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    This may be unpopular but I think LE isn’t the 13th forward, probably closer to the 10th of the guys signed right now. There are guys below him that deserve a shot like Leivo and Goldobin, but until they step it up I don’t see the value in sticking him in UTiCA if the goal is to win games. Schaller is the first cut. He can move up and done the line-up and obviously kill penalties. Sure he’s never earned his paycheque, but his comment about TG was way overblown by the media (jeezze doesn’t anyone remember what Hull and Roenick, Belfour and Barrasso used to say? A lot worse then this - but they said it like it is which is exactly what LE did). Sure he’s going to have to battle his way into the top nine but it’s not like he hasn’t done that before in his career, could go sideways on him too but I wouldn’t count him out just yet. If he’s a true pro he will show up and make it hard for JB to send him down. And that’s ok. It will also light a fire under Goldobin and even Bears ass to produce. The new guys also have to prove themselves worthy which I’m sure they will. I don’t like his cap hit either, but at least he’s never hurt and can make a difference for this team. He’s a one of the better PKers in the league, and a bit of a Swiss Army knife line-up wise, pretty sure the coach knows this. Maybe I’m taking the the unpopular stance but I do believe it’s the right one. Ive accepted this for a while and don’t hold much of any ill will towards him, as long as he treats the Canucks uniform like a pro he’s still one of us like or not. So far he’s done that and score some pretty good goals even if we expected a lot more. He’s part of a long list of fringe stars that have disappointed...we definitely are not the only one...
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    on paper they were better than St Louis tho, so i can see why they went for it. The owner was all-in to give the fans a run, thats pretty good behaviour when you look at what other NHL owners are like.
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    Hard not to see his point, but just too many $$ involved and other city destinations that work better for guys. Happens. Nice he didn't throw them under the bus on effort tho.
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    Loui can't earn his money playing beside Beagle and Sutter. This is what most don't understand. Also Loui has had nothing but praise from coaches and teammates because he works hard. The only people complaining are the fans, they love to have whipping boy. Sure Loui hasn't earned 6 million per, not even close, but this was his last big payday he scored 30 goals the year before he joined Willie D in vancouver (a coach who I liked but in retrospect wasn't very good). Now he's playing for another rookie coach and getting put into a playing position he isn't used to playing and getting crucified for not scoring??? The guy is still an NHL player, an overpaid player but still an NHL player. He looked good with Bo and Pearson because that's the type of game he plays, he collects rebounds and scores clean up goals. I'll bet you he's a 15-20 goal scorer on any other team. The fans who complain have a right, but by the sounds of it everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill. Everyone wants a reason to bash Loui, I know he hasn't earned 6 Mil but he hadn't earned being flogged in public for doing his job.
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    I don't know who this person is, so my clarifying statement is that I don't support everything they say by saying that I support this video's message. I held the door open for a woman once, fairly recently, and received a passive aggressive comment about being a man and holding the door open for a lady, when the reality is that I hold the door open for any person if I'm first to the handle. The current call-out and cancel culture of SJW's is very worrisome and a result of poor parenting and not a result of how many parents are involved in raising their children. We have to stop the "paving parent" mentality of baby-proofing the world for our young adults, because they're growing up without the ability to persevere through tough times, or challenging person-to-person interactions. I think I mentioned this a while ago in this thread, but this whole "safe space" mentality is greatly explained in Sam Harris's podcast titled Safe Space. Very interesting phenomenon happening that will hopefully go away as quickly as it arrived.
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    brb, feeling inadequate because I'm 6'5 and definitely not jacked af
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    Probably because the MAGA crowd has been hinting that he was wacked by team Clinton. They might as well turn those red MAGA hats to tin foil ones.
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    mine just literally kicked us outside but in fairness, we were yard apes. That was my grandfathers name of the group of us annoying brats.
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    I'm really proud of the resilience of the fanbase, that's hung in over the years despite not reaching that ultimate goal yet. I'm proud of the team character and integrity...I feel it's always been. And when there are issues with players, I feel the team handles it well. The initiatives and traditions started here have been good ones. I'm proud that, despite the incessant slamming from the league and media, that we hold our heads high as a fanbase and team and don't let it get to us. We know who/what we are. I'm proud of the leaders we've had over the years....all class. I'm super proud of our forums and all y'all. I'm just a super proud fan - I love this team and they've never given me reason not to.
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    I appreciate the objective observations and putting it out there against the norm. I kinda agree.
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    If there is palpable anger between parents, the children (who are very perceptive little people) will notice. An angry home, where there is no love between the adults, is not a good home to raise children.
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    I'd say for me the whole experience from day one . The highs the lows the whole deal. I'm loving it.
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    Not sure about 'proud' - but the Sedins last home game - was one of the greatest moments/events in franchise history imo. No disrespect to Kirk McLean's toe save, or Bure's skate-to-stick, etc - but in a larger sense than just on-ice.... Epic. Championship atmosphere. Surreal sunset performance/game. A real, fitting, spirited night - that brought out the best.
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    Didn't Epstein work for Barr's father in some capacity when he was younger? If that's true then Barr should recuse himself imo.
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    And somewhere, Alex Edler is relaxing on his couch, vodka martini in hand, saying to Amanda - "sheesh, I'm so glad I'm not CDC's whipping boy any more"
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    I can't imagine that being reliably measured. My statement was only a speculative answer to Alf's question. I think growing up in that kind of dysfunctional family would be a nightmare, and avoided at almost all costs. I wouldn't blame anyone for leaving a situation like that, and like I said, I have even encouraged one person to leave one. Since that environment would have a huge impact on the kids, my guess is that they are in the minority of families who stay together long-term. Otherwise, I believe the numbers for children of marries parents would be less rosy.
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    EP had nothing to do with luck. Benning and crew ranked him above others and targeted him despite him being ranked lower by most. Most loved Russian we ever had? Going to be a heck of a career to surpass the retired number 10, so let's hope so.
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    There is no question that if this guy was in the US development league or the CHL or even Sweden, he would have been top 5. The Russian thing scared people away, period. We were lucky to get him just like Hughes at 7 and EP at 5. The NHL's system keeps screwing us but 3 years in a row JB has pulled a rabbit out. I think he will be the most loved Russian we have ever had. He is a leader, big, strong, fast and skilled. Fearless as well from what I can see. Great pick!
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    We the People need to make the Elite accountable. Drag the CEOs, royalty, media moguls, heads of the secret police, etc into the street and shoot them like the vermin they are. WE do the work of the world. WE should be the ones to reap the rewards. I've worked for far too many rich bosses in my life and without fail they were all lazy greedy f#ks.
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    “Particularly, a 2008 study of marital satisfaction by l. Madathil and J.M. Benshoff published in The Family Journal compares American marriages of choice to arranged marriages in the United States and India. It concluded that participants in arranged marriages in the United States self-reported as the happiest and most satisfied with their marriage of all the participants. Choice-marriages in the U.S. and arranged marriages in India fell along equal levels of satisfaction and happiness. The study was somewhat limited; for example, it doesn’t account for the vast economic differences between India and the United States. Still, the research demonstrates that infinite factors can color a marriage, and that whether it was arranged or not doesn’t always make the greatest difference. The study heavily emphasizes compatibility as a successful trait in a happy marriage. Madathil and Benshoff explain that “the underlying premise behind arranged marriages is to ensure compatibilities not only between individuals but also between families.” Arranged marriages aren’t really between two people, but two whole families who expect to fuse into one large, happy family.” In short, arranged marriages (participants in them) understand that the marriage isn’t based on some notion of this everlasting love that Westerners believe exists (which it doesn’t). They know that it’s about compatibility, both within the families, and raising a family. And that the goal is to be a partnership throughout life, as taking care of one another is ridiculously difficult and borderline impossible during the formative years (ie: 0-13) of your children’s lives. You have to work together for your family, which is the basis of arranged marriages. Which, in essence, is what marriage and family is. Working together for your children, not for yourselves.
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    All marriages have successes and failures....even the hand picked ones aren't always "the happiest". You'd think they would be, since it was all figured out on paper. My point is more that marriage is something you go into but there are no guarantees. And getting out of them is often the best option....even if children will have to bear the brunt of that. They will/can adjust but to be subjected to ongoing uneasiness and unhappiness won't get them there. Because you have to address the issues, not ignore them. And I've grown tired of the Western World is crap theme and am not going to back down on my argument that people who have chosen this country sort of contradict themselves while arguing that point. We may have different ideas...but they're just that. Western ideals ARE different than other cultures...but that doesn't make them "wrong".
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    Hot Tamales. That's what I associate with Rolla BC. The candy kind, not the Mexican food. When I was a pre-teen my parents bought a farm a few kilometers north of Rolla, the last one on that chunk of rolling northern farm land, apparently the northernmost grain farming area in the world, before it dropped off steeply into the Peace River valley. As a transplanted city kid it was hard to fathom being so isolated (and not being able to just go to the store to get candy when one wants). Once a week we would make the drive into Dawson creek to stock up on groceries and parts for the farm machinery. At that time, the late 70s, there was no pub in Rolla but there was a general store, a house or two, a broken down abandoned school, and a rodeo ground (which even hosted a stop on the pro rodeo circuit, quite a feat for a ghost town with a total population that could fit into a smart car). Anyway I was allowed to stop at the store and buy a package of Hot Tamales and I looked forward to that greatly. Nice to hear that there is a pub there now, that sounds even better. Go Canucks Go!
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    sure but its points against weaker competition. Its like kids that dominate smaller players in the OHL, they can't do that as easily in the AHL or NHL. Very few players are Mattias Ohlund (my favourite Canuck) or Elias Pettersson and can make the jump over AHL time.
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    Flight logs released yesterday. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1507315-epstein-flight-manifests.html You can see beside his name it says "special service" and that he is travelling with 2 males and 1 female.
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    Yeah you’re right I’m being extremely generous; but I think an improvement to 3.0-3.1, An increase of .4 will be possible the other side of the equation is important too and that’s the GA.
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    So much for you 'returning' to answer about the SJ team debacle, hey? Two NHL teams, twice demoted to AHL. Now in the 2nd tier Swedish league. Maybe just maybe it has nothing to do with Sweden as a country and more about him being immature? I just laugh at you recycling the AHL argument.
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    (Is it wrong that one of my proudest moments was Torts storming the Flames dressing room? Bieksa standing nearby, just in case)
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    Pretty sure Loui cannot play in the NHL for the term of the current contract if mutually terminated.
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    I like green. I think he's a good coach . I hope he turns into a great coach .
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    even the chip eating messier , you cant be proud of him
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    Tryamkin has been used there in the past with Avtomobilist.. posted a pic of it in the past that I can’t seem to find. callin it.. Hughes, across to Tryamkin, back to Hughes, Tryamkin goes to the crease and Pettersen takes the point.. puck goes to Pettersen .. Pettersen fakes, gets past the defender, shoots corner high, Tryamkin rolls out of the way like a Barn Door in a wind storm and it’s IN!
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    LOL how far we’ve come with mafia PCness
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    Appeal to accomplishment (even when it's not merely alleged - like the unsubstantiated, self-qualified claims you're making here) - is a weak logical fallacy regardless. Would earn you a fail in a first year philosophy - introduction to logic - course. This thread is postmodern corn-flakes. Well done on the attention-seeking - and time vampire - things, though.
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    Haven’t even played a single game and there’s a trade deadline thread. This forum sometimes
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    What you've also witnessed endlessly on these boards - are mediocre hockey minds attempting to sandbag literally anyone who plays for this franchise and peforms a shutdown/matchup role (from Sutter to Beagle, Sbisa to Gudbranson - and rarely, if ever, able to substantiate the mindless projection, at best mis/'informed' by horrible excuses for 'analytics'.... so in vogue in the new age noob youth culture. And it doesn't stop there - the whipping-boy culture here has targeted everyone from Edler to Bonino - so boring - and in the end says more about the 'haters' than the players. I'm going to go with Pitt's pro-scouting over yours on this one. Not going to bother engaging any more deeply than that - yours was a chickencrap one-liner in the first place - unsubstantiated - 'engaging' noting in particular / nothing of context - and then backtracking pretending not to 'knock' the player - so I'll leave it at that. Chirp on - but if you're going to call someone out - at least have the integrity to @oldnews them in the process.
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    Well, $&!#. Better give him a C- and tell him how he can improve next time.
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    You are quoting the state income tax and ignoring the federal tax which is a maximum of 37% for the U.S.
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    Gonna go out on a limb and say that Quinn Hughes is Phil Housley reincarnated...1495 games played / 1232 career points. I am predicting that the kid is going to be a superstar.
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    I think he would benefit from some time in Utica. lol j/k. Remember last year with Petey?!
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