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    Sorry about your playing days ending. And just before you could have skated on Quad Zero profile blades too. I wonder if these great NHL skaters are kind of like golfers, when compared with us average people? Sure, we can use the same skate blade or golf club, but for us it makes little or no difference. Now with Scotch, then I can definitely notice the difference between quality and average!
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    I hope you guys like the article, I found it interesting...and probably spent more time making the thread on my phone than the author did writing the original article.
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    Pretty interesting article. Thanks for sharing. It will be cool to see what difference it makes in his skating this year. I love how Petey is never happy with the status quo even though he is already a phenomenal player. He’s always pushing himself to be even better. We got a real winner here.
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    That's awesome! I'm even more excited for the season. I'm thinking he becomes the fastest skater in the NHL by the end of the year 2019. EP40 ~ 19/20 - BOLD PREDICTION: 40 goals 64 assists 104 points
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    I'd appreciate it if he folded my laundry and took out the trash for me. It's the little things that matter
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    I noticed his helmet looked more snug, less like a life-sized bobble head! The kid is an absolute beauty though. He looks incredible out there. I like when the amateur people who fuss over the minor details (like tape-jobs, equipment, edges, or whatever) meet with truly skilled athletes who don't know the small advantages those things can provide to their game. I know in a 1040 interview, Kevin Woodley mentioned that Markstrom never really cared to demo different pads, he just used what he knew. Last season you can literally point to the game he switched from Bauer to CCM as a turning point in his play. Sometimes it really is that simple.
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    Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. First guys has been writing about how civilization is way older than we've always been taught. Was laughed at for a long time, by what amount to tenured bullies (professors protecting their precious paradigms) but he has slowly been shown to be right. History has not been a straight arrow at ALL. There have been die offs, and hard restarts for a long time. Second guy has been showing how a comet impact probably ended the last ice age. Both radical ideas when first presented, but evidence is piling up for both. This place here, is OLD. And massive, and like 6k years older than the pyramids. In fact, the oldest great pyramid is closer to us, than the pyramid is to the Gobekli Tepe structure! I don't know if you remember the news from last year, but they've been finding insanely huge cities in central and south american jungles, buried by time. The Amazon had seveal million people + cities. And then they just disappeared. And this here tosses an incredible monkey wrench into the "accepted science" on how The Americas were colonized. The most primitive, uncontacted people in the Amazon, they have the same DNA markers as the Australian Aboriginals, and have more in common with the Denisovans than modern people! Tenured scientists, and their bully consensus is nothing new, but, those brave enough to push the envelope of what is accepted are why we as a species have made it this far.
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    Who cares if he likes or doesn't like Drumpf, he indicated he wanted to talk about "what other names are going to be exposed" and was reminded that Drumpf is one of those possible names. You seem to spend a lot of time talking about Drumpf derangement syndrome, but have yet to self diagnose yourself as a possible Drumpf nut hugger with all the deflecting you try to do.
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    About 30 years ago i decided to be a Scotch drinker... Every Friday night i would go to the local pup and order a scotch or two and try to find that taste that everyone raves about... never did happen a month into it and i gave up! I seriously believe that scotch is the worst tasting beverage ever made!!
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    This is dumb. The idea that we're even entertaining a trade for Marner is dumb. Everyone stahp being dumb.
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    After getting Aladeenised from Aladeen’s Aladeenis you are now HIV Aladeen.
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    If Oldnews and I agree on something, clearly it is for a reason. Tanev may have lower value now than ever... but if he was a UFA on the market, he would certainly get or exceed his current cap hit on a 1 year deal (what he has remaining). He is by no means a cap dump and still a very steadying force on a blue line. Sutter is also worth about his cap hit and is not a pure money dump. He is an excellent 3rd line centre, and paying low on him in a trade could return a team a good dividend if he was healthy this season. Gaudette is a 3rd liner right now, but we have no idea if that is his ceiling. They aren't premier pieces by any means, but they aren't Eriksson cap dumps as none of them would make it through waivers.
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    Berger must be making sh$t up without even paying attention to what’s going on, one of the biggest moves made at the draft this year uses up our first - which we won’t have now to give Marner an offer sheet in the first place. Trading is a possibility but we don’t have the cap space to sign him, not even close, and nobodies taking anyone off our hands but our core players (nobody wanted any of our guys except the core guys last TDL and again at the draft). We’d lose Boeser and maybe Hughes for Marner or at least Boeser and Ferland..it would gut our team. No thanks - they can have Marner and his 11 million cap hit, would rather have Boeser and Ferland plus the sweetener (probably a first rounder).
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    This is going to sound crazy... At the end of the season Schaller single-handedly stole four points for the Canucks. The Canucks would have finished 26th. That's where the NY Rangers ended up and they moved into second place because of the lottery. Imagine going into this year with Kappo on the wing and still owning that first round pick. You can say that Tim Schaller single-handedly screwed the franchise over for the next 10 years.
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    There is no question that if this guy was in the US development league or the CHL or even Sweden, he would have been top 5. The Russian thing scared people away, period. We were lucky to get him just like Hughes at 7 and EP at 5. The NHL's system keeps screwing us but 3 years in a row JB has pulled a rabbit out. I think he will be the most loved Russian we have ever had. He is a leader, big, strong, fast and skilled. Fearless as well from what I can see. Great pick!
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    Giving a $6m effort would be a good start. But even if managed 60 points this season I'd probably still hate him.
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    Discussion on news and discoveries in Archaeology. Post your information here. I’m an amateur hack, learning as I go, finding alternative sources interesting and challenging the prevailing views. Some things are interesting, like the changing dates which man is said to have been around for in certain areas of the world, genetics and past civilizations. It’s a broad field. Alternative sources are also interesting. Some are so far out there that I can’t quite figure it out. I’ve learned a fair bit from these though. I started at looking at North America for the earliest signs of occupation. It’s been quite the journey. That took me into looking into the hominids and down rabbit holes. Now I’m hooked and realize how truly ignorant I am concerning my understanding of the world and our place in it. I think we are much older and more capable of a species than I’ve been taught, hence the thread. Obscure, unpublished data would be appreciated as well. Lecturing and condescending discussion, not so much. I hope this thread stays respectful and doesn’t turn into a thread of political divisions or persecution of thought.
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    This game is my last gift to the world before my death.
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    Good grief!! How many hits do you recall seeing by a forward on a PK? Thus creating a 4 on 3 will soon get you taken off the PK. All Motte's hits, for example, were on the forecheck - that's not LE's game. He will use defensive awareness to strip a player of the puck, and initiate a breakaway (as he did for Petey's first ever NHL goal, although that wasn't on the PK, but a 5 on 5) I don't know why I bother. - 4 of you have now contributed over 500 posts in 9 threads on why you hate Loui.. We get it. ...... you hate Loui
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    He's been playing this insanely good on the same profile skate as goalies?!!! Incredible. And to think he will also be getting bigger and stronger and faster and more skilled over the years... Let's gooooooo!
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    Is there a third option, preferably involving elves and/or warlocks?
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    And so the story goes Of how a Falcon got pregnant and made a hedge hoggers Of how a 6'5" guy got pregnant and made a 6'5" AND JACKED child Of how a stick you throw at a dog and tell em fetch got pregnant and was made into Maple And this is the story of how CDC mafia was revived
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    Every time I heart a post there is a chance I will impregnate you.
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    This really shows what Dahlen's potential is. It's not good. I bring this up @Timråfan because you are looking worse and worse when you're defending Dahlen. This will be his fourth season with a team that hasn't progressed. Worst of all, he CHOSE this route because he didn't want to stay in the AHL (either with the Canucks or with the Sharks) nor did he go the higher tiered SHL team if he wanted to stay in Sweden. At this point, the word "loyalty" is a really poor excuse. This is not loyalty. He clearly has no desire to up his game or he has no capability to do so. Loyalty is the Sedins. Loyalty is Edler. The fact that you call this "loyalty" is a slap to the face of your fellow Swedes who actually demonstrate loyalty.
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    Tanev evaluation is plain laughable. Using "cap hit" to determine that an injured player is a "huge overpayment" is about as weak as it gets - a player's cap hit does not apply when they are on I.R. You're trying too hard to sandbag a player that is EASILY worth his cap hit. So is your pretense to top out Gaudette as a 3rd liner. You must be from the future. Use all the crap-goggles from the future you want - that's not 'realism' - it's just arrogant negativity.
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    When you have watched all of the seasons of the team there are moments and players you forget about until someone else brings them up. Quinn going after Orr. Mike Peca annihilating Selanne at center ice. Gino fighting the blues all by himself. Suitcase Smith skating the puck to center ice as a goalie Patrick Sundstroms 7 points against the penguins Harold Snepts goal against the Canadiens and the place went nuts. Babychs goal in 94 to get the Canuck momentum back in game 5 in NY Henriks goal against Dallas in 4 OT Bobby Schmautz flying down the wing with a slapshot. Jim Nills winner in OT in 82 in Chicago Beating the Canadiens in game 2 in 1975 lost 4 games to 1 but we did get the win to tie the series at 1-1, first time in the playoffs Curt Fraser vs Bob Probert Curt was in Chicago by then but still a Canuck. Coxe vs Probert is a beauty also Pavel Bures first game vs Winnipeg Beating San Jose in 2011 despite being shorthanded for half the game Kirk Mcleans stop on Reichel in game 7 in Calgary 94 Tiger Williams riding the stick at center ice after scoring Daniel Sedins goal against Calgary through the legs. Geoff Courtnalls, Trevor Lindens and Pavel Bures goals in 94 against Calgary in OT three straight games to come back from a 3-1 deficit. Gary Lupul could barely skate but man did he work hard. Burrows slaying the Dragon Greg Adams OT goals in 94, Toronto and NY Morrisons goal in OT against Calgary The Shift Roger and the towel in 82 Jovo on Deadmarsh I missed a lot here. Maybe some of these made you smile. Its been a fun 49 seasons. The 50th should be fun also.
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    So we are allowed to talk about all the other "names" that can be "exposed" except Trump? You know the guy that has already bragged about sexually assaulting women on camera and has also faced numerous accusations from multiple women of the same. People are mentioning Trump and Clinton due to their close ties to Epstein and due to the overwhelming evidence of them both being creeps. But congrats you might be the biggest Trump-nut hugger on this board, even most of his fans in the other thread and have decided to stay out of this one.
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    The only thing I'd really like to see from Loui is for him to put down his purse and start caring. If he started playing like the game mattered and not just a paycheck, then I wouldn't dislike him too much. If he puts up 15 and 15 at 6 mil or 10 and 10, so what, as long as he tried. That's the part that kills me the most. I never really disliked a player that gave it their all. Now a player that acts like a prima donna, like they are entitled something because of history despite putting in record low effort? Get your ass back to Sweden then.
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    Vancouver Canucks' farmers team. I get it now. I guess Dahlen was tired of getting yelled at to milk the cows and feed the horses. He just wanted to play some hockey for goodness sake!
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    In 2 years Petey will lead the league in faceoffs won % among players taking 100+ draws - he's that driven
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    Is producing more NHL players for us for sure compared to our actual farm...
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    Whoa whoa, didn't realize people were so antsy for the results. Guess we better start announcing some winners this week.
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    That Sam Reinhart guy is certainly interesting
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    So four 1st round picks, including two already producing in the NHL, one of which is already a top young RW in the league. Compared to an offer sheet for four 1sts which won't even all be drafted for another five years, which is considered a very high cost. Then compared to a single CONDITIONAL 1st for a 60 point player which is called an "overpayment"? Good grief, what's in the air this morning.
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    Boeser + Virtanen + Gaudette + Juolevi + 1st and they might listen.
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    Nice list. Funny how certain players/coaches resonate with certain fans. There wasn’t many regulars I didn’t like on the 89-96 teams. Liked some on the WCE teams and some on the Sedins teams but it’s the ones on the Linden teams I liked the most. Big Babych fan - Diduck - Babych was a good pairing, best mustache too. Plavsic used to get yelled at often but he wasn’t around much - Pouilet reminds me of him ha ha. Hockey players have changed a lot since then though, and I’m happy with the new look JB team and grateful for the efforts made this off season to get back into the mix of playoff style teams that can succeed once they make the show. Think this team has a certain it factor that will translate better in the second season then the regular one. Really not many times have the Canucks made it to the second round - and the only times we’ve made past it we went to the final...I see this team making the playoffs and surprising teams once they make it. Anything can happen, our team is larger now and should have EP for another 7-9 years minimum. That’s a nice window.
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    This may be unpopular but I think LE isn’t the 13th forward, probably closer to the 10th of the guys signed right now. There are guys below him that deserve a shot like Leivo and Goldobin, but until they step it up I don’t see the value in sticking him in UTiCA if the goal is to win games. Schaller is the first cut. He can move up and done the line-up and obviously kill penalties. Sure he’s never earned his paycheque, but his comment about TG was way overblown by the media (jeezze doesn’t anyone remember what Hull and Roenick, Belfour and Barrasso used to say? A lot worse then this - but they said it like it is which is exactly what LE did). Sure he’s going to have to battle his way into the top nine but it’s not like he hasn’t done that before in his career, could go sideways on him too but I wouldn’t count him out just yet. If he’s a true pro he will show up and make it hard for JB to send him down. And that’s ok. It will also light a fire under Goldobin and even Bears ass to produce. The new guys also have to prove themselves worthy which I’m sure they will. I don’t like his cap hit either, but at least he’s never hurt and can make a difference for this team. He’s a one of the better PKers in the league, and a bit of a Swiss Army knife line-up wise, pretty sure the coach knows this. Maybe I’m taking the the unpopular stance but I do believe it’s the right one. Ive accepted this for a while and don’t hold much of any ill will towards him, as long as he treats the Canucks uniform like a pro he’s still one of us like or not. So far he’s done that and score some pretty good goals even if we expected a lot more. He’s part of a long list of fringe stars that have disappointed...we definitely are not the only one...
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    Ironically, 3 things you need to build a great team. #1 centre, Great PMD, and skilled power forward.
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