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    Really? So if canucks got offered a mid to late pick in the first round for AG you would take it. Can you explain why? Gaudette we took time in developing. Gaudette is a hobey baker winner. Gaudette has improved progressively and linearly at a very steady rate. He showed he is too good for the AHL in his first season there while going up and down. He showed some flashes in the NHL as well. He is on pace to be a middle 6 nhl C with goal scoring potential. Gaudette is tenacious and a hard worker. you want to trade that for a lottery ticket at someone who could potentially be as good or get really lucky and get someone better against the odds I wouldn’t be onboard with that at all.
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    Edler might be an aging yacht, but Pha9 is a dilapidated tugboat.
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    Adam Gaudette won the Hobey Baker at age 21. Maybe we should give him a chance to be our 3rd line future centre before we start giving away assets...
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    Chicago paid Teravainen to dump Bickell. Detroit paid their 16th overall pick (Chychrun) to Arizona to dump Datsyuk's contract. It's not out of the ordinary.
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    No one is going to offer a top 15 for him, and below that the chance of anyone becoming a top 6 player is a long shot. I don't get it either, AGs a found wallet.
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    They'd need to offer more than simply a 2nd imo. Not just because of Marleau's contract, but because we would be doing them an ENORMOUS solid essentially enabling them to keep their core together. This isn't just a cap-dump situation like has been done many times in the past - for TO it's about keeping a 22yo hometown franchise player in their organization for the better part of the next decade. Surely that's worth more than a throw-in 2nd if you ask me.
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    I've removed some of the more personal comments. Please try to make your points without attacking other users, otherwise I will start handing out warnings/bans.
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    At this point I fully intend to take 130 hours on our pick just to assert dominance. Those gates have been opened, and I am moonwalking right through them.
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    I always had this ex-Flamer pegged as some obnoxious dork. He seemed to take some well-earned pot-shots from our site. But then something happened..well, 2 things. I really liked how he humbly helped lead that unlikely Sens run. Even better, when Dorsett retired, Pha9 showed a lot of respect to an old jr adversary. Things come full-circle, & I'd bet today many CDC'ers would enjoy having a beer with the guy. Mobility is prob shot..but I'd call him a hard-nosed vet who loves the game.
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    Hmmm see I don’t believe that any team would give up a 1st round pick to get out of a contract. At least there is no precedent that I can think of. I know that teams gave up a lot to the Knights for them to take a specific player off their roster, but those teams were also in line to lose a really good young prospect as well, so that needs to be taken into consideration. It could work if we were to send Ben Hutton back, although I’m really not a big fan of Dion.
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    Center is the one position, other than goalie, that doesn't need upgrading.
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    So trade from a position of strength to reinforce the same position of strength. At the same time we bump one of our best prospects, don't address any deficits and as an added bonus we decrease the quality of our top draft pic during a rebuilding phase.
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    If he plays, it means Raps are up 20 or someone is injured.
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    Yeah, American feed is better for basketball. I can't listen to that clown announce a city for every 3 pointer.
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    ABC. Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson here. Can’t stand Raps homers either.
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    I've been yelling "Mike" out of my window for the last couple hours but it's not helping
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    No one is offering a top 10 pick for Gaudette though. Even a late first round pick wouldnt happen and I wouldn't move him for a 2nd..
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    sure, thats a trade for filling a need if it could work out that way and MS is scouted very highly, but to just blanket "move AG for a 1st" doesn't stand on its own imo.
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    Detroit actually moved down in the first round to dump the Datsyuk contract. They didn't just give up the pick. They dropped from 16th overall (which was used to pick Chychrun) to 20th overall (where they picked Dennis Cholowski). So that's not exactly true that they just gave up a 1st rounder to get out of the Datsyuk contract. With that said, the Bickell/Teravainen thing does make sense. You can take on a contract for a B+ prospect. The problem here is that the Kings don't have the prospect depth to give away anybody. I just don't know who the Kings would give up to dump the Phaneuf deal. Also, Phaneuf, according to Capfriendly, still has a M-NTC and I'm not sure he's gonna be all that interested in leaving LA -- since he's married to actress Elisha Cuthbert, who is LA based. I could see Phaneuf retiring if he gets bought out this summer unless he can get a 1 year show me deal for Anaheim. Canucks need to steer clear here. No need to take on a bad contract just cause. Especially from a divisional rival. Let LA suffer. I don't see a taker for this one.
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    I know CDCers have a thing about HFBoards, but the main prospects forum over there has lots of good info on the 2020 Draft. Here’s the main thread: https://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/2020-nhl-draft-prospects.1940945/ (And there are threads on just just about every notable 2020 prospect.) In addition to the players listed in the article you posted (Lafrenière, Gunler, Lundell, Byfield, Drysdale, Guhle, Holtz, Perfetti, Raymond, Barron), there are guys like Braden Schneider, Marco Rossi, Dylan Holloway, Dylan Peterson, Jan Mysak, Jean-Luc Foudy, and probably 20 other guys that look really interesting. Deep draft. I mean, take a guy like Marco Rossi, who doesn’t even get mentioned in that article, yet the kid has been outpacing Nico Hischier at every level over the past 3 years. Rossi looks top-5 in my book, but some have him in the back half of the draft, partly because of the size concerns, but mostly because there’s just so much talent right now vying for those top spots. Rossi’s D-1 season (OHL): 65 games (reg+po) 36 goals, 47 assists, 83 points, 1.28 ppg, +54, 42 PIM, 12 PP goals, 7 GW goals, 565/1065 face-offs (53%), 197 shots on goal. Sure he’s undersized and a late birthday, but even so, that’s absolutely filthy for an import player in his rookie season of North American hockey. And this kid’s game isn’t just about points. Strong work ethic, solid play at both ends, good backcheck, forces turnovers, goes to dirty areas (despite his size), doesn’t shy away from contact, strong face-offs, and while undersized, he has already proven he can play against men (and did so as a 16 year old in Swiss men’s pro). Came over the NA and has adjusted really well, becoming a top player for the Ottawa 67’s (who nearly won it all, but for an injury to a certain starting goalie). Rossi finished with the best points/game in the OHL, among D-1 players and rookies, for both the 2018-19 regular season and 2019 playoffs. And side by side with Hischier (open spoiler if interested): Rossi highlights:
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    With the 89th pick in the 2019 draft the Ducks are pleased to select G Mads Sogaard @winterhawks
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    I've seen this notion a lot (drafting a forward for Pettersson) and I just wanted to say that finding wingers for Horvat is much more important issue in my opinion. Pettersson played with Boeser almost the entire year, our best winger. Finding a missing third piece on that line would be great, but putting a complimentary piece with them should be fine for the foreseeable future (Virtanen, Leivo, Pearson, etc.). Horvat on the other hand played with a whole slew of players with Baertschi out, guys like Schaller, Eriksson, Motte, Roussell, etc. Finding him some help talentwise is much more important for me, especially considering Baertschi's health. Pearson is a start, but isn't a long term solution in my opinion.
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    Vasily Podkolzin @Bombastik der Teutone
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    So wait, what? You want to trade someone who's IN the line up and producing well and has chemistry with our franchise player for a pick because things are "slow and steady"? That would set us back, not move us forward.
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    Nope, a lot of his goals came from the third line bud. I live in to and watched a lot of the games. He’s no Pastrnak, he’s not going to get you 40 goals but he plays like Burrows with speed (without the chirpyness). He’s hard on pucks, has a high hockey IQ, plays 200 ft and competes hard every night. The guy you’re describing is Little Willie. He’s a perimeter, soft player who’s the beneficiary of playing with talent.
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    I disagree. Gretz and Mario would make a mockery of todays game. These were 2 of the most prolific passers in the game history and you take out the red line? They would be firing breakaway passes from behind their OWN net, not to mention the freedom to roam around the ice without all the clutching and grabbing. As good as Sid is, or even McDavid, they're not on the Great One and Super Mario's level, not even close
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    He’s from Burnsville, Minnesota. Grew up there, went to high school there and played hockey there. Nowhere close to Dakota.
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    Which player is projected as BETTER than Crosby? Lafreniere? Crosby had 135 points as a 16 year old, didn't turn 17 until the following August. Then he had 168 points as a 17 year old. By contrast Lafreniere is a late birthday, October 11, so as a 16 year old he had only 80 points and this year as a 17 year old he had only 105 points. If he was born one month sooner he'd be eligible for this year's draft. So to say he's better than Crosby at this point is false information. He may be better than Hughes or Kakko but he's not even close to a generational talent.
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    I'm not one of those Vancouverites that inexplicably hates all things Toronto Maple Leafs, so I tuned into a handful of games last season to see Johny Tavares, Mitchy Marner, Austy Matthews in action. I came away from every single game finding Kapanen the most interesting, if not most impressive player on the ice. I love this kid. I think he would be a huge addition up front.
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    Toronto needs a RHD badly. So maybe Tanev at 50% and a 3rd?? Edit: or just Tanev at 50%.
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    They're not plugs. They may not be NHL players of the future but they're young men who have worked extremely hard to become what they have and deserve our respect
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    Or love the "falling backwards sensation"
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    Like others in this thread have said , you absolutely can’t miss all those open looks they had today , especially against the champs .
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    While we wait for the draft, how about you go and vote for GMOTY already. There's only been 7 votes so far, and 4 of them are the commish team!
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    And there's a similar bias on this board. Most likely scenario? It'll be in the middle somewhere.
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    that would be alright if we could move him off again for a late round pick. just 2 transaction fees.
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    Why, Quinn Hughes of course Actually, I have no idea.
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    I really hope something can be worked out involving Tanev 50% retained with an extension for Kapanen. I think he'd look great next to Horvat and even though he's likely not a high end producer they could be really effective. A UFA would also work, but likely not long term. The only reasonable way I trade a package with Gaudette as the centerpiece for a pick lower than the top 15 is if Seider or Heinola is there. That would be positive value in my eyes.
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    I agree with you this is what JB will do and probably what he should continue to do. All of those saying lets load up on picks seem to not understand 2 things 1, the only players likely to fetch a first round pick from our team are as follows, Petterson, Boeser, Horvat,Hughes and possibly Markstrom or Demko. Why would we trade a player of this value to roll the dice on a pick that may either develop into a player of like value or possibly lesser value. A roll of the dice. we would like to build around these players. Your team has had the worst record the last three years. you are not their first call when looking for good players to pick up. 2, what team in their right mind is going to give up a first round pick for anything on the leftover table. Tanev is not going to fetch a first round pick. Sutter is not going to fetch a first round pick. Virtanen as much as he was a first rounder himself has not lived up to that development and is unlikely to fetch a first round pick. So where are these extra first rounders supposedly going to come from? Eriksson? Beagle? Pearson? Motte? Goldobin? not likely and package what you want together unless one of the previously mentioned players is involved we are not picking up anyone's first rounder. Big Hint, other teams are aware its a deep draft as well and want to keep their picks and possibly add ours as well.
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    That comment wasn't about Zaitzev. It was about Nylander and how Dubas said he wouldn't trade him while he was GM, yet Nylander has no clause preventing it. So, might be funny to see later if he gets moved. I agree with King Heffy that his poor play and large contract make it hard to trade him at the moment.
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    I’m pretty confused how is Kakko not considered generational be these draft experts? he has set a record for under 18 Finnish goal scoring in the Liiga. he won 3 gold medals including the gwg for the jrs and was a monster for the men’s team. which is also a record. dont get why people are so scared to talk this kid up more. If I was a GM I would take him first overall without hesitation. For us it would be hard we would probably take Jack for the Hughes connection but honestly I think Kakko Is an absolute stud and the best player in the draft. he is the most NHL ready, has the highest ceiling maybe the same ceiling as Jack with a higher floor. He already proved he can physically handle NHL defencemen at the WC. He protects the puck very well for a kid, he skates great for his size, he shoots the puck very well. Guy does everything and scores goals when it matters most. He also showed at the end of the year that he may even be a C as well. Like Kakko is a higher end prospect coming into draft day than: Barkov, Laine, Rantanen, Poolparty etc. Hughes I think isn’t as NHL ready as Kakko. He would probably benefit most from 1 year in College. But he’s most likely going to start in the NHL and I’m not sure if that is best for him but we will see. We will see its just so strange seeing how some of these experts talk about this draft and how they rank it. It’s just all over the place.
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    Anyone else not watched a single second of the Cup final?
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    He's 22 and just came off a 44 point season in his first full year in the league. By comparison, Hansen never reached 40 points, and even he was arguably a top 6 player by the time he departed. Just for some perspective, he would have been 4th on our team in points, behind only Pettersson, Boeser and Horvat.
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