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    Wow this is shocking. He was quite young. He was a very negative writer and I never enjoyed his work, but I would never wish that upon him. Feel for his friends and family.
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    So because he doesn't want to potentially leave Vancouver for Seattle, he'll leave Vancouver entirely? Makes sense.
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    I'll update as it comes in:
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    Listen carefully to what was said. He alluded to the future of this team. When these guys are 25-31, this current core, is when this team will be at its most potent. It should give people a timeline for what to expect. This team should be absolutely dominating for a long stretch of years, starting in a few.
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    Makes sense. Kid has good size and is an excellent modern day skater. The NHL game is just to fast for him to process and the hockey sense just isnt there. He has everything to be proud of sticking around the NHL as he has but would be shocked if he ever gets better than he is now. Was a good gamble by JB and there should be no regrets moving forward for the Canucks.
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    Glad they are not panic signing him to whatever he he asking 4. If he needs to be protected in the expansion draft id rather say goodbye.
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    It's already been made public that Minnesota wants Boeser. Benning said no and that was that.
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    I think the majority of Jim Benning hate or dim Jim thoughts are primarily around these two moves. Ollie Joulevi over Tkachuk is by now definitely a miss, but that's like saying why didn't the team draft Barazal or Pastarnak or whatever. The smaller dealers are absurdities. OMG he added an extra 6th round pick to a trade that has a 3% chance of being a 3rd line hockey player for 400 games. So to Louie, in order to be angry about this deal you have be in favor of choosing an alternative. There were a lot of solid forwards available during free agency that year. Ladd, Okoposo, Nielsen, Backes and Lucic. I am probably forgetting someone else. Andrew Ladd 177 games and 71 pts 15 min TOI, missed 69 games in 3 years .40 pts per game 7 years at 5.5 million David Backes 201 games 91 pts 15min TOI, missed 43 games in 3 years .45 pts per game 5 years at 6 million Frans Nielsen 203 games 109 pts 16min TOI missed 16 games in 3 years .53 pts per game 6 years at 5.25 million Louie Eriksson 196 games 76 pts 16min TOI missed 48 games in 3 years .38pts per game 6 years at 6 million Milan Lucic 243 games 104 pts 15min TOI missed 3 games in 3 years .42pts per game 6 years at 6 million Kyle Okposo 219 games 118 pts 16min TOI missed 27 games in 3 years .53pts per game 7 years at 6 million I wanted Okposo. I am pretty sure he didn't want to come here. "Little Things Louie" has the best defensive game by far out of all of these forwards. I just want to ask which of these deals actually look good to you? Which contract would you take on willingly? I think Louie has always looked excellent with Horvat. I think he will be very solid next year if he gets the chance. So then the answer in hindsight, you should not have signed anyone. There would've been a riot had Jim passed with cap space and so many solid players available. People just love to complain. Signing a player didn't cost an asset, ITS NOT YOUR MONEY (so who cares about the actual dollars), didn't create a cap crunch, and no Brendan Gaunce and Niklas Jensen or Hunter Shinkaruk or Jonathan Dahlen didn't miss out on blooming into a cant miss 1st line hockey player because HE STOLE their minutes. Now onto Jake. The argument is Ehlers or Nylander would've been a better choice. There were two options and a lot of debate, so this one was Jim going with his gut rather than best player available. Ehlers 7 years at 6 million 36 playoff games 00000 goals and 14 assists Nylander 7 years at 7 million 15 playoff games 3 goals and 7 assists They are both 20 goal 40 assist players in the regular season on absolutely stacked teams with elite line mates. They are both tissue paper soft. The question is what are they worth in a trade right now with those contracts and their playoff numbers? If both were free agents, would you dedicate 7 and 6 million worth of cap for 7 years? Jake may not be a playoff performer either. He may not be a 40 point player next year. He may not become Raffi Torres, BUT if he is then I would prefer that 100% over either. The main point is that the alternatives aren't worth much. It's about perspective. It's not about the decision by itself. It is about the alternative choices that could have been made. ECON 101 opportunity cost. The lost opportunity in this case isn't worth complaining about.
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    4.7 mil total for Marky and Demko for next year... thats some decent value goaltending.
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    Anybody seen the rosters for the last God knows how many Stanley cup wining teams ? I'd say he has a point. But let's just laugh first and think..... never.
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    For a moment, I thought about omitting the first name in the title.
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    Jake is not a mistake, and I hope he isn't going anywhere. Reaves getting traded twice for a first round pick should tell you all you need to know about big guys who can actually play. Jake will get there, and has already outscored Reaves.
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    Dallas beat reporters saying Bo Horvat would be the starting price.... HARD NO
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    Remember when CDC wasin panic that vegas would take him lol
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    So the Nhl came out and apologized to George McPhee about the call in Game 7. The refs from that game O’Halloran and Ferlatt have been told they won’t ref for the rest of the playoffs. Honestly I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the NHL always did this, but they HAVEN’T! This is the first time ever they’ve done this and not only that they’ve done it to the newest franchise basically saying that this team is the sweetheart of the NHL. This makes me feel absolutely sick being a Canucks fan being screwed time and time again by the refs with no apology. Vegas fans get the golden treatment without any suffering at all and it is sick. Also, why are these refs suspended, but Kelly Sutherland who made an arguably worse call in game 2 allowed to continue reffing? I know all of us can agree that Sutherland has probably made the most bad calls in the NHL yet is given a free pass. Sure a lot of you were Vegas fans last series but I’m sure you can agree with me that the NHL doing this is just stab in the back to us Canucks fans.
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    What an embarrassment. Why apologize now, when they've been woefully and totally incompetent for decades? Will Gillis get one for the completely lopsided job done in 2011?
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    Hope this means WPG keeps Myers and overpays him so we don't.
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    Pass. He had his opportunity and chose elsewhere. Now that he struggles to contribute he thinks we want him?
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    Wow, really sad to hear. I enjoyed listening to him more than most people here, and always read the Provies/Athleties after games. Say what you will, the dude had the balls to be a dissenting opinion and stuck to his guns. RIP Botch.
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    Thank you for those who've interacted with me, and others during this year's playoffs. This deserves it's own thread because we've demonstrated that we are THE VERY BEST online hockey community in the world~! I thought this year's finals was the most engaging in many years, great chirps back and forth, great fun, and now we can go back to focusing on the home team. Go Canucks Go!
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    Why not give them their own category? It's pretty unfair to women to have them compete against people who are biologically men.
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    So? I am old and often post on this site!
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    Great, one more put to bed, and one big potential long-term bullet dodged.
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    He constantly gave up picks for bottom six forwards and depth defensemen and handed out NTCs/NMCs like candy. That is the reason why Benning didn’t have much to work with when he started.
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    Huge congratulations to the kid. Hope he shows everyone just how good he is!
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    Kadri is a massive douche. I dont want him anywhere near this team.
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    That sucks how Beagle's paycheque comes out of your bank account, sorry to hear that man.
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    Jack Hughes once I release these scandalous photos.
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    60 to your local liquor store..
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    Booing Bettman is not very original. Shower him with love
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    Joulevi would be a sweet trade... for Winnipeg. Can’t believe how undervalued one of the biggest D prospects the Canucks have ever had is in these parts. I always see people just throwing him away in their arm GM proposals. Crazy
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    Jared Mc Who? Eric Gud what now? Oh you mean the guys that lead us to Tanner friggin Pearson? Ya, don't even miss them a little
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    happy retirement Honey Badger
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    We have 44 winners who correctly predicted the outcome of this series: @-Vintage Canuck- @Baer. @goalie13 @Silky mitts @MikeBossy @iinatcc @Roberts @Butters Stoch @PhillipBlunt @Roger Neilsons Towel @RetroCanuck @higgyfan @Green Goblin @Jimmy McGill @Nuck1991 @Setyoureyesontheprize @Diamonds @morrissex95 @ThaManbeast @Lafayettecrossbar @babalu @skategal @Deets @Canuckfan_Brett @riffraff @Stech @Conscience @DADDYROCK @Cpt.Clutch @zombieksa @DJSkingz @CrippledCanuck @Hairy Kneel @Alflives @cyoung @D'Angelo Russell @Gäz @Bill Sikes @TheRocket18 @Chronic.Canucks.Fan @kilgore @Neil HD @Zhukini @Dr. Crossbar @EliasBoeser @NHL'er @spur1 @FilthyRich @Pete M @Bobby James Congrats!
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    Let's take a moment to reflect on how great these two were for our city province country, shall we? As they receive this honour, it's really a good time to remember how special they were and all that they did, both on and off the ice. I had the great pleasure of attending many games with them at the helm....their last in our rink was the most memorable ever for me. So emotionally charged and the building was full of people in awe of our twins, all wanting to show their appreciation and admiration for two very special ambassadors of our city. Well done, Henrik and Daniel. You are true greats in every respect. Here's the article from the Province. https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/ben-kuzma-sedins-induction-into-b-c-sports-hall-of-fame-feels-like-home Canucks' dynamic duo set franchise records, embraced everything on and off the ice We will never forget the artistry, accountability and amiable nature that set Henrik and Daniel Sedin apart on and off the ice. The legendary Swedish twins were inducted Wednesday into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame — in advance of Thursday’s gala — and raising their numbers to the rafters at Rogers Arena next season befits the dynamic duo. As great as they were in 17 NHL seasons to establish franchise records for goals (Daniel, 393), assists (Henrik, 830) and points (Henrik, 1,070) — their league-wide impact was immense. In 2010, Henrik captured the Art Ross Trophy as scoring leader with 112 points (29-83) and the Hart Trophy as most valuable player. In 2011, Daniel won the Art Ross Trophy with 104 points (41-63) and the Ted Lindsay Award as most outstanding as voted by the players. Henrik was also honoured with the King Clancy Memorial Trophy for leadership in 2015-16 and the twins shared the award in 2017-18. Greatness isn’t defined by statistics and jaw-dropping Sedinery. It was when the person away from the game became as prominent as the player. The Sedins placed a priority on selflessly and quietly giving time and money to charities to acknowledge and support a city and province that embraced them. In 2010, they made a joint donation with their wives of $1.5 million toward the pediatric intensive-care unit and diagnostic-imaging area of a new building project at B.C. Children’s Hospital. Maybe that’s why the hockey gods smiled when the twins turned back the clock in their home-ice finale April 5, 2018. They were at their playmaking best and had just enough left in the tank when Henrik fed Daniel for a one-timer slapper. His second goal at 2:33 of overtime on the power play completed the raucous rally in an unforgettable 4-3 triumph over the Arizona Coyotes. The Sedins still look like they could keep playing, but have found new challenges on the ski slopes, trail and road racing courses, horse racing and even Daniel acting as a school-crossing guard. Henrik Sedin clambers over the boards with Daniel at his side in the third period of their emotional sendoff game at Rogers Arena on April 5, 2018. Gerry Kahrmann / PNG We caught up with the 38-year-olds Wednesday before their induction: Q: You’ve both won awards in Sweden and the NHL. What does this honour mean? Daniel: “It means a lot. A lot of former Canucks are in the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame and a lot of other great athletes. Vancouver and B.C. have always been a big part of our lives.” Henrik: “We grew up in a small town in northern Sweden (Örnsköldsvik) and to be acknowledged like this, it’s far away from home and it’s been amazing.” Q: What does it mean for your families, wives and kids? Daniel: “It starts with mom and dad growing up because they did so much for us. They wanted to be here these two days but mom has a bad back and couldn’t make the flight. But our wives have been there for us and the kids have grown up here. We have a lot of great friends outside of hockey we like spending time with and it’s a perfect situation for us.” Henrik: “Our families have been through a lot as well and being away from home as much as I have, the wives did a lot of work behind the scenes and it’s the same honour for them.” Q: What memorabilia will go into the Hall display, and what would you like to see? Daniel: “We have a lot of old jerseys and sticks and equipment, and I like to see things we’ve done outside of hockey because being part of the Canucks means we’ve been involved in a lot of charities.” Henrik: “I’d like to see a mix of what we’ve been through, things we’ve won and teams we’ve been on. I’m sure they’ll do a good job.” Q: What impact and legacy have you left the sport in B.C.? Daniel: “We did everything we could to be the best we could, and hopefully that can inspire people and inspire them with what we did outside of hockey.” Henrik: “Trying to be the best people we could be. Fans can think what they want of us as players — some are going to like us and some aren’t — but if you can be remembered as a good person, that’s No. 1.” Q: Could you have accomplished this without each other? Daniel: “I doubt it. We helped each other since we were little kids and inspiring each other by competing and pushing ourselves because even the first few years over here, we did a lot of talking to get through the tough times. And we got better slowly, together. We wouldn’t be here without each other.” Henrik: “I doubt it. If we could have got through the first couple of years, maybe we would have taken these steps ourselves. But to get through that to where we are, it would have been tough. We came in different from young players now. We were not ready to play right away and spent one or two summers in the gym when we came over.” Q: What don’t we know about your twin brother? Daniel: “He’s a slow runner (laughter). Maybe as captain he came across as being a serious guy, but he can be really funny and just great to be around. He makes life easier and happier, too.” Henrik: “I think you know pretty much everything, but he’s more social than I am. I like my alone time and he might be a little different.” Q: What are you most proud of in your remarkable careers? Daniel: “When you did everything you could to get better and win, when you look back you can be proud and happy. And when you play a team game, you don’t want to let your teammates down or the coach or the fans. We loved competing and being the go-to guys and were always up for the challenge.” Henrik: “That we’ve been able to stick around and play for so long and for one team. We had people who believed in us and we never shied away from the pressure from media and fans early on. That’s what we’re most proud of. And 2011 (Stanley Cup Final) is something you’re going to remember forever, but there are teams every year that lose out and should have won.” Q: What do you think of the Canucks’ future? Daniel: “A lot of good pieces. If they can build on this and get better and be honest that the young players need to take the next step to get better. Everyone knows that and we’ll see. But I said when we retired the Canuck fans should be excited about taking the steps and getting some new players on the team.” Henrik: “They’ve taken a few steps for sure, but they still need things to pan out and the young players to take steps. They need to surround the players they believe in with good players and support them. That’s what I think they’re going to try to do the next couple of years.” Q: Will we see you back in the game in some capacity? Daniel: “We’ve said all along that hockey is the main thing for us and what we know, but at the same time, we’ve said we’re tired of travelling and tired of getting on those long road trips. It has to be the right fit. Who knows? We might end up doing something completely different. We’ll find something that makes us happy.” Henrik: “We said we were going to take a year off and here we are. We’ll see what happens but it’s something we’re going to keep our mind open to for sure.” CALL TO B.C. HALL Other inductees are athletes Emily Brydon (skiing), Roy Gerela(football) and Kelly McCallum (rugby), builder-coaches Darlene Currie (basketball), Ken Holland (hockey) and Tony Waiters(soccer), 1968 New Westminster Salmonbellies (lacrosse), pioneer Ralph (Hunk) Henderson (basketball-football), Dan Jukich(media) and Ron Toigo (W.A.C. Bennett Award). bkuzma@postmedia.com twitter.com/benkuzma
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    He's a good player but it would probably cost the Canucks Juolevi + Virtanen + 1st Round pick. The Nucks are better off with those 3 younger and cheaper pieces moving forward than with an ageing Jamie Benn. Plus, he $#*% talked the Sedins and has yet to accomplish what they have so he can rot in Dallas for all I care. I would rather throw an extra 0.5-1 million of cap at Panarin who is younger and won't cost assets. I will also add that 9.5M for what was 53 points this past year is too much cap spent for what may be 55-65 points for the next few years. Horvat gets that at a rate that is 4M cheaper.
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    https://www.rotowire.com/hockey/player.php?id=2677 ...time sure flies. Heck of a 9th round pick for the Canucks! Was just a great person all around. Great in the locker room, helped out in the community, gave it his all on the ice, one of the fastest players I’ve seen, and played for the logo on the front - not the name on the back. The Great Dane. Our beloved honey badger. Thanks for all the memories during the Canucks golden years. Enjoy life outside of hockey & who knows, maybe we see him back in VanCity Down the road in some sort of hockey ops/coaching capacity!
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    I don't think Jim Benning is perfect by any means, but how do you enjoy hockey at all when you're just radiating negativity 24/7 lmao It's just sports yo.
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    He was one of the few writers who told it like it is. I always got a kick out of the clueless fans on this board overreacting to him. I'll miss the Power Hour. Sad news for his family and Canucks fans.
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    Hey Vegas, sorry for the bad call, this happens all the time. Maybe get your PK in order and not let in 4 goals in 5 minutes. How can the league bend so your PK can improve?
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    Why on earth would JB do that? Gardiner is the last thing this team needs.
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    Last year, someone, I apologize I can’t remember who, but full credit to them, had a remarkable idea to make a donation to a charity based on the draft results for the Canucks. I think this is a wonderful idea, and thought it should continue. From me this year... 1st overall $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 to the Misty Creek Animal Rescue here in, ahem, Calgary... Go Canucks! I believe!!
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    lets all remember what happened today a year ago RIP
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