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    I agree. Further to that, one should always be aware of outdated and backwards customs, whenever traveling to third world countries...
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    We have a Capologist. Benning talks to him all the time. They plan 2-3 years down the road. I don't see any major cap issues with this team for a very long time. We have lots of young guys who will step into the lineup on ELC's over the next few years due to Benning's great drafting. That's what is going to save us over other teams.
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    There's Oilers ones too Unfortunate for those that get one, it happens to be illegal to put paper bags over them
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    He may play on the Capitals first line, but he’s already on his 3rd line.
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    Well done. Captain Obvious and Captain Ignorant in the same post. Of course she should be aware of the travel restrictions. I know a lot of people that use CBD but do not get high. THC is the cannaboid with the psychoactive constituent. Calling them stupid pot heads is like calling a drinker of non-alc beer a stupid drunk. Except CBD has a lot of amazing health benefits, not sure about near beer. They are learning that quite a few cannabinoids can be beneficial to health.
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    I believe their plan is to have Hoglander play next season in the SHL. They don’t need to rush him even if he looks close.
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    Yeah but then who is going to replace Loui's offensive output?
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    Gardiner Guerin comes in with his brand new shears, trimming the low hanging branches. How long until he cuts himself? Tune in next time on: Crazy in Minny.
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    I really enjoyed the interview with Jim. What a pro. This guy eats pressure and kees his chin up desite the nasty edge this market can hurl toward him. He must be a pleasure to work with.
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    What people do in their own time, as long as it doesn't "help" their performance should be up tp them.
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    I really don't see why these types of stories keep making the news. Federal level, illegal. Nothing new. Further proof that pot heads are stupid?
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    I'm 5'13" and I move pretty well laterally (good skills dodging any sort of real work)
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    Happy David Koch is dead day everyone! The countdown is on for his equally as evil, POS brother.
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    I somehow doubt that's his personal cell number...more likely a phone dedicated just for this publicity stunt that he checks maybe once or twice a day. Hell, it may not even be him responding, just a personal assistant...or one of his brothers
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    Ignorance isn't always equal to stupidity except in the case of the willfully ignorant. For example I could tell you that CBD oil isn't something that "pot heads" are interested in but you will still continue to make baseless assumptions about people you don't know, on subjects you don't really understand.
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    Why bother him for no reason and leave stupid msgs. If he gets 100s of msgs he might not read the ones that matter and he would respond to.. Leave it for a kid who might be sitting in a hospital bed and would feel better if he had a chat with an NHL player. Or a kid who just wants to ask tips about hockey.
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    It's happened again... To COL: Sheldon Dries + Jake Kielly To NYR: Alex Chiasson To OTT: Sweet FA
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    The other day I was driving behind a guy that had a Calgary Flames license plate like this: I had never seen one before. I did a little digging and it turns out it's a new thing... https://www.alberta.ca/calgary-flames-licence-plate.aspx One-time fee of $75 plus a $9 registry agent service charge and GST. Standard vehicle registration fees apply. Flames plates are only available for passenger vehicles used for personal transportation. Letters and numbers are issued in sequential order, they cannot be personalized. Plates will be mailed directly from the manufacturer. The proceeds from this program will go to the Calgary Flames Foundation. If the Canucks did one, with the proceeds going to Canucks for Kids, would you get one? I would in a heartbeat.
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    Wouldn't be surprised if he wins multiple cups with us.
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    Likeable guy; gotta love the goalie depth in the organization.
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    I'm not sure why people are so worked up about this. Crossing the border with CBD is illegal, whether you agree with the law or not. The fact that it doesn't have psychoactive properties or that it was medically prescribed is completely irrelevant. A person can't cross the border with fruits, vegetables, or uncooked meats either and I'm pretty sure those aren't psychoactive. Some countries just flat out don't want visitors bringing certain things across the border with them regardless of their benefits or reasons, and that includes Canada. So let's not make a mountain out of a molehill. Its really not that big of a deal. With that being said, I will admit that a lifetime ban for an honest misunderstanding is being WAY to excessive.
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    Juolevi is no where near that low on the depth chart, he's behind Stecher, but he won't be our 7th D because he needs playing time, not to be sitting in the press box.
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    true. The 250's have too much class for this bs, am i rite @luckylager?
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    You ever heard of the "snow ball effect"....well, a good chance the "snow ball effect" will happen to the Canucks this year in a good way because of the good player selections (additions and subtractions) in positions that were glaring weakness for the Canucks last year. Look at the tire fire of a "D" we had last year...the amount of "fire drills" that occurred last year in our own zone was abundant (I really noticed this, after watching teams like Vegas, San Jose, StL play other good teams)...those "fire drills" probably contributed to injury and injury probably lead to more "fire drills"; those "fire drills" created less scoring chances for and more scoring chances against which contributed to less goals for and more goals against...in addition, those "fire drills" also probably increased the amount of penalties taken which resulted in more PKs and more goals against... hence, the "snowball effect". Key contributors to this "snow ball effect" were Pouliot, Gudbrandson, Hutton, MDZ,..all players who are no longer here (subtractions). In short, these players were very inconsistent defensively; also, part of the "snow ball effect" due to the poor defensive game and the abundant amount of "fire drills" was the injuries sustained to Edler and Tanev, which lead to playing the players more whose defensive game was inconsistent. Now, looking ahead to this coming season with the new additions on "D", players who are consistently good defensively including Benn, Myers, and Fantenberg will replace the inconsistent defensive players (Hutton, Pouliot, Gud and MDZ). The ability of these players to be good defensively will limit the scoring chances against and contribute to the offense because the "fire drils" will be lessened, which more likely than not, will lessen the risk of injury, and at the same time, increase the scoring chances for because the puck will be heading up ice with possession. This alone will reverse the "snow ball effect" in a good way. Now add to this the new additions at forward (Miller, Ferland, Pearson, Leivo), who replace players that were on the roster like Granlund, and at times to a lesser extent, Spooner, Gagner, Leipsic, and Gaunce..the team has gotten bigger, and stronger, faster and more skilled....this too will add to the "snowball effect" in a positive way. The new additions, for the entire year, should be able to drive play more than the players that no longer are on the roster...which should increase puck possession, lessen scoring chances against and increase scoring chances for and probably lessen the risk of injury due to the play being driven by the Canucks rather than chasing the game in "fire drill" mode. The forwards, not only being bigger, faster and stronger will benefit from the "D" being better defensively....the "snow ball effect" in a good way This will be no fantasy, rather, it will become reality.
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    I asked if he wants to have a good time at the roxy kesler style. I think my number got blocked.
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    That is the most ridiculous logic I have ever heard. We are one of the worst teams in the league and need all the help we can get. Most good teams have three effective scoring lines nowadays. We currently have three locks in the top six, and three other guys who played farther down the roster on better teams (Ferland, Miller, Pearson). Two players who “may” turn out 2-3 years down the road is no sort of reason to avoid getting talent. You know what happens if you luck out and end up with an excess of talented players? You trade them for high end picks and get to rotate in cheap young ELC players into your roster. It isn’t something to avoid.
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    "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson Medicine shouldn't be illegal, should it?
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    Jim was on 1040 for 1.5 hours today for presidents week. Really good interview...all the naysayers on here should check it out. He’ll clear up your misconceptions. Not sure how to add it...I’ll try later or maybe someone wouldn’t mind assisting me with it. Cheers!
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    I can't be the only one who thinks there's no way EDM does this. I like Sutter, but he has negative value given his contract and injury issues. Puljujarvi still has potential. They can get more for him in return.
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    This was before Datsyuk. No one in the history of the game has better hands than Datsyuk. (Maybe Patrick Kane) He’s in a class of his own. He rightfully inherited that title from Nilsson.
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    I would be very disappointed if Tryamkin does not return to Canucks next year.
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    Tanev could fetch a 2nd if he was healthy all season which is about 99 % not likely.... Sutter could fetch half a roll of sock tape and 4 old chipped / beat up practice pucks.....
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    Cue the overhype to disappoint to rage process in 3....2....1......
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    That is very close to what the rcmp told me, at the water park.
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    I admit I wasn't a fan of her... but considering that she has been targeted by both the Chinese and the Russians... she must be doing something right.
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    Can’t say I’m sympathetic in this case. The law is the law and if you’re travelling to another country you should at least do a little bit of homework.
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    China's economic abuses do need to be taken care of. That's what TPP was for. Trump didn't like that TPP was Obama's path to take them on and withdrew immediately. That is proving to have been unbelievably foolish. If TPP didn't work to their benefit that was the perfect time to renegotiate it. When they had all the leverage. The thinking was if the US withdrew TPP would die. Well it didn't, and now the US is on the outside looking in. Trump has even instructed Kudlow to investigate rejoining TPP. Now they have no leverage within TPP. The proper way to take China on would have been to send trade reps over (Lighthizer, Kudlow, Mnuchin, Navarro) get the Chinese officials behind closed doors and read them the riot act. Tell them "the free ride is over. Trade is going to be fair and you're going to stop stealing our sh**. If you don't, the tariffs are coming. You have 90 days to respond." That's not Trump's style though. He has to go up to them in broad daylight. Punch them in the face and call them thieves, liars and cheats. Rule #1 of negotiating is to know your opponent. You'd think the self proclaimed "world's greatest negotiator" would know this. He never bothered to learn the Chinese way of doing things. He just figured he'd kick them in the nuts and they would bow. Now that they have been insulted publicly they have no option to acquiesce and have to fight. And fight they will. There was supposed to be another round of negotiations in September. Ahead of that, the Chinese announce their own tariffs. They have learned this is a street fight and they are showing that's fine with them. It didn't have to be done this way.
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    I would say after 25 games in Utica or so he will be ahead of Teves, Sautner, and Brisbois. I think he will play full time for the Canucks after the trade deadline.
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    Oh for sure. It's pretty rare for anybody who does blow say to no to it when there's a pile in front of them.
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    He really needs to stop f*%king tweeting about this and the FED.... He is killing the markets (although im sure some friends were tipped off prior to his meltdown this morning). Probably made Ross a bundle on the shorts ;P
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    Oh boy, I can see nothing but positives coming from a professional athlete posting his phone number. Heck...refs, owners, and NHL executives should probably do it as well.
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    Let's just face it,why the hell would anybody want to go to that $&!# hole country in the first place.Too many mass shooting and too little brains for their greedy politicians. The law is what it is,plain stupid and people in pain should have a means of eliminating this pain,but big pharma has gotten so many people hooked on legal drugs and like I said,THE LAW IS JUST PLAIN STUPID. The drug war is over but the stupid americans who started half of it doesn't want to give up so many jobs for their police,cia fbi.dea etc. etc. etc.plain and simple.
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    I heard this part live and would like to comment. Benning said that since Hutton had played so many minutes when Edler was injured etc that if they made a qualifying offer to Hutton and it went to arbitration, Hutton would have been up for big money. This is not news to anybody but this was exactly Bennings thought process. They would have had to pay him much more than they thought he was worth. He went on to say that they thought he was a good kid and a good player but at a large number, he wasn't a fit. Essentially, not qualifying Hutton was 100% a business decision. Reading between the lines then, they didn't see him as a top 4 D.
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