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    I just want to say our neighbours suck. The US is a nation of selfishness. And this pandemic has shown how different they are from other countries of the world. At the best of times they bully Canada on trade. During a pandemic, they react too slowly and THEY send troops to the border? And are now cutting off equipment made in the US. With friends like that who needs enemies?
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    Welcome to Mafia: Lombardy! A quaint little boy Master Radishes went for a walk in a beautiful garden near the city center, full of radishes and butterflies. The little boy loved nature and always enjoyed the fresh wind blowing through his hair. He ran from one side to the other, taking care not to damage the flowers in the beautiful garden. BANG* Just outside Duomo Di Milano and near the city center, gunshots rang. The little boy ran back home to his mama. PSSHHHHH* The news flashed to a new segment. "Breaking News": A group of mafia are going around the quaint town of Lombardy taking care of all the elderly people in town. Taking care of business and occasionally murdering a younger person. "EVERYONE STAY IN YOUR HOMES AND SELF-ISOLATE UNTIL WE TAKE CARE OF THESE MAFIA MEMBERS", the Prime Minister of Italy exclaimed. A picture of the suspects flashed on the screen It is now up to the town to unite and do their part to get rid of the mafia. Signups open! If you don't know how to play I will send you introductions to the game. This will be a mostly vanilla game so keep this in mind throughout the game. PMs not allowed fatty
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    Hmmmmm, BC pulp to make those masks!
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    You’ll have to inflate her though.
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    I remember a day, not so long ago, when no planes were allowed to land in the U.S.. Canada allowed all those planes to land in this country, thousands of passengers spent days living with private Canadian citizens. Now some orange idiot has crapped on our friendship.
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    send errr again
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    New Cases: 53 Total: 1,174 541 VCH 412 FH 74 VI 126 Int 21 North 1 new long term care home (total 22 facilities) 176 of cases are in care homes 146 in hospital 64 in ICU Increase in deaths (4 more) - 3 in Haro Park/Lynn Valley 641 completely recovered
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    Playoffs??? I just hope we can go outside.
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    33-year-old firefighter, father of 2, dies from coronavirus A 33-year-old Passaic firefighter died from coronavirus complications on Tuesday morning, officials said. Israel Tolentino died from complications after contracting COVID-19, Passaic Mayor Hector Lora said in a Facebook Live, flanked by Passaic Fire Chief Patrick Trentacost. Tolentino, who joined the Passaic Fire Department in December 2018, leaves behind a wife and two children, ages 7 and 9, Lora said. Battling tears, Trentacost said that Tolentino’s death was considered a line of duty death, as he remembered the young firefighter who fulfilled his dream of joining the fire department little more than a year ago. “Israel was a great father, person, husband, son,” said Trentacost. When he wasn’t fighting fires for Passaic, Tolentino served as an EMT, said Trentacost. In 2017, Tolentino, along with family and friends, set up a coat drive for his city, said Lora. During the afternoon press briefing, Governor Phil Murphy honored Tolentino and said he had spoken to Trentacost, Lora and Tolentino’s wife, offering condolences. “By all accounts an incredible guy," said Murphy. "And somebody who we mourn with his family friends.” Tolentino’s death comes as first responders continue to work on the frontlines of the worsening pandemic, often growing sick themselves. Three Newark police officers and six firefighters tested positive for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, city officials announced Tuesday. *************************** If it can take out a 33 year old firefighter, it can get your ass too. Stay the frack inside.
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    When a new noob joins
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    I'm betting we could get a pretty long list of folks on these boards who would be willing to help you out with that....
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    Pretty elite to see that 23 teams have already submitted lines! The remaining teams to submit lines are: @winterhawks @Jaku @dough teeth @Zfetch @kj29 @JE14 @falcon45ca( @Vrienzy) If all teams can get their lines in by tomorrow, there will be sims tomorrow. The deadline is tomorrow night at midnight, keep in mind the punishments for not sending in lines will remain the same as last season. Best player suspended until you send lines in 1st round pick confiscated if you miss the playoffs
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    The pulp to make those 3M N95 masks that Trump is denying Canada, Is from the employee owned Harmac Pulp Mill in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island It is specialty pulp made from BC Red Cedar Chips which are only available in quantity from BC Story here https://www.vicnews.com/business/nanaimos-harmac-mill-works-to-fill-doubled-pulp-order-for-medical-masks-and-gowns/
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    Here it is. I wrote it back in 2011 when the game ended.
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    I did. MR and I had some epic down to the wire games. Good times.
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    Any wish for pro sports to resume this year’s season isn’t at all realistic. I say mid-September training camp is the earliest we see live hockey.
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    Wish you were here in my first run, I'm absolutely never Mafia I need to pimp my article
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    As long as she makes blue anime cat sounds, I’ll love her dearly.
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    I don't nag. I hit with a stick (they didn't mention that so I think it's ok?)
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    Ye there should never be any nagging
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    Time for Canada to NOT send water or BC Hydro across the border now...We need that for us!
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    I'm not surprised the orange idiot didn't realize Canada supplies the US with nurses and supplies. We can cut that off too.
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    If this doesn't sum this guy up then I don't know what does...
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    Experts question White House Corona Virus death projections: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/experts-and-trumps-advisers-doubt-white-houses-240000-coronavirus-deaths-estimate/ar-BB126I6x?li=AAggNb9 president Trump didn't comment on the story, but was reportedly jealous of Dr. Fauci spending so much time with models.....
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    I visited Milan about ten years ago as I backpacked around Europe with my girlfriend (now wife). The Duomo is pretty spectacular. We stopped for a moment and kissed, and when we turned to keep walking we saw a little girl looking at us with a camera to her eye. She grinned and ran away. Somewhere out there there's a beautiful picture of us caught in a fleeting moment of passion, and it's probably stuck on some Italian girl's computer.
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    This game will be easy. I recognise the mafia in the photo.
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    In if the mafia promise not to target me night 1 for the 4th game in a row
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    Kesler dominated this last one with a resounding 62.3% of the vote and was voted in just behind his pal Burrows. There were a lot of nominations for several players, but Mogilny ended up pulling away in the end with nine nominations and was added as a voting option in the poll. Reminder to both vote and nominate another player to be added as a voting option! For those of you who haven't seen these kinds of polls before, the way they work is you vote for who you think is the greatest/top Canuck at the position. As for what is meant by "Greatest" or "Top", I will leave that to each individual. I have my own interpretations, but others may define it differently. Worth noting, that I do want to keep this to their tenures with Vancouver and as players, thus a player like Neely would only be considered for his Vancouver time and guys like Quinn and Crawford would only be considered for their playing careers, not their coaching careers. The List: #1 - H. Sedin #2 - D. Sedin #3 - T. Linden #4 - P. Bure #5 - M. Naslund #6 - S. Smyl #7 - R. Luongo #8 - K. McLean #9 - T. Gradin #10 - A. Edler ------------------- #11 - T. Bertuzzi #12 - M. Ohlund #13 - R. Brodeur #14 - A. Burrows #15 - R. Kesler
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    But you're keeping the name alive around here, and a fine choice of old school veteran for a namesake. A lot of Canuck fans would not even have an opportunity or incentive to hear about or look into Canuck legends of 40-45 years ago. Nobody talks about Chris Oddleifson, Dennis Ververgaert, Ron Sedlbauer, Bobby Lalonde, Cesare Maniage, Gary Smith, John Gould, Gerry O'Flaherty and good old Rick Blight. But they should get mentioned from time to time. They achieved very similar things to (or greater than) players that are currently or were recently celebrated, like Jacob Markstrom, Radim Vrbata, Bo Horvat, etc. Gary Smith in particular I have coming up sooner than some people might expect.
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    Ok. So I just feel like venting still, and it'd be fun to take a guess at this point because I really doubt any of the remaining TP (if there are any, cause it SURE DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT) will listen to me at all unless I claimed some role like investigator which apparently makes people drop everything and listen. Ilduce is so &^@#ing Mafia it makes me cry. The fact that you guys have repeatedly not considered lynching this guy over and over when I have clearly stated my reasons why, and how logically I put it together (although it's more a read), is baffling. Good job so far TP! Intoewsables is also Mafia and I'm probably about 99% sure on this with a 1% margin of error. He has continued to spin other peoples words because of simple little mistakes they make in the thread that can convict them, and in turn, makes the rest of the TP believe the person is likely Mafia. He is NEVER the first person on a bandwagon and waits to see what other TP think and for someone else to vote his target before voting them. He then makes his vote, confident that it will stick and disappears. This gut is without a question in my mind Mafia. ALL HIS VOTES ARE THE SAME AS ILDUCE AS WELL? AND TOEWS DOESN'T VOTE OUT THIS MANY TP IN A GAME. HE IS SMART THAN THIS. Good job so far TP! Kaz has hardly put in any input in this game, just comes in, votes, disappears. I mean, I'm pretty sure Kaz isn't really interested in this game, but his timing for all these votes likely indicates he's being pestered to make a vote by his teammates and just comes in to vote and disappears. Probably Mafia, but I doubt this one the most. Good job so far TP! Zfetch is probably also Mafia at this point. Wasn't he molding together this 'TP Alliance'? Why so quiet now? What did he do last round? Came in, no explanation, bandwagon vote on DC, disappeared. Great job 'TP alliance' leader! You couldn't really be apart of the TP, right? Because if so I'm really worried. I'd say at this point it's more like a second Mafia PM than a 'TP alliance'. I also don't believe that role claim earlier for sht now, and he's like just spitting stuff out of his ass. The rest I don't really give a crap about because I'm too unsure if there are anymore Mafia or not. But I'm probably right on 3/4 of these. If I'm right all on four I'll laugh my ass off. Good job so far TP! Way to get manipulated so easily. As Virtanen said in Dral's sig there. "You guys are literally dumb as potatoes".
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    Otis is long gone. As is Aretha. Marvin too. Now Bill. Someone find Al Green and keep him safe.
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    Mr. Christie, you ate all the cookies.
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    Maybe somebody with a little more time on their hands ahem* who's decided not to play this game or the last game ahem* but is still posting pretty frequently ahem ahem ahem* can go back and do that.
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    Lol enough with the hyperboles. Did the world stop functioning after the Spanish Flu? Lets tone down the paranoia people.
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    CAN adds Quebec then deal!
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    Thank you for the making the assumption that a nation of 315 million people are all selfish based on the decision of one man. Just because Trump made a selfish, narrow minded decision, it doesn't necessarily mean every American is on board with it. And for the record, according to the New York Post this afternoon, 3M said they won't comply with Trump's order.
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    Someone needs to add NaslundIsKing into the wiki
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    I'm just in it for that CDC Mafia Wiki article.
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    Oh wow, I would NOT do well there. This is ridiculous on so many levels.
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    Just an FYI to the Mafia fam that 112 is back on Discord and is doing fine. (And if anyone else wants to join the CDC Mafia discord let me know.)
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