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    Brown is doing a great job with the power play Discuss
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    Ok, so I’m seeing a fair amount of confusion in here over the Quinn Hughes thing. And honestly, I don’t know the specific criteria the league uses for the expansion draft. Lately, most pundits are using Ryan Biech’s interpretation, which says Hughes will be considered an age 19 player, and will not use up a professional year, so long as he plays less than 11 games in the 2018-19 season. This would make him expansion exempt, so long as he plays less than 11 games this season. Here’s Biech’s interpretation: I like that Biech uses Article 13.4, because this fits with some of the more odd cases we saw from the last expansion draft. Players like Kyle Baun, who was considered to have played his first professional year in 2014-15, despite only playing 3 pro games. I am a little surprised that the standard for a professional year for 18 and 19 years olds is 11 games. Just because every single drop of ink spilled on the expansion draft rules last time around cited 10 games as the standard. But then again, they were all wrong (as the Baun example showed), and the standard is clearly not 10 games for players age 20 and over. But what about Quinn Hughes? For me, it comes down to his age. Many portions of the CBA would consider Hughes to be age 20, if he signs a contract in the calendar year he turns 20. This is how the age calculation works for “signing age” and for considerations like contract slide (and a bunch of other aspects of contracts). Ryan Biech says that Hughes will be age 19. But I’m still not sure I agree. If he’s basing the age off of the language in Article 13.4, then I’m not sure how he’s determining that Hughes will be age 19. Just because when you look at the age determinations in Article 13.4, you have the language in Note 2, which basically says age 18 is between Jan 1 and September 15, age 19 is calendar year, and age 20 is calendar year. Quinn Hughes is 19 years old and turning 20 during calendar 2019. Seems to me, he’d still be considered “age 20” based on Article 13.4. And if he’s “age 20,” then the first sentence of article 13.4 would apply, and “one (1) or more Professional Games shall constitute the first year.” So I’m not sure Article 13.4 really gives Quinn Hughes a free 10 games with the Canucks this season. I could easily be wrong. But I’m just not convinced (yet) that 11 games is the standard for a professional year that will applicable to Quinn Hughes. And I’m not really swayed by the various pundits who are parroting that it’s 11 games, because they are all just going off of what Ryan Biech is saying, and none of them really know. And Biech is just offering his interpretation of one section of the CBA. He freely admits, he doesn’t know if the NHL actually uses that section for their expansion rules. It’s just his best guess. Last time around, with the Vegas expansion, everyone said it was 10 NHL games for teenagers and 10 professional games for age 20 and older. They were wrong. The standard for age 20 or older was just one game. And if Article 13.4 is the section of the CBA being used, when it comes to expansion, then the standard for teenagers should have been 11 games. So they were wrong on that too. If 13.4 is the standard, then the requirement for a professional year should be 11 games for ages 18 and 19. And just 1 pro game for ages 20 and older. In the case of Quinn Hughes, the critical factor is whether the expansion rules consider him age 19 or age 20. Based on Article 13.4, I’m having a hard time thinking he’s age 19. Looks more like he’d be considered age 20. But again, I could easily be wrong. The fact is, I just don’t know. And Ryan Biech doesn’t really know either. The NHL has not made the rules public (when it comes to the specific details of how professional years and player ages are determined for expansion), so we’re all just trying our best to come up with an answer that fits with how things worked last time, and which players were eligible for, and exempt from, the Vegas expansion draft. I’d be very happy if Biech is right and I’m wrong. I hope the NHL considers Quinn Hughes to be an age 19 player when we sign him, and lets him play 10 games without burning a pro year. I’m just not seeing nearly enough evidence (yet) that this interpretation is actually correct.
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    BTW I wish EG nothing but the best and I hope he shuts up all the haters and the morons in the media - I call them mediarons(ok I don't but maybe I should)
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    2nd Annual League Questionnaire I've found some time to get this done, so its being released a little earlier than anticipated. There are 13 yes/no questions, and a question needs at least 80% of the responses to be yes in order to have it implemented. Please take the time to answer the questions, I value the opinions of the 30 other GMs/teams in the league. For those with Co-GMs or AGMs, please submit only 1 response per organization. I will let responses come in over the next week or so, and will close the poll once there is a sufficient amount of responses. Here is the link to the poll! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VS63MJYHE9C-ymdbI4F_KUPyBu1TcARa3aMJM2e3lNs/edit
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    It's fine. Goalies have all been developing fine. D have been developing fine. And the few forwards (who seem to be the main point of angst) of consequence, have all been developing fine, short of Lind and Gadjovich having slow first years. Gaudette? Fine. Jasek? Fine. MacEwan? Fine. Even Dahlen was doing ok and getting lots of minutes before demanding a trade (though his 5v5 play was in question). Beyond that, it's not like we have a bunch of 'Nylander' types down there that Utica is simply 'ruining'. Overblown media nonsense to sell papers/clicks/air time to the frothing masses. Again. Stop falling for it.
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    Avtomobilist goes up 3 - 0 in the series with a 2-1 OT winner. Tryamkin with a good game, his intensity ramping up in the playoffs. couple of nice hits and 3 good takeaways. Kind of a soft goal for the winner early in OT through the 5 hole.
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    This guy is very underrated. He is tied for his best career year in points with 29 in only 60 games, with 17 games remaining. He is fourth in scoring with 2 more goals and 3 more points than Goldie. Best summer signing by far when you consider the other elements he brings to this team, including his grit, agitation, and speed. And he can play anywhere up and down the lineup. He's had some great games and made some incredible passes for what he came in here billed as. VERY pleasant surprise and now an important member of this club, representing an element every team needs.
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    Thanks to @Canuck Surfer, @inane & @Mike Vanderhoek for the deals. Adding Perry & Janmark for cheap align our goal with having an actual roster that wouldn't rely on players I am pretty sure are made up (Tanner Fritz??). With Frederic we move a mid-2nd round pick which is a great trade off - Frederic is a few years into his development compared to who we would draft in this upcoming draft. Updated Vegas Golden Knights Roster: Still not good.
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    To BOS: John Gibson, Adam Fox, 1st Rd. Pick (2020, WPG) To WPG: Tuukka Rask ($2m ret.)
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    I find coaching to be a bit of a scapegoat topic in VAN I think if you complain about systems play you should be able to a) describe sufficiently what the systems are and b) point out exactly what is it about the systems you dislike. Generalizations like "I dont like the systems Green uses" is uninformative and not really a fair criticism IMO With regards to the OP, if you want to complain about chemistry that's fine. Contrast Green who isnt afraid to mix things up with say someone like WD who kept the same lines and just rolled the lines out one after another without much situational deployment. I think TG is still trying to find 'chemistry' with the lines that he is happy with. Right now there isnt much going where lines should be set in stone. Green did have Goldy with EP for the majority of the season. Perhaps he wants to see how EP plays with different wingers like Leivo and Pearson. His reasoning is he wanted to see wingers with EP that can win more puck battles and perhaps that will lead to different looks in the O zone. I personally thought Brock seemed to play better with Bo anyways.
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    I didn’t want to have to trade top prospect Future Considerations, but a fair deal is a fair deal. Word out of the nations capital is their ACE prospect Future Considerations has been traded as well.
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    PIT knows what they have if Guddy, and they might be the exact medicine he needs to break out and embrace the skill set he has. A lot of talk about his skating, well from what I’ve seen he’s one of the better skaters in the league for a guy that size...the bigger they come the slower they usually are. Nobody ever whines about Charas skating when he was winning Norris trophies, becuase he does so many other things right. Not saying he’s Chara, but he’s not garbage either. PIT also knows the value of having a guy like that around come playoff time. Like to see what happens to whatever dumbass takes liberties on Crosby this Spring. Look forward to the video of someone getting clocked for being a stupid rat. OR that doesn’t happen at all (becuase the other team does their research and now knows they might have to get their jaw wired and eat through a straw if they slash Crosby’s hands or take him into the boards head first) and Guddy raises the Cup... Jeez Louis I get that he’s got the worst plus minus in the league, well look who he’s played with and against and whoopie. I don’t mind the trade but there is no need to keep bashing the guy. Wonder how EP and the gang feel now knowing that anyone can do anything to them now without much of a consequence (unless Horvat steps up and beats them down)...
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    Some posters buy into the negative hype that the sports journalists in this city create. The Jounalists do it to establish a following, and to basically take up air time, or paper space,. to then collect their pay check. Most, do not care. .. most, do not have a clue what is going on in Utica. It might be different if some of them professed to subscribe to Utica’s games and watched them every night they played. But none of them do. Only if the Comets were in Vancouver and they were offered a free game press pass and paid to go.. would you get proper insight.. But given the caliber of the questions I have heard to most of the Canuck players, Coaching, and management Brass, I am happy that our Farm Team is located on the East Coast far from us. We have some great contributing posters in the CDC community that offer daily insight in the “Prospects/ In The System” Forum. The thread “2018-19 Utica Hockey” has 2-5 great contributing posters.. they go to, and watch Utica Hockey Games.. 1or 2 actually walk the dressing room halls. I give their views and assessments far more validation than any of the Journalists “forming” an opinion on his toilet with his iPad in this City. They can flush it, And leave the room.
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    the revisionist history going on here about Kesler's trade is laughable. His agent screwed us by letting the hockey world know Kes had just 2 teams he'd go to. We're lucky to get what we did.
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    Canuck prospects are given every chance to suceed in Utica under the current coaching staff, but they have to take the ball and run with it. Some do - McEwen the latest example - but many don't. They also need to be placed in situations where they can succeed. Since Dahlen's departure Jasek Gadjovich and Lind have appeared on the power play together and they haven't been very good, but it may not be all their fault as Utica lacks a solid offensive defenseman to run the PP. They also need to learn how to finish (goals and checks) which comes with time. And for the record Dahlen was a staple on the PP first or second unit which is something not every rookie gets a chance to do, so how does that equate to Utica coaches not giving him a chance to succeed? The prospect problem lies in Vancouver where prospects that could use a little AHL seasoning are rushed to the NHL and thrust into play, or homegrown propects like Gaunce are rushed to the NHL only to be demoted and replaced by overpaid veterans that produce little. And In many organizations the Huttons and Stechers would have earned their way to the big club. The problem lies with the Vancouver model, not the Comets. Vancouver needs to draft smart, or acquire prospects in trades, and develop a pipeline in Utica. The prospects need to succeed at this level before being rushed to the NHL, but once they get there and show they are ready they should become staples of the big club not victims to losing out to another crappy acquisition.
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    Every off season I was just begging for Iggy to get traded to Vancouver and play on a line with the twins. I lovehated Iggy. He did it all on the ice. The Flames suck and I hate them, but always wished Iggy was a Canuck.
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    Oh dear.. you are completely delusional. Forget I even engaged in this conversation.
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    Gaunce does not belong on the club above Beagle, at this point that is laughable. His only benefit over Sutter is Gaunce has stayed healthy so far. Other than that Sutter is the better player between the 2. Schaller, sure why not. He just hasn't fit in here and moving on would be good for both sides.
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    Please feel free to seat yourself in the waiting room provided in the link below for all your ZOMG BENNING related complaints. https://hfboards.mandatory.com/forums/vancouver-canucks.36/ Honestly...wtf did you want him to do? Tanev injured. Edler wouldn't waive. We don't yet have the depth to facilitate the trades or returns people seem to expect to happen. benning has been rebuilding for just over 3 years. Since he took over he took one of the oldest teams against the cap full of NMC and NTC's and literally zero prospect or roster depth. His first year he traded across for NHL ready youth His second year he traded across for NHL depth, kept a few His third year he kept it His fourth year he kept it Now literally just now we're starting to see the depth of prospects enter the AHL, Still have prospects in Europe and the NCAA and have arguably two of the best young players under the age of 22 on our roster. We were not supposed to be nearly as good as we are, we weren't supposed to challenge. People hated Gudbranson when he brought him here, now they hate that he was traded. people seem to think Benning lost on the DelZaster trade somehow and more. You people literally cannot be pleased or take the time to see what is currently being built. So please have a seat in the provided waiting room and lodge all your complaints there with the rest of the crowd. Thank You Management.
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    Over the course of the season there have been a number of rumblings about player development in Utica and the departure of Jonathan Dahlen has emphasized those concerns. Just for the record, here is what Dahlen said about his departure: (See https://www.fearthefin.com/2019/2/27/18242765/2019-nhl-trade-deadline-jonathan-dahlen-vancouver-canucks-jim-benning-san-jose-sharks-barracuda) Reporter: Jim Benning said some young players these days don’t want to “pay their dues” to make it to the NHL. He was referring, in part, to you. Was that a fair assessment from him? Dahlen: I don’t know. To be honest, I’m just excited to be here and work hard and try to get to the next level. But first of all, I want to be a good player in the American Hockey League. I haven’t even put my eyes on the NHL yet, I just want to play in the [AHL] first and make a good impression there. Obviously, you can’t jump over a step, and that’s not what I want to do... And I would note that Benning did not claim that Dahlen said he wanted to be on the Canucks now. He said "some young players do not want to pay their dues". A lot of people assumed (reasonably) that he was talking about Dahlen and assumed (apparently incorrectly) that Dahlen was saying he should be in the NHL now. His agent (J.P. Barry) says that he did request a trade but that no request for Dahlen to play on the Canucks was made. 1. Back to the Comets. What is reasonable development? At the beginning of the season a lot of people thought the Comets would have a really good year and maybe challenge for the Calder Cup. More importantly, a lot of people thought that the Utica prospects would finally take on a lead role in Utica and show signs of being ready to contribute at the NHL level. There was, in particular, a long list of forward prospects: Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, Dahlen, Palmu, MacEwen, etc. (Gaudette and Motte were expected to maybe go to Utica but Motte has been with the Canucks all year and Gaudette has only spent a short time in Utica.) And, on D, Juolevi, Brisebois, Chatfield, Sautner, and McEneny were all viewed as good prospects. 2. The Comets are currently fighting with two other teams over the final two playoff spots in their Division. But the prospects have not done well. First, it is unusual for players to ask to leave but this year two players did: Palmu, who went back to Finland, and Dahlen, who is now out of the organization. MacEwen has had a good season in Utica and was okay in a brief appearance with the big team, but Lind, Gadjovich and Jasek have all struggled. It is hard to find any other Utica prospects who have made a lot of progress. Juolevi is injured and he was picking up points, but his defensive play had some holes. Sautner has looked ok at the NHL level, kind of the like he looked last year, and Brisebois appears to have made progress, but it is slow progress and no one is projecting him to make the Canucks next year. The Comets have been carried by older players like Boucher, Kero, and Gaunce, along with MacEwen. 3. Some people will say that it is tough to transition from the CHL to the AHL. It is a step up, but it is not as big a step as a lot of people think. Comparative league quality has been studied a lot. The most recent league translation factors I could find are as follows. 4. This is based on the NHL as 1.0. So someone scoring at, say 1.0 PPG in the WHL would be expected to score at a pace of 0.29 PPG if they play the next year in the NHL. For the AHL the correct calculation is 1.0 PPG in the WHL translates to 0.29/0,47 = 0.62 PPG in the AHL. 5. There are reasons to think that these translation factors might have some upward bias, but it is not that great. These numbers are based on actual data and are consistent with, for example, Jay Leivo, who went from 1.16 PPG in the OHL to 0.71 PPG in the AHL the next year, about what you would expect. Tanner Pearson went from 1.52 in the OHL to 0.73 in the AHL the next year. Ryan Spooner went from 1.16 PPG in the OHL to 0.97 in the AHL the next year. Goldy went from 1.57 in the OHL to 0.73 in the AHL two years later (after a year mainly in SM-Liiga in Finland where his PPG was 0.55.) 5. Lind had a PPG of 1.64 in the WHL last year. That translates to an expected AHL PPG of 1.0. His actual PPG is 0.28. For Gadjovich the expected PPG would be 0.71 (the same as Leivo in his first AHL year) and his actual PPG is 0.22. 6. Obviously some guys develop faster than others and some guys develop slowly. And some guys might have a bad attitude. But if everyone is developing slowly, that is more likely to say something about the development environment. The one clear success for the year is MacEwen, but he is only a few months from turning 23 so he has developed slowly and forwards don't usually improve much once they get past 23 or so. 7. The prospects in the NCAA and in Europe seem to have made more progress in the last couple of years than the prospects in Utica. Personally I am very glad that the Canucks decided not to send EP to Utica. (It would not have made sense. Using league translation factors, the SHL is actually better than the AHL.) But I wonder if sending him to Utica would have slowed his development. Similarly, I am glad that Gaudette spent most the year on the Canucks, and I am glad that Hughes will go straight to the big team. 8. I have not mentioned Demko. Goalies are quite different, with their own coaches. But if he turns out to be a success, great. In the final part of the season we might get to see if he is ready for the NHL. Bottom Line: I am guessing that the Canucks will take a very close look at the coaching staff in Utica this summer.
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    It will be a special night for Jerome Iginla tomorrow night, March 2/19. The hated Calgary Flames will retire his #12 jersey. In all of sports, he is one of the most humble, real, honest, giving back to the community type of professional athlete. One story I heard years ago, he met some out-of-town Flames fans who couldn't afford to go to the game. He got them tickets and paid for their hotel room. He is the type of guy who will talk to you instead of walking by you like most of the Team Canada hockey players at the Vancouver Olympics. He is the man. Watch the video. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/iginla-leaves-legacy-that-goes-beyond-on-ice-accomplishments-with-flames~1625211
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    To CGY: Hampus Lindholm, Jack Roslovic, Troy Terry To WPG: Torey Krug, 5th Rd. Pick (2020, CGY)
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    Both players were gonna be stuck on the farm. Doesn’t matter who does better, both teams won this trade.
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    To SJS: Drake Caggiula, Jonas Brodin, 2020 NYR 1st To NYR: Kevin Hayes, Jason Spezza
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    If you are looking at +/-. Drew Doughty is -27, despite scoring 34 points. Which is one off of Gudbranson. Does Doughty suck? Or is he playing on an old team that is just starting the process of rebuilding?
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    I know when you have only 2/29 teams to trade with your options are limited. No feels about it.
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    Jesus, give it f'n rest already.
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    Everyone seems to be looking for controversy in a time of a rebuild that should just be simply enjoyed.. We are amidst a change. Enjoy the journey. . and stop psychoanalysing.
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    Nothings more nuanced than the Guance.
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    Gaunce is not near the defensive center that Beagle is. Beagle is better on face offs, faster to pucks, battles harder along walls, and plays a harder game. I really like Gaunce, but he’s not anywhere near Beagle defensively, especially at center.
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    PP lack of puck moving defense cannot gain the offensive zone efficiently slow pace of play in the offensive zone lack of scoring minded forwards injuries have forced coaching decisions on loading the offensive forwards on to one line vs spreading them with other non-offensive minded forwards to try and spread what little wealth they have injuries have caused a more defensive style of play
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    Game 66: Canucks at Las Vegas Golden Knights 1:00 PM (NOTE THE TIME!) at T-Mobile Arena 4-2 Canucks 3 Points for the correct score prediction Leaderboard:
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    It was nice to get our asking price of a 1st for Donskoi. A rewarding capstone to a fairly quiet and patient deadline for us. I am loving the dynamic movement from some of our newer GMs. I feel like the league is evolving in a positive way.
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    Makar's freshman season as a 19 year old: 34GP, 5G, 21pts, +9, 0.62 PPG. Rathbone's freshman season as a 19 year old: 29GP, 6G, 19pts, +9, 0.66 PPG. If Rathbone plays 34 games like Makar did, he'd be: 7G, 22pts, +11. Makar was picked 4th overall. Rathbone was picked in the 4th round .
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    Ottawa Senators Post Deadline NHL Maroon - Barzal - Kase Beauvillier - Jost - Kovalchuk Khaira - Rask - Noesen Duclair - Gagner - Abdelkader EXT: Gauthier, Berglund Dunn - Severson Kronwall - Staal Petrovic - Lauzon EXT: Lajoie Hart Keumper EXT: Ward AHL Farabee - Norris - Raddysh Greer - Barratt - Heponiemi Steenbergen - Geekie - Thomas Kuffner - Harkins - Gawdin EXT: Wise, Gruden Gildon - Brook Anderson - Hobbs Samorukov - Inamoto EXT: Noel, Dotchin Hill Vanecek EXT: Montoya Draft Picks: 2019: OTT 1st, DAL 1st, CGY 3rd, VAN 3rd, CBJ 5th 2020: OTT 1st, OTT 2nd, DAL 2nd, OTT 3rd, CGY 3rd, WPG 3rd, OTT 4th, DAL 4th, OTT 5th Cap Space: 2018/19: $0 (highly questionable) 2019/20: $10,762,106
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    To DAL: Jordan Eberle To FLA: Antoine Roussel
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    It's just an example of the holes in the Benning argument that we needed to add veterans to insulate the kids from a losing environment. First, that backfired totally because we've been a bottom-feeder almost the entire time. Second, you don't have to give up assets for those types of players. You can find them in free agency, or acquire them for nothing from other teams if they're trying to get rid of contracts, or even keep the ones in your own system. He let Richardson walk for nothing as I stated, and that same summer he let Matthias walk for nothing as well after he had a decent year for us. I know Matthias is out of the league now but he was still a hardworking vet that produced like a 3rd liner for us. These players could have been retained if need be to fill holes and flip later for picks at the deadline or something.
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    Thing is, when does it end? It's been a string of "AV, GILLES, WILLIE, NONIS" and it generally follows losing streaks. Maybe instead of calling for heads of professionals put into place for a reason, we should understand that it isn't a gig without failures and successes. I hear the word homer more than I do troll/hater. "More discussion tolerated"? Probably that's for a reason...because those who have slammed him from day one are learning, over time, that it's not as easy as it looks. It's a discussion board and this is what it's for...however, I hate constant negative at the drop of a hat and as we start to falter. Ride it out. Don't call for rash, abrupt responses to everyday occurences. Teams go on winning and losing streaks...some here called for Marky's head for a long time. Hmmm.
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    I always roll my eyes when fans claim “getting rid of” certain players will somehow improve the team. As if a paid professional management and coaching staff can’t evaluate a proper depth chart, something some half wit dads can figure out on minor teams. We aren’t a strong team yet.. particularly on the back end. I think we’re getting there... but trying to blame our losses on any one guy (unless he’s a complete head case) is just plain silly. What we need to do is improve a few spots on the back end.. Hughes/Juolevi coming in will help. A trade/UFA RHD will help even more.
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    I hate their franchise, but unlike Alf I'm not going to say every player not wearing a Canucks jersey was/is crap. Iggy was a very, very good player. Possibly the last kind of his generation. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to watch him both live & hundreds of times on tv ever since his Blazer days.
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    Nor does it mean he could. Without being a part of the trade talks it's pure speculation. Which was my point. You simply choose to believe he could without a shred of evidence. But for what it's worth, for 14/15 Anaheim had 2.5m cap space left. Now you can argue they could have given us prospects and picks and then easily traded players to get under the cap before the season started. But every GM out there would know they needed to get under the cap putting them at a negotiating disadvantage. As a GM which choice would you make: Make full use of your advantage over the Canucks giving up what you want to get Kesler, or trade what Benning wants (despite having no other trade options) and put yourself in a weaker trade position needing to move players to get under the cap? I know what direction I'd go as GM. I'd rather use my advantage than give it up and put myself at a disadvantage. This is why I was surprised we actually got their 1st in that deal.
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    Lol Getzlaf doesn't hit people who can see him coming...
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    I'd prefer him on the roster over Scaller and Eriksson. His hitting stats are right up there and he is defensively sound. Plus faceoffs and some scoring touch lately.
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    He's been exceptional in Utica and looked good in his 3 games up here. I wouldn't be against giving him some more time again.
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    Gudbranson after his 1st practice with the Penguins: 'I didn't feel I played that well there to be honest. I just never got anything going, never got my confidence where it needed to be. I'm excited to come here. This is a team that can help guys out in situations like that. Even out there in practice I felt a lot better than I had in Vancouver. It's nothing against them. We worked hard there and I learned a lot there. The style we are playing in the D-zone today it worked well for me. There's a lot of support. They support the puck very well here, that's the first thing. You always got a couple of options. There's a lot of talk out there, lot of communication, so before you even get to the puck you kind of already have an idea of where you are going with it. This is a team that has a lot of experience in very difficult situations and are able to manage a NHL season pretty well. It was a treat being out there today.'
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    Sometimes a player shows on one team, he's just not the right fit on another. Gudbranson won't be the first or the last. Eriksson here. Dougie Hamilton in Calgary. Kovy is doing ok in LA, but I bet LA expected more.
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    the tough reality that people in this market struggle with is that not every player drafted by the team is going to be a fixture for the team, even if they develop into good players. trades happen. directions change. needs vary.
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