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    Leivo won me over when he fought Kesler who was trying to pester with Pettersson. Guy was only with us for 5 ish months yet embraced his teammates as his brothers. Could even see his chemistry develop a bit with Pearson and Horvat and he constantly looked like he genuinely was enjoying himself. He was smiling and celebrating in every goal like he was having a blast. He is one guy you know who loves being a Canuck. Happy he is back and hope he has a strong year and we lock him up long term
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    The Las Vegas golden knights are taking the Washington capitals to arbitration? BOLD MOVE
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    Canucks with none, JB gettin' er done.
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    I have been reading a lot of posts on this forum lately where people are correcting misinformation, the Leivo signing is just another example in a string of signing posts I and I'm sure many of you have noticed this. Here is just a few of the things I have noticed PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST OTHERs THAT I HAVE MISSED. 1) Roster Max is 23, this is important to note when you are looking at Capfriendly and you post, "we only have $5.5mill in cap space available to sign Boeser, a trade is imminent, (Eriksson, Sutter and Tanev seem to be your guys favorite example) this is not true, Capfriendly is showing currently a 27 man roster they are not predicting which player is making the team. 23 player roster example; Forwards, Pearson, $3,750,000 Pettersson $925000 Miller $5,250,000 Baertschi, $3,366,666 Horvat, $5,500,000 Boeser, $6,500,000 Roussel, $3,000,000 Sutter, $4,375,000 Beagle, $3,000,000 Eriksson, $6,000,000 Gaudette, $916,666 Virtanen, $1,250,000 Motte, $975,000 Leivo $1,500,000 Defence Edler, $6,000,000 Myers, $6,000,000 Hughes, $916,666 Tanev, $4,450,000 Benn, $2,000,000 Stecher, $2,325,000 Fantenberg, $850,000 Biega $916,666 Goalies Markström, $3,666,667 Demko, $1,050,000 This is a 24 Player roster I will explain that in point 2. I have Schaller Buried with a cap hit of $825,000, Luongo, re-cap at $3,033,206 and Spooner, bought out at $1,033,333, and their are Bonuses of $4,550,000 Total Cap hit is $79,283,204, Their are Bonuses of $4,550,000 Cap Remaining, $2,216,796, 2) The reason their is a 24 man roster is cause if Roussel is on LTIR their will be no cap relieve for him cause they are not at max cap in this scenario. A team must be at the ceiling of the cap to replace the cap of the injured player. If they are not then the player goes on IR and the team can replace the roster spot with out exceeding the roster max. 3) Schaller could be on the team at the beginning of the season but never play a game for us, this is due to point 2 Schaller has a higher cap then Gaudette, for example. Gaud is waiver exempt next season and can not be claimed. We can probably expect this with a couple players. After day one of the season Gaud could be called back and Schaller buried and the Canucks can still utilize the LTIR cap replacement of Roussel. So you don't have to be surprised if Petty is sent to Utica before the first day of the start of the season. 4) Boeser could be signed on the first day the season starts. On the first day of the season, The Canucks could have 23 player roster with Roussel on it re-shuffle their whole lineup place Roussel on LTIR and then sign Boeser to fill Roussel spot on the roster. This could be very tricky to do so but it can be done. There is no rule that the injured player has to be replaced by a currently signed player. It will be very interesting to see where Baertschi is at the beginning of training camp with his concussion issue. Roussel and Baer cap hits total, $6.367 million this would make the start of the season signing much easier and then time would determine if trades or other roster movements would have to be made when Roussel comes back or if other injuries could be placed on LTIR.
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    Lots of times. Not particularly negative now either, if you don’t understand the reality of his agent wanting a short deal and the team wanting a longer deal... and find that a negative, I am not sure how to make you feel better. The backloading part is based on the recent Meier deal, which as a comparable I am sure Boeser’s camp wants to emulate.... why wouldn’t they. We are in a different spot than San Jose though. They need artificially low cap hits in the short term to win. We need to build towards winning and lock up our guys for longer terms, even if it means a little short term cap pain with a higher AAV. It is just negotiation. I am a fan of the team, so am hoping for a deal that benefits the team and not the individual player.
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    meh, well worth the risk. He's either the elite scorer we think he is or he's not. If he is we'll be happy to QO that or if its an offer sheet its a 4 1st deal. We win either way.
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    I really enjoyed Leivo's game last year. Hopefully he finds a nice role here on the 3rd line and fill in for the top 6 when needed.
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    dog whistle reference (Suzuki)? check false analogy? check. impotent anger? check. this one's got all 3 of the biggies for an article out of Calgary about BC.
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    Pleeeease. If nothing more than to have something in the news. Watching the Leafs scramble to match it would be some great entertainment.
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    Laine's finished at the NHL level. Advantage for Winnipeg if MTL offer-sheets him
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    Okay boys, dat one we do wid de A-HO it did not work so good, so let get dis ting done wid de Mar-NAIR or dat Lai-nay. Okay den?
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    26th overall in total hits for the entire league last season while only averaging about 13min/night TOI - I'd say this is a very 'team value' contract.
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    Maybe I don't know your guy's previous conversations but that seemed very inappropriate. @RUPERTKBD and I pretty much agree on nothing political but the guy has daughters and that was a brutal response man.
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    No to Lucic, yes to eriksdone being moved
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    **title was modified as I was advised it did not fit with the actual topic very well** I put the below info in the MacEwen thread as I re read a bunch of the last pages on MacEwen's thread. MacEwen progressed very nicely in the Q and then in a two year span developed quite well in the AHL. JB was said to be looking to get another top 6 winger but that plan kinda fell off after the Luongo re capture penalty. So how about the following (as I put in MacEwen's thread): MacEwen's first year in Utica he got 33 points in 66 games in 2017/18. His next year in Utica he got 52 points in 69 in 2018/19. Maybe JB does not need to get another top 6 forward. How about we slot MacEwen on the 2nd line with Pearson and Horvat. I would rather that than putting him in some plug 4th line role when he comes up. This all assumes he does very well at camp. JT Miller Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat MacEwen Roussel Sutter Virtanen Motte Beagle Leivo That is a beefy line up. We would have added two big guys up front in Miller at 218 and MacEwen at 211. Then two more big guys on the back in Myers at 230 and Benn at 205. Talk about going from a soft small team to a big team in one summer. None of these guys are Reaves but they have size and pushback. Team toughness ftw. In MacEwen's last year in the Q he had 74 points and he showed a big improvement in scoring in just his second year at Utica. It seems he could continue to develop at a strong pace. I would love for JB and TG to give him a try up front to start the year. Let Gaudette start the year in Utica and get some points and his offense going strong before Sutter gets moved and Gaudette comes up. Edit: Alternatively if you don't like putting him up with Horvat right away then put Virtanen with Horvat and start MacEwen with Roussel / Sutter on the 3rd line and let him get some NHL experience. Roussel is out till Xmas so whomever fills his spot.
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    what the heck is going on in Winnipeg? when's the last time we saw a forced rebuild from so many players jumping ship? Hope it happens tho, just makes our playoff chances better.
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    Whoa now, I don't need "after" to look "dumb". Pffffftt fft
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    Had it up to here with this turd LE. Put him on waivers in September and send his arse to Utica. Let him ride buses, and live the AHL life for the rest of his contract. I’d but a month’s supply of Depends old Loui doesn’t last a month down there, and comes a crawlin’ Begging for a mutual termination. Then we say SCREW YOU ... YOU LAZY Buggar. You stay in Utica and play. Make him suffer, like us fans have had to suffer watching him.
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    To NSH: Mikael Backlund ($1m ret.), Cedric Paquette, 1st Rd. Pick (2021) To PIT: William Karlsson @apollo @cunningham19
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    Relax, it’s just business. He won’t hold out. The Canucks have been good to him. Remember how they brought in his parents ( a surprise ) for the start of his career? He is from a fairly humble background. He seems to be a loyal and sensitive guy. I don’t believe he will hold out. Perhaps I’m being naive.
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    Trump is apparently blaming a "faulty teleprompter" for the "airports" gaffe.... https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/05/politics/revolutionary-war-airport-trump/index.html Now it all makes sense.... Who among us has not been waxing poetic about the Revolutionary War, drawn a blank and your first instinct is to refer to the Airports, that so many brave men died to defend....?
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    Clarification: Afraid of being anything better than losers, and believing their fate is ultimately based upon ping-pong balls.
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    That’s a good point. If he plays great, then he will get paid next July. If he doesn’t do well, then we let him walk.
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    in my wet dream, a bridge deal around 6x4 could would let us enough cap hit to kick Gusev's tyres.
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    Amusing that people actively want other GM's to stir the pot and try and screw TO. People realize outside of BC, for whatever reason, we're one of the least liked franchises out there? And we have arguably the best young core group of players on elc ever assembled in this organization? Let me guess we're not going to be in cap trouble so it's different.
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    I've been trying to find someone to pay me for my "expertise" for years... ...unfortunately, I still have to hold down a job....
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    That’s no fun. I’m all in baby! Do it! Make the Leaf lovers burn.
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    The Calgary Flames are thrilled to bring Zdeno Chara on board. With a nearly full roster before, the Flames had a shade over $13M in cap space. Since we were a playoff team last year, it was important to keep the streak alive, while also having players who could help us go as deep as possible. Got some good players in the system, and when Vitali Kravtsov signing gets posted ( @Squeak *cough*), going to have a good roster. Will also sign Alexandre Texier to a contract, which will give us a full roster. Once that's done, here's what we will go into camp looking like: Kyle Connor - Dylan Larkin - Phil Kessel Alex Galchenyuk - Nick Schmaltz - Tyler Toffoli Andreas Johnsson - Alex Iafallo - Vitali Kravtsov Kristian Vesalainen - Nick Bonino - Oskar Lindblom Alexandre Texier - Devante Smith Pelly Zdeno Chara - Aaron Ekblad Jacob Larsson - Thomas Chabot Robert Burtuzzo - Cody Ceci Jimmy Schuldt Connor Hellebuyck Anton Khudobin That's certainly enough to get to the playoffs, but having a Red Wing, two Coyotes, and two Kings players isn't a recipe for a deep playoff run.
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    If Benning can draft late round 1st's like McCann and Boeser, that's a step in the right direction. Previous GM's if drafting late in the first round usually was a flop.
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    people get fired for lots of reasons. maybe they weren't on the same page as far as what traits they were prioritizing vs what traits management wanted them to be prioritizing maybe they were lazy, or just generally bad employees. this happens in every industry. maybe they were leaking canucks info to the press or sharing scouting notes with other teams. maybe they were involved in workplace sexual harrassment controversies. maybe they were communist sympathizers. who knows? it's not really our business.
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    We hired Benning to overhaul the scouting department. This is his area of expertise; let's just let him did his job here.
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    we went from vancouver to vancouver really quick
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    Abby people wow. School education is to blame about this. Wow wow Tl cmon I am tp and its obvious in the pm Hard hard claiming reg tp
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    I meant bassi only in the case where he pops in to prevent GK
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    We'll help you out, Kyle. Schaller for Kapanen, to free up that extra mil you need Maybe include Sautner so you don't have to play Marincin.
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    If they can't get rid of his contract, he'll likely be in the lineup until they can. They don't have the assets to add as a sweetener and he's still a moderately effective player in a bottom 6 role who can slide up the lineup if they need it.
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    All it will take is a few injuries and more cups being won by teams like WSH and St. Louis for the trend to come to a grinding halt. There is always room for elite skill no matter the size but you can’t make a lineup out of smurfs either. A balance is fine....and it’s hard to see one of these smaller elite D’s ever winning a Norris, there’s some things they simply can’t do as well as their bigger brethren, defensively. Teams always follow recent winners, it’s possible the trend has peaked already. I do like how fast the game is now, but the flip side is when guys do make contact it can be really devastating. Injuries keep piling up..blocking shots no matter what doesn’t help either, especially low percentage ones the goalies going to stop every time anyways .wonder when they will wise up?
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