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    Perhaps never again will we see a player who performed so poorly in all measurable ways be defended so vehemently even after he was shown the door due to said poor performance. All the "context" that "explained" his poor performance are really just excuses with lip-stick smeared on them. If Gudbranson performs better in Pittsburgh it won't be a surprise, because depth players can be sheltered and supported by good teams. On bad teams, they're exposed. However Gudbranson performing better in Pittsburgh doesn't mean that he's actually a good player that the Canucks organization failed, it just means that he's another dime a dozen depth player that can tread water with the right supporting cast. These kind of players can be found in free agency every year, and they aren't major losses to the team as a whole, at least on the ice. Good players perform well regardless of their surroundings, in fact they drag their teammates up. If you're a player that can only perform in the most perfect environments, you are replaceable.
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    Had a minor stroke at 48. Makes me grateful, I've had no long term effects. Condolences to his family and friends. I hit 52 on Thursday. So this strikes a nerve. If you have a few bucks, or time to spare. BC Heart and Stroke Foundation for a good cause. Or even education for the signs of a stroke. (Which I didn't have, just dizziness).
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    Suspensions should affect the cap If you want to sign a douchenozzle accept the consequences
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    In fairness to this team they do put the effort out. The team plays hard. No player/team can be 100% effort every night. Schedule, travel, injuries, bumps and bruises all take their toll. It's wasn't just lack of effort. Vegas is the real deal. They are built for the playoffs and right now NHL teams are playing playoff hockey. I've watched Vegas play most of their last several games. They are firing on all cylinders right now.
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    Ya. Many of us predicted them to be a bottom 5 team again this season. It was great to see emergence if EP. Horvat took another step. Hutton and Stech as well. Marky has emerged as a top tier goalie in the NHL. Overall a good rebuild year. Kaapo Kakko would be a great prize at draft and next season team will take a step forward.
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    He’s iced several expensive rosters during the ‘rebuild’, agreed. Did he need to? Who knows. Let’s give Benning full credit for replenishing the prospect pool. No question, If sucking and getting to pick high in the draft for years on end is the measure of a decent GM, then you or I should apply for that gig. Benning has done one thing right, the pool, but that’s partly due to doing poorly in other areas. I could get us a top 7 pick next year too. I could do that for several seasons in a row and rebuild any prospect pool if Judd is doing my drafting.
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    Don't just read whats on here. If you read just what is posted on here then you are gonna get a very slanted view. One of the big problems going on with hughes right now isnt so much that he is playing with the usdp, it is that he is over exposed because we have known about going number one overall for a good three years atleast. Now we, as fans, are overdissecting his game and trying to find every flaw real and imaginable to justify selecting the new and hot thing. This is the same argument and principle used in 2016 that people tried to use to justify laine over matthews. Kaako has flaws in his game albeit not very many if you care to watch. Two such examples are that he can coast out there and not give a $&!# when he is frustrated, and he can be trainwreck in his own zone. Hughes' biggest flaw, isn't so much his size or lack of shot, but trying to force a play that isn't there like his brother Quinn. I still consider hughes' overall body of work stronger then kaako's even though kaako has played with men sm liiga extremely well this season. However, that could change with whatever happens at the u18's or the world championships and the combine.
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    Sad news. One of the most inspirational players to play the game. Was a warrior even at just 5'8" and fought for player's rights too. One of my best memories of him was him handing Daniel the first Ted Lindsay award after it was renamed in 2011.
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    I did some revisiting You were sad at the time. Petey wouldn't even have been here if you'd had your way. So it seems maybe you don't have it all figured out?
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    The thing I have always liked about Edler's game is how hard it is to play against him physically. IMHO he is one of the toughest in the league. He does a lot of subtle stuff out there that makes opposing players worry about his presence. How many times do you see him take the feet out of opposing forwards. Tanev doesn't come close and Edler has offence in his game. Ideally his new contract is a 3 year deal with a limited NTC is the 3rd year. The CAP hit is less important as long as there is room.
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    That’s scotch for, “I have no friggin’ idea what it means”.
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    Dahlen is gone and the rest in the AHL have not done too well. Highes will be in the NHL along with Petey. OJ is well, who knows yet. We have hope still but he is not looking promising. We are a long ways off.
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    Exactly this. I'm not whining. I was hoping we would have a little more in the system by now. I was hoping for a tare down at the beginning to give a big influx of assets right at the beginning. That's water under the bridge now. What I do want is for the management to let the team slide now. Once the playoffs are history it should be about the draft. Please don't tell me you can't tell players to lose. I know that but players aren't stupid. It becomes about deployment and given more ice time to players you want to look at. You don"t play Bo to death. I was saying at the beginning of the year that we would be bottom 5.
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    Jimmy Howard is still available, just express interest and i’ll waive him to you. I have tried bringing this up with some teams, but no takers yet. I am completely unwilling to let Jimmy efff’in Howard pass through waivers unclaimed. Im in a bind, trying to do the right thing. For now I will have to demote the kid, and continue with the vet because it’s the right thing to do. as my esteemed colleague above has indicated, if you are interested, you say waive we say ‘send it’!
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    Edler signing a two year is best for both parties. The Canucks don’t have to protect him in the expansion draft as he will be a free agent and cannot be picked by Seattle. He will not have to move and can sign with the Canucks. Win Win. NMC for 2 years no problem.
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    Agreed. The pretence is precisely why I think it’s a cheap shot to label fans who deconstruct the management’s work, as whiners. Fans offering solutions to GMs is mainly futile when you have no way of being privy to what the other GMs are talking about during these transactions. Like I said, we must all be whining when we discuss politics, religion, educashun and sports then, mainly when our views are non conforming. So thanks for the aside about the “‘solutions’ or you’re just whining” post of JR’s. Reality, though? If reality is going with the flow and consuming without any reflection, doubt or notice, the team, the management or the sport, then why use the word ‘fan’ to describe how we perceive our teams as hockey fans? Fan is derived from lunatic, or something like that, so I’m not about to listen to Mom about how to fan-think. My reality includes dumping Tanev when he was healthy, last year. Edler is his own demise, you’ve got me there. I’d rather be perceived as a whiner than a parroting fence-sitter fan with nothing to say except praise or to repeat slogans like some NPC-fan. I’ve been here since ‘99. I’ve seen enough to know who is who and what happens here, popularity and trend-wise. I remember most of the positions we’ve all held and released here over the years, so it’s kind of funny to see certain posters slowly come around to uncomfortable truths here, when it’s fashionable or safe. It’s what keeps me coming back, the cheerleaders who go with the flow. It’s when they do a 180 that I get my kicks. Guddy being the latest example of the herd’s behaviour. If I choose to criticize JB on here, I expect for that to be called whining, which is a relatively new label for those fans passionate and knowledgeable enough to think for themselves, given by those who rather enjoy the opportunity to attck people rather than ideas. Is it a coincidence that it’s happening during the SJW craze? I doubt it.
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    It finally is dawning, hopefully, on Aqualini and JB that a failed "re-tool" is much worse than the pain of a normal "re-build". We are 5 years behind, and saddled with ridiculous multiyear overpaid plugs that have to either play, or be traded away. And what is JB going to get for players that were castoffs already, and whose numbers are even worse since joining the Canucks? JB has gotten us into a pickle. Our ship is about 4 grunts too heavy. And this below average veteran "un-build" is undermining any "re-build". JB, on the whole, has been a disaster on the free agent signing front. How many of his FA signings have been successful? Baertschi , maybe Leivo? If he had even been mildly more successful in this department, and the vets he signed could take up the slack when our young stars are in slumps, but they can't. Its now obvious. Its a mess, and I just pray that JB ...A. Realizes he simply must not continue this castoff un-build, and B. Manages to hoodwink other GMs into trading these plugs for prospects or picks this Summer. (Although it sure would have been nice to have traded a few already for picks THIS Summer).
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    I'm not sure who in the comments, but one of the posters referred to the 90s when looking at the current Canucks' version. This definitely smells like the 90s a lot, trouble is there are a few concerning differences. 1) we were able to turn aging/disgruntled stars (Mogilny, Bure, Linden) into something (JoVo, the Sedins, Morrison, Bertuzzi). We also somehow managed to turn two plugs (Stojanov/Schaefer) in to Naslund/Salo 2) our drafting was still horrid, but the team did manage to draft Ohlund (94'), Cooke (97'), the Sedins (99'), Sopel (95'), Bieksa (01'), Kesler (03'), Schnedier/Edler/Hansen (04'). That's 10 years of drafting and 10 decent prospects. Through the 90s, our current comparable era, 5 players. Current drafting remains to be seen, but the high-end is suspect. Guys like Stamkos and Giroux came in on the 3/4 lines, and worked their way up. Our young guys have been thrown in real early (hopefully they have a good psychologist). 3) when the team started getting good again - it was junk from 96' - 00'/01' - the Sedins were insulated by the WCE (all acquired through trades) in the early 2000s. We are currently in year four?/five? of junk, but with nothing dominant on either the front or back end. 4) the young guys now have no insulation - it took the Sedins 5 years to become elite players - Bowie, Brock, Elias have been in the league for 5, 2, & 1 year. It seems most guys not named Austin or Connor take 4-6 years; although young players are stepping in more and more, guys like Marner - but I think they are still few and far between. 5) the young guys now have no D to get the puck up, and out efficiently and quickly. 6) the team has no assets to acquire meaningful, high end pieces in a trade (either players or picks) 7) UFAs rarely take a bottom team to the top third - generally they put top 1/3 teams over the top - and even that is a suspect return. In my mind, UFAs for this team will be a general waste of time and $$$$. Sadly this could be another 4-5 years before we start to see more Ws than Ls - although it depends on drafting - and that's a crap shoot. Not being a Donald Downer, just looking at things pragmatically, and tempering expectations for this current group. Personally, I'd go hard on getting a top end D together that can get the puck up and out, and then go from there - (no pressure Quinn/OJ) - and get the young guys a good psychologist to help them through the next few years.
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    ? When I say shelterd I mean Konecny has the luxury of playing behind Philly's top forwards. Let me connect the dots for you. That means the other team focuses their best checkers and d men on the Philly's top players, and Konecny gets the luxury of not facing them While here in Vancouver the top line faces the other team's best. One dimensional boeser put up more assists last year in 20 less games than your boy in Philly. This year Boeser has 1 more assist in 13 less games. Yeah, one dimensional. Can't wait for Pettersson to go on a 10 game slump so you can trade him too...lol....
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    I enjoy listening to Michael Jackson's music. The Way You Make Me Feel. Black or White. Man in the Mirror. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of hearing those songs. As a musician Michael Jackson is an icon. Outside of that he was disgusting, self-indulgent and lacked the ability to have honest self-reflection. For me it's undeniable that he sexually abused those boys. Whether it was in a malicious way about power and control or some kind of childlike curiosity about sex. The most damning evidence for me came out years ago, when Jackson himself said he didn't thing it was inappropriate to sleep in the same bed with young boys.
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    bowen byram is gonna look great in canucks jersey. Defense needs a rebuild. hughes and byram should be a decent start.
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    So a Canuck team missing Baertschi, Virtanen, Sutter and Tanev lost to last year's Stanley Cup runner up? I'm not surprised.
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    The kesler trade actually turned out okay asset wise. Bonino, great value 2c. McCann would be fourth in goals for us and is a great even strength player this year. If he had more PP time, who knows? 2nd rounder as well. That was until we turned the assets into Sutter, Gudbranson, Vey, and nothing along with giving up even more assets to acquire two of those guys. Pro scouting is a failure under this regime! The only good defenseman we've acquired since 2014 has been Stecher. And that's because he wanted to go to his hometown lol
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    They are retiring the Sedin's numbers to the rafters next season. Good transition?
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    I had it about a year ago to treat Achilles tendinitis stemming from an outrageously tight calf. It worked wonders and I haven’t had issues since.
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    Hope they try to convince Tryamkin to come back this summer, but I doubt it. Then we could move on from Edler for sure if he wants NTC or NMC or a deal long than 3 yrs at more than 5.5m cap hit
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    I would like to wait until December as you suggest before extending him, as we've seen him go hot before (albeit this is the longest he's been hot for). I too would be interested in a trade, but unless we have another surefire starter next year, I don't see us trading him as soon as at the draft. If Demko can handle games next year in a 50/50 split and puts up surprisingly good numbers, I could see a sign and trade (extend) like Stone did this year. That said, I don't think the deadline is the best time to trade starting goaltenders, because most teams that lack a proper starting netminder are already out of the playoff hunt by February. Our only hope for a deadline deal would be a good team with a sudden injury to their top goaltender creating a dire need for a replacement. Additionally, I wouldn't mind extending him, but if Demko makes it clear that he's ready to push for time, Marky would see the writing on the wall and might be hesitant to extend with a team where his days are numbered.
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    We need to avoid Tyler Myers as a UFA. Someone will give him a Lucic like term contract. Myer's has problems with his height being 6'8". His scouting report says that he has the slowest time of any NHL defender in 360 degree pivot. Tyler Myers is not guy you want on your number one unit with Hughes. I would focus on Trouba as we is an RFA looking for a solid contract. I would give Tanev & Woo for Trouba.
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    Again though, outside his first 2 seasons here he's been rebuilding. What he does over the next 2 seasons will be the test to see if he is the guy who sets up and brings this team deep into the playoffs. With the disaster in Edmonton under Chiarelli it's looking more and more like he was a big part of the brains behind what went on in Boston.
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    They should consider keep JB on for scouting cheif and draft consultant maybe though eh
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    “Back-Up Bob” was a pretty good goalie for us, watched several games live when he played, we chanted his name over and over again as he got pasted with pucks and popped the rebounds aside. He had some Vezina consideration when he played with WNP, and same with Potvin in TO, he wasn’t as good for us though. Back then we had some terrible teams the hook was ready and often as our goalies for the most part (except for Bob and Irbe wasn’t too bad) until Cloutier stabilized the net. Skudra actually has some hot streaks too, and Weekes never lived up to his high potential (he was a coveted young goalie when he came in) but the potential was high enough for him to get several chances after he left. Reminded me of Maclenann in CAL...and Markstrom too until his recent coming out party.
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    Baqe3r4. i hate this name xD 73 Oercenht YOUR NAME IS TOO LOG ;_; salacdious r4uymb qWAGTSW ummm. i can set up a patreon for that if youd like ;D JHimmy MNcgill DAQRT5H mELVIN
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    Wait for it because we are about to be ridiculed for being losers.
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    White is a physical beast, but he does have a problem reading the plays and attacking the right gaps. Sweatt is the man though athletic freak with a great football iq. His draft stock should go through the roof.
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    Steely eyed Canuck fan crawled out from under the table, kicked empty beer bottle aside, and cries " Is that the best you got?" We've been here for 50 years and ain't going anywhere.
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    You keep making a bunch of assumptions and flawed arguments. The post you argued was saying Gaunce has had plenty of time to show if he is an NHL calibre player and has shown he is nothing more than a fringe player at best. Then you said we didn’t have young centres who were deserving above him, ignoring that Gaunce didn’t really play centre in the NHL and was a winger. We also happen to have a lot of centres younger than Gaunce ( Petterson, Horvat, Gaudette, Motte, MacEwen) Now you make the argument that Gaunce is better served as the defensive centre than all the other options on our team because Sutter is often hurt and Beagle has to play on the 3rd line. That is absolutely flawed logically. Beagle still stays as our defensive centre regardless of whether Sutter is hurt. We would need to fill the 3rd line C spot when Sutter gets hurt and not the 4C. We have two shut down centres with Sutter already and we only need one.... we certainly don’t need three. No successful modern NHL team has two lines that are entirely defensive and bring no offence. The 3rd line is expected to produce at least some offence as well. In that role Gaunce is a terrible choice. All the others I mentioned would be above him... he is probably 10th on our depth chart of guys who can play centre (Petterson, Horvat, Gaudette, Sutter, Beagle, Granlund, Motte, MacEwan, Spooner). There is a reason Gaudette has played in that spot and not Gaunce. We have two shutdown centres far better than Gaunce, and we even have to try to get rid of one in the summer. He just isn’t good enough to have in the lineup, and certainly not good enough to worry about losing. We also have Madden coming up the pipe in the next couple years if we happen to run out of the 9 guys I mentioned.
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    How horrible for her to go through... i can only imagine the mental torture it must be have to live like that
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    Haven’t been able to go to a road game yet so from my end, you were lucky to be there a win would definitely have been better, but heck the only game I was able to get to this season was the DiPietro bombing game soooo
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    Astonishing lack of effort, care and attention to detail today. One of the worst games I've ever seen a Canucks team play. Mindblowing how some players that are closer to being out of the league than regular NHLers can float around and not only do nothing, but be complete liabilities. Our handful of good players that actually try seem to be out of gas and the rest are passengers. 3 scoring chances all game. Lost count how many we allowed. This is a 10-0 loss without Markstrom.
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    Team with alot of young players especially from leagues that don't play alot of games (SEL & NCAA). Those young players are powering out and running out of energy quickly here. I remember Brock was showing that last season and we have many new players this season in the same boat
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    Or dare to dream the Byram-Tryam pairing?
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    Just don't see that happening.
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    My fearless predictions. Folks on CDC will be upset at our draft picks, and the UFA's we sign on July 1st.
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