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    Includes homage to late father.
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    New Season 5 rules: Salary max for a contract is 7M RFAs aged 18-23 will only sign 2 or 3 year deals. RFAs aged 24-26 will only sign 2 or 5 year deals. Waiver limit increased to 1.75M Every team will have the option to.. (only for Season 5) 1 contract renegotiate OR Full contract buyout OR 5 draft scouts for the 2011 draft You can tell me your selections NOW, you have until Free Agency (1-2 more days) Perks for the 2011 season and onwards: REBUILDERS PACKAGE 10 draft scouts Un-tradeable 4th round pick Prospect updates throughout the year COMPETING PACKAGE 3 draft scouts 5 internal scouting 1 secondary position addition Depth chart NO prospect updates until end of year
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    It's amazing how many people will go out of their way not to give Benning credit for anything good that happens with this organization under his control, because they have already made up their minds he is not good. I've heard hockey people say GM's are mostly responsible for the 1st round picks and after that then it comes down to the scouting staff. But now people only want to give Benning credit for the 1st round picks which are perceived as bad picks or misses. And every good pick was in spite of Jim Benning and was only made because of Judd Brackett. Then in other situations people want to give Benning credit for scouting in Boston when he was never a scout in Boston, he was the Director of Player Personnel for 1 year and then AGM for 7 years. Meanwhile the Bruins had a Director of Player Scouting for the whole time Benning was in Boston. During Benning's time in Boston there were 3 different Directors of Player Scouting (Scott Bradley, Wayne Smith and Keith Gretzky) and 1 Assistant Director of Player Scouting (Scott Fitzgerald). Furthermore @lmm wants to give Jeff Gorton credit for the Bruins success because of 3 1/2 months of being an interim GM for Boston in 2006. So what is it, is it the GMs, AGMs or the Directors of Player Scouting who should get the credit for drafting? We have also heard people claim that the Canucks drafts have turned around under the direction of Judd Brackett and how he has directed his scouts. Meanwhile Brackett himself has talked about how it was Benning who had given them a clear direction in terms of how he wants the scouts to scout and what kind of players he wanted. Furthermore Ray Ferraro just the other day on TSN 1040 (May 5th) said that he ran into Benning at the prospects tournament in Penticton the year Benning first got hired and after talking for a minute, Benning told Ferraro he was just on his way to a meeting to help scouting staff learn how he wanted them to scout. Let's not forget that while Judd Brackett was just an amateur scout during the Gillis era, he did not have very much success. It was not until Benning got hired that the Canucks/Brackett started having a lot of success (still yet to be fully determined). So is that a coincidence or maybe was it the newly appointed GM with a scouting background who righted the "drafting" ship, so to speak. I think a lot of people need to remember Benning has been praised throughout is career as having a good scouting background and that, that was a strength of his. I think you are always going to think highly of yourself in that category and I think rightfully so and are going to want to continue to be involved in that department and process (I mean just look at all of us and how we think we know better than the scouts, yet none of us are actual scouts). So, now imagine a Gillis guy (Brackett) who had very little success in the draft prior to you (Benning) being hired, starts to improve and have some success under your guidance and now he is trying to cut you (Benning) out of the scouting process by asking for full autonomy over the Amateur Scouting Department. I think that would rub a lot of people and each and everyone of us the wrong way. Personally, I think Brackett has tasted a little bit of success and is building up a positive reputation around the league and mostly with peers among the scouting community and now he wants MORE. More in this case comes in the form of autonomy over the scouting staff though and not more in terms of title and or money, at least according to reports. But if I am Jim Benning I am never giving up full control over a department (scouting) that is viewed as my strength as a hockey executive. In the end, in my opinion - This basically comes down to a situation where about 50% or at very least the loud minority of the Canucks fan base dislikes Jim Benning in the role of GM and will never give him credit and can't wait until he is gone. Even members of the media, who are clearly not pro-Jim Benning people are letting their bias show and reporting one side of the argument as if it's the only side. Just remember this we all have never heard of Directors of Scouting like Scott Bradley (Boston Bruins 98-08) who drafted guys like Bergeron, Krejci, Lucic, Marchand and more all outside of the 1st round of the drafts.
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    I live in Prince Rupert, so pretty much all of our markets are "Wet" markets.... ....although, on nicer days we can downgrade them to "Damp" markets....
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    Racist? I dunno about that. Typical angry Vegan? Yuppers.
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    During first couple of years I felt that media should have not stooped to his level. But after 4 years of him belittling, insulting, berating, calling them liars, displaying arrogance and even racism. There so much you can take before you start lashing out. Like a school bully talking about your mother and sister, sooner or later you will tell him to &^@# off! Besides all that, no leader has ever behaved in such vulgar, arrogant, narcissistic and unprofessional manner. I have seen this type of behavior in bars, strip clubs and after booze and drug induced stupor. It is embarrassing that people would vote for such abhorrent behavior and such low class individual. Cons were so upset about Clinton lies and “desecration” of the Oval Office but yet they stay silent on this. DT is an example of arrested development, Lincoln, Eisenhower and Roosevelt must be rolling in their graves.
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    Zbynek Michalek - 2 years, 2.2M per Ray Emery - 1 year, 0.8M per Ilya Kovalchuk - 5 years, 8M per Ossi Vaananen - 1 year, 0.75M per Pekka Rinne - 4 years, 5.35M per Eric Belanger - 2 years, 1.35M per Chad LaRose - 2 years, 0.75M per Paul Gaustad - 2 years, 0.7M per Kevin Dallman - 2 years, 2.4M per Andrew Alberts - 2 years, 0.8M per Mike Van Ryn - 2 years, 2.2M per Tim Gleason - 1 year, 0.888M Ruslan Fedotenko - 1 year, 2M per Fernando Pisani - 1 year, 0.6M per Curtis Brown - 2 years, 0.8M per Cory Sarich - 2 years, 1.1M per Dennis Seidenberg - 2 years, 1.1M per Steve Montador - 2 years, 0.5M per Marc Denis - 1 year, 0.5M per Jordin Tootoo - 2 years, 0.5M per Brad Lukowich - 2 years, 1.5M per Mike York - 2 years, 1.5M per Sergei Gonchar - 1 year, 3.5M per Jay McKee - 1 year, 3.17M per Jonas Hiller - 2 years, 1.85M per Brian Rolston - 1 year, 4.8M per RJ Umberger - 2 years, 4M per Dainius Zubrus - 2 years, 2M per Kyle McLaren - 2 years, 1M per Radek Martinek - 1 year, 0.75M per Ryan Craig - 3 years, 0.8M per Pavel Kubina - 2 years, 1M per Mike Smith - 1 year, 2.4M per A lot of these were negotiated by Sane. Message me if I missed anything.
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    Not just Trump, Republicans in general have been using this strategy for years now. Because it works. At the very least, it muddies the water and spurns the old false equivalency MSM excuse that both sides are just as guilty. Not saying Democrats are never in the wrong, far from it, but one side clearly uses this method as their go-to standard. Goes hand in hand with the other Nazi methodology, tell a big enough lie, and repeat it over and over, and eventually it becomes fact.
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    Bill Masteron: Winner: Joffrey Lupul (NJD) RU: Martin Havlat (LAK), Marian Gaborik (MIN) Conn Smythe: Winner: Alexei Kovalev (ATL) RU: Pavel Datsyuk (ATL), Ilya Kovalchuk (ATL) Hart Trophy: Winner: Ilya Kovalchuk (ATL) RU: Alexander Ovechkin (WSH), Milan Hejduk (CHI/PHI) Lady Byng: Winner: Anze Kopitar (LAK) RU: Daniel Sedin (MTL), Daniel Alfredsson (OTT) Calder Trophy: Winner: Carl Hagelin (FLA) RU: Cory Schneider (VAN), Linus Omark (ANA) Frank J. Selke: Winner: Samuel Pahlsson (ANA) RU: Simon Gagne (MTL), Mike Richards (PHI) William M. Jennings: Winner: Jaroslav Halak (PHI) Vezina Trophy: Winner: Niklas Backstrom (MIN) RU: Jean-Sebastien Giguere (ANA), Jaroslav Halak (PHI) James Norris: Winner: Christian Ehrhoff (SJS) RU: Matt Carle (SJS), Paul Martin (ATL) Lester B. Pearson Winner: Niklas Backstrom (MIN) RU: Miikka Kiprusoff (CHI), Tomas Vokoun (FLA) Maurice Rocket Richard: Winner: Marian Gaborik (MIN) RU: Alexander Ovechkin (WSH), Jonathan Cheechoo (SJS) Art Ross: Winner: Milan Hejduk (PHI/CHI) RU: Ilya Kovalchuk (ATL), Jason Spezza (OTT)
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    That's just a standard weekend in the trump thread for Stealth.....
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    The discussion became silly when you started twisting other people's words; something you used to be better than. But everyone gets a bit strange, at times during this pandemic.
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    So I just spent an hour making a new sig, even if it's a season too late and looks terrible.
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    "Here" Sorry, but if you're expecting better of us at least use proper grammar while lecturing. Dr. Bonnie said we still have to exercise caution and not to congregate in groups. MANY were congregating in groups and if you read the Germany update, we are not out of the woods yet. No one is. They issued 1,900 warnings in Van over the weekend...seems that it's not completely A-OK to do what people are doing or they wouldn't have done so. The "quit crying" is completely unnecessary.
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    Yep, another capture from a draft video of direct evidence from the man himself, but we are to believe hearsay instead because it fits their ideas better? People seem opposed to the idea that Benning is a draft guru. They don't get that he's no longer a scout, but he has the background. He knows what systems that he would like to implement from experience. So Benning may have missed a few players here and there because he's not out there scouting anymore, but he does relying on his scouts to follow his directive and find the right players that fit that model. I don't understand why people think Benning overrules his scouts on a regular basis (even though he has the power to) when he often credits his scouts. He even openly admitted that DeLorme was the guy that brought EP to their attention, not like Benning was acting in any way like he was some draft master that found EP. Benning understands it's a team effort, but it seems some are simply trying to pinpoint individual efforts and somehow all the bad picks were over-rullings by Benning and all the gems were Brackett brilliance.
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    And this is it, no one is giving Benning credit for the picks - not even Benning would give himself credit. He's getting credit for putting together a great team of scouts, instilling quality guidelines of what he wants in players - speed, skill, shots, character - collaborating with his team, trusting his team (Petey over Glass), and pulling the trigger on more hits than misses. For some reason, tho, Brackett is getting all the credit for everything that has gone right and Benning is getting slammed. It just doesn't compute. Maybe it has something to do with Brackett whining to the media, or, and more likely, maybe it has something to do with... JD FRICKIN BURKE?! Seriously, how the heck is anyone still listening to this guy?
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    Yeah, it was on the plane Elvis and Tupac were pilot and a co pilot.
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    This discussion is getting silly but I feel there are some making it such more than others. The last line is probably the best one you've posted in relation to this. Upon your return, please answer as to why you're changing people's words and using your own? Purposely Replaced Start there. Then move to: We're trying to save lives. Safety and security will get us there. It's ok to have different opinions. It's not ok to work them in with manipulation and game playing...especially in a time where people ARE having to do things they've never done before. Like me...haven't seen my son or daughter in law in over two months. Don't undermine that with your silliness. Life IS distorted right now and if you want to ignore that don't try to convince others of why it's ok. A worldwide pandemic that's still in the "figuring out" stages and is killing people deserves for us to do things a little differently until is it more understood. And contained. But you go ask McDonalds when you can get back in. That's way more important and not distorted at all.
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    Where did anyone say "purposely"? There is no fear and paranoia...I see a sense of responsibility. "Replaced" and "purposely" You're putting a spin on things that others haven't. Stop. You're ignoring the parts where I'm calling you out FOR making posts more dramatic. With descriptive words that you're adding in for effect. I'd expect people to be overly cautious during a pandemic. It's not dramatic...it's sensible. I drive, but not at 140 clicks with a beer in my hand. Sort of the same.
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    I'd love all male reporters boycott and have the gallery full of women only.
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    First 10 teams on the team sheet (Anaheim to Dallas) have been updated with expansion draft status, as well as a new alternating colour scheme on the rosters. Please note I am using CapFriendly's expansion draft simulator to determine which players are exempt (https://www.capfriendly.com/expansion-draft/seattle), and they may change their site at any time so I'll try to keep track. Additionally, since Vegas is exempt in the NHL, none of their players show up so for any Vegas prospects/players I have been trying to figure out manually if they are exempt or not. If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out!
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    I tend to avoid both CNN and Fox these days (albeit some of the "sights" are nice to look at, I'll give you that). I've kind of started reading AP and a couple of others and it seems to work for the most part. I've been mostly focused on work or bettering my skills in various aspects as of late. Keeps me busy and out of trouble (at least so far!).
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    Easy to see Petey’s skill for sure but it still took a lot of guts to take an undersized 150lb Swede with the 5th overall no matter how skilled he was. Lots of fans were blasting Benning for this pick and passing on bigger or just as skilled guys like Middelstatd or Villardi. In the end it’s his job on the line when he makes those picks if he has a big miss. Juolevi in 2016 was excused to an extent simply because of his Boeser pick the year before. But if he had made another bad pick in 2017 you better believe he’s gone. So I do give him a lot of credit for taking that chance and not going with the “safe” CHL kid. Especially coming from Boston where they obviously valued certain players. It shows he’s been able to adapt his philosophy with the changing game which is very important.
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    Based on Bennings directive of “speed and skill” the scouts identified those two guys. Without that kind of direction we very well may have picked Rasmussen or Vilardi. Benning has clearly valued speed and shooting ability for awhile. It shows in every one of his picks. I don’t think he can take all the credit for the good picks, but he is out there himself scouting these guys and he has the ultimate say. So at the end of the day he does deserve some of the credit.
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    Okay, I've read everything about the Brackett situation and I think it may be a simple case of the media postulating a theory, searching for only evidence that supports their theory, then presenting it as a fait accompli that a) the relationship is soured, b) Benning and Weisbrod want to squeeze Brackett out and Brackett was po'd last June when Benning and Wiesbrod supposedly took over the draft, leaving Brackett shut out and angry, and c) John Weisbrod is the bad guy in this whole soap opera. Here is an extended clip of Brackett after the draft. I have watched it a few times and I really can't detect even a trace of anger, upset, disappointment or being alone. On the contrary, he seems to have been with the selection process the whole way through and is able to justify each pick. Not exactly the work of someone who has been shut out and diminished. And if he was on the outs, why is he allowed to be the face of the franchise in going out to explain and defend the draft picks? In the end, Brackett may leave, which wouldn't surprise me in the least. He's had 12 years, a good track record, and likely believes he is ready for a bigger challenge. Almost all young and talented people want to keep aspiring to bigger challenges. And if Weisbrod is the villain, it is solely because he is simply there and in the way to Brackett advancing to an Assistant General Manager position.
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    Parks opened yesterday. Finally get to see my daughter play around other kids, for a change. So awesome! Great to see all these kids so happy after months of being locked up with their boring parents.
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    And they paid us back by passing on Hughes. These stories that come out years later with no sources are dumb. I’m sure there was a scout that liked Larkin, does that mean everyone was pushing for him and Benning overruled them all? I highly doubt it. It’s really pointless to mention. I’m sure at least one of our scouts wanted Nick Ritchie too. Also fans love to pick and choose the best players from each draft that we passed on as if we could have them all. It’s the butterfly effect. Taking Larkin could have moved the needle just enough that we end up not getting Boeser, Pettersson, or Hughes. When points are that close a player like Larkin getting a few game winners can be the difference in where we pick. All that matters is do we have a good core now? And the answer is yes.
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    Bryan Adams hasn't written a decent song in at least 20 years... if ever. People shouldn't be surprised that he also has difficulty communicating on Twitter. His tweet was poorly worded but if you look at his tweet history it is quite clear he was reacting to the mistreatment of animals and not to a particular race.
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    Nope. All Leaf fans can go to......
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    The one that really gets me is Shepherd's Pie.... ....I mean how many innocent shepherds are sacrificed every year just so we can have this?
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    For those banging the gongs of REOPEN, there is this. One night of clubbing. Hundreds infected and possibly many more of the 11000 who also may have been exposed. The difference between us and them, they have thorough contact tracing and testing. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/ep44dp/over-100-coronavirus-cases-in-south-korea-have-now-been-linked-to-one-guys-night-out-clubbing?utm_source=reddit.com Over 100 Coronavirus Cases in South Korea Have Now Been Linked to One Guy’s Night Out Clubbing Now authorities are frantically trying to track down 11,000 people who might have been exposed, and prevent a second wave of infections.
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    Me too. And my patience level for that stuff is at a zero today.
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    The people bringing your food. The people taking food to other patrons The other patrons on their way to or from their table Other patrons on their way to or from the washroom
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    One is more cost effective than the other, plus it's a fact that LAGO are not the one causing the majority of the issues. The pro-firearms organization can scream until it's blue in the face the actual facts, but when news outlets and anti-gunners twist and push narratives to manipulate your emotions, it'll always be a losing battle. Using scary terms like "Assault Weapons/Rifles", try to tie any firearms incident with what's happening in the USA, then throw in some political angle to this, etc. Anyone with any knowledge of firearms and just a cognitive ability to see through the bull will know that firearms in Canada is not as big as a deal as some activitists are portraying it to be. Then they accuse anyone of supporting gun rights as "redneck hicks", "uneducated", "violent", "racists", "soldier wannabees", "right-wing extremists", etc.... and it's up to them to prove you otherwise. I, and other pro-guns, have thrown out tons and tons of numbers, facts, etc.... all more or less proving that anti-firearm activities are barking up the wrong trees... yet only rebuffed with "Oh yeah? Why do you even need a gun?" "Why don't you do something else instead?" and other similar questions. Like somehow my business is somehow your business. It's a common enough tactic to always move the goalposts. Anti goes off about how it's "only designed to kill", yet disregarding the many other products that only "designed to kill" like swords, bow&arrows, etc. Then the goalposts moves again to "ability to cause more carnage".... yet vehicular homicide is easier and common enough. Sometimes the goalposts get changed to "saving lives", but when it's a fact that most firearms death are actually suicides and any homicide are mostly from criminal activities with illegal guns.... then it's just "doing something for the sake of just wanting to do anything" or "please think about the children". When the average number of firearm homicide is like 200 (mostly gang related), but mass shooting deaths is about 2.5 annually.... but anti-firearms activists wants to target the 2+ million licensed and vetted gun owners. It's obvious this isn't about safety.... it's about control.
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    First night someone coughs or sneezes in a restaurant
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    the real issue is and it is the issue the caps addressed is that other players would no longer want him as a team mate he is corrosive to the notion of team building i read a post that if ovi had done the same thing all would be ok i doubt that i think ovi would have been traded sens went through team destructive social issues and ended up moving both players involved i know i would not want a player who did these things as my team mate if that person denigrated people who were most important to me personally there would be a lot of practice fights if he stayed
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    The Kits crowd over the weekend.
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    What a snowflake! He just can't stand 1) to be held accountable and 2) have that done by a woman. What a fragile little cupcake....mini mushroom.
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    That’s the way to go. Many see this as an obstacle to their lives and can’t wait to get a haircut. Others are sharpening their skills for the next way of life.
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    My Brian Adams story. Got to mix one of our bands ep's at his house in West Van. He owns the mixing console that was used for the Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bollocks'. It was retro fitted and updated. Apparently, when they did the upgrade work, they found all sorts of 'goodies' that had slipped between the faders. Never met Adam, just used his house. However, to this day I am quite chuffed that we got to mix on that board.
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    But #winning and "owning the Libs", amirite Trumpkins? Is there any scumbag behavior that won't convince you what a POS this assclown is, or are you all completely morally bankrupt? Now I know that nobody here is a "Trump supporter", or a "Trump defender", so I'll just direct that question at those of you who regularly support and defend Trump. You know who you are and if you don't, we do....
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    The stable genius at work: https://www.vox.com/2020/5/12/21255741/trump-joe-scarborough-murder-tweet-coronavirus-twitter-meltdown Trump’s Twitter meltdown is on its third day and has escalated to baseless murder allegations The president just baselessly suggested that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough killed an intern. Really.
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    Just wanna wrap up this draft with a fitting thank you to the host and the fantastic prospects who came up to the stage to wear a Coyotes jersey. Among this group are: Taylor Hall - LW - 9.0A Stephen Vachon - LD - 9.0C Didier Clouthier - LD - 8.5B Levy Lauzon - C - 8.5B Marco Neal - C - 8.5C Armando Bellamy - RW - 8.5C Jerome Perez - LD - 8.0C Fabian Joncas - RD - 8.0C Kane Becker - LW - 8.0C Todd Bohonos - C - 8.0C Shep Liley - RW - 8.0D Jeremy Atkins - LW - 8.0D Terry Boe - LD/RD - 7.5B and one disappointment not to be named This group of 13 prospects has greatly brightened the team's future. We look to build off all these incredible young players and build a champion team in the near future alongside 4 of the top 5 AHL performers. The future is bright in Phoenix. Till next time, Fetch
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