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    might invite some friends to this forum
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    the only words i need to say both hosts were amazing. i had an absolute blast, and it was in large part to the immediate and careful responses of the hosts. they were on time with everything and were amazing to talk to and play in their game. and to everyone in this game, good game. there were a few moments i got frustrated, but no ill will toward anyone, it was tense and stressful but never personal, and i appreciate that.
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    Big thanks to Ceres I literally could not have done it without you man. congrats to the town for well earned victory. And mafia was so close literally came down to 4-2 coin flip Jazz in particular what an amazing effort
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    It's iconic. The best hockey image of all-time (though a few others could rival it). The goal itself was good, but all in a day's work for Orr. Although it was an OT goal, the series result was also not in doubt. The goal Orr scored won the Bruins the cup in a 4-game sweep vs the Blues. The Blues never stood a chance against a powerhouse like the Bruins. So in short, the goal itself was good, but not outstanding. The moment was clutch, but not very tense for Bruins fans. The image...legendary.
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    Thank you for all your efforts to provide us with up to date first hand views of Tryamkin and the realities of the KHL. I appreciate it as I'm sure many others do.
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    Just some details about the game. This was the first game for Avto in the traditional President Kazakhstan Cup against the KHL club Neftekhimik. Both Nigel Dawes and Pavel Datsyuk did not play and Tryamkin was the team captain (just for this game). Tryamkin scored the first goal of the game on power play. Oh yeah, and Avto won 5-1. Avto also plays: Salavat Yulaev on August 9 Barys on August 10 AK Bars on August 11
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    don't push your luck, I might delete my account and come back as a giant space rock too
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    The mostly empty train steams into its final stop. There the Bank’s representatives meet the train. Before unloading the Gold they take Jazz and bring him toward the Gallows. The Bank President Comes over and says “Nice Try McGinty but it’s time to join your Brothers”. The Gallows have two nooses and BJ is also escorted towards it. “And you Eggleton, how sad it’s come to this. Your family will be forever shamed by your actions.” Both the men are hanged and the Gold is offloaded by the bank. “And you brave crew of the train because of your good work for the Bank all of you survivors have earned an entire dollar each. The Bank thanks you for your efforts.” TOWN WINS!!!!
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    F***, this got me. Ok I'll stay. But my activity is gonna be at ilduce/mafia intoews levels for these next few games. 1. BJ
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    This is probably a good time to announce this, but I'm retiring - and by that I mean done for a few months love you all! it's been great! but that second last round took way too much out of me hahah
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    Pornhub But seriously, it should be in your inbox now
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    I BS'd my role the entire time. The only actual action I received was jazz's vig shot. Everything else I had to adjust accordingly. Guy wasn't a benefactor at all. It even says in his bio that his ass is broke
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    Good job villagers! Well deserved win. Solid effort wolves. You almost had it. For anyone who doesn't know: Because TL accepted the Mafia's deal last round, his vote did not count. So that lynch was a tie and came down to a coin flip to decide it.
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    We. Were. So. Close. I made 1 mistake and it cost us dearly.
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    Not sure if someone posted this yet, if so my bad
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    +/-, 13 pts in 18 gms, yada yada yada. What I would like to know is why so many posters in this thread have such a hard time admitting that OJ still needs to work on the defensive side of his game, and why emotions are so touchy when someone mentions this? No one in this thread (from what I've seen over the past couple of years) is denying all of his positives - breakouts, passing, PP, etc. - but it just seems like his downfalls are taboo. Sure, maybe someone can say that some posters only speak about his downfalls, but maybe that's just because it's so off limits in here that they are trying to make the point that I am right now, which is that we should be able to talk about OJ and all of his game without posters jumping on the backs of others and crying that they are slamming our prospect. They simply are not. OJ's foot speed has been a problem for quite some time now. Granted, injuries have set him back a ton, and leniency should be given in this regard, but it doesn't change the fact that this is a large mountain that OJ needs to overcome sooner rather than later, as the team won't be able to wait forever, and other guys will take his spot if he's not ready, essentially making it even harder to crack the lineup. I personally do not see OJ making the team this year (he may see some games, but I think it's more likely that he stays in Utica for the year). I just feel like his injuries, although fixable, are pretty significant, and we are not in a rush to bring him in. Let him incubate a little longer in the AHL and get his legs back and better/stronger/quicker than ever, while improving his foot speed and positional play in his own zone. As is, and I really don't think by Christmas either, I don't think he will be ready to make the jump to the NHL, as he will get blown by wide almost every time by the world's best. His point total last year in the short period does not say enough of his readiness. He is a defenceman first, which is currently where he needs the most work.
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    Ok - some fun facts on LE's penalty killing efforts..... In the 3 years since he has been here, what penalty killing forward (Sutter, Horvat, Granlund and Eriksson) has the most PK blocked shots per 100 mins pking? If you guessed LE, you were right!!! (Last season, although Motte had more in total, (8 in 96 mins vs Motte's 10 in 126 mins) Loui blocked a shot every 12 mins, versus Motte's every 12.6 minutes) *************************************************************************************** Among those same 4 forwards, who had fewest PK giveaways? - yes, Eriksson and who had most takeaways while penalty killing? (Sutter, with 18 in 423 minutes, followed by Eriksson with 14 in 303)
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    Update on Duke ..... encouraging news! August 7, 2019 Journal entry by Laurie Boeser — 1 hour ago Duke is improving! He may get off the ventilator in the next day or two. His pneumonia is improving. He is more alert but not too happy about a tube in his throat. Thank you to those of you who have provided delicious meals, sent beautiful flowers, and dropped off gift cards. It is so helpful. Prayers are holding our family up! Also, if you have never taken a CPR class, consider signing up for a class or google ‘CPR - chest compressions’. No more mouth to mouth is required. You can save a life!
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    Lmao Ok, I promise I'm just gonna stop my crusade against you, despite our differences. I was being mean.
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    In many cultures BW and I would be married after going through that together lol.
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    GG. You were incredible and the obvious MVP. I apologize if I may have crossed lines, I only did what I to do to get the WIFOM I wanted. In the end, it still wasn't enough.
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    Finally found video of the Tryamkin's PP goal last night:
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    it may not be the best goal ever .but it is iconic picture , flying thru the air , no helmet , Stanley cup winning goal isn't that what all kids dreamed of doing playing road hockey scoring the winning goal for the cup ,( or nhl 19 ).,
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    Couldn't agree more. Bro is Bi-polar. Took 30+ years to correctly diagnose. Loving person, good dad, runs his own company... many years of spirals and delusions.. two suicide attempts that were not a cry for help. We are very lucky to still have him. Not enough support, understanding or avenues in healthcare. And call me crazy , but I believe there is still quite a stigma our there in society. We have a way to go.
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    Was going through some stuff and found this - the front page of the Victoria Times Colonist dated June 15 94... the day after. Some good thoughts ... if u can zoom in there is some old emotions littering the column...man that was rough but at the same time I was super proud of them.
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    man this guy is pure class. Everything his family is going through and he has time for this.
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    After watching his amazing rookie season and how well he dealt with relentless media, I think we all can agree that this kid is mature beyond his years. He doesn't strike me as the type that would miss the mark as to where he needs to be physically and mentally. I am very confident he will come to camp ready in both aspects to, once again tear up the league and improve on what was an exciting rookie debut. Many are worried about the sophomore jinx but, given the new weapons JB has added and a full season of Quinn Hughes, Petey has a lot more options for go to's. I don't see a drop off in his production but a dramatic improvement.
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    Sorry, remind us exactly where and how you became the moral authority of our nation let alone qualified to speak on behalf of the rest of the world. Because hey champ, You're wrong. The world doesn't think of us like you keep suggesting. At all. Like not even a little. You're up your own rear end with your insane sense of self importance here
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    Robbie Ftorek once said Gretzky was "just another hockey player".
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    Juolevi didn’t play a single game with Demko. You know, the only good goalie to have suited up for the Comets? The only one with an above .900 save %? Oh right, you’re nitpicking stats... congrats
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    There was no intent to inflate. A lot of the sites listed in a Google search for Podkolzin + 205 lbs list several players and show the "Podkolzin" and the "205 lbs" in bolded type. So in a broken paragraph/description you can see "Pokolzin", then some broken sentence bits, or other players, and the "205 lbs" actually applies to another player in the list. I may have picked it up by accident from something like this then posted it without looking it up. Again, sorry for the inaccurate information but there was no intention to mislead anyone. Still, all said, 196 is a solid weight for his age and height and he looks very strong on his skates.
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    Associate coach Agnew who is responsible for the Ds in Utica gave a lengthy interview on Juolevi back in mid-November - it's behind the Athletic's paywall and some extracts have been posted in this thread at the time. He was asked about Juolevi's +/- as it was the worst mark on the team back then. He didn't think Juolevi was responsible for all those minuses but did say that "when there's a little bit of a trend, there's a trend." He went on to talk of how they are working with him on that and how receptive he is to coaching. He needs some more development time. Agnew talked of how he had to learn how to play at AHL pace before being able to play at NHL pace. In terms of readiness at the time of the interview he had Brisebois, Sautner and Chatfield ahead of him.
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    How many pts would the dude have accumulated if he got the 18 ~ 20 yrs, full career? Imagine a D-man topping 2,000 pts..Orr was a freeken'maniac.
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    Anyone else watch those Podkolzin highlights? He is as hard on the forecheck as Motte, and that's the highest praise that I can give haha Motte's tenacity, Bo's skillset. Can't wait for two years to go by!
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    Did I click on the Sutter thread? Man I need to lay off the weed. I thought this was the Tryamkin thread
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    Thanks for hosting Aladeen and Beluga Whale Great Game. Great job Hoggers
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    Thanks to the hosts @Aladeen @Ceres! It's hard keeping track of everything in role madness games like these, but you guys did a fantastic job. And congrats to the town -- specifically to hoggers. Easily the MVP in this game as far as I'm concerned. To my mafia bros, it's heartbreaking that we lost on a coin flip but I had a ton of fun scrambling around in that second last round. BJ, you did an amazing job keeping up with us despite not being a part of our PM. Claiming Benefactor in the thread was HUGE, so great call there on your part.
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    it's okay man. there were multiple times i had to step back and realize, "not all these guys are town. this is their strategy, and i just have to take it in stride." obviously i was not successful fully, but i really did try. gg to you, it was neck and neck and i think that toes lynch locked the game. if it had swung on me, it was over for town
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    So, again, here is a good example as to what I'm talking about. I'm not worked up at all, so if you're reading that from my posts, well, that's an error in your judgement of my post(s), and this is the kind of knee-jerk reaction/interpretation towards a poster that shows even the slightest hint of dissenting opinion from the vocal OJ supporters in talking about. But also, no one is taking a small sample size and +/- to make such judgment, but instead are using it in addition to coaches comments, actual first-hand close watching of OJ, previous years assessment of play, etc., to make fair arguments for the specific area that OJ needs work: foot speed, defensive awareness, body positioning, etc. But these assessments are brushed off and posters are flamed for saying anything critical of OJ at all. Why is this so? Why not try to address posters' comments about how the coaching staff recognized the trend of OJ? Why is it not possible to admit that OJ has had ups in good play, but also downs and setbacks (moreso than ups, even)? Man, I remember when I commented once, many pages ago, about my concern for OJs seemingly lackadaisical play, and how I believe it's something he will need to work on - to play with more of a sense of urgency to help him with things like body position - to make the NHL, and people jumped on me loudly as if I was slamming him, when the reality was that I was merely trying to chat about that visible part of his game. So, yes, he's a prospect that needs quite a lot more development, which I think everyone knows, so I guess this is why I just can't understand why some posters get flamed so much for trying to talk about it? Is it just a continuation of some who wanted MT vs the rest? Maybe it's the tact of some of the critics?
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    2 hour time limits please
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    i saw a lot of blues during playoffs this year and he reminds me a lot of tarasenko like how he protects the puck and make plays. This guy is a machine. I was stunned when canucks picked him with the history of russians with this team. Wish him all the best and prove haters wrong
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