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    Today is International Dog Day. I request that you show me your puppers.
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    The one I named after Luongo is on the right
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    People say that every other year.
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    Update from FLA! I also did fantrax projection adding and it has Florida projected at 6,674.5 and does not include Ben Hutton, Alex Formenton, Max Jones and a couple others. Looks like I'm a buyer as well
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    I think CDC is past that, we're onto being really mad about who we don't draft in 2021
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    People live beyond their means... if you can’t afford a 30g vehicle, you shouldn’t be buying it. You should buy something for $10,000 then save for a couple years until you can buy the 30G one.
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    Wouldn't it be ironic (and hilarious) if Magikal was the guy that OP bought the car from?
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    So I'm guessing Horvat's point totals should then reflect Eriksson's production right...? Your logic is flawless.
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    in Russia, social security collects you.
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    Hey guys . Just bored and thought I'd throw a topic out there for us to debate . Seems out team has given us plenty to look forward to for the upcoming season. What are you most intrigued or excited about in regards to that? For me , I think Hughes peeks my interest the most , followed closely by Petey s follow up season . Thoughts ?
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    Lol, what? Must be nice to have a spare 30-60g lying around.
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    Holy cow! For all the trades I lost? Leon & his 50 goals was a big home run for us!
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    Question is, how many dick pics has he gotten? Inquiring minds want to know. *edit At least one
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    Ok, too positive...I'll reign those Louie comments in a bit
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    I didn’t get past the first option lol, but I guess making the playoffs would be great too!
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    I don’t think Gadjovic will do much, but Lind is going to have a big year, and play games up here too.
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    I just want to see hockey again. I’m so sick of baseball highlights on my news feeds!
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    he's 34. age isn't really an excuse. those of us who have been there realize that 34 isn't that old.
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    I like it and I don't. I don't like it because it does seem stupid to have a different rule book for the playoffs than the regular season, but I like it because it keeps toughness relevant in hockey. While I hate to see players get hurt, especially when it's head related, and I commend the changes that have been made to the game to prevent those things, the hockey that i grew to love was physical and demanded grit and courage. It's something that really made our game what it is. It was the combination of skill and toughness that set it apart from other sports, and what makes playoff hockey like no other.
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    I don't get this b.s. cool you don't like the CFL, don't watch and quit b****ing about it.
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    Sounds to me like you suffer from buyer's remorse...just an intensified version of. It's fairly common in auto sales. The fact that you flip flopped as much as you say you did leads me to believe you are one of those client's that is their own worst enemy (no insult intended). I think you might need to step back and reevaluate the situation. It sounds like you got a good car at a fair price and you should be happy with that. The grass is rarely greener on the other side y'know? And yes as you said, Hyundai/Kia is straight garbage. Also everyone does have an opinion....and they are like buttholes. They almost always stink.
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    very similar to the appliance business. Just to further the discussion a bit, I've been very loyal to where I get my service done. Thats actually got me a long way on negotiations and other issues. E.g., I had a transmission go on a Jeep Liberty and the cause was not initially clear and it could have been linked to poor driving habits (which i don't have, turns out after a lot of forensics it was a super rare master cylinder failure issue). Because I had gone to that dealer for years they gave me the benefit of the doubt right away and fixed it no charge.
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    The entire world is on that so called bubble. Financing isn't the issue however over allowance on financing is a problem I can acknowledge for sure. Someone making $45K a year should be financing an Escape not an Escalade. The problem is everyone wants to be a peacock and show off to their friends, neighbors and randoms on the street in order to obtain some type of validation. The thing I see the most that puzzles me is single young adult males coming in buying trucks with no work need for one, no off roading habits or any other reason for it to be a necessity. They just want to flex in front of their "bros".
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    Yet no one here cares when BC Burns and 100,000 are evacuated
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    It's a sticky situation for sure. Pure asset management would dictate we should move one by the '20 TDL. But that doesn't factor in a potential playoff run and what taking a carving knife to the goalie depth would do to it. Personally, I think we would have had to have moved one this summer if we were going to move one at all. Then we'd still have had the opportunity to take our pick of the UFA goalies available to either tandem with Demko or backup Marky (depending on who we kept). That ship has sailed. So that leaves us likely with either Marky walking next summer or extending him (likely +/- 4 years) and either moving one goalie closer to the ED (at deflated market prices/reduced return) or letting the chips fall where they may come the ED after we protect only one (my assumption would be Demko getting protected).
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    I meant it as a high compliment
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    Worth a shot at the beginning of the year?
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    I don't even know where to begin with the nonsense begin posted in here... We were a bad team because we've been rebuilding, not because we 'overpaid' some solid bottom 6 forwards.
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    Is OJ not waiver exempt? Biega nor Fantanberg have to be put on waivers if OJ does not clear camp. Thats why i believe OJ will be in Utica no matters how good his camp is.
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    okay I have seen that one. Thanks! I was thinking it was a video where you can hear Benning and crew at the table like these...
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    Ferland Petey Boeser Miller Horvat Pearson Baertschi Sutter Virtanen Roussel Beagle Leivo Motte Goldobin Schaller Gaudette Macewan Bailey Eriksson..... Who can eriksson outplay? He can outplay anyone on the comets? Kalamazoo?
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    Waited too long to finally get Luck an offensive line but it’s too late. Devastating for Colts fans sure, but absolutely the right move on Luck’s part. Health over a game always.
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    Oh I think you mean it's between Lastname and Placeholder for the 13th man. Placeholder is definitely overpaid, but we all knew Placeholder wasn't a long term solution.
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    Good point my main reason for not being interested in JP is there is no where for him to play on the Canucks. But I suppose he could be left in Finland to develop the way he should have been from the start. there is a chance he could turn it around. I feel like Sutters cap could still be re allocated in a more constructive way.
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    He’s there for the playoffs. It was quite clear he’s good down low in the playoffs. TBay needs that. Lots of little fellers on their team.
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    Saw them both play, and they each had fabulous puck skills. Nilsson was kind of lazy though. Datsyuk was BY FAR the better player.
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    I would be very disappointed if Tryamkin does not return to Canucks next year.
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    I think Stawns has a point in that giving your RFA’s UFA money is a silly venture. Something has to give - either you’re buying some UFA years or spending a little less on a bridge deal. I do think in the 6’es for Brock is a little less than he’d get as a UFA though so it works for me as a bridge. I’m glad JB is digging his heels a bit to get him in under 7 if he won’t sell UFA time.
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    Would have to get around Sutter's M NTC, 15 team can't trade to list, but his family is from Alberta so maybe he'd go? I'd want more than just JP though as Sutter can play the game and JP still has to prove it.
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    I’m one who actually believes Loui is giving 100%. He’s gotten old. No legs, no hands, and no strength. I’m actually surprised he doesn’t take more penalties from frustration that he can’t keep up and truly compete anymore. I’m sure this summer (and likely earlier in the season too) have been really hard on Loui’s ego. He’s learned that no team wants him. He’s having to come to terms with the fact he is no longer an NHL player. These would be very hard to accept for a proud (once star) NHL player.
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    You understand a majority of the prospects are on the Canucks, which says a lot! Plus, there’s a lot in college / on non ahl teams at the moment. A little research / common sense goes a long way!!!
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    Should a rebuilding team be in the playoffs? JB was rewarded with an extension because of the quality of our rebuild. Look at our young core, the veteran support cast, and the depth and quality of our prospects. Our next decade is going to be by far the best ever for this team. That’s why JB was extended.
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    man if Boeser came out and said "Yeah, Vancouver's been OK, happy to land anywhere tho" there'd be literal tire fires. Laine's "chill" attitude would drive me nuts if I were a Winnipeg fan. Thank god I'm not.
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    He may very well play 3rd pair when we're a contender (which would be awesome for us) but his ability to limit chances, steal pucks and transition pucks with control to the other end of the rink is most certainly '2nd pair' level. Size/offensive production or otherwise.
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    If you knew journalists you would understand. They look in every corner of the net to find something. Where do you get the "reputable journalist" don't read forum like this from? Besides, sportsjournos in Sweden is more like gossip journalist than quality news journalists. So how accountable should a GM for the whole organisation be held? Loui isnvt paid to talk but a GM is that. If you missed that you probably missed a lot. Bennings interview when he said something about young players want to play in NHL insinuationg Dahlen was one of them. Benning tried to save face when he traded away Dahlen... Poor leadership. You haven't met any intelligent yet then... Players avoid Canada already due to fans and media. Every incident like these two make it harder... So Dahlen and Loui isn't the issue here. But hey, keep on thinking like you do and think that I biased or what you believe. What did you say about agree to disagree, let it slide? When did Benning become Mr Canuck? Why do you say I spew sh** against this club? If Utica is bad for some prospects the Canucks loose money.
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