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    We really showed how good our PK is by killing off that 20 minute powerplay.
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    Lol Nintendo version-hockey. We have a greatly improved battle level and safe work environment on the roster now and you want to go back to sissy hockey. No thanks.
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    They absolutely dominated the first two periods and could have easily ran the Rangers out of the building. They ran out of steam in the third period having played less than 24 hours before in a tough game. It happens. The important thing is they bent and didn’t break and Marky stood tall. Couldn’t have come back at a better time. Theyll learn from this this for sure, but there’s no point over analyzing this one or being overly critical. They’re the team that played the first two periods not the last one.
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    Shout out to the vasectomy ad behind Markstrom, the Rangers literally couldn’t finish.
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    Didn't like Pearson not dishing it to Virt for the easy empty netter.... especially after getting pressured the entire period.
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    It's almost like this was the second half of a back to back. Plus there's two teams out there was more a case of a fresh team with urgency on a 3 game losing skid playing a tired team.
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    Wow. That was an ugly third . If you were not convinced Marky has moved from good to elite before , you better be now.
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    3rd game in 4 nights. 4th in 6th. Tail end of a back to back. Both morning games. Boys were gassed at the 3rd. That's the reason why NYR got back in and won that 3rd period. Surprised they outplayed them that much in the first two periods. Good job team. Deserved to win because we outplayed them for most of the game. Rags played awful and this should of been an easier game for them. Doubt that there will be a practice tomorrow, let them rest.
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    Anyone thinking this team is going to cruise through teams at this stage need to stop living in 2011. This team is young and still learning what it takes to play at a high level for 82+ games. If they can come out with 2 points while still learning a lesson it’s a win win. Games like this will only make them better.
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    yesterday we lost 1-0 , the sky is falling today we win 3-2 the sky is still falling
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    back to back 10am starts. Like wtf. We should be thankful that we even came out with 2 pts.
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    Like two different teams today. Nux were tired and ran out of gas in the third. Marky made huge saves to win it. We nux fans were out numbered big time.
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    No we didn't we gassed out which happens when an exhausted team plays a rested on in a back to back. Take the W and quit whining about it.
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    They went 8 minutes without a whistle, when was he supposed to call it?
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    Change in time zones, back to backs at unusual times. Playing a rested team. Take the two points and move on.
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    It’s utterly ridiculous that some people are spinning this win in a negative light. Canucks dominated in the first 40 minutes, if not for Lundqvist this game would’ve been out of reach after the 2nd. Score would’ve been likely 5 or 6 nothing. Canucks were gassed in third, and that was expected as it was their 3rd game in 4 nights and 2nd of back to back. You also need to credit the Rangers for fighting back and playing hard in the third. Sure we will guilty of sitting back in the 3rd, but we showed some guts for holding on and finding a way to win. That’s what good teams do! Lucky to hold on? Maybe. But we 100% earned that win.
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    https://streamable.com/7y9h3 Myers destroying Brendan Smith with a reverse hit.
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    On the MSG feed: "this doesn't look like a struggling powerplay unit" They loved how Hughes moved around.
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    I’m a season ticket holder and saw both games this weekend. The Comets won these games by a combined score of 15-3 so obviously a lot of good things happening and maybe it is easier to play d with 5 goal leads but OJ is getting the top pairing and having no trouble at all defending some pretty good players. Charlotte had some heavy forwards too. Half the time OJ challenged people almost at mid ice and just stopped them cold and turned the puck around, he challenged every time at the blue line again with success. Not flashy and not necessarily a puck carrier type either like Quinn Hughes but jury is still out. He has had serious leg injuries and I think he is rounding into form just now. Looks good on PK and he isn’t going to blast anybody through the boards with hard checks but he also isnt getting pushed around. No no need to panic. Another year from now with a full AHL season with good health under his belt and we will have something for sure.
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    They were totally cooked... Brilliant achievement to come away with a win on the second day of back to back games at this ridiculous time...
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    This sitting on a lead narrative is tiring at best. You're completely ignoring the compete level of the team coming back. We’re on game 2 of a road back to back both morning starts. They're fresh on a 3 game losing streak trailing for 3 periods trying to end a losing streak. You don't think the Rangers are going to play with heavy urgency and take advantage of a tired team?
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    Gotta admit ... when our 4th line is on, they are very good. Beagle is an ideal 4th line centre.
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    Sprained my knee yesterday. Don't worry Canucks... because you know.... "I will watch. You know I'll watch. I'll watch on crutches!" Go Nucks!
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    My favourite Canuck how lucky are we to have this amazing and wonderful human being representing our Canucks in the best league in the world.
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    You can “not buy that they were exhausted” all you want doesn't change the fact that there is truth to it. 2nd half of a back to back against a fresh team trying to end a losing skid. They're going to go all out attack in the 3rd down a 4th straight game. Let’s stop pretending we're the only team playing for a change around here.
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    whew Don't think I need a workout today. This game really demonstrated how HUGE goaltending is. Means everything at times. Thank you, Marky. Boys ran out of gas and were lucky to have support. Rangers really brought it....hats off to them for their effort.
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    So players who have helped form the second best pk unit in the league need to be moved? Ok.
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    Can you IMAGINE the utter insanity that would be going in Vancouver if we had the roster of the Dallas stars and they went 2-7-1 in their first 10 games?! There would be pitch forks and torches demanding heads to roll the worst thing we gotta complain about is an enigmatic powerplay while we’ve won 5 of 6
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    Canucks are 4-1 in their last 5 games.... including a win against the Stanley Cup champs (at their home!) and SOME people still seem unhappy lol.
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    I think it was because their skates were dull. Should have bought them at Cyclone Taylors.
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    Lucky we have a good goalie in net I guess you could say. Rangers were lucky to have Lundqvist in net as well. Game could have been out of reach if not for quite a few key saves in the second.
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    No... our offense won the game. Marky, the third and fourth lines, as well as, our defence ensured the win. Ive never seen so many whingers after a well earned win.
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    Well, we do have to consider the back to back early road game starts. It's a thing.
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    This team that hasn’t made the playoffs in years thought they were good enough to sit on a 3 goal lead? Canucks got absolutely dusted in the third and were lucky to escape with the win.
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    I'm really hoping to see Virtanen score while he's on the Horvat line -- think he scored last time when both of these teams played against each other.
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    Drew the penalty that led to the first goal, blocked a clearing attempt that kept the Rangers hemmed in their own zone which led to the 2nd goal. If you actually look for the good things he’s doing you’ll find them. Instead of waiting for things to be mad about.
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    Meaningless stat. Who had the worst plus minus in the nhl among defenseman last year? Ristolainen at -41. He is and was better than every Canuck defenseman you can name for the last ten years. Who was 2d worst? Drew Doughty -38. He is even better than Risto and has more Stanley cup rings than the Canucks organization all by himself. These guys are among the best defenseman in the nhl for multiple years. Bad plus minus means you were the best defenseman on a bad team playing all the PK minutes, getting all the d starts and covering all the best players in the league. Which is exactly what OJ was doing and on a bum leg to boot.
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