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    Several years ago my son and I did the Trans Siberian Railroad from Beijing to St. Petersburg. During the trip we either stayed with couchsurfers or met up with them and had them show us their city. When we got to Yekaterinburg we met up with Olga and her husband Dan who we had previously contacted on the Couchsurfing website. Olga had asked what we wanted to see during our visit and the first thing I mentioned was that we wanted to go to a KHL game. She was able to get tickets to the game against Omsk and told me that it would be no trouble to purchase a team jersey at the game. While we sere heading to the arena, she informed me that Dan actually was in charge of printing the programs for the game and because of their contacts, I would be able to get my jersey signed by the whole Avtomobilist team. When we entered the arena, Olga went off to talk to a lady that she knew. She came back to inform us that the lady was the arena manager and that, since I knew about Nikita Tryamkin, he would come out to visit with me for fifteen minutes after the game. He didn't speak much English and managed to express to me that he was pleased that Vancouver fans were happy to have him join the Canucks for the next season and that he was looking forward to continuing his career in Vancouver. Awesome experience
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    Vancouver Canucks (23-15-4) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (24-13-4) 4:00 PM PST at Amalie Arena TV: SNP RADIO: SN650 Last Time VS The Lightning A Friendly Reminder... (That the Bolts traded JT Miller to the Canucks...) In Case You Missed It... (PAD STACK!!!...) The Good Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards J.T. MILLER Rating: 76.8#21 LW ELIAS PETTERSSON Rating: 79.7#12 C BROCK BOESER Rating: 75.9#20 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 77.48#7 FL1 TANNER PEARSON Rating: 75.0#27 LW BO HORVAT Rating: 76.4#25 C LOUI ERIKSSON Rating: 70.5#106 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 73.96#16 FL2 ANTOINE ROUSSEL Rating: 71.3#106 LW ADAM GAUDETTE Rating: 70.8#131 C JAKE VIRTANEN Rating: 73.1#54 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 71.75#17 FL3 TIM SCHALLER Rating: 68.2#141 LW JAY BEAGLE Rating: 67.6#179 C TYLER MOTTE Rating: 69.2#131 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 68.34#31 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense ALEXANDER EDLER Rating: 76.7#7 LD TROY STECHER Rating: 71.5#86 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 74.13#21 DL1 QUINN HUGHES Rating: 75.4#14 LD CHRIS TANEV Rating: 71.8#74 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 73.61#17 DL2 OSCAR FANTENBERG Rating: 70.7#108 LD TYLER MYERS Rating: 73.9#30 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 72.31#16 DL3 GOALIES JACOB MARKSTROM Rating: 70.6#15 G1 THATCHER DEMKO Rating: 67.2#39 G2 Team Analysis Top 5 Scorers: Elias Pettersson: 19G-25A-44P in 42GP JT Miller: 15G-25A-40P in 42GP Brock Boeser: 13G-26A-39P in 42 GP Bo Horvat: 12G-23A-35P in 42 GP Tanner Pearson: 12G-18A-30P in 42GP Who’s Hot: Bo Horvat: On a three game point streak, accumulating 7 points (2G, 5A) in that span Quinn Hughes: Three game point streak (1G, 2A), with 4 points in his last five games played. Jacob Markstrom: During the Canucks 7 game win streak, Markstrom went 6-0 with a .939 SV%, and a 2.5 GAA. Who’s Not: The 4th Line: Despite arguably strong defensive play, has only contributed two goals (Both by Tyler Motte) since October 30, 2019. Troy Stecher: His last scored points were on December 7th, 2019, a 2 assist night against Buffalo. Who to Watch for: Alex Edler: Watch for a strong offensive outing from him as he recently had a 4 game point streak snapped, with 5 assists in 4 games between December 23, 2019 and January 2nd, 2020. The Celly Line: Just because... Sick Bay: Micheal Ferland: UBI, may join roadtrip at a later date Josh Leivo: Fractured kneecap, 2 to 3 months Brandon Sutter: UBI, may join roadtrip at a later date Tyler Graovac: LBI, no timetable The Other Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards STEVEN STAMKOS Rating: 79.9#7 LW BRAYDEN POINT Rating: 79.9#10 C NIKITA KUCHEROV Rating: 82.1#2 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 80.61#2 FL1 ONDREJ PALAT Rating: 74.2#38 LW ANTHONY CIRELLI Rating: 75.1#41 C TYLER JOHNSON Rating: 74.2#54 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 74.51#11 FL2 PATRICK MAROON Rating: 73.1#66 LW CEDRIC PAQUETTE Rating: 70.8#132 C ALEX KILLORN Rating: 76.6#22 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 73.49#6 FL3 CARTER VERHAEGHE Rating: 72.2#85 LW MITCHELL STEPHENS Rating: 72.9#80 C YANNI GOURDE Rating: 72.4#64 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 72.51#2 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense VICTOR HEDMAN Rating: 79.8#2 LD JAN RUTTA Rating: 72.2#65 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 76.00#6 DL1 BRAYDON COBURN Rating: 71.4#96 LD ERIK CERNAK Rating: 73.0#48 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 72.23#27 DL2 KEVIN SHATTENKIRK Rating: 74.4#27 LD MIKHAIL SERGACHEV Rating: 74.6#22 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 74.47#3 DL3 GOALIES ANDREI VASILEVSKIY Rating: 71.0#12 G1 CURTIS MCELHINNEY Rating: 71.5#10 G2 On the Prospect Front...
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    I’ll give you a hint. It’s gonna be a team that was involved in the J.T. Miller trade.
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    Holy &^@# boys, big test. Start strong. Get a good jump on this road trip.
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    Everybody that participated in the last game earned 1 point, except one person who picked the Rangers. On the road again... Predict the winner and the score - (5pts for both, 1pt for just the winner) Bonus question - Which Canuck scores the first road goal of 2020? (1pt) In the event that no Canuck scores in regulation or OT, this prediction will carry over to the next game. Updated leaderboard: Updated 2nd half top ten: My predictions: Canucks win 3-2 Boeser gets the first road goal of 2020 Good luck and Go Go!
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    It's a long article so I won't post the whole thing, but another story about EP's character: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/elias-pettersson-vancouver-canucks-deportation-big-read/ Basically, his childhood friends/neighbors were deported from Sweden back to Armenia. Given 15 minutes to pack before they were forced to leave. EP invited them to see him play in Vancouver last December. They were first reunited about 6-7 years later when Pettersson was playing in Sweden: Pettersson wanted to be at the airport in Stockholm to greet them, but he had a game in Sundsvall. His squad lost 5–0, but any disappointment about the result was soon forgotten. On the way home, the team’s driver pulled into a gas station and announced that something was wrong with the bus. When a minivan pulled up and parked alongside them, the driver then announced, “Hey, look who’s here.” The Danielyans stepped out of their ride and were immediately rushed by Pettersson and his teammates. “I hugged them and didn’t let go of them,” Pettersson says.
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    Horvat has been playing well recently, putting up points under the radar. 35 points in 42 games. Solid numbers for a 2nd line center. Pearson has been a good addition for him. Need a Pod as his RW.
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    Shhh, don't tell them. They don't pay very close attention to hockey so might not notice. (I thought the same thing..."here we go..").
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    First off he isn't Marchand, second I would not want Marchand on this team an any costs - this would be worse than acquiring 'Mess'. There is a difference between playing with an edge and playing like a brain dead cheapshot artist licking men.
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    I'm not clear on what the problem is... not being able to go big on another UFA? not sure thats such a bad thing, given the risks of free agent signings going sideways quite often. We've also got a ton of talent on ELCs and bridge deals, which is a sign of a successful rebuilding process. There's 18 mil for next year as things stand today. I don't see either Stech or Tanev coming back, due to Tryamkin very likely coming back. Tanev may walk for nothing if we make the playoffs, but may also be moved if Jim can recover a 1st. Marky - 6 Tryamkin - 3 Rafferty - 1 Leaving 8 mil to fill out the bridge deals for Jake, AG and bringing up guys from Utica. Yes its a bit tight, but not sure we really need to go out and make a free agency splash either. Now if Jim can somehow move Sutter or Loui then great, go shopping but the team can actually improve a bit and stay within the cap for next year imo.
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    Absolutely. So nice, especially when the Canucks are losing and the haters are spewing their venom throughout most of CDC, to be able to go to the prospects section and see what's been going on with Madden, Pods, Hogs, Tram, etc. and dream about the future.
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    Let's be perfectly honest, it isn't Bettmans sole decision - the NHL owners/BOG representatives will meet, then they will give Bettman their decision, then Bettman will deliver the decision and either take the criticism or the blame - but don't fool yourselves for an instance and believe a group of 30+ billionaires are going to let Bettman make these kinds of decisions all by himself without their official orders. Bettman does what owners want, not the other way around.
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    I was preparing some minor outrage but then Alf stole the show, well played sir.
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    Assistant coach for Russia (Larionov) WJC describes Podkolzin as a young Messier: https://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/former-canuck-igor-larionov-describes-vasili-podkolzin-as-a-young-mark-messier-1.24047160
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    My breathe contains more THC.
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    That's ok, Canuck fans are known for their patience.
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    Canucks win 3-1. VAN: Miller Miller Miller TBL: 2020 OR 2021 1st round pick ...Wait
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    Yes it is. Just remember that next time when you hit scotch and some guy offers to take you to his place.
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    I could see the Green haters come out in force when they catch wind of this If they were willing to accept that crack pot Babcock they'll take Lavatory Laviolette.
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    I thought Pods played well. I don't know the makeup of the Russian team but is it possible he had to take a backseat to the 19yo's? He'll be back next year, and then as a 19yo will be expected to play a bigger role.
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    I actually think it will alleviate a lot of the pressure on Edler. Hughes-Tanev, Edler-Myers, Tryamkin-Stecher are three well rounded pairs
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    ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING SEATTLE EXPANSION: We currently have 3 teams in need of GMs. As it stands, adding a 4th team does not make sense unless the rest of the slots are already filled. With that said, we hope to be able to proceed with expansion on schedule, but teams are now notified that we are operating moving forward as though we will NOT be proceeding with expansion. When the open teams are filled, we will make a decision on expansion at that point. For now however, teams can operate under the assumption that there will not be an expansion draft until otherwise notified.
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    His subtle playmaking was as surprise. He is a smart player with a good motor
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    Having a small, skilled player who isn't afraid of rough play and sticks up for himself is a great prospect to have.
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    According to JB Podz is ready to step in and play on Canucks right now. He said Podz will be signed end of his KHL contract after next season and play in the NHL directly. Remember he's only 18. He said Hogz is ahead of schedule in his development https://www.google.com/amp/s/theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/ed-willes-musings-signing-jacob-markstrom-to-a-new-deal-should-be-canucks-top-priority/amp • Vasili Podkolzin, the Canucks first-rounder from this summer, has another season on his deal in Russia but Jim Benning has a pretty good idea of where he’ll be playing the year after that. “We’ll sign him and he’ll step right in and play,” the Canucks’ GM said. “He could play right now.” Podkolzin played a feature rule for Russia at the WJC, finishing with a goal and five points in seven games. The best part? He’s still only 18. And here’s Benning on Nils Hoglander, the 19-year-old who led Sweden with 11 points in seven games at the WJC: “He’s ahead of schedule.”
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    The closer we get to the trade deadline, and seeing how players have been performing this year, it is hard not to look forward to next season and how the team is going to have to choose who to re-sign to stay under the cap. We have a real possibility of having a worse roster next year than this one. We can't count on re-signing all our UFAs/RFAs, and also can't count on all the players who are having career years this year matching their output next season. Even status quo means the talk of making a move for another top 6 winger (unless a pure rental, which Benning has said isn't really their aim), highly unlikely. Unfortunately three of our better success stories are three of the few players needing new contracts (Markstrom, Gaudette, and Virtanen). If Tanev continues to have a healthy year, that ups his value as well. We pretty much have to say goodbye to Stecher and Leivo, they will command more than we can afford. Markstrom is going to get $5.5-6.0 if not more; Virtanen is probably in the $2.25-3.0 range; Gaudette will get a healthy raise of up to a million dollars more; Tanev probably $5 million or more on a short term deal. That is pretty much all our cap space even assuming a rise of a couple million to the ceiling. It highlights a critical need to get one of Eriksson; Sutter; or Baertschi off the books just to have enough room that our roster doesn't get worse next season and even have a chance of filling a hole or two. Sutter or Baertschi shouldn't be TOO tough to move, it means adding a sweetener or a prospect or pick. Eriksson if we can't get him to retire means moving a high pick or a higher prospect like Madden out in order to move... but that should also be on the table since the opportunity cost of not having that cap space will cost us valuable pieces that we have to let go or cost us the ability to make moves to solidify our roster. We might need Hoglander and one of Juolevi/Rafferty in the lineup just to have cheap ELCs filling roster spots. None of the math even considers adding a guy like Tryamkin who would cost in the $2-3 million range most likely to have him leave the comfort of the KHL. (In before the inevitable comments to just sit back and enjoy... am enjoying our current season and how things are going... but it is actually possible to think about more than one thing at the same time). [Edit: I should have mentioned this too... it is later in the thread but folks might not read that far. We also are contending with $2-3 million in bonus overages for Petterson and Hughes that will likely be pushed into next year taking more space off the cap than it is projected to rise. AND we also have to be another $3 million under the cap next year to cover expected ELC bonuses from that year because we can’t afford to push them into the year we have to actually pay Petterson and Hughes ].
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    Totally true but there are people who by default make jokes to get by in this messed up world.
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    It’s hard for guys to come forward and admit this happened. As a man you are supposed to be tough and strong and this little dweeb did this to you. I can see why they would have hard time coming forward. @kingofsurrey I am with you on the punishment part, I would prefer to use sheers on his junk though. Guns are so violent and blasé.
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    Joke's on you The creepy little rapist already took your belt off. You took too long to punch him
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    Photo of Alf when he was younger...
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    Agreed. Podz has playmaking ability and IQ. He creates turnovers and then knows how to get that puck to players who should be in a scoring position.... but just not score. No finish with his linemates. Very effective as a fore checker, a PKer, good ar distributing the puck and retrieving it. He has all the attributes you would normally want in a center. As for the lowered production, Podz is 18, he is one of 2 players that will be eligible for next years WJ's. Maybe Podz was assigned to more of a puck possession line. Getting the puck and getting it into the offensive zone and then forcing a faceoff. Like Manny during the cup run. Speaking of Manny, great defensive forward. Drafted 7th OA if I recall, career high 15g. Faceoff king and his career was cut short by a freakish eye injury. If that kinda player is what Podz's floor is. If he can be converted to center, which based on his play other than faceoffs, seems to suit. Then this organization has the personal to teach this guy how to take draws. Imagine him as our 3rd line center/winger with Gaudette and Rousell. That would be a pesty line. If Podz clicks with Horvat or Pettersson when he arrives in the NHL, he could be a Selkie candidate type of player in the future. Very excited about this pick.
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    Still don't know how he didn't get suspended for that. Worse than the spitting incident earlier this year IMO.
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    How about the cookies Iggy sampled?
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    We have a trade to announce... To CGY - Sean Monahan, Noah Hanifin, Alexander Nylander To DAL - Teuvo Teravainen, Shayne Gostisbehere, Garnet Hathaway, Oskari Laaksonen, CGY 2020 1st Round Pick @Master Mind
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    he's short, but he's not small
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    you're determined to have Tanev back.... can you really tell me Nik and Rafferty are a step down from Tanev and Stecher? I like Tanev but its time to move on even if he has a little left in the tank, much like Hamhius. Tanev is having an exceptionally rare year of being injury free btw. Your cap calc is only a problem if we keep Tanev, which I think is very unlikely and don't agree you can prove thats a step back.
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    Pods was on the #1 PP and did do PK. He regularly set up team mates particulary from behind the net and his net front was very consistent. His passing was top notch. It was obvious to me that his coach thought highly of his play. I would not compare him to Jake as it is way to early. I was very impressed.
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    Good thing you don't have to then
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    Lack of IQ, he forces the play too much. He deserves more points but he certainly wasn't taking over. So many people here are really trying their best to hold the rose coloured glasses to their faces. He's a long way of being a benefit for us as a skill player. He puts his teammates into bad positions with his passes in the neutral zone, has a lot of turnovers on the cycle and ultimately doesn't think the game well (yet) when checked heavily. He'll get there but he definitely isn't there yet. He wasn't dominant in the tournament (rather invisible if we compare him to some other more prominent Russians). He's young, still has lots of time but he has the tools he just needs to figure out how to use them. His foreechecking is fantastic though and his board play is great for his age. He's hit and miss with his passing/timing but he can figure that out. We'll see eventually if things click but right now he's gonna be more of a checker than a skill guy.
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    You need to get off the Loui hate. Just let it go, man. He's been contributing to the team, as well as supporting his line really well. There's nobody in Utica that could effectively replace him right now and anyone that could replace him in Vancouver is injured. Can't believe you are making fun of the poster's English. How's your Swedish coming along?
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