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    I did all I could. I only found out my teammates when they died, lol. I surrender.
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    As of yesterday, Canada has tested 256,933 people while the United States has tested 1,149,960. Per capita, Canada has tested about 6,780 people per million while the US has tested about 3,749 people per million. Canada testing source: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html US testing source: https://covidtracking.com/data/us-daily/
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    Tentative Sim Schedule: Season 2 Schedule Sat Apr 4 - Send in new lines Sun Apr 5 - October Mon Apr 6 - November Tues Apr 7 - December Wed Apr 8 - First 3 weeks of January Thur Apr 9 - Last two weeks of Jan, first week of Feb Fri Apr 10 - Sim up to Feb.23 (Trade deadline at midnight Saturday) Sat Apr 11 - March/April Sun Apr 12 - Playoffs Mon Apr 13 to Wed Apr 15 - Draft / Re-sign stage Thurs Apr 16 to Sat Apr 18 - Free Agency Sun Apr 19 - Send in new lines to Nail Mon Apr 20 - Season 3 begins If you're ready to send in lines now, you may do so after tonight's free agency wave.
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    That was &^@#ing stressful Had a blast though Thanks to everyone
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    Me and another player comprise the CDC We can investigate as well as create and administer the vaccine (that part is very limited). MR has been investigated and is Patient Zero Holy &^@#
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    Naslund hit all the bonuses on his ELC
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    Lol. Dreams do come true. I knew BJ was maf. Well nit right away of course. BW was in the pms. He was very constructive in his pms. Thats why i sed it was a game with in a game. Aladeen wanted him in the pms but was not happy mh involved him. I figured he wanted to know where bw stood. The pms really took away from the original game. People were easily led. So he was tp. Bw was left in the game for safe vote. But he didnt reveal baka. I made that out. 112 was so brazen. Her outburst and antics made her tp. Her false claims did very little but raise needless suspicion on other players. That would be stoopid for her to act that way with 2 maf left in play. That made her tp. Along with her outburst to quit playing lol. BJ played on BW and 112s hate on for me. He built up their tunnel vision. I thought it was BW at first then reread all bjs comments. But the 2 tps were so blinded. Even when I was saved...i told u all at my lynching that I was TP. No reason to lie... So regardless if I played this out and spit all this out. It would not have ended any different. Right? Lol gg.
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    Whoever asked that question is a fool. This is why people hate the media here.
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    So due to some technical difficulties last night in the 2007 CSL FREE AGENCY Show. We are currntly uncertain if we will do anotehr show tonight. Carlu and Nail don't seem to be on the same page due to lack of prep on one end of the spectrum. Once again thanks for all coming out last night was a blast to chat. But as of now NO SHOW for tonight. Thank you
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    So basically what you're saying is that we can infer whatever garbage/nonsense we want and pass it off as 'reading btw the lines' because mone of it has to be reasonably justified/factually supported. Smh I have yet to hear from any credible media source that Brackett is "unhappy". If that's wrong, by all means someone post something credible. If not, this gossip belongs in the trash
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    I loved the gif role. It's not an every game thing, but if someone popped it out again a year from now I'd enjoy it.
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    You &^@#ing rat bastard Beluga Whale. I &^@#ing knew it was you all along. The ratio of going after you vs others was prolly 75:25 the entire match on my end. &^@# &^@# &^@#. I even hate your guts that much more for pretending last night that we actually won!!!! If it wasn’t for the stupid back and forth replies you, BJ, Stamkos, Falcon had before nightfall last night I would have never changed my opinion of you. Swung us your way so props for that. I even said it last night after the post game locks on Falcon that I had a bad feeling about you from the begging and it was hard to ignore your up my ass play. falcon45ca &^@#, we all got played and had no other choice. BW u little weasel I swear to GOD !!!!!! Honestly &^@# you for that little back and forth between the 4 of u prior to nightfall. That changed everything and either way, you won even before I changed my vote to a lock because Stamkos and you did which would have resulted in a win through tie/parity anyways
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    Holy s***, please change your avatar.
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    Whatever, dumb game, hosts always make me mafia.
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    You want to milk me? Wtf is wrong with you?
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    Good news today. My doctor called me on his lunch hour. (Never had my Dr. call me before). Said he's renewing refills for 6 months. Still wants me to get my blood sugar checked in the next three weeks. Told me to get out and get some fresh air. (Which I did). And do what I can to get walks and exercise in. Doctor/Patient 1 Evil Receptionist 0
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    Very true, Dick. No time for people to loosen up on social distancing. Time to keep it up and stay hard on distancing.
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    The death count is regrettable, but the new infections numbers seem promising to me. I have faith in BC to kick this horrible virus to the curb. But it depends on all of us
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    Pretty sure it says “if you can read this... back the fck off, creep”. I’ve seen that tattoo lots of times. Probably has something to do with me being on my 6th gym membership this year
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    Probably the same guy who asked if OJ was injury prone.
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    Thats just a stupid question to ask. Of course he's not going to Utica, that seems very obvious
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    That doctor just destroyed the whole faux news narrative. He deserves a medal. Watch the single celled organisms on the far right start sending him death threats now.
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    But for some reason, you seem to be making the assumption that they're not....that seems to me to be by far the more unlikely scenario.
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    https://globalnews.ca/video/6766400/man-busted-for-selling-masks-in-richmond?fbclid=IwAR3ZCc8P9wewKApuGwTtfnJqeyHNq1D5F1SmZb7etwROsBEB-LmMf24GS-Q Scum of the earth...sure, "selling at cost to his friends" in a mall parking lot. Has the gall to argue his case. Should be able to confiscate his car too in my view. And Revenue Canada should follow up as well to see how much he's reported in earnings. In a time of crisis when people prey on the vulnerable and interrupt supply chains that could be used by professionals at risk trying to help others, I have zero tolerance for these lowlifes. The masks should all be donated to hospitals. Good work, bylaw officer!
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    First and last role heavy game for me. Thanks to the players who stuck it out, was hoping for some gifs and vids to entertain while playing game and was not disappointed. Good job by all!
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    People getting crazy during the quarantine:
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    I can't wait to see him in action. Knocking guys, clearing the crease, and having 3 guys chasing him down after a good hit. He could actually draw penalties that way.
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    If the glove fits? You must ah never mind... At 25, doesn't big Nik have to clear waivers to be assigned to the minors anyway? Add to it that it will be a one way contract. Not that we have not buried contracts. But it was just a dumb question the reporter asked.
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    thx jesus ...no game in london
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    The way I see things, Tryamkin was 21 the last time he was here. He's got three more seasons of experience under his belt (albeit KHL) plus three more years of maturity. This time around we need to utilize him to leverage his natural strengths rather than trying to turn him into something he's not. I was at a few games that year and Tryamkin can be an impact player on D if we let him. For a big guy, imo, he moves the puck up ice well on the rush. Imo, he sees the ice really well too. He can also contain well, be a force in front, and make guys pay on the half-boards. Where we are right now, I think he's a much better fit as compared to the last time he was here. The opportunity to have two guys at 6'7 and 6'8 on our blue line is too great to pass up. I also think Myers and Tryamkin may be able to find some sort of good relationship as teammates. I mean, if I was a young guy at 6'7, it would be great to have a similar sized teammate who's been in the league and understands how you need to use your size. Myers could be the perfect mentor for him. At least from a relatability standpoint.
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    Toffoli staying gives me hope we can keep him.
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    I agree, and I chalked this up to a cold, but I'm pretty certain I have a mild strain. The wife's symptoms are the exact same as a few students from my school and the same as mine, minus pink eye. I was sure it was just a cold until my lungs started burning about 8 days ago. I'm a teacher, I get everything, buy i havent felt my lungs burn this way before. I'm glad I have isolated myself from everyone for three weeks. I went two days with no symptoms, but the burning came back last night after some physical exertion the day before........I'm happy to say it greatly reduced overnight.
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    My new work out routine this week has been power washing the driveway, painting the bedroom and building planter boxes. I'm tired but not bored. Thanks 'honey -do list' Drinking more than usual, but mostly vodka soda. Life is about balance.
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    ....and it was the staunch Trudeau hater that was hoping for the opposite.....am I doing this right?
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    Yet you always reply and argue lol
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    Came back and see you still demean people by calling them children when you don't like what they said. Good times.
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    From what I've been reading, the pendulum has been swinging back and forth quite a bit and now it's more or less in favor of masks, although it seems to be a bit more of a "can't hurt" endorsement rather than a "you must do this" imperative. I think the important thing to bear in mind is that masks are far more important to healthcare professionals than the average citizen and until we can say that the medical community has all they need, the rest of us should probably forgo the use of masks, unless they happen to be Covid-19 positive, or at high risk for infection.
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    I think @smithers joe said it perfectly earlier... Who know's, why Brackett hasn't signed is extension? Fairly sure its all ifs, buts and maybes... If Brackett does decide not to sign, so be it... There could be loads of reasons, and with the Canucks having done well in the drafting department recently, there will be a lot of lifted eye brows around the league... and it wouldn't be a surprise, if a big offer came in from a franchise hoping he could bring some of the star drafting to their club. In saying this, find it slightly odd that almost total lack of support and belief in Benning, who after all was a scout prior to becoming assistant GM in Boston. I am also sure they have a plan leading up to the draft, where they have placed the majority of the players in order, thus despite them discussing, who to draft at the table, the plan has already more or less been laid beforehand. Anyone participating in the decision making on draft day and through out the year deserve a pat on the back for the vast improved drafting. And as head of Amateur Scouting Brackett in particular deserves great credit, but for me, that's where it ends. Like our management team a lot, and if anyone should leave so be it. Until we can see drafting going backwards again, I think saying Brackett is a messiah is a bit premature.... good drafting or not.
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    Well, one country's leader enforced social distancing and mass testing almost immediately... ....while the other country's leader tried to pray the virus away after weeks of ignoring it. Now here we are months later....one leader can boast about low infection rates, while the other leader can only brag about how high his ratings are. When this outbreak began, I was constantly tuning in to Trump's pressers for information, now I just tune in occasionally, and that's just for a laugh. The governors pressers are where the real info comes from.
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