tv, maybe I will even update with a picture or 2! I also present you with 1 obligatory meme since GDTs seem to often feature many of this beloved form of internet funnies Enjoy. I'll reserve the second post for my extremely amateur commentary and observations! If you see a fellow with a friendly looking face wearing this brand new jersey in section 103, row 23, give me a high five!! GO CANUCKS GO
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    Ballard, Raymond, and a 2nd Round pick
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    “I want to stick”..”I want to make an impact in the NHL” Have a fierce game Zack! Go get it!!
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    “I’m very excited to be here. It was a relief to walk into the dressing room because it’s the first step to achieving my dream of playing in the NHL. I’ll bring energy and physicality when I’m in the lineup.” - MacEwen
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    With my 2000th post on CDC, I leave "Canucks Rookie" and now become a "Canucks Regular!"
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    Rookie laps for Mikey DiPietro and Zack MacEwen.
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    So Mikey AND Zack are both playing tonight?
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    And he’s progressing. He’s doing a whole lot more this year then he was his previous years. He’s playing on both sides of the puck. He’s having a career year as far as goals and points go, sure he’s slowed down but he’s still impacting games. Not everyone is going to come storming out of the gates. All you can ask for is progression each game and each year.
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    so true all these "statistics" guys need to be taken with a grain of salt. I remember when the Canucks signed MacEwen in junior....the spreadsheet and abacus gurus at Canucks Smarmy were proclaiming it was a waste of a contract...a bad move by management. Yet here we are today, kid lights it up in the A, and is getting a shot with the big club. ive hidden the link to the "Canucks Army" article. sure has not aged well
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    Motte with the little glare at Gudbranson:
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    I dunno. I see him occasionally at the Olympic Village Urban Fare, maybe I'll go up and let him know what we think he should do.
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    Is Frankie doing some Coke tonight?
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    Lines in warm-up: Roussel-Horvat-MacEwen Leivo-Pettersson-Boeser Goldobin-Granlund-Virtanen Eriksson-Beagle-Motte Tanev-Gudbranson Hutton-Stecher Pouliot-Biega DiPietro
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    Like Huberdeau. Like his contract. Like to see him with Bo. Don’t like giving up the painful amount of assets needed to get him though.
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    If there was ever a player that looks like he might pee himself on the ice, it's Logan Couture. I'd like to see that happen. Go Canucks Go! (I really hope Couture pees himself)
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