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    Honestly, the impatience of fans sometimes baffles me. It's like they expect a GM to be perfect in every aspect and turn a team from a bottom feeder to a contender in 2 years. Jimbo has made some mistakes, but you have to be really turning a blind eye not to see how drastically our future has turned around with him and Brackett at the helm.
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    So you focus on the misses, but not the hits. Benning took over a team with 3 players from the Gillis era. Horvat, Hutton and Gaunce. The cupboard was bare, and you couldn't just trade away the Sedin's and Edler because Gillis gave out NTC's like business cards. Benning had no choice on Kesler, he wanted out and was only willing to go to one team. Did he make mistakes? Yes. EVERY GM makes mistakes. He's a least drafting NHL calibre players. He's getting 5th rounders to turn into NHLer's. He's at least not trading 2nd round picks in vain attempts to make the playoffs. Besides, why would Yzerman want to come here? Sounds like the only other place he'd want to go is Detroit. Maybe get together with The Guardian so you can both whine about Benning.
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    1.) not saying to get ride of him entirely, just at the managerial level as he undoubtably has restocked the prospect cupboard for us which can’t be denied 2.) should retain some sort of position, preferably something like president or VP of hockey operations to overlook things and continue sharing his expertise when it comes to drafting/prospects 3.) so why should he step down / be replaced as GM? Let’s look: That’s shocking. We have almost nothing of significance to show for over JB 5 year tenure. ...it’s no surprise we hired a newbie GM at the time. This critical transition phase the organization is in, we can’t be allowing this much trial&error with the scarce assets we have to work with in the first place. On top of the asset inefficiency, his inexperience as manager has been evident with the signings as well. Overpaying & giving extended years to questionable players, just unnecessary. All it’s done is become dead weight which can’t be moved and will anchor the roster in the years ahead. That manager inexperience? To continue, he hasn’t been able to commit to a plan or vision since day1. A rebuild was clear as day but the R word was never uttered until Linden became president. Prior to that he dodged it like the plague and would never admit it. Thought he could fast track by trading picks in the beginning when those picks could’ve been paying dividends for us right now. Too much flip flopping between ideologies. Remember “meat & potatoes”? That died shortly but then he couldn’t fully let it go either as evident by drafting Virtanen coming off a major surgery...he just couldn’t help himself. Even now, we struck gold with EP. Rebuild was endorsed but now that we got lucky and EP has fast forwarded that timeline, he thinks we can fight for a playoff(WC) spot. The man can’t help himself and begins jumping the gun too easily, can’t stay focused on the mission. Just far too much indecisiveness and it’s fair to say we’ve seen enough. Let’s get a proven GM who can be relied on to stay the course, not get ahead of himself, and let the nature of the rebuild take place organically while JB overlooks the draft aspect. I think that would be best for all parties. Stack up on maximum assets, get a cap structure going, get rid of bad contracts in this vital transition phase when we will shortly but surely be on the rise. Hypothetically, targeting an Yzerman or someone along those lines as GM+President would be ideal. Thoughts? EDIT summed up: > JB pro: drafting > JB cons: everything else about GMing (trades, signings, vision, commitment) > get someone who is better than Jimbo at the cons > keep Jimbo for the pro(prospects), just in a different/special role AKA I’m not saying cut him loose entirely
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    Congrats to the young man.....here's your walking boot. Just kidding. Best of luck Jett.
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    I've done an in-depth look at all his trades and draft picks and categorized which ones are outright losses and he actually loses only a few of them by my estimation. I can't find the post I made, but it was a few months ago. EDIT: Found it:
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    Don't be surprised when he makes the team this fall. We have the openings. He has the body, style, skill, and now, opportunity to make it sooner than later. And I hope he does too.
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    Here we go again... Let me cut it short for you. It will save everybody a lot of valuable time. You say: "JB has thrown away far too many picks!" I say: "He had no other choice. The prospect pool was bare, he had to give away lottery tickets (2nd-round picks) for players further along in their development to ice a somewhat respectable team." You say: "But he overpaid. Vey was a bust, Granlund sucks, Baertschi is done." I say: "Each of them played over 100 NHL games with the Canucks. Not many 2nd-rounders will achieve that. " You say: "But, but, he could just have turned players of the old core into younger assets instead of giving away picks like candy!" Ie say: "The core was old, stale, had NTCs all over the place and most players didn't have a lot of value. Additionally he was trying to give the Sedins one last shot." You say: "But look at that long list! Look at what he shipped out!" I say: "There is not a single player on that list that I would want on the team right now. Gagner? Hansen? Mallet? Garrison? Come on. Possibly Kassian, but that's it and there were good reasons to get rid of him. Instead we reveived Leivo, Pearson, Baertschi, Granlund, Goldobin, Sutter, Motte, Brisebois." You say: "But....but....Forsling!" I say: "Yeah, he might become something one day. This year he has played 32 games and recently averages around 15 minutes per game on an average team and is -8." You say: "And Granlund ist trash. Utter trash!" I say: "No, he isn't." You say: "Anyways. A proper rebuild would have required to go hard for picks. JB has failed miserably at that." I say: "Young players with a more predictable future like Goldobin, Motte are not worse than draft picks." You say: "He should have traded Sutter, Tanev, Markstrom, Edler, everybody over the age of 25 for picks. Let the young guns run the show! I say: "You have to retain a certain balance. Your suggestion would have meant 10-15 wins less." You say: "Yeah. And that would have been great. Better chances at the no.1 pick that this franchise so much deserves!" I say: "That's not how a successful team is developed. Players like Horvat or Pettersson could not take several seasons of constant losing. They want to compete, they want to win. If the season was lost before it started, it would hurt their development and they would probably want to get out at one point." You say: "But they are losing! No playoffs in years!" I say: "There has been significant improvement in many areas that will pay off in the long run (EP, prospect pool, EP, goaltending, style of play, EP). A full turnaround requires time. Deal with it. You cannot blow up an entire team and expect immediate results. Team building is more complex than that. This is not NHL 19." You say: "There is only one way: full tank! YOU NEED A NO.1 OVERALL PICK. Every recent cup winner has had one." I say: "We'd rather change the team name. Every cup winner since 2002 has had the letter "i" in the name. Let's call them the "Vancouvier Canucks". It increases the odds. Statstically." You say: "But, but, but... HE SHUD OF DRAFTED KOPITARZZZZZ!" I say: "Fair enough. I'm out. But could you stop the excrement-reference when talking about Pouliot? That's disrespectful. Thank you. Good bye."
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    Went from the worst prospect pool in the league to consistent top 5... with prospects graduating consistently as well... like what kind of thread is this ?
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    Technically he's not incorrect, we traded that pick away for Pedan in 2014, but then reacquired it later when we traded Bonino, Clendening and a 2nd round pick to the penguins two years later. Umm we have, we chose not to sign either of them to an ELC,. https://canucksarmy.com/2017/05/05/report-canucks-also-wont-sign-2015-draft-pick-tate-olson/ https://canucksarmy.com/2018/05/01/report-canucks-will-not-sign-2016-draft-picks-brett-mckenzie-and-cole-candella/ Come on people, I'm not saying I agree with this thread, since I actually want JB to stay, but if you're going to call someone out at least make sure you know what you're talking about.
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    Kesler handcuffed the team and Benning had zero leverage when moving him out. Dorsett was well worth the price we payed. Can't fault Benning for the guy needing his neck fused and eventually having to retire from it. Jim took over an old roster. There was absolutely nothing in the pipeline and he's done an excellent job refiling it.
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    He might be my favorite pick in Benning's tenure. And don't take that the wrong way - it's impossible not to love the Pettersson pick - but relatively, that was a 5th overall. And of course, Boeser was a steal at 23, Demko, Gaudette, Hughes, (and my guess, Madden), etc. But when it comes to at the time - when the player is selected - straight perceived value at their draft position at the time they were picked - Woo might be my favorite, particularly with how it lined/lines up with organz need.
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    hmmmm I thought Lockwood was still in the system. No point reading past that. Also why the hell is Brisebois and Palmu in the red. This thread is pointless with little correct information
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    Signed. https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/vancouver-canucks-jett-woo/c-305846866?fbclid=IwAR1o3iUlvv7-GGwezJrxs5stj4ewchpoWheKRkK9RPDClarv0DiBP5dHhzI
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    Thoughts? You posted a guys take on things who presented a list of veritable garbage and claim they are assets. In the NHL one mans trash is NOT another mans treasure and arguably the ONLY question marks are McCann, Forsling and I guess Sutter at this stage. Evertying else on that list is a joke. He's actually down 1 pick from all his trades in his tenure added up. He's shed over $22 million on the cap, 8+ years on average off the roster and turned one of if not the worst prospect pool in the entire league in to one of the top 5 in the league lEtS fIrE BeNnInG aSsEt ManAgeMeNT Come on man, if you're going to present such a drastic statement 1. Present YOUR argument not some clown off of twitter (it's you isn't it, that's your twitter handle right?) 2. Don't prsent someone else's twitter argument who ends their whole argument with @botchford as though he's looking for approval 3. Don't say fire benning but add not really, let's fire him but not fire him Honestly....it took YEARS to shed the dead weight from this team it took YEARS to start building a respectable prospect pool and it's gonna take years more for the drafting and development program to atually start paying serious dividends. Trade all the vets, earn all the picks only works if 29 other GMs want to play ball, if players want to waive NTCs. Sorry bud, poor argument you shared and we're not bringing in Yzerman or anyone of the sort
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    NB4 incessant Rick Flair gifs...
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    No. Its WHL or NHL for him next season (D+2).
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    end of the 2nd Avto up 2-0 Tryamkin with a strong game where you really notice him when he's out there -btw Philip Larsen and Burmistrov on the Salavat team. Larsen looks like he's got a chip on his shoulder, he rushed into the goalie after the whistle, something personal perhaps causing off setting roughing minors Tryamkin with a bit more of a green light offensively carrying the puck into the zone, with more pinches than I have seen this season Great on the 1st unit PK clearing the crease. Once in the neutral zone he was kind of a rover and attacked the puck carrier with his long reach forcing a shoot in. I really liked his hustle in one line change skating across the ice. My favorite play was him getting a slap shot on net inside their left face off dot, then the play reversed quickly and Try came all the way back to just inside his left face off dot to break up the speedy wingers break away wrister just outside the crease. In the 3rd Try was steady, they were switching him RD and LD during the game which was interesting, I think it threw off Salavat a bit Try got caught chasing the puck in one sequence and gave up a scoring chance. Try followed that with a brilliant shift of neutralizing Salavats attack, he cleared the front of the net, then Salavats forwards tried to control the puck along the boards either side behind the net, Try shifted to both sides in the play, attacking the primary puck carriers on both sides of the net, pushing the forward into the boards and forcing them off of the puck-- alleviating a strong offensive push by Salavat. Avto ties the series 1-1
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    Gaudette is going to be a beauty. Leivo is a keeper. Goldobin is figuring it out. Stetcher turing a corner. Sautner getting some high quality experience. This team is going to be better next year. All these guys a year older and entering their prime. We just need a few pieces. Woo, OJ and Hughes on the way. i like where we're headed.
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    Rick Dhaliwal is saying that the Canucks want to reward Jett Woo once his season is done. He's currently producing at a ppg pace in the dub. Update: It's done!
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    My thoughts are you need alcohol, and lots of it. JB was first hired to retool around the old Sedin led core. At the 2017 TDL Aquilini agreed to a philosophical change, and supported a rebuild. JB has been rebuilding for only 2 years. Considering that time frame, I think he’s doing really well building up our young asset depth, and top end guys.
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    This is the problem with a lot of posters. They overshoot where the team is as far as meals. The team is (obviously) in the breakfast stage. Maybe some porridge, with some raisins or apple in it, with some sort of sweetner (honey or brown sugar) and some milk. There is a long way to go before the Canucks are even a lunch pail team and have to decide what is in their thermos. Some people want to shoot right past lunch and get to dinner and the main course. They might not even believe that the team should have to take the time to have a starter salad or some soup. Some even expect that the team should be able to go straight to coffee and dessert right after having breakfast. regards, G.
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    BREAKING: Canucks' 50th Anniversary 3rd Jersey Announced
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    The best way to punish these people is to never talk about them, never click on their crap, and never ever link to them. Break them with the free market.
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    Seriously, Canucks media can put a bad spin on nearly everything. Its like they expect this rebuild to occur overnight and don't actually consider whats actually happening. Maybe thats because they spend they're everyday live talking about the Canucks that they expect things to change quicker just because they talk of nothing else? This recent media blast about critiquing the Canucks prospect pool is mind boggling. Pettersson, Hughes, Gaudette and Demko (Arguably all in our top 5 pool at beginning of season) have graduated to the NHL and are no longer prospects. Yet they're disappearance from the prospect pool is negative? "Ya, we had 4 of our top prospects graduate this year... that looks soooo bad for our prospect pool..." One can argue how well Utica has helped our recent influx of prospects but these kids are still developing. Its rare for prospects to step right into the AHL and start dominating as they have in the past so whats the worry. Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, MacEwen all took steps forward this year in the AHL and one can expect them to take even larger steps down there next year. Other prospects in lower leagues have also taken huge steps this year. Woo, Madden, Lockwood and DiPietro have all played some top notch hockey. Even with our core prospects graduating we still have a deep prospect pool and even though it might not have a lot of top end talent any more its still really good. 2019 1st round pick Juolevi MacEwen Woo Lind DiPietro Madden Brisebois Teves Rathbone Lockwood Karlsson Gadjovich Jasek So Canucks media. Instead of spinning the negative why not talk about the fact may Canucks prospects are graduating this year. Some later round picks in hindsight would be 1st rounders. And young players on the Canucks such as Pettersson, Leivo, Stecher, Hutton, Horvat, Goldobin, Virtanen, Motte, Marky(older but damn!) have taken large steps forward in their developments and are becoming more complete players. Patience is key. Let the young guys develop and then judge this organization if you still feel the need. Benning for 3 more years please.
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    @Generational.EP40 Speaking of delusional...it’s delusional to think that Benning who was hired as a GM would accept basically being “fired” from his current role because he wasn’t good enough at it. Regardless of the role you are trying to create for him to stay, you are still taking away some of his power and abilities to build the team the way he sees fit, so it’s definitely not a promotion. Also @JamesB you stated you wanted to hire Judd Brackett as GM because he’s basically the real mastermind when it comes to the Canucks drafting. Well, why would you take Judd Brackett away from what he has had so much success doing...drafting? He also has no experience or successful track record as a GM. It always confuses me, when people wanted to assign credit and blame to our management over the last 4-5 years. It was like anything good for a while was not due to Benning it was due to Linden, but then anything bad didn’t stick to Linden, it fell back onto Benning. All the bad draft picks that’s Benning, all the positive stuff about drafting, while really how much credit can we give Benning, it’s actually all Judd Brackett. Some people will do whatever to criticize the guy. People are so backwards sometimes, we’re in a “rebuild” and we want draft picks (which take time to develop), but, we’re going to complain about where we finish in the standings. It’s all about patience and adding top end talent through the draft. Unless you get lucky in the right year and get to draft a generational talent, it’s going to take time. I hate going back to this but Gillis only had to add pieces around an already really good core. He was in a much easier position to sign UFA’s and his own players to discounts because they were a Cup contending team. This is why I find Gillis and Gilman’s amazing contract signings very much overrated. Perhaps one one of the best examples to really drive home how easy it is to sign bargain deals for Contenders is from another sport: In the NBA David West turned down $11-12 million per year from the Pacers to sign with a contending Spurs team for only $1.5 million per year. This is one example that stood out in recent memory, there are countless others from all sports. Bad teams don’t become great teams through FA in pretty much any sport. They become great by drafting well, developing a core group of good players and then supplementing that talent through trades and FA.(There may be a couple outliers, but it’s not the norm) IMO it’s too early to judge Benning on contracts. It’s also really hard to trade for the elite pieces you need to build a consistent Cup contending team, especially when you have minimal assests to trade. And the assets you do have are greatly limited because they almost all have NTCs or are legacy players. Even the players who did waive their NTCs still did limit the Canucks options in the trade market. Trades are also hard to judge because, everyone wants to base them on whether the player we got turned into a dynamic impact player. Granlund is a perfect example of someone who is a clear Win in the trade column, yet because he hasn’t looked great, people want to act like he hasn’t given us 3 years of relatively good service. Anyways a lot of the Benning hate comes from the thought that he is not rebuilding the way we want him too (trade anything of value for draft picks). Yet these same people want to crucify and fire him for not having a winning team right now (ie. the stat about over the last 4 years we have the worst winning percentage in the league). It’s a little maddening to read some of these comment cause the bar is constantly moving and it seems that, for so many, their minds are already made up.
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    Shoulda been fired for wasting that Jordan Subban asset alone. And don't get me started on Norris Corrado. Total incompetence, shoulda had a couple cups by now.
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    You Green bashers are losing it. He played ALEX %$&@#*! BIEGA 25 minutes last night. Defensive zone draws and key match ups. Trust me, he does not wish to play ALEX BIEGA 25 minutes. But he'd rather throw him to the wolves rather than Sautner or Brisbois. Green is doing what he can to put young guys in roles they can be successful in. Boeser and Petey can handle it? Off they go. But he spoon feeds Goldobin. Willie was loading Stecher & Hutton? He stepped them back to learn some lessons before placing them in key roles. He's moved the needle up with Horvat as he has learned. All our young guys have improved. Take another look please...
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    I want to know what exactly is so shocking about this ins-and-outs list? Looking at the outs, almost all of the players traded are absolutely useless at the NHL level. Either that, or they were well past their prime when traded. Burrows, Hansen, Bieksa, and Garrison had short NHL careers after leaving here (or flat out played poorly, like Vanek). Then there are guys like Gagner and MDZ who provided absolutely nothing, and were therefor traded for very little. Is the shocking part supposed to be the prospects portion? Because the team definitely isn't hurting due to having moved on from Jensen, Shinkaruk, Lain, or Fox. The best player's on the out list are Kesler, Nilsson, and Kassian... The first of which handcuffed our team (and then Anaheim with a gross contract). The other two are fringe NHL level talent at best. What's shocking? What is this proving? All it shows is he brought in three really nice pieces, and unloaded a mountain of crap in the process. The picks suck to lose, but he's seemingly stopped the trend of trading them. I really don't understand how this supports any degree of "fire Benning," and I'm not even the biggest Benning fan to begin with. Weak argument, in my opinion.
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    JB Drafting: absolute genius (thanks Judd Bracket) JB trading: yikes JB on July 1st: dear god, don't let him near the phone!
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    I think he's made a good amount of mistakes but I also think his positives outweigh the negatives (maybe not in trading assets) but in the overall scheme of things he's done good. For example, sure he lost on trading a 5th for Larsen, a 6th + jensen for etem and a 5th + kassian for Prust, but relatively speaking, I can live with those mistakes. Realistically, none of his mistakes dramatically set back this franchise other than delaying it a year or two, it's not like he traded young stars in Hall, Eberle, Barzal all way and has nothing left to show for it. I mean what's his worst move? McCann and a 2nd for Gudbranson (Pearson)? While it's still a mistake, it's not fire worthy. At worst we've giving up some solid "potential" pieces and honestly I think we've started to see a bit of a change in the direction of this team is heading. Less focus on the short term and more focus on actually rebuilding..
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    If you want to be fair you'd have to colour code the net out to see what's worthless there too
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    Wow. This green bashing is really out of left field. I think hes done a great job with our young guys.
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    Canucks sign Jett Woo ...to a three-year, entry-level contract https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/vancouver-canucks-jett-woo/c-305846866 Vancouver, B.C. - Vancouver Canucks General Manager Jim Benning announced today that the club has signed defenceman Jett Woo to a three-year entry-level contract. "We're very excited at the strides Jett has made this season with Moose Jaw," said Benning. "He plays the game with good intensity and attention to detail at both ends of the ice. Jett is an important part of our future and we look forward to his continued development." Woo, 18, currently ranks fifth on the Moose Jaw Warriors in scoring with a career-high 62 points (12-50-62) in 61 games played. His 1.02 points per game rate also ranks fifth among WHL blueliners. The 6-0, 203-pound defenceman has tallied three assists in a game on three separate occasions, most recently on March 9th versus Regina. In 177 career WHL games over parts of four seasons, all with Moose Jaw, Woo has collected 110 points (26-84-110). He also has seven points (2-5-7) in 26 career WHL Playoff games. A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Woo was originally selected by Vancouver in the second round, 37th overall, at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft.
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    Not sure it is a good idea to comment here as most people on CDC have their minds made up about JB. And most of the people left on CDC are Benning loyalists. But, I can't resist making a few comments. 1. Every GM who has been around for a while and has made a lot of moves will have some individual moves that look good and some that look bad. Gillis gets criticized a lot but if you focus on trading for Ehrhoff, signing Hamhuis as a UFA, and drafting Horvat, he looks great. In any case, my point is that looking at one or two or even three special cases, good or bad, does not tell us much. 2. As Canuckster86 says, ultimately GMs get judged on performance. And performance is ultimately judged on wins and losses. I went to NHL.com and downloaded the cumulative performance for the past 4 years: 2015-16 through 2018-19 and ranked the teams by winning percentage. Here is the result. Yes, Vancouver is dead last. The other teams, besides Vancouver, who were very good in the Canuck peak years of 2008-09 through 2012-13 were, in order, Chicago, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Washington, Detroit and Boston. Those other teams have done much better than Vancouver in the past 4 years and some are way ahead of Vancouver now in terms of outlook. In fact, the striking thing about that list is not that good teams eventually decline. It is that the teams with really bad records are generally teams with bad management and/or ownership. 3. Also, teams like Arizona, Edmonton, Colorado, and Ottawa have been bad a for a long time. There is no inevitable rebuilding cycle. Every team has some periods that are better than others but some teams are generally bad for a long time and some are generally good. And that relates largely to the quality of management. It is not a matter of "patience". A poor management team is likely to yield poor results on a consistent basis. Their high points will be mediocrity and their low points will be bottom-feeding. 4. We can try to subdivide the key management tasks: drafting, trades, UFA signings, re-signing players, prospect development, organization (coaches, minor league affiliate), and overall strategy, There is no way an objective observer could say the Canucks have been good in any area except drafting. I know that some people will say that the Benning has been good on trades. But which trade acquisition on the Canucks is actually moving the dial? I think the answer to that is no-one. Yes, the Canucks have picked some players who were not good enough to play for other teams but have helped or at least have played for the Canucks (Leivo, Granlund, Pouliot). But that just tells you how weak the talent level is on the Canucks. The UFA record is obviously a problem. And prospect development in Utica has been a problem. 5. That leaves the draft. In the Benning era the results have been good, but far from spectacular. EP and Boeser were great picks but I think Virtanen and Juolevi were misses and obviously better guys were available. (Failure to recognize that Virtanen and Juolevi have been dramatically outperformed by, for example, Ehlers and Tkachuk is just flat-out denial.) But no GM is 100% and overall, the hits exceed the misses at the draft. However, my question is "who deserves credit". Initially when JB was hired he intended to do a lot of hands on scouting work, and initially he was heavily involved. And we know that what Benning saw from Juolevi at the World Juniors played an important role in that choice. But from what I have seen, read, and heard, it seems to me that Judd Brackett has taken over the primary role at the draft. And, frankly, a GM has too many other things to do to also run scouting. The GM still signs off on all the picks, of course. But I was really surprised by the video of last year's draft. Basically, Brackett was calling all the shots. 6. In the last 5 years the Canucks have done one thing well and a bunch of things poorly. Maybe the guy with primary responsibility for the one thing that went well should be promoted. That would be Judd Brackett. I would at least promote him to AGM and, frankly, I would make him GM. 7. When I have heard and read interviews with Brackett I have been very impressed, compared with Benning when I have often been disappointed.
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    Basically the logic behind this is: 1) Reward him with a signing bonus 2) have him participate in training camp his contract slides if he goes back to junior anyways and won’t count against the 50 contract maximum (same as dipietro’s this year) so there is really no reason not to sign him
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    My boy! He deserves it. He's a workhorse that plays an old school game.
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    It sucks a lot less if you don't listen to it.
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