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    dude, you seem to be the king of knee jerk reactions around here. Boeser has played 13 less games and still is ahead in points. not only that Boeser has played 93 less games and only has 14 less points in their careers. Konecny gets sheltered behind Philly's top players, Boeser has been the focal point of the other team's defensive efforts for about 2 seasons now - and yet he still produces at a better rate. If you want to cough up a 6 foot 1 210lb 30 goal scoring winger for a 175lb center who doesnt produce as much just because of a 2 week lull fill your imaginary boots, im just glad you arent managing the team.
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    Zack MacEwen's mom started a hockey blog today and her first post is fantastic. I think we have our best hockey mom since Beth Bartkowski! https://jmmacewen3.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/03/04/My-Son-Is-Actually-in-the-NHL
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    So one silver lining from the tire fire performance by the boys today (had a great time besides the frustration)... trade your ticket in for a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme after any Vegas shutout! Thanks boys!
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    From a Q&A with Corey Pronman at The Athletic (LINK - need subscription though): Q: Where does Tyler madden get drafted on a redraft? A: Mid 1st.
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    Good one. Markstroms the last bright light on this sinking ship, he’s the guys playing the music on the deck while everyone else is jumping ship or resolute in the fact it’s sinking. Played four games worth of “Corsi” in the past two games alone, good thing he’s getting some days off. Demko is the back-up violonist that’s looking hard and long at the life boats right now and wishing he’s on one of them, and Green must feel like the guy that’s shooting people to keep them from jumping ship. Bear took a life boat early and is watching the ship work it’s way up into the water and getting ready to break in half and sink for good. Benning (the architect) is still on board and pretty convinced that once Hughes gets off his bunk and starts pumping water out of the bilges everything will work out. Horvat has gone into the captains quarters only to find there is no captain so is putting on the uniform...but it has a whale (dolphin actually) on it and he wishes it was a plate of spaghetti instead. Rousel, Beagle and LE are all partying in a life raft with a bunch of money they stole from the architects room before leaving. JV is just running back and forth the deck not sure what to do. But at least he’s doing it fast. Hutton is doing the same thing but on the lower decks, unbeknownst to him the gates are locked above and water is coming in. The only guy with the pistol shot a guy in the jaw, another balding big guy with a Disney shirt on in the stomach, but then was helicoptered off, on the way he told the crew that helped him off that the system was f$&ked and he couldn’t figure out wtf was going on and was glad to be going to an aircraft carrier loaded with offensive weapons and a bunch of defensive systems that would make his new job easy as pie. Bear had a beam drop on his head and was helped off early. He’s in a life raft watching the show from a distance. Edler was in the infirmary talking to an old pal Salo, and decided to leave but with full body armour on becuase, well like Salo he needs it. Pettersson and Boeser are working hard with the pumps trying to get water out, but are so bone tired now they simply can’t keep up. They have a picture of both Hughes brother infront of them, underneath it says “master pumpers”, they can’t wait until they arrive.
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    I've had addiction issues in the past and I made a very big suicide attempt in June 2015. If you need someone to talk to you about recovery(been clean and sober off fentanyl and heroin for 2 years) OR if you need to talk to someone about suicidal ideation please PM me
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    Lets face the facts. The team has a long ways to go and as we can see there is many ideas on how to get there. My feeling is that this management doesn't have much of a plan to get us to a cup contender. One thing for sure is that we will be revisiting these discussions again. Hopefully not year after year. Here is to hopping that the team "accidently" tanks and we get lucky in the lotto.
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    Ironically you haven't shown a single 'measurable' way in which he performed so poorly. And then you blew your load completely suggesting he can be "sheltered" on a good team in Pittsburgh. Here's a "measurable" thing - 29% ozone starts and 20 minutes of shutdown isn't "sheltered" - not even close - and makes it patently obvious you don't know what you're talking about.
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    Perhaps never again will we see a player who performed so poorly in all measurable ways be defended so vehemently even after he was shown the door due to said poor performance. All the "context" that "explained" his poor performance are really just excuses with lip-stick smeared on them. If Gudbranson performs better in Pittsburgh it won't be a surprise, because depth players can be sheltered and supported by good teams. On bad teams, they're exposed. However Gudbranson performing better in Pittsburgh doesn't mean that he's actually a good player that the Canucks organization failed, it just means that he's another dime a dozen depth player that can tread water with the right supporting cast. These kind of players can be found in free agency every year, and they aren't major losses to the team as a whole, at least on the ice. Good players perform well regardless of their surroundings, in fact they drag their teammates up. If you're a player that can only perform in the most perfect environments, you are replaceable.
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    Had a minor stroke at 48. Makes me grateful, I've had no long term effects. Condolences to his family and friends. I hit 52 on Thursday. So this strikes a nerve. If you have a few bucks, or time to spare. BC Heart and Stroke Foundation for a good cause. Or even education for the signs of a stroke. (Which I didn't have, just dizziness).
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    Suspensions should affect the cap If you want to sign a douchenozzle accept the consequences
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    In fairness to this team they do put the effort out. The team plays hard. No player/team can be 100% effort every night. Schedule, travel, injuries, bumps and bruises all take their toll. It's wasn't just lack of effort. Vegas is the real deal. They are built for the playoffs and right now NHL teams are playing playoff hockey. I've watched Vegas play most of their last several games. They are firing on all cylinders right now.
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    Ya. Many of us predicted them to be a bottom 5 team again this season. It was great to see emergence if EP. Horvat took another step. Hutton and Stech as well. Marky has emerged as a top tier goalie in the NHL. Overall a good rebuild year. Kaapo Kakko would be a great prize at draft and next season team will take a step forward.
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    I just want to mention that the Canucks were expected to finish in the bottom 5. It's taken a bit longer then expected, but now that they're trending in that direction, people are getting upset. I don't think this market knows what it wants.
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    might as well put Roussel in the box now, save everyone some time.
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    Been hiding under a rock, lately? Stone signed an extension after he was dealt to Vegas.
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    Let's see how they respond in their next game. That’s all that matters, really.
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    Management better have a very clear plan for what they wanna do this summer. Can't have a situation like when we went for Lucic and missed, and then settled by giving Eriksson way too much term. This is a very bad time to get stuck with long term over-inflated contracts. If they want Karlsson, then go for him, but don't get desperate and give the next best guy a 6 year contract just to get something. They're really gonna have to play moneyball this summer with some of the free agents. We're gonna have alot of positions to fill, which means they're going to need to sign some good value contracts. Players that outperform their contracts. The way this team should realistically be looking at their roster: Goldobin - Pettersson - UFA UFA - Horvat - Boeser Pearson - Gaudette - Roussel Leivo - Beagle - Virtanen Motte/MacEwan UFA - Stecher Hughes - Tanev Hutton - UFA Brisebois/Juolevi/Biega/Schenn (re-sign) Let Edler walk. Trade Granlund and Pouliot for depth or late picks Waive Schaller and Spooner Trade Sutter and Eriksson for picks with salary retained.
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    Nowsy dhouldwe. I'd love to know what this means.... This defense is terrible without these 2. We need them in the lineup until our young players are ready to play a full season in the NHL. This rebuild is 2 or 3 years away from a semblence of a contender, yet everyone is grumbling about how we should be better right now. Some draft lottery luck would be nice, but draft and develop is working if we are willing to stay the course.
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    Incoming 2019 draft picks + Hughes, Juolevi, Gaudette, Lockwood, Rathbone, Gadjovich, Lind, DiPietro, Madden, Woo, Jasek, MacEwan, Brisebois etc = nothing in the system? They have been, and continue to, build the exact depth you are referring to.
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    You're using Toronto and it's half a century rebuild as your benchmark? Oy vey
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    He’s iced several expensive rosters during the ‘rebuild’, agreed. Did he need to? Who knows. Let’s give Benning full credit for replenishing the prospect pool. No question, If sucking and getting to pick high in the draft for years on end is the measure of a decent GM, then you or I should apply for that gig. Benning has done one thing right, the pool, but that’s partly due to doing poorly in other areas. I could get us a top 7 pick next year too. I could do that for several seasons in a row and rebuild any prospect pool if Judd is doing my drafting.
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    This shows you don't pay attention to the rest of the league Utonen, Madden, Brassard, Palmu? Every team in the league has prospects like this. What have any of these kids done other than get hyped up on this website? Why you use them as examples is beyond me, until they prove they can produce at professional level they are just late round prospects. Every team has them
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    But there's an in between here. It's not "praise" but more in line with "patience". Not having knee jerk reactions when we start to trend downward, even if for "reasons"/excuses like injuries are very real. Is this team "there"? No. Is this team a bust worth firings? I don't think so. How can we assess at this point? Year "one" after the passing of the Sedin's torch. Both sides are acceptable. Those who criticize do so as if they have information that no one has...answers that are surefire. We don't know if we dumped Tanev or Edler what would happen, but we've had glimpses when they're out of the line up. Fans who are critical aren't any more "right" than fans who are not....all we are offering is opinions. I actually read all the "suggestions" and find some have me going "hmmm, that makes sense". But if you're supportive of the team through the rough patches you're instantly thought to be a know nothing homer. It's ok to want to be positive because the other stuff changes....nothing. The team doesn't get direction from us, the peanut gallery. It's great to share ideas but to do so like there is a wrong or right is...wrong.
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    I don't know why anyone would actually think getting rid of him would magically fix our defense. Again, us swapping depth players in and out is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. e/ I'm out of analogies.
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    ...they have enough cap to sign Panarin without having to trade Boeser for an inferior player.
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    Could’ve used someone like this yesterday. R.I.P. Ted Lindsay
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    Don't just read whats on here. If you read just what is posted on here then you are gonna get a very slanted view. One of the big problems going on with hughes right now isnt so much that he is playing with the usdp, it is that he is over exposed because we have known about going number one overall for a good three years atleast. Now we, as fans, are overdissecting his game and trying to find every flaw real and imaginable to justify selecting the new and hot thing. This is the same argument and principle used in 2016 that people tried to use to justify laine over matthews. Kaako has flaws in his game albeit not very many if you care to watch. Two such examples are that he can coast out there and not give a $&!# when he is frustrated, and he can be trainwreck in his own zone. Hughes' biggest flaw, isn't so much his size or lack of shot, but trying to force a play that isn't there like his brother Quinn. I still consider hughes' overall body of work stronger then kaako's even though kaako has played with men sm liiga extremely well this season. However, that could change with whatever happens at the u18's or the world championships and the combine.
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    I want to see a plan that matches the truth of what the team is. I see a club that is or needs to be focussing on acquiring as many assets as possible. I want to see them do what is required to maximise future assets. Last year was the first year they did that and this one they were back on the Hockey trade agenda. One way to do this right now would be to admit that the playoffs are out of reach and start to play youth. Yes be prepared to tank a bit. Do what it takes to drop as low as possible. It should be about the draft as of now. I know, go ahead and burn me for this. But the lower we go the better we pick.
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    Boeser won the accuracy challenge, but I guess that makes him adequate not elite.
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    Edler missed 26 games so far Tanev 13 games Sutter 40 games Baertschi 44 games Boeser 13 games Goldobin 9 games Virtanen 8 games Beagle 24 games To miss all those players, plus the fella that became the number one center EP missing 11, and still playing play off contention games till the beginning of March is decent progress.
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    Tell me how it is selfish to want to keep your job. So many people seem to view running a team as overly simplistic. Just win every trade, draft every star and only sign players who are guaranteed to be good. I mean how hard is it to look at Craig Button's or Bob MacKenzie's draft list and just take BPA? Gawd, a GM's job is so easy! There is a plan in place. You don't have to like it or agree with it and despite whatever drivel falls out of your collective mouths, you have to accept it because you don't have control over it with one exception - your pocketbook.
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    It reminds me of the ‘thrown together’ rosters of the late 80s and late 90s
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    Sad news. One of the most inspirational players to play the game. Was a warrior even at just 5'8" and fought for player's rights too. One of my best memories of him was him handing Daniel the first Ted Lindsay award after it was renamed in 2011.
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    Well, ok....I think everyone has established we are not a complete team yet... No kidding, but we have taken steps forward What to take out of this loss, is that recognition, It will show who has character and who does not It will remind players and coaches alike...that there is a reason for a curfew It will show what needs to be done It is a process..... The addition of Hughes, maybe a UFA, maybe Tryamkin...would make a huge difference...one of those will.....I like what I see, and am willing to suffer the pain. I give Benning 2 years...if we have not moved into contention as a playoff team by then...then act...same for TG But we have time......
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    Coming in with some late comments. 1. There have been several candidates for "worst game of the year". But I think this game wins. Vegas dominated from the first minute to the last. 2. The score of 3-0 was flattering to the Canucks. Natural StatTrick has the high danger chances at 25 to 4 for Vegas. That is the worst number I can recall seeing. This game was like watching an NHL team versus an AHL team. It was completely one-sided from start to finish. The Canucks had a few good chances, but very little. 3. The one positive in today's game was Marky. He played very well. With average goaltending the Canucks lose this game at least 5 - 0. 4. So what do we learn from this game? Is it just one bad game that we put behind us? The problem is that the Canucks have had many bad games. 5. I am not sure what the excuses are. The Canucks are missing some good players due to injury, but the same is true for most teams. And, yes, this is the last game of a road trip but it is only a three-gamer and all in the same time zone. 6. A lot of guys did not look good today. But I will mention that Hutton had a drop-off today and Boeser also struggled defensively. I am not sure what numbers are being considered for him in term of salary when he re-signs. He is a very good young players but his game is kind of one-dimensional. He is far from a complete player and I hope his salary number reflects that. 7. I would bet a lot that the Canucks come back with a much better game next time out. (They kind of have to.)
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    “We weren’t good. We can’t be doing that to Marky. He had such a great game. To put up a goose egg for him, that hurts even more.” - Hutton
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    Might aswell, you'll get a better effort from him than Eriksson. I'm so tired of watching Loui. Getting rid of him should be near the top of the offseason list. I know buying him out offers no benefit but I'd almost rather do that just so I dont have to watch him anymore.
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    We are terrible with Edler, so why keep him? EK Hughes Stecher Hutton OJ Tryamkin.
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    I've rarely seen 360 degree pivots. I've seen a few from Denis Savard, and the odd emulator, but not many, particulary by D. Can you post this source? I'd be interested to see the numbers on pivot speeds of players. Which is not to say he's the answer as a partner for Hughes - but it's also not really evidence he isn't. Also, thanks for the offer, but I won't give you Trouba.
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    No thanks, I'd rather actually see them try to win and end up with a Petey, who might very well be better than AM. I have zero respect for tankers and would never want my team to it regardless of who is available.
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    So - if this team were to fire Benning at season's end - hire a new GM, dump another few veterans - and win the lottery.....then the Canuck 'rebuild' will have begun at this year's draft? That's a pretty ridiculous story wadr.
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    Still going on about this I see... Rebuilding teams don't win much and tend to get injured (as teams with less puck possession will tend to do). It's not a 'fault' of players or management, it's just the reality of a rebuilding club. You can't simply cancel guaranteed contracts, you still need to ice a team and you have to work with what you've got.
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    100% agree. Any good rebuild (where the team acquires top end talent, and is a cup competitor after the rebuilding phase) needs to have the team be a bottom feeder for some time. We don't want to be mediocre. Drafting in the middle of the first round for year after year will make us mediocre, and keep us there. We need more Petey and Hughes level of players.
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    Really? That's amazing. You can tell they are lying by the way they interview? You must be an expert. "He definitely didn't" . Oh, were you there?
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    Way too much negativity after a stinker. Get real folks, even contenders have stinkers. This team showed good character this year and is poised for another high pick along with a young and experienced core. I really look forward to making noise next year. Hell, we even had hope this year until very recently. I hope management focusses more on development for the balance rather than wining the odd game. Time for youth experiments.
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    I dont know what to believe here. So many conflicting reports. As far as I'm concerned Dahlen was 21 and not close to being a dominant AHL player chances of him suddenly turning into a top 6 NHL player were low very low. It was time to pull the pin on the fantasy of him ever playing with Pete. A 18 yo kid scouting staff had the hots for last year became available so they bought 3 development years. Forget all the drama. Burr for a 2018 3rd still a win in my books. I think people have too much emotional attachment to the story line of Pete and Dahlen.
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