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    Last time.. _________ Rosters.. ________ @ Canucks News.. _____________
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    Hes about to scare the rest of the league
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    Really? From everything I’ve seen of him he’s calm and looks confident in net, glad to see marky get a bit of rest unfortunately hes travel far
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    Likely the plan was to start Demko vs Detroit anyway. It’s the Thursday game vs St. Louis that Marky would have played. Then Marky joins the team on the road. Looks like Marky will miss a couple starts, and Demko will get the next three. Demko will do great! I see three more wins in a row to get us to five for this winning streak. Marky comes back and adds two more wins. We are headed for a seven game winning streak!
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    I don't think "nervous" is the correct adjective to describe the mood of the electorate. Aside from those who hold strong party affiliations (whichever party that might be), the words 'disgusted', 'disdainful', and perhaps even 'resigned' would be the words I'd use to describe what little discussion I've heard among people in the real-world. This is by far the worst field of candidates that I can remember and I've been eligible to vote for well over thirty years. And it's not just the parties and politicians themselves that are to blame for this mess (although they should shoulder most of the blame): it's also the existing social environment: the rise of both social media and populism have dumbed-down any kind of actual intelligent discussion of any kind. And the level of hypocrisy is so over the top, that I've personally not only become disenchanted with politics and the electoral process, but humanity in general. For those of us who do not have any party allegiances and have a worldview sophisticated enough not to be easily encapsulated with the terms "left" or "right", this is a dark time in our history. Today's politics have forced all the parties to take the low-road and appeal to the lowest-common-denominators of their respective electoral bases, resulting in the vaguest and most nonsensical policy platforms in history.
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    Gone until the weekend. Could be 'Swedishland'.
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    Alex Biega will make his NHL season debut against his former team.
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    Thatch seems really shook. I hope everyone in Marky's family is okay.
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    no one hates him. he didn't play the puck very well last game, that's all.
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    Just because you don't agree with the lineup it doesn't make Green an idiot. Get over yourself man
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    Gotta send Boeser some love. Seen a clip on the Canucks twitter page of Biega's return. He gave him a really warm embrace. Boeser really is class personified. Also speaks to Biega's character. He seems to be well respected by his peers.
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    This is exactly why I'm angry at Trudeau for NOT following through on electoral reform. Proportional voting would immediately dispense with preventative or "tactical voting", proportional voting would make everyone's vote matter a helluva lot more than it does. And his reactionary rationale behind backing out of it was even worse.
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    Miller - like Hughes - is also among the lowest ozone starts on the team - MIller is tied for 2nd lowest (with Tanev) at 34.1% (and Hughes is lowest at 30.0%). *assuming this source is correct: https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/VAN/ Regardless - those are really impressive shot differentials (in context) to start the season - for anyone - let alone young players or guys playing with youth on a new team. Miller is one of those guys I just love to watch - he reminds me of a guy like Chris Higgins - very intelligent, and always working hard (Miller with the kind of mobility and two way game Higgins had, with the gift of an even bigger frame). Miller also with the added versatility of being a natural center - and he's been killing it in the faceoff circle thus far at 68% (17 faceoff wins = 2nd on the team, against only 8 losses = by a fair margin the most efficient center to start the season. A real luxury when you can skate him with EP and he can take draws (EP is at 40.7% - to be expected from young centers like him - and Gaudette). Such a great fit in a group that really needed that kind of skilled heaviness to complement these young guys.
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    Overage and draft eligibility are two separate things. It doesn't matter if Focht was drafted in 2018, 2019, or not at all. He's not an overager because overager is referring to age. For example: Calen Addision, born in April 2000, currently playing with the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Not an overager. Akil Thomas, born in January 2000, currently playing with the Niagara IceDogs. Not an overager. Carson Focht, born in February 2000, currently playing with the Calgary Hitmen. Not an overager. This was Hitmen's initial roster: https://hitmenhockey.com/article/hitmen-announce-2019-whl-pre-season-roster 1999-born (3): Mark Kastelic (F), Dakota Krebs (D), James Malm (F) 2000-born (9): Carson Focht (F), Josh Prokop (F), Carl Stankowski (G), Riley Stotts (F), Layne Toder (D), Andrew Viggars (D), Orca Wiesblatt (F), Jett Woo (D), Egor Zamula (D) Their three overagers are Kastelic (03/1999), Krebs (03/1999) and Malm (06/1999), who are 20 years old and still on the roster. Focht is in the same category as Woo -- he's a 19 year old playing his fourth season in the WHL. There are no allowances for overagers at the WJC. You're simply ineligible if you don't make the age cutoff. If you're saying that Focht was overage for the 2019 draft, as he was passed once over, then yes. He is not an overager in the Dub. Also, the CHL as a whole does not use the Sept. 15 cutoff. Age is determined by birth year, which is why late birthdays like Lind still play in the league at 16. They just play three seasons prior to their first draft, instead of two seasons like most. But the draft status of the prospects has no relations as to whether someone is classified as overage by the league. If Focht is an overager then it'd be impossible for Kastelic or Krebs, who are a whole year older, to still play in the league, considering being overage is the oldest you're allowed to go. And Calgary would have far more than three overagers on roster -- in addition to the 1999 borns, they currently have Prokop (01/2000), Stotts (01/2000), Toder (01/2000) and Stankowski (03/2000), who are all around the same age as Focht. If Focht is an overager then they're carrying at least 8 overagers right now.
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    The stats crowd will be happy: CF% = Corsi for % (total shot attempts differential) FF% = Fenwick for % (total unblocked shot attempts differential) xGF% = Expected goals for % xGF% = Relative expected goals for % SCF% = Scoring chances for %
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    Extra year of term with a NMC. I’ll still take loui. We don’t need either of em.
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    9-1 nucks all goals by pettersson hes mad
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    Hate to nit pick, but Hughes' hasn't actually had the ozone starts we might have expected as a young, rookie D - he's at a team low 30% - which I bring up because it further underlines how good he has been. https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/VAN/ I find that both quite surprising, and really impressive. Shot differential numbers like a 64.4% corsi is that much more impressive for a rookie in that (unusual/exceptional context). Green is doing something similar with EP (I noted this in the last GDT) - EP, likewise, is at a surprisingly low 42.9% ozone starts (with a similarly impressive 61.5% corsi). I've been wondering what are Green's principal motivators in this - he has been using EP's line head to head against any matchup the opponent wants - ie on home ice he was willing to matchup EP's line against Couturier's (something AV clearly preferred as a matchup). It seems like Green might be trying to 'forge' these guys from the get-go - perhaps he'll ease off as the season/grind progresses - but early on, he's utilizing both EP's line and the Hughes pairing in fairly unpredictable ways. I wonder if another factor is their ability in transition - Hughes/Tanev is a pairing with (imo) elite first passes, great puck retrieval - and EP's line also loves the open ice... Maybe the 'harder' minutes / dzone starts ease off as the season progresses and Green might lean more heavily on his veteran 'foundation' of Sutter/Beagle, Edler et al - but it's one thing I've noticed through four games that is quite interesting about Green's deployment.
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    It was up there as one of the worst moments in our history - we were on the other end with McSorely’s stick on Brashear ... watched both games live and it was sickening .... However both parties deserve to be judged on the entirety of their careers, not just one moment. I loved Lion Heart and always wished we had him or someone like him on our team. As an enforcer he could actually play the game at a decent-good level too for most of his career (McSorley), and if you believe him, which I do, it wasn’t his intention to hit his head, but his shoulder - Brashear was taunting their bench and he wasn’t answering the bell (even though they fought that game). McSorely paid for this with his career. What Bertuzzi did was a chicken sh!t move - sure everyone piled on but it’s debatable what caused the break, and in a way Bertuzzi also paid for this with his career - was never the same player and lost enough of his bullish play to make him not as effective. At the time he was a top five forward league wide, a third and fifth overall finish - after that he had two years close to a PPG and still a top thirty player but not the same. We traded him at a good time...he did have a re-surgence of sorts in Detroit playing on their middle six...personally i feel it was a total waste of both Bertuzzi and Moore’s career - and Moore has a bit of responsibility in this given how he took out Naslund - and that was the season our team was both considered a contender and that many fans (myself included) felt we had the best chance to win with the WCE team (lessons learned etc)... It was a huge disappointment, but it shouldn’t all be saddled to what Bertuzzi did ...
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    I think that people in Canada massively overestimate the degree of impact that the PMO has on their day-to-day life. Maybe it is because they want a scapegoat for their own personal failure.
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    canuck2xtreme will take offers from New Jersey or handle conflicts of interest offers or handle any overloads. As aGENT is now handling ELC contracts he, like squeak used to provides an additional agent for again any conflicts or overloads or assistance if someone is unavailable. greensman and _arby_18 ( thank you ) have also been used in this capacity. In short, standard contracts are dealt with by myself or c2x, next in line is aGENT who actively handles ELC contracts.
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    Demko can make a statement for himself here if he can hold the fort with Marky away.
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    People arguing that speed isn't an issue are wrong. Your reaction time factors in...you can't slow down as fast, people who hit the brakes when speeding lose control of the car, etc. Also...defensive driving comes into play. If another car is turning out from a side road and you are speeding they may not assess the speed to be what it is and assume you're traveling at the posted limit. People lane change...there are multiple lanes we're driving on here..speeding means you're likely weaving in/out of traffic. Other people do things abruptly and that means you may have to react and be able to slow down quickly. Speeding doesn't allow you as much assessment time for when those things happen. It isn't rocket science - the impact when speeding will be much more severe when speeding than if going slower. A dent becomes a full on write off situation with speeders. Tailgating IS as bad .... they both are. But if you're speeding and someone changes lanes into the one you're in, suddenly you may be (tailgating). With that, 50 is too slow and the limit should be 60-70.
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    Hope everything is alright with Marky and his family. I think it will be good for Demko to get a couple games straight.
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    Lol I like when he was interviewing Petey just giving him the gears. Petey - " I love it here and.." Juice - " Don't, don't give me that I want the good stuff " Love Bieksa, met him once. I was waiting for a ferry back to the island and was walking around horseshoe bay killing time. Kevin Bieksa eating at Trolls restaurant on the patio. I did a few laps around the blocks, not wanting to interrupt his meal. At the end when they were done and I walked by, he was right by the railing, and I said his name and said we were big fans and he just looked at his wife and she nodded and he stood up and shook our hands over the railing and took a picture with us.
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    He's been scratched twice now. Marino has been in the lineup in place of him. If Marino holds, they'll either try to trade him or he will be their 7th dman.
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    If you look at all the hungary neighbours, Turkey's in a sandwich..& really, this whole matter seems like leftovers from a bigger event.
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    Love Bieksa. It would be awesome if he became part of the club in some capacity.
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    Wasn’t Kassian - Schroeder - Jensen supposed to be The West Coast Express 2.0?
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    Gaud has not exactly blew the doors off since the season started, not like he played in the pre-season. However, that's OK because he is just learning to be an NHLer and he is not a finished product yet. if you haven't noticed, we are not getting pushed around, as we have in the past , and that's because guys like Leivo and Schaller are in the line up. They may not be burning up the score board but they are keeping guys from the "Open Season on Petey and Boes" and I am OK with that at this point in the game. In a game 7 of a SCF? Maybe I rethink this thought, but for now, I am OK with a bit of size and toughness in the line up.
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    Except today he changed his position. Politics as usual I suppose. Goodnight folks. To be continued.... Tomorrow.
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    Seems like you backing down now that kos arrived. Get em king..
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    Yeah I think I might scream out in the middle of the night STILL, "Why pass it to Bossy!" or "Dang you Lafayette [as he hits the post]" or of course "Dammit! Otto kicked the goal in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". The "trifecta" of Canuckfan nightmares.....
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    When Ferland is at full strength and if Green still doesn't want baertschi back, this could very likely be the result...
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    Demko is young by current standards, but not "crazy young". Matt Murray is 1.5 years older but won a cup at 2 years younger than Demko is now. Carter Hart is 20 , Demko is almost 25 Both goalies in Pittsburg are 26 and both in Columbus are 25. Now is a good time for Demko to show what he has. On a positive note Demko was picked 2nd amoungst 4 goalies picked in 6 picks early in the second round in 2014, of those goalies Demko is progressing the best at this time.
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    Republicans are not cpc. Not even close. I agree with rest. You are so partisan it's getting annoying. Who were experienced liberals during usmca? Oh ya a cpc member named Ambrose. Just cause you don't like the cpc doesn't mean the liberals did a better job Try to keep up Look underneath. I get you are butt hurt and likely crying your cause your boy will be one and done but honestly get lost dude. You spew so much nonsense...I didn't call it fake news but also said I wouldn't be surprised. Interesting I will turn the tv on shortly here.
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    Demko going to get 4 straight wins and cdc will lose its collective mind.
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    Bertuzzi made that line what it was. A true power forward - big, fearless, great hands, pretty good wheels for a big man and a mean streak with the ability and willingness to back it up - dominant for a period of time. He gave Naslund and Morrison time and space to do what they did. Somewhat like what Kassian (on a smaller scale he is no Bertuzzi) is doing for Deadmonton currently if he can keep it up. This team does not have that in it's mix. This team is missing another top six skilled winger for the Horvat line to put them over the top. I love Baertschi but I am talking a legit skilled top six winger who will get 60 - 70 points and make that line more dangerous.
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    Zane McIntyre scares me. 2.92 GAA, and .903 save percentage. And that's in the AHL.
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    TEAM REPORT: New Jersey Devils stretching their lead over the 2nd place Jets from 37 to 45 points by the end of the night. Solid 35 point night from 6 players tonight giving us an average of 5.8 PPG tonight. GOOD NEWS: Defenseman Michal Kempny is due to slide into the lineup as early as Monday after being out all season thus far. In other news rookie defenseman Vladislav Gavrikov ( acquired in the offseason along with Anthony Cirelli for New Jersey's 1st round pick in 2021 ) appears to have solidified his role in Columbus as a bottom pair/ depth defenseman, we expect to see an uptick in production now that Torts has confirmed his role on the team. RUMOURS: aren't really swirling but its been suggested the team has nailed down a couple signings that will improve the team's depth and production as the season wears on. Stay tuned!
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    I'd rather the Canuck team take the power play, every time someone gets upset with a Virtanen hit.
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    Hey guys... no disrespect...but if you wanna talk climate change please make a thread.....Goldys threads not the place. Thanks
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