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    Vancouver Canucks (12-10-4) Vs Edmonton Oilers (16-8-3) 7:00 PM PST at Rogers Place TV: CBC, SN360, SNO,SNP RADIO: SN650, CHED Last Time VS the Oilers A Friendly Reminder... (That the Sedin's last ever NHL game was played in Edmonton...) In Case You Missed It... (The Shift!) The Good Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards TANNER PEARSON Rating: 72.2#79 LW BO HORVAT Rating: 75.0#42 C BROCK BOESER Rating: 76.4#12 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 74.53#24 FL1 J.T. MILLER Rating: 74.9#32 LW ELIAS PETTERSSON Rating: 78.7#15 C NIKOLAY GOLDOBIN Rating: 70.7#100 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 74.78#12 FL2 JOSH LEIVO Rating: 72.3#78 LW ADAM GAUDETTE Rating: 70.3#158 C JAKE VIRTANEN Rating: 70.8#98 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 71.13#26 FL3 TIM SCHALLER Rating: 69.1#149 LW TYLER GRAOVAC Rating: 73.2#77 C ZACK MACEWEN FL4 Rating Rating: 71.16#16 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense ALEXANDER EDLER Rating: 76.4#11 LD TROY STECHER Rating: 72.8#56 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 74.56#17 DL1 QUINN HUGHES Rating: 75.1#22 LD TYLER MYERS Rating: 71.9#80 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 73.54#18 DL2 JORDIE BENN Rating: 72.0#82 LD CHRIS TANEV Rating: 72.3#70 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 72.14#17 DL3 GOALIES JACOB MARKSTROM Rating: 68.5#26 G1 THATCHER DEMKO Rating: 67.5#39 G2 Team Analysis Top 5 Scorers: Elias Pettersson: 11G-20A-31P in 26GP JT Miller: 12G-14A-26P in 26GP Brock Boeser: 10G-14A-24P in 26 GP Quinn Hughes: 2G-19A-21P in 25 GP Bo Horvat: 8G-12A-20P in 26 GP Who’s Hot: JT Miller: Currently on a four game point streak with 6 points (4G, 2A) in that time frame Quinn Hughes: After recording 3 ES assists in Pittsburgh, has 7 assists in his last 4 games played. The Power Play: As of this writing, the Canucks Power Play is 4th in the league, 1st in goals scored on the powerplay, and 1st in penalties drawn. Who’s Not: Tyler Myers: No points in his last 12 GP and has been relegated to the bottom pairing. Tim Schaller: After a quick spurt of goals in October, Schaller has been quiet offensively, with no points in his last 15 GP. The Penalty Kill: Not only are the Canucks tied for 6th in the league for penalties allowed, the Canucks are a modest 15th in PK efficiency. Who to Watch for: 4th Line Centre: Watch for the possible return of either Jay Beagle and/or Brandon Sutter to stabilize the bottom 6 and PK. Adam Gaudette: Watch for Gaudette to build off of his 2 goal performance in Pittsburgh. Sick Bay: Micheal Ferland: Concussion, skating, no timeline Antoine Roussel: Conditioning Stint Tyler Motte: LBI, Week to week. Brandon Sutter: Groin, day to day Jay Beagle: day to day The Other Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards LEON DRAISAITL Rating: 84.4#2 LW CONNOR MCDAVID Rating: 86.5#1 C ZACK KASSIAN Rating: 71.9#81 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 80.93#2 FL1 ALEX CHIASSON Rating: 71.5#85 LW SAM GAGNER Rating: 72.3#104 C JAMES NEAL Rating: 72.7#71 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 72.14#29 FL2 JUJHAR KHAIRA Rating: 70.4#131 LW RILEY SHEAHAN Rating: 69.3#174 C JOSH ARCHIBALD Rating: 69.6#120 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 69.74#31 FL3 MARKUS GRANLUND Rating: 71.3#109 LW GAETAN HAAS Rating: 73.2#81 C PATRICK RUSSELL Rating: 72.3#78 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 72.24#6 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense DARNELL NURSE Rating: 74.5#33 LD ETHAN BEAR Rating: 73.3#43 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 73.89#23 DL1 OSCAR KLEFBOM Rating: 75.2#21 LD CALEB JONES Rating: 72.8#55 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 73.97#16 DL2 KRIS RUSSELL Rating: 71.7#89 LD ADAM LARSSON Rating: 71.1#92 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 71.39#25 DL3 GOALIES MIKKO KOSKINEN Rating: 68.1#35 G1 MIKE SMITH Rating: 66.7#45 G2 Everybody Loves a Hit... On Connor McDavid Some Roster News... On the Prospect Front...
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    Who are the ones that are really soft though? The ones that are calling out racist #@$%s, or the ones that are upset that racist #@$%s are being called out?
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    Hello, I fully expect to get some poked and jabbed at but I'm going to risk posting anyways so come at me anyways! Recently, I went on a hike and just couldn't keep up with my friend who was with me and it was just pretty eye opening. I used to always be able to do hikes/sports/exercise pretty easily but this just completely destroyed me. So when I got back home I decided to go to the gym and weigh in and really surprised that I was 340 pounds . For being 29 and still having some of my "youth" years, I really want to change my lifestyle. Luckily I'm really tall at 6'3 so my weight is somewhat well proportioned but still it's just making me really unhappy. I want to give myself a somewhat reasonable goal so I'm making some major adjustments I just wanted some advice/criticism on what you guys think. -Changing my eating habits to include much more vegetables as opposed to the processed type foods -Setting a fairly consistent "bedtime". I don't want to be awake any later then say 10:30pm to 11pm and waking up now daily at 5am so I can go to the gym really early. -Gym 5-7 days a week. -Weighing in once a week to make sure that I'm on track with my weight loss. I'm hoping to lose around 100 pounds in 6 months, but I don't know if that's an realistic goal or not. Was wondering if anybody else has had an extreme weight loss goal and achieved it and what sort of side effects will I experience? I've heard I could have saggy skin but I don't know if I'm young enough that I can recover from that. Anyways, looking forward to some responses! Sorry for the life story but I'm feeling pretty motivated and excited to start a new chapter. EDIT: Thank's so much you guys. This might sound cheesy and I know that this forum is a small minority but having the support of your city really means a lot. Not just doing it for me anymore. Thank you Vancouver and I'll do my best and I hope maybe I encouraged some other people too.
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    Not only does he let us score on him lots, he's a pretty good guy too. Real props to him and the Penguins organization. Classy.
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    Love seeing Jake get an extended top 6 look. #2 on the team in points per 60mins (before he was moved up). He's really grown this season, playing with much more confidence deep in the O-zone.
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    o dear. im sure whatever he had to say is riveting tho
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    It’s actually really weird how similar gaud’s and madden’s points-per-game numbers are at similar ages. draft year: Gaud 0.6 ppg USHL Madden 0.68 ppg USHL D+1: Gaud .73 ppg NCAA Madden 0.77 ppg NCAA D+2: Gaud 1.4 ppg NCAA Madden 1.4 ppg NCAA (so far)
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    This right here. Thank you, riff. Reasonable isn't something found much in society today. Certainly Jimmy made the statement because he himself is a reasonable person who one can have a conversation with. Many out there in cyberspace aren't. They lack the ability to hear, let alone digest another viewpoint that doesn't completely line up with theirs. They postulate from their phones and laptops, condemning everything remotely against their ideological trajectory. These aren't reasonable people, they're whiny brats with very little life experience. Yet society has become so flaccid and obedient that they cowtow to any and all outrage spewed by these whiners. They react to the outrage by canceling TV shows, firing actors, refusing to play music on their stations without any substantive proof. Funny thing is that these major corporations cancel out of fear that their ratings or subscriptions will drop, and not out of any actual moral obligation. Thank goodness, there are people like Brad Treviling who didn't submit to the cacophony, instead insisting on hearing all of the facts, and making an informed decision. That, in and of itself, is the only way.
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    No need to apologize @janisahockeynut, banter is always encouraged! The real problem here is @D-Money having the time and urge to read the thread, but not GM an actual team. I mean, how hard is it to set some lineups and tell me my trade offers suck? Just do this you lazy good-for-nothing!
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    There have been a significant amount of negativity among the Canucks fanbase all across the internet recently. Not going to lie, the Canucks are not good lately. They have trouble winning games and lately, they seem to find ways to lose games. However, in this post, let's take a step back and see how far this team has come over the past few seasons. Let's go back to the dreadful 2016-17 season. For the Canucks, that was a miserable season. The Canucks finished the year with a record of 30-43-9 by a total of 69 points. It was a terrible season for many reasons. Personally, I remember watching the Canucks got shut-out in 3 straight games; watching depth players/AHL regular players such as Megna, Chaput, Skille, Cramarossa etc. taking up regular roster spots. The team as a whole generated very little value in terms of entertainment. Bo Horvat was the only bright spot on the roster that season (although Boeser join the team very late in the season, but at that point he is still more of an unknown at the NHL level). In comparison to many other teams top-star young players, Bo wasn't quite at their level (this is to no disrespect of Bo). There were also some younger players on the bubble such Sven Baertchi, Markus Granlund and Troy Stecher etc. that were on our roster, and the fanbase really hope atleast 1 or 2 of these players will be able to take that next step and be a consistent top 6 forward or top 4 defenceman at the NHL level. That season, the Canucks finished 2nd last in the NHL. If it wasn't for a historically bad season from an extremely underachieved Colorado Avalanche, the Canucks, likely finished last overall. The narrative at the end of the season was, the Canucks need to rebuild. The Canucks need to "play the kids." Many fans wanted players such as Goldobin, Gaudette, Demko etc. to be given a roster spot as soon as next season, because we want to "play the kids." The 2017-18 season was a slight improvement record wise in comparison to the 2016-17 season. The Canucks finished the season with a record of 31-40-11, improving by only 4 points (only 1 more win) in comparison to the pervious season, the overall sentiment among the fanbase is very different. That year, we saw a young rookie by the name of Brock Boeser coming into the league, took the NHL by surprise, scoring 29 goals in 62 games and finished 2nd place in the Calder Trophy voting; on top of that, it was fun watching Boeser being named to the NHL All-Stars, winning the accuracy shooting contest among the best shooters in the league and adding an All-Star MVP title to his belt. Although the Canucks finished with a very similar overall record than the previous year and only winning 1 more game, it did felt like the Canucks have won more than just that. In fact, as I was suprised to find that the Canucks only won 1 more game than they did in 2016-17 because it felt like we won atleast 5 more. Again at the end of the season, knowing that the Sedins will retire, the fanbase once again wanted to inject more youth into the line-up. More younger players in the line up the better. And I have read posts stating roster spots should be "given" to the kids as soon as next season. The 2018-19 season was the first season since 1999-2000 season we will not see a pair of familiar and identical faces on our roster. Most sources projected the Canucks to be one of the teams to finish absolute last in the league. Where will the goals come from without the Sedins? What was Jim Benning doing signing players like Jay Beagle and Antoine Roussel? And last season, we witness the debut of our very own and very special player, Elias Pettersson. Pettersson stormed out of the gates with 10 goals in his first 10 career games and carried onto have a signifcant rookie campaign. Pettersson brought in something the fanbase desperately needed argubly since 2011 - that is hope. The Canucks were fighting for a wildcard spot for the majority of the season until the wheels finally fell off near the end of the year. The team was playing meaningful games and took a major step forward. We start to see the development of a new core group of players. Here we are today, almost 2 months into the 2019-2020 season, the Canucks are still currently sitting in a playoff spot. They have played some games where they look absolutely amazing, dominating the opponent from start to finish and we also have seen some very terrible efforts like the ones we have seen recently. However, there is one thing we have to realize is we have got our wish. We are playing the kids in the line-up. The current top 5 scorers on the Canucks are: Pettersson (31 pts in 26 GP), Miller (26 pts in 26 GP), Boeser (24 pts in 26 GP), Hughes (21 pts in 25 GP) and Horvat (20 pts in 26 GP). Four of the top 5 scorers on the team are young players drafted and developed by the club and they are the ones leading the charge. We have finally got what we wished for line-up wise: a team consist of a core made up of Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat and Hughes with Thatcher Demko getting some quality back-up goaltender games in net. This has been the type of line-up we have all been hoping for in years. The torched has been passed, Bo is now the new captain of the team (another thing the fans wanted for a long time). This team is now at the hands of these "kids" we have always hoped to see in the line-up. And they are the best players on the team, and they are leading the charge. However, we have to remember, these players are still young and with young players, it comes with excitement, and with young players, it also comes with inconsistencies. We have to understand that just because they are in the line-up now and they are putting up good numbers statistically, it doesn't mean they do not have deficiencies in their games. We will have to understand that there will be stretches (like the one we currently have right now) where the team is not very good. And we will also have stretches when the team is very dominant (like what we had in October). Regardless, this team is now at the hands of the young players. We either sink or swim with them, and whereever this team finish in the standings, it depends on them. For this very reason, I think the Canucks have made a giant leap forward this season. The young players have shown what they are capable of when they are on their game, and they give us glimpses what it could be for years to come. We just have to be patient and show support and tolerence when the team does not perform well in stretches. Our best players are still under-25, which means there are still room for them to improve. It took Mackinnon 4 full seasons in the NHL before he broke out in his 5th season and become the player he is now; it took Leon Draisaitl the same number of seasons before he is who he is today. What is very encouraging is that Pettersson seems to be well-ahead of Mackinnon was when he was at the same age and I can't wait to see what Pettersson can be in 2 years time. Brock Boeser is getting a lot of flack from the fanbase right now (yet he is still scoring at 24 pts in 26 GP rate), however, who is to say isn't a more complete player and dynamite goal scorer in 2 years? Bo Horvat is the new captain and put a lot on his shoulders and has been improving every year. Quinn Huges is an absolute suprise as if one were to tell me that Hughes gets 21 points in his first 25 games before the start of the season, I would not have believed them and here we are, his career just got started. Wonder how much he better he can be by the time he is 25? Demko had a fantastic start but had 2 rough games lately, but he had shown many signs of a future #1 goalie and he will learn from the bad games he played. Our fantastic October had led to us to believe that the Canucks has "arrived." November is more of a reality check and market correction of where the team is at overall. We are not contenders, atleast, not yet. We can't expect the team to go in and dominate every game like an elite cup contender would. Hopefully, we will get there one day. The Canucks are still a work in progress, but we have came a long way since the end of the 2016-17 season. No more are we watching Michael Chaput, Jayson Megna, Jack Skille and Philip Larsen etc. Instead we get to see Elias Pettersson, Brock Boeser, JT Miller and Quinn Hughes on a nightly bases. We have came a long way. This team is much more entertaining to watch than the team we had 3 seasons ago, and over the course of the last 3 seasons, the team is icing a more exciting team to watch each year. I will always get behind this team and cheer them on. The future is here, let's enjoy the ride from peaks and valleys together, Go Canucks Go!
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    Learn to monitor your calorie intake. It's way more effective to consume less than it is to work off through exercise.
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    4 10 :3 LIQUORS MORE POWERFUL THAN PEACE TREATY, JULIAN. YOU KNOW THAT. YOU KNOW THAT JULIAN 7 xD 7 4 actually i should change that since i know who you are lmao 6 6 3 lol 7 6 7 6 2 lol 7 <3 bonus points for your south park username xD 6 7 5 6 6 6 me? im a hard 1 lol you're a 4 6 5 def a 10 if i can get a ride in that and we go through a wendys drive thru, so i can get fries and dunk them in a frosty, youd be a 10 lol 4 4 6 7 :3 it got me so hot i was like sweating >__> 7 lol 8
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    JFC. On the one hand you call society soft. On the other hand you are whining about a kid that tried to stand up for himself after a guy 2 years older than him knocked out 8 of his teeth. If you think that speaks against Aliu's character, then you're the one that is soft. I've never used the N-word, so I'm not worried about the precedent set against racist assholes.
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    i started listening and then watching hockey about 1945. my life has taken many twists and turns over my 81 years. i’ve lost love ones, changed jobs, started a family, watched my son start his family, seen my grandson grow into a man. my life was full of ups and downs, but through it all, the one constant, has been my love of watching hockey games. when my wife had her stroke, because she didn’t like hockey, i stopped watching games. the day she died, the undertaker couldn’t take her body till the next day. while her mother spent her time, sorting through her clothes, my son and i sat beside her and watched a canuck game. that was how we grieved that loss. sports are not the be all, end all to our lives, but imo, having a team to cheer for, is like the punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. (if that makes any sense)
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    1. Deactivate 2. I don’t like you 3. Who are you? 4. Heard of you 5. Mutual 6. Not close, but cool with each other 7. I like you 8. Friend 9. Close friends 10. One of my best friends.
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    Strongly recommend swimming. Your weight will become Hell on your knees. If not a strong swimmer, use a kickboard tonnes. Another is a stationary bike. These two options are great in a combined program. edit: & best of luck! PPS: Ah Hell man, you've inspired me too! I've been trying for yrs to dump the 20 kg's I've gained, since doing tris. By Dec 1st next yr, I'll be at 74 kgs again. There, I've written it down. Thanks
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    And what a timely and sincere apology it was. The dude lawyered up and the apology was written for him. If you think that Peters' comment was more of an insult to rap music than to the people associated with it, then I'm going to believe that you are just one of the many people that have got so fed up with liberal BS that you're more concerned with tearing down that part of society than about thinking about the merit of specific incidents. I didn't want to see Peters fired (or resign) because I wanted to see him make amends. I would like to see this more often than just canceling/firing people; people need chances not only to redeem themselves but to repair the damage they did. I don't know if there are any "winners" today.
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    I love the passion, and the analysis and knowledge and history here. I do. I DO. But wow. For me personally (and maybe it's a life-stage thing), I suddenly realized this week that I just. don't. care. I don't! I don't care about a bunch of kids -- talented, nice for the most part, etc etc -- that play a game with a rubber disc, earn a $&!# ton of money and ... right, that's it. Hockey, football, soccer, baseball, whatEVER, it means nothing and provides even less. Go out, love the one you're with (or pine for the one you're not), read something weird. DO something weirder. ANYTHING, but devote so much of your free time to watching someone ELSE realize their dreams that YOU forget to do the same. I've had a negroni. But man, screw this weird abdication of investment in life by projecting my goals into some kid's ice dreams. Jebus.
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    Pretty tough to stop Gretz and Kurri 2.0, but every other line the Canucks should be able to beat. I hope the Canucks can bust out of their slump and flush the Coilers. I hope it’s a great, high scoring game that goes to OT. Best players in the league for a 3-3 battle...
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    Haven't read the thread. On the one hand, we can go back in time and find so many things that shouldn't have happened. But times were different and context matters. HOWEVER...never has it been ok to bully someone. I hated hazing for that very reason....could never understand how it was considered acceptable practice. Belittle someone to make them fit in...sounds legit. Loved Burkes statements about how they took a stand in the 80's. Leading the charge (re the rookie dinners too). There's something very sick and twisted about forcing someone into submissive behaviour. Little man/woman syndrome in action. Others' pain and humiliation should never be enjoyed or tolerated. People in positions of power who use that to intimidate, instill fear, manhandle or violate others in any way must be called out. Things used to be easier to sweep under the rug. There were groups that perpetuated this behaviour because of their sense of power and entitlement. A CEO. A coach. Whatever. Stuck together and often turned a blind eye. People generally enter hockey because of their love of the game. How DARE some ego fueled coaches take it to a level that threatens that?? They're supposed to inspire, and "coach"....be mentors not maniacs. Often living their own failed and miserable dreams through others? My son had a coach who fit the bill...I called him out. My kid left hockey the next year. I'm sorry that it took decades for some of this to be exposed - welcome to the age of social media and closet doors being kicked open. Don't be so hard on victims....it's a scary thing to step forward and confront someone who is in a position of power. Often, there's brainwashing that happens over time. It takes courage to talk about things that are so deeply painful and go up against powerful people. If you don't want things to hunt you down decades later....don't do them. We all should have a sense of right and wrong and it isn't rocket science to know that things that make others feel bad are wrong.
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    I have that guy on ignore but the post you quoted might be one of the dumbest I've seen on here in some time. Very impressive in its breadth of ignorance. No credit given for significant progress made.
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    The bold part is where you go wrong right from the beginning: your premise is skewed. You simply cannot look at the standings during Benning's tenure and claim he's a bad GM. We have been a rebuilding team during his tenure and not a contender, so of course our record has been horrible. However, Benning has turned this organization around drastically in a relatively short time. We now have one of the best and deepest prospect pools in the league, Brock, Petey, Hughes, Demko, etc. on the team. Your narrative is simply wrong.
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    Well said. Especially learning when the chips are down and how that pays off in the future. With how things are shaping up on our roster, I've found myself reflecting on the dynamics of the 80s Oilers before they became so dominant. I'm not saying we are that, or will be that, but that young core went through losing, making mistakes, and overcoming adversity together before realizing their potential. The first two seasons in the league were losing records. It wasn't until their 4th season together that they got to the Cup but lost 4 straight to the Islanders. Their 5th season they won the Cup to start their era. My point is ... that core Oilers team was so young and talented but it took time, experience, losing, and overcoming adversity to realize their potential. With Hughes now on the team with Petey, Boeser, Demko, along with Bo, Miller, Gaudette ... plus better role guys ... in some way it reminds me of those early Oilers in year one of entering the league. It's just taken us a while to get the next core together to start growing and learning together. These hard losses and implosions against the Caps, Pens, Flyers, Rangers, and battles like St. Louis are necessary for our young guys to experience as they mature. Think about it ... you can't really learn not to implode in third periods unless you experience what it's like to implode. The learning is in between.
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    Yeah. I hear you. I do most of my posting while at work (don’t tell anyone that I work with), and once I get home, I’d rather spend time with my family, play and record music, exercise, walk my dogs, cook, and sleep. If a game is on, I’ll check in, although I don’t have cable, and still follow the team’s progress. My emotional investment in the team is compartmentalized and doesn’t bleed in to any other aspects of my life.
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    And if one player is caught on camera calling another a faggot, should he be ineligible from ever playing in the NHL again? This has obviously happened before. It happens all the time on the ice if you've played hockey at any sort of level competitively. By the standard set here today that answer would be yes. There has to be a standard but this one infraction and you're done standard we've set is unacceptable. Basically, we're asking fallible entities to be perfect every time all the time.
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    While I do believe that Peters has a body of work as a coach that clearly proves that he is way out of touch with his players and players in general, there is something slightly Orwellian about the practice lately of digging into someone’s past to find something damning to vilify them with.
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    Expect him to sign in spring and report to Utica, where he will likely play next season as well. Incredible skillset, give him another year to mature and get stronger. No need to rush him, its possible he gets some time in the NHL next year, but think they will give him more time.
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    Been there and came back to see what the heck was going on in 2011. I have stuck around because aside from my other passions in life, I had cut off TV, Movies ( Hollywood/Pedowood in general ), Fraud Media News of all forms and advertising. Basically I was shutting off all of the manufactured engineering and messaging. Woke! But I had a strong desire for some form of entertaintment...hockey, basketball and boxing were the answer, all online!
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    Let this be the beginning of a winning streak. We need to get back to some basics and get us some Ws.
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    I respect the young man for coming forward. But if he turns it into a cash grab, and an excuse for why he didn't have an NHL career. I will lose all respect for him.
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    Aliu said he believes that incident with Peters “ruined my career before it started.” “Look at the numbers. I was on pace for 20 goals in my first pro season and I wasn’t getting any power-play or penalty-kill time. Zero special teams,” Aliu said. “I feel like this ruined my career before it started. I don’t think that can be disputed. https://www.tsn.ca/akim-aliu-speaks-publicly-on-allegations-against-calgary-flames-head-coach-bill-peters-1.1403974?fbclid=IwAR0Ew1d97usQOH6dR648fIp7afjvDrfHFZznct_skhmBnvfawy8C-P5pBA0 Aliu is setting the stage for a giant lawsuit as he claims that those words and the incident ruined his career. I won't be surprised if we hear him, in the coming weeks, say that he could have played in the NHL and made millions had that one incident not occurred. So now he wants that lost income/money from Peters. The words used and actions by Peters were ignorant. But lets face it, if Aliu was good enough to play in the NHL he would have made it. Now he sees this as his chance to make some money. A sad situation society has devolved to.
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    https://www.tsn.ca/video/akim-aliu-lawyer-have-no-comment-after-exiting-nhlpa-offices~1840508 There. He hired a lawyer. Only thing lawyers do is go after people's money.
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    ATTENTION GMs: There appears to be some confusion over the posting of Waivers and roster moves in general, most notably the part about each transaction needing to be clearly titled and in its own post. From the CBA re: Waivers specifically: Bolded below is and has been in effect since 2009, please be sure to follow the proper channels in making your roster moves, it keeps things valid, keeps things organized and lets other teams know if a player may become available via waivers etc. This post is not directed at any one @AndreLePlum individual at all, just a friendly reminder to everyone to keep on top of things. Thanks guys. 5.4 – Waivers Any player that has exceeded the Waivers Exemption threshold is required to pass through waivers in order to be assigned to the minors after the start of the season. Waivers Exemption Thresholds 23 years old or younger - 150 NHL game threshold (100 games for goaltenders) 24 years old or younger - 100 NHL game threshold (75 games for goaltenders) 26 years old or younger - 50 NHL game threshold (25 games for goaltenders) To place a player on waivers, you simply post in the thread that you are placing that player on waivers. The waivers placement must be in it's own post and clearly phrased. Waivers assignments that do not follow this format will not be processed and the player will not be on waivers. Players will remain on waivers for 24 hours. - In order to claim a player, send a PM to canuck2xtreme indicating your desire to claim the player. The claim must be made within the 24 hour window. After the 24 hour period expires, either canuck2xtreme will post whether the player has cleared waivers, or if they have been claimed. - A player that is on waivers will remain in their roster position until either: • The player has cleared waivers and been assigned elsewhere. • The player has been claimed by another team. (Once a player has been claimed, their roster spot will become available for call-ups/replacements etc.) - Players that are claimed by more than one team will be awarded to the team that is ranked lowest in the overall league standings at that time. - Unclaimed players can either be placed into your clubs minor league system or back onto the active roster. Your team must designate where your player is to go either at the time of being placed on waivers, or shortly after the 24 hour waiver period has expired. If a player clears waivers, they will not be subject to waivers for the 14 day period after they cleared. - Players claimed on waivers cannot be assigned to their new clubs minor league affiliate without clearing waivers again. - When a player is claimed, both the team that waived the player and the team receiving the player incur a waivers fee of $50,000 chargeable against the salary cap.
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    Truly, the only excuse for blowing games this year, is growing pains from a young team. I am not alarmed in the least.
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    I'm enjoying how we're posting in prose. Roses are red Violets are blue coleman hooray hall you're a poo
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    I appreciate this. I'm never going to stop loving the game, and I think its value, beauty and history transcend words. But I agree wholeheartedly that it should not consume as much of your life as it appears to for some in these online hockey circles. There's great wonder in the sport, in my view--but this is as an extension of life, which should never be neglected too much for the sport. I see a lot of people on here having such narrow scopes... scopes of experience, scopes of understanding, scopes of culture. It's quite sad. Go climb the mountain of the world, Dis. It's there for you to scale. All the best.
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    Please use facts. To lump this team in to the team's history from 4 years ago is unfair and inappropriate. Only a handful of guys were even here back then. And, to be fair...4 years ago the team had 191 goals for. We're nearly halfway to that number already and this year we're on pace for 266 according to what we've scored to date in relation to where the season's at. We were 29th out of 30 teams 4 years ago! This year? We're 7th in a league of 31. Fact. Remember when we were screaming for goals? You may be stuck in time/4 years ago but the team is not, so give them credit. Unless, of course, it's never enough (which is the opposite of us rah rah rah'ers). Not the same storybook. There's been some fun hockey to watch despite the results...not picture perfect, but scoring, some great goaltending, a magician on d who will refine his game as he matures, etc. I am a fan of these things, even if you think of them as "same ol". They're not. I was at games 4 years ago where we lost 4-0 and did NOTHING at all. I can tell you, this year's been fun despite losing some that we should have won. They have a lot of work to do...so how about we stand by and support them rather than pack it in because of teams before them and by bringing up 4 years ago in an argument that doesn't really hold water or have relevance? Using an expiry date that predates the roster? They have shown, on ice, that they're changing. They were slow and had trouble scoring. They're fast, dynamic and scoring goals. That does expose some weaknesses if the defensive game breaks down and, obviously, they have to refine some things. But it's a matter of getting acclimatized, first, then tweaking. You have to see what you have to work on before you can start work. So, for crying out loud, don't somehow give this team a "history" that isn't theirs or relevant. Allow them to write their own, then decide?? The "this team sucks" is getting old and worn out for some. At least base the assessment on each team respectively, not on "this team" collectively like it doesn't ever change. Damn that Dana Murzyn. You may be stuck in the past but the team isn't and it's time to let go and give these guys a fresh slate to work from. I'm starting it at this year in a fair shake for them to actually have time to develop and learn.
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