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    Ya know I was just thinking my man What this forum needs. Is another Jake Virtanen thread
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    Watching Todd skate out onto the ice the other night in full uniform was honestly the happiest I have felt as a Canucks fan in YEARS. Goosebumps. I got to relive a very brief moment of my childhood, my hero's were Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi, Brendan Morrison, and the rest of the WCE era team. Its hard to think of many other players who have touched Vancouver Canucks fans in a way Todd Bertuzzi has. He was hated around the league, but he was always OUR GUY. I honestly believe he should be cemented as a Canucks legend by having his place in the ring of honor. And I believe the majority of the fanbase would be in agreeance judging by the enormous ovation he received the other night. If you agree he is worthy of a ROH induction, the best way we can make this happen is by spamming Francesco Aquilinis Twitter to make him aware. If everyone would take just 30 seconds to write a brief message to push for this, I think we could make it happen. https://mobile.twitter.com/fr_aquilini Make sure to #TODDBERTUZZIROH
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    Jake's looked really good the first three games. He's playing in a checking, energy, defense first role, and succeeding. Why in the world would we trade him, now that he's a solid NHL bottom six player? We need those guys to win, and Jake is on a small cap hit. We don't need 50 to 60 point (mostly assists too) softy wingers. They only hurt their teams by gobbling up huge cap dollars, and then disappearing when the games get tough. Very happy with Jake's current play, and the role he fills.
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    I'm sure there were many of us, but I have no problems publicly admitting I was so wrong when Schneider was traded and we drafted Horvat ahead of Nichushkin. I was pretty angry when that happened. So glad we drafted the right guy... and now he's our Captain! Sorry Bo. Carry on with what you're doing and take us to the promised land! Bring home a Stanley Cup for us!! Go Canucks Go !!!
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    Omg Tryamkin is already sporting Canucks new VTC gloves. The word is he’s super excited to come back to Vancity and sport those new cool gloves.
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    A pretty cool behind-the-scenes video when he was privately named captain during a Canucks team meeting before the NHL season began. The moment when his teammates found out that he would be the next Canucks captain, with Travis Green leading the way, and Henrik & Daniel coming in and doing the honours.
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    It's bad when you accidentally send stuff to your opponent. It's another to do it again. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/465457-white-house-accidentally-sends-ukraine-talking-points-to-democrats-again White House accidentally sends Ukraine talking points to Democrats again
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    We got the better Hughes brother. You heard it here first.
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    Bertuzzi is awesome. Ring of Honour without a doubt.
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    100% he should. For three years he was the best power forward in the game and was a superstar around the nhl. The west coast express was the biggest ticket seller around the league. He was part of the best line we have ever had and part of arguably the best and most exciting team we ever had. If the Steve Moore incident doesn’t happen I still believe we have a great run at the cup.
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    Like...corporations and wealthy individuals with offshore bank accounts like they did under the previous government or? My favorite argument from people like you is just that. Cry socialist, scream about money being given to poor individuals. But say not a damned thing about the massive breaks given to the wealthiest among us which has been the cause of the single greatest and most consistent wealth transfer over the last 5 decades. But ya...those poor folk, don't give em a dime
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    Tell this to all the whining faction which was busily posting about the lack of skill, etc. during that epic 2-game losing streak to start the season, not me. Miller is 189lb enforcers-approved hockey. That should be a given. I didn’t have any complaints when he was acquired, nor did I during his first two games. It should come as no surprise to you or anyone else that I’d be a fan of his game and more importantly that I wasn’t snivelling in here or in other threads about the roster or his place within it.
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    Thought I'd make a video for our new captain!
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    Do you hold the record for most locked threads? Did you try and Google the rules before making this?
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    Canucks easy #1 - who else has scored 8 goals in one game?! No one! We are the best! Here's my unbiased ranking 1. Vancouver 2. Tarrrraaaaaaaawwwna 3. Phlegms 4. The Pegg 5. Coilerz 6. Habz 7. Sens
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    I'd quote myself, but I find that cheesy. Like when athletes refer to themselves in the third person.
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    --- Sticking to the topic --- What a trade JT Miller could be for this franchise! I think he has been our best player, by far, through these three opening games. If he continues this, the trade is a steal! (Not even gonna start talking about his term )
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    Video I just made for our new captain
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    As a sports fan, you only hope that you live long enough to watch your team capture the ultimate goal. If you're really lucky, you get to witness it more than once in your life time. Sometimes, fans of teams who have a rich history of winning don't get to embrace certain moments the same way that they might have if they weren't so lucky in that category. Last night, at least for me, was one of those nights. A new bookmark that had me tearing up as soon as I heard the words "power forward" during the intro for the 2000's representative. While I hope I get to live long enough to watch us win a cup, I'm very happy that I got to embrace this moment. I'm happy for all of you as well, because we're fans of sport, which is all about entertainment, after all. Last night was magical.
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    That was the Day, interesting story, behind that....I remember it was a Friday, I got up in the morning and made myself a piece of toast. I set the toaster to three, medium brown. It was Just like the time I caught the ferry over to Vancouver Island . I needed a new heel for my shoe, so, I decided to go to Nanaimo , which is what they called Campbell River in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Give me five bees for a quarter, you'd say.
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    yeah same thing with me too. Once you've been around for a while you see people landing on some pretty tough times by sheer accident. The social safety net is a big part of our quality of life. We have to be a bit more financially responsible than we've been for the last 15 years or so but things like national pharma can get done if we don't go crazy on pet projects.
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    Finally, a Jake thread I was skeptical, Jake has been developing for years and then seeing him come to camp unfit, made me think they should trade him, he's a bust. But then after watching the game against LA, I've changed my mind again. Jake was engaged and involved. He didn't shy away from the rough stuff after the whistle and even made some really nice plays, showing patience and just making the right decisions. Dare I say - is he finally getting it?
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    LOL -- The Penguins are already looking to get rid of Gudbranson. Meanwhile, Pearson has had a strong resurgence in Vancouver. This trade keeps getting better and better. https://www.pensburgh.com/2019/10/9/20906137/tsn-bob-mckenzie-gm-jim-rutherford-shopping-jack-johnson-erik-gudbranson-penguins-trade-rumors-nhl
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    That is the type of BS that has put me against the Conservatives. They are spending all their energy saying why Trudeau sucks instead of why they are better. And Scheer claims some ethical high ground on Trudeau? That strategy is pretty damned unethical. They are purposely misleading people who are ESL through pressing cultural buttons. Happy I didn't vote for this tool.
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    Also have to consider the value in-time. A pick in 2020 is worth more than a pick in 2021 because you get the asset earlier and likely the benefit of the asset earlier as well. We get Miller NOW and he contributes to the team now, same as if we compare the Baertschi for Andersson trade -- we got how many years of Sven whereas the Flames not only had nothing while Rasmus developed but actually lost an NHL-level asset for those seasons. For now, we likely get the value of Miller for at least 2 and maybe 4-5 years before Tampa gets what they end up with contributing, which is of unknown value, plus they lose the value of Miller on their roster over those years. The Canucks have significant built-in guaranteed value,provided of course he stays healthy and performs.
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    Joel Edmundson greatly outproducing Hughes and Kakko. Can't say I'm surprised
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    Well.... technically he, prior to this season, had 435 regular season and 61 playoff NHL games played under his belt (and .055 and 0.43PPG respectively including early years where he was just entering the league), solid skating, solid 2 way play, good size/grit and can play all three F positions... with which to judge him. All before hitting the ice in a Canucks sweater and while also a bit buried on a deep Tampa team last year and part of the year before. Hence why some of us were pretty excited when the trade happened. The last few games, just confirm what some of us already knew.
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    The Buffalo Chronicle, the only place I've seen the story reported so far, also reported as fact Jacob Wohl's quickly debunked bull$&!# about Elizabeth Warren supposedly having a BDSM based affair with a 24 year old former marine. So they just may not be a reliable news source....
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    If it turns out that I'm right on the value of this trade, that would be the first time since joining in 2005. Time to break out the champagne!
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    Drafting is also gambling. Sometimes you get a Pettersson and sometimes you get a Pool Party. It's the same with trades. I don't think there has ever been a GM in the league who has won a Cup who has not gambled to some degree...
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    Myers - tall. Benn - hairy. Hughes - young. Ferland - poorly. Miller - miller-ish.
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    It sure is nice to have Hughes , Meyers , and Benn instead of Delzotto , Pouliot , and Hutton. That alone should boost he Canucks 10 points in the standings. Miller has been a great addition, can fill in as top line centre if injuries occur. Still not sure about Ferland, I need to see he can still play like he used to. Is his back 100% ?
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    Hopefully soon Justin.... ....is Justout!!
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    Don't let the Government tell you that they need your tax dollars to do what they want to do - and not what you and I know should be done.
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    if anything Linden wanted to slow things down a bit. He was advocating the Winnipeg model.
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    I thought he played fine last game including picking up a assist, give him time, after 3 games is not enough to judge him
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    Tomas Jurco has more points than Sebastian Aho, Jack Hughes, and Corey Crawford combined
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    OK it was a great win and bo being named captain was awesome..seeing past players was great...but being a nhl hockey fan mainly the canucks my level of excitement has gone down...ive been too many games live and watched hundreds of games on television...at home bars friends etc..i even used to book off work just to see them...now i find hockey has changed too much that the adrenaline just is not there anymore...i use to look forward to match ups where you know there would be some fireworks..good rivalries and intense hockey..just my input the team the nhl builds these days are not as entertaining ....still best sport to watch live or on television but hey just being honest...junior hockey same thing but bang for your buck its better...
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    The way I see it is the Canucks traded away a mid to late 1st round draft pick for a mid 1st round draft pick that has developed into exactly that. I also think Miller has the potential to hit another level on this team since he'll be leaned in much more here. Most likely scenario Canucks win this trade since the odds say the draft pick won't develop into what Miller is today. Worst case scenario the draft pick turns into the next Pastrnak.
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    Scheer likely has beliefs that don't align with progressive 2019. But he's made it clear, regardless of his views or how far they go, that they aren't apart of the CPC platform. He's a religious guy & we tolerate religious freedom in this country. As long as he leaves those things to himself its a non-issue to me. Trudeau is just a goof. Mistakes do happen, I'm fine with mistakes & being forgiving. The problem to me is his pandering, & focus on being a moral arbiter since the last election. Now we find out he's not an example of what he preaches. Either way it shouldn't have anything to do with party policy. So again its more of a personal thing, more of a non-issue. I'm not crazy about either guy.
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    Great pic but would be better if 16 was in the picture.......
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    He drew the suspension because it was a retaliatory play. And because he hurt the guy pretty good? Which was kind of unlucky considering the style of hit. Nowhere near as predatory as the Duncan Keith head hunting hit on Sedin last page. I do support suspensions for hits to the head. Even if not predatory. We want guys to be able to live past hockey. I still support the battle instinct Hoglander showed.
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