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    Gaudette is going to be a beauty. Leivo is a keeper. Goldobin is figuring it out. Stetcher turing a corner. Sautner getting some high quality experience. This team is going to be better next year. All these guys a year older and entering their prime. We just need a few pieces. Woo, OJ and Hughes on the way. i like where we're headed.
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    Basically the logic behind this is: 1) Reward him with a signing bonus 2) have him participate in training camp his contract slides if he goes back to junior anyways and won’t count against the 50 contract maximum (same as dipietro’s this year) so there is really no reason not to sign him
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    Tanev could mentor him on how to get around with that boot.
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    Well, he does have two followers on twitter. He obviously has to be an expert.
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    Agreed, only so much one can do with an aging NHL squad on the downturn (what Benning had when he took over). He put a bunch of stop gaps in place to maintain stability at the NHL level and drafted like a stud. Team took a big step this year so I say keep moving forward. Funny how upset people get at losing a 3rd rounder and a couple 2nds.
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    Have to agree with you. I think they need to add another experienced dman next year as well but one can bet with Hughes we have a couple rookie dman in the top 8. I’d personally love to see Woo before the end of the year as I was a huge fan of the pick as well. The fact that he’s right handed is perfect. We will see but it’s exciting never the less.
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    Can you order the list by "generational" and "foundational" please? that would be super helpful.
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    It's super weird coming here and finding people so mad at Green. This is a super young club, that has been decimated by injuries all season. I figured I would come here this evening and have people drooling over the Pettersson shootout magic. Instead it is very negative. This is going to be a very good team in a few seasons. Green is not the issue. Enjoy the last few games of the season nuckleheads, good times are ahead.
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    Leafs got their asses handed to them by the worst team in the league on a national broadcast Couldn't have been scripted much better than that
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    Cmon Hab’s,. He was on the ice when he smeared some good power forwards.. Sounds like his engine is running hot in his playoffs.. Damn I hope the Canucks are on to him quick.
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    Cool. I hope he sticks though. The right side is pretty weak. Plus he'll add some push back the Canucks sorely need.
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    Yeah, and last game he did have one guy basically pick him up, skate him over, and slam him into the boards. There will always be concerns with guys this light, especially when opposing players decide to play outside the rules. But as far as the actual hockey goes, Madden has impressed me a lot this year by how well he does against bigger, stronger players, whether it’s faceoffs, puck battles, or getting to the net when there’s traffic. He also seems to have some of that “wiry” strength, and matches up better than expected with guys 40-50 pounds heavier, and seems to bounce right back up whenever he does get knocked down (or picked up and slammed). I do expect him to add mass and strength. How much is anyone’s guess. I’d expect he’s already a bit bigger than the 150 he’s listed at and the lineup chart measurements are from the start of the year. I don’t think he’ll ever not be a “small” player, but I think he’s one of those guys who can be effective, despite size mismatches.
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    I’m sure he would.. but the way I understand it is his next eligible leagues are The NHL or Junior, not the AHL..
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    Horvat is going to have a career year. Brock is on a points streak and is only 6 points shy of his rookie season. Hutton was having a revival, much like his rookie season. Stetcher is also doing well. The future looks bright. And that's before Hughes, Teves, Woo, etc.
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    Everybody is missing my point. He is playing in a far inferior league and will, most likely, at best, take a while to adjust. I am just saying it is unlikely he will be a 1st pairing nhl defender immediately.
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    Sorry, I should clarify. I think it's strange that you're willing to indicate that enough time has passed to say that X player is a success, but not enough time has passed to say that player Y is a failure. It just seems uneven to me. And I think your list of trades is oddly one sided as well. If Benning was hitting as often as your list indicates, our team would be a lot better than it currently is. I don't have a gripe with our amateur talent evaluation, but our pro scouting has been an objective failure.
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    People scapegoating Benning and Green clearly don’t understand what a rebuild is. Benning has drafted some elite talent (Petey, Brock, Hughes) and found some gems (Gaudette) as well as our prospects making strides in the minors. Sure not all the contract signings have panned out but he has turned a mess that Gillis made into a promising future. Rebuilding takes patience and does not fix itself in 1 or 2 years. And patience is something most of our fanbase does not have.
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    Come on man... if that’s the case then we can’t criticize Benning for not moving tanev already because we have no clue as to what has or hasn’t been offered. Honestly, I’m tired of all this us vs them stuff. I admit I’m more pro Benning than some in here but at the same time I think he should be canned if the team is in the same position next year. im looking forward to having a good team here again so some of this bickering ends.
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    I think any rational person can deduce that Jake Virtanen has no bearing on Byram’s ceiling and development path. Nonsensical argument. Does Patrick Kane impact Hughes? Does Malkin impact Kakko?
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    But they were playing meaningful games until recently. Tanev is a great role model--could be feistier though. As a defensive D, he's great and sacrifices himself constantly. What they need it better shot blocking technology. This skate/shin pad intersect has been a long standing problem. At least some are wearing the skate protector but it doesn't go high enough in my opinion.
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    The reason Jake didn't go back to Jr. was Calgary was an utter disaster and we couldn't play him in the AHL either.
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    I think Green is a young coach who is still learning and who has made a number of errors. - He overplays some of his key players and the result is they burn out and lose effectiveness - He and his assistants don't know how to coach the Power Play effectively - He hasn't responded to the weakness in his defensive personnel by coaching his forwards to help out better in the D zone - He is not effectively coaching the breakout and the zone entry I like the fact he is clearly popular with the players and he creates a positive atmosphere. That is a good thing. I like the way he works with the younger players to motivate them and encourage them to improve their play... without making them bitter or upset. He uses his benching of the young guys well. But overall he needs to do a lot of learning if he wants to move up to the top tier of the NHL coaching ranks... he is a long way from being in that group.
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    Imagine EP having Tkachuk on his wing. Both can pass and shoot. So hope we get Kaapo Kakko to put on his wing. This team is so desperately primed for a player like Kakko.
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    Totally different role this year on a team loaded with D’s. Last year he was 9g 16a 25 puts in 51 games playing the most minutes on the D. Neither Larsen nor Holm do what Tryamkin does defensively. Totally not a valid comparison.
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    Do we really need one of these post's every two weeks?
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    You said he was a downgrade no matter how you look at it. I showed you 6 ways to look at it where he isn't a downgrade. You should be thanking me.
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    Honestly, Before making this post, I thought it was a given that Gardiner was a better defenseman than Hutton. This may not be the case though? Regardless however - Gardiner would be an upgrade on the following: -Pouliot -Biega -Gudbranson -Schenn So - my *current* line of thinking is that even if Gardiner isn’t a Top 4 caliber dman, he’d still be considered an excellent 3rd pairing guy hat wouldn’t look completely out of place on the Top 4 Incase of injuries. By contrast, the aforementioned 4 were 7th caliber dmen (atleast Guds was when he was here). We wouldn’t have that problem anymore. Hutton is a good defenseman, but you could also get a 2nd rounder for him......maybe even a late first. Resulting benefits: 1) With Edler, Myers, Hughes, Tanev, Gardiner, and Stecher, NONE of our defensemen wouldn’t look out of place playing on the 2nd pairing in case of injuries. This would be a huge contrast to what we saw these past few years when our defense was decimated by injuries. 2) You can “stockpile the cupboards” by trading Hutton for a draft pick. This should have been Edler, but his NTC prevented us from moving him. 2) Woo or Tryamkin replaces Tanev when Tanev’s contract expires. 3) Juolevi or Tryamkin replaces Edler after two years. (I think we should sign Edler to a 2 year deal with a relatively high AAV, NTC, and NMC......so that Edler agrees to the term length). 4) Obviously, simultaneously signing Gardiner and Myers would prevent us from signing or trading for an elite dman, but that’s where drafting and developing comes in. We hope Hughes becomes our ‘alpha’ one day, and we also hope that one of our drafted dmen becomes a top pairing guy as well.
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    He didn't trade draft picks for older guys he traded them for younger guys
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    Your projections suck. Tanner Pearson is an NHLer by all accounts. Snake bitten maybe, but he's great in his own end, and is good for 40 points not playing in LA. Love how you don't count Dorsett who was great for this team, and was it not the pick for Garrison that landed him? Garrison who did nothing in Tampa, really.
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    Nice D there TMLeaves!!! 23 goals against, past 4 games. C'mon OTT..get 1 more to simplify the math!
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    The way the d men drop like flies for Nux, they need 8-10 deep every season.
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    lol. Woo signed. Therefore, Hughes is out for the season. I don't know how the OP makes that connection.
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    No. The absolute earliest Woo could join the Canucks would be the end of March. This has nothing to do with Hughes, it's all because Woo has had a great season in the WHL.
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    WAIVERS: St. Louis Blues forward Tanner Fritz has cleared Waivers and has been assigned to the Greenville Swamp Rabbits ( the who ? the where ? ) @Bombastik der Teutone
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    haha true, can't show him a good barber to go to either! Sopel 2.0 with the greasy hairdo. Even MopHead Loui got a trim this year I think
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    Some real talk from an Australian News anchor (who happens to be a Muslim): https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/this-is-not-a-game-australian-anchor-offers-powerful-reflection-on-new-zealand-mosque-shooting/ar-BBUPqpM?li=AAggNb9
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    If those hilariously dumb five things are the worst Trudeau has done, he's in better shape than I thought. In fact I'd take another 10 years of him doing more of that. Better than the manboy that can't even call terrorism terrorism if it's not by a Muslim. 10 more years! 10 more years! 10 more years!
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    I think it depends on how it's blocked. A lot of players don't block properly and can just end up either screening their goalie or tipping it in their own net. Some defensemen and forwards are particularly skilled at it and know when the should and shouldn't block and know how to do it properly. Tanev is a master of doing it and from what I understand in his most recent interview, Markstrom appreciates it.
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    So you point to about half the team being trash, yet you still think Green is also to blame? Maybe wait until he has a halfway decent roster before making these decisions?
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    Pretty close to dead last. I think Marky is running at around a WAR of 4 or 5, meaning he’s giving us 8-10 points over what we’d have with “replacement level” goaltending. We’re 10 points up on last place in the league.
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    There is no shortage of extremists and gullable miserable people in any country. Keeping weapons of mass killing away from them is the best option of defense. A gentle kind culture can only do so much. Some news reporter said in NZ you can get a gun at age 16. At least one gunman is Australian. Getting weapon across the pond maybe tougher, i don't t know. Perhaps he got them in NZ. Regardless, tougher national gun laws always helps.
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    This is because NZ does not have major gun manufacturing lobbies influencing policy.
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    The final score was 0-1 and Tryamkin played the team most minutes 23:07.
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