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    So a guy who was on the backside of his career claims the Canucks were racist because they chose the Sedins over him. And that sense of entitlement is why the Canucks did not resign him. He was nothing without the Twins. He was upset because the Canucks chose two future Hall of Famers instead of him.
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    Playing the race card 14 years later when it's politically convenient. That's hilarious. The guy was nothing without the Sedins.
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    communism is an economic system, totalitarianism is a political system.........one that has used communism as a way to cloak their totalitarian intentions. I agree that the "communist" nations have been totalitarian, bu there hasn't really been a truly "communist" state, in my opinion. Cuba may have been successful if not for the American embargo that pushed them to the USSR.
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    Reports prior to free agency was the Nucks offered one year at $2m and he was asking $3m for 3 years. There was also a story out of LA after free agency began where their GM was asked if he inquired about Carter as LA needed scoring. The GM said he did talk to Carter's agent and when told the $3m price replied, "Does he know who he got to play with last season"? He passed. I remember this because I was surprised, and impressed, at that level of respect for the Sedins from an opposing GM at the time. The fact Carter wasn't signed as a UFA until Sept 13th is clear indicator he had overpriced himself. He signed a one year deal at $2.5m with Columbus. I would argue that his asking price was clearly higher than that through the summer as by mid Sept the pressure is on for a UFA to get a deal done. There's only three reasons UFA's go that long without signing: overvaluing themselves, their health is in serious question, or simply over the hill with declining skills. Only one of those could apply to Carter. Carter is playing the race card for attention when the truth is he simply overvalued himself.
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    Capitals waive John Grahame. Idiot.
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    FTFY: Anson Carter says my ability played a factor in Canucks contract negotiations Just look what he did before and after the Canucks. Has nothing to do with race and everything to do with his performance.
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    ANA - Petr Sykora - 1 years, 2.5M per ANA - David Hale - 1 years, 0.7M per ATL - Kimmo Timonen - 1 years, 3.15M per ATL - Andrew Ference - 1 years, 0.75M per ATL - Josef Vasicek - 1 years, 0.55M per BOS - Ari Ahonen - 1 years, 0.75M per BOS - Martin Skoula - 1 years, 0.6M per BOS - Wayne Primeau - 1 years, 0.5M per CGY - Kevin Bieksa - 3 years, 3M per CGY - Ray Emery - 2 years, 1M per CHI - Peter Przcha - 2 years, 0.65M per CHI - Mark Bell - 1 years, 0.65M per CLB - Alyn McCauley - 1 years, 0.85M per CLB - Douglas Murray - 2 years, 0.6M per CLB - Ilya Bryzgalov - 2 years, 0.6M per COL - Willie Mitchell - 2 years, 1.6M per COL - Marty Turco - 1 years, 1M per EDM - Jeff Halpern - 1 years, 1.5M per EDM - Jed Ortmeyer - 1 years, 1.5M per EDM - Mike Grier - 1 years, 1.5M per EDM - Saku Koivu - 1 years, 1.25M per EDM - Jochen Hecht - 1 years, 1M per EDM - Mike Komisarek - 1 years, 2M per FLA - Henrik Tallinder - 2 years, 2.75M per FLA - Juraj Kolnik - 1 years, 0.5M per MIN - Shane Doan - 1 years, 3M per MTL - Kurtis Foster - 3 years, 0.772M per NSH - Dan Boyle - 1 years, 6.2M per NSH - Olli Jokinen - 1 years, 4.5M per NSH - Peter Budaj - 1 years, 0.8M per NSH - Michal Handzus - 1 years, 0.65M per NYI - Kristian Huselius - 1 years, 3M per NYI - Mike Van Ryn - 2 years, 0.75M per NYI - Pascal Dupuis - 1 years, 0.75M per OTT - Ladislav Nagy - 1 years, 2.8M per OTT - Pavel Kubina - 1 years, 2.25M per PHI - Nik Antropov - 2 years, 1.9M per PHI - Antti Miettinen - 1 years, 0.5M per PHI - Colby Armstrong - 1 years, 0.5M per PHX - Milan Hejduk - 1 years, 7M per PHX - Alexei Ponikarovsky - 1 years, 1.75M per PIT - Jerred Smithson - 1 years, 0.5M per PIT - Patrick Thoresen - 1 years, 0.5M per PIT - Michael Holmqvist - 2 years, 0.5M per STL - Robyn Regehr - 3 years, 4.3M per TBL - Marc Savard - 1 years, 7M per TBL - Ryan Malone - 1 years, 1M per TBL - Kyle McLaren - 1 years, 0.9M per TOR - Brad Richards - 1 years, 7M per VAN - Marco Sturm - 1 years, 3.15M per VAN - Daymond Langkow - 1 years, 1M per WSH - Viktor Fasth - 1 years, 0.9M per
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    Man I liked Carter when he was here but I don’t respect this at all. He’s taking a big leap here to try and throw himself into the conversation. Maybe if he had examples of Nonis being a racist he would be on to something. But don’t cry about not getting a contract 14 years later. If Nonis was a racist would have signed him in the first place?
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    We would like to thank the Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators, Phoenix Coyotes, Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames and Detroit Red Wings for their offers. It ultimately came down to Tampa Bay, Phoenix Coyotes and Toronto Maple Leafs. It was a tough choice, but I see an abundance of young talented wingers in the system in Toronto and a glaring hole in the #1 C position, and would love to be the go to guy for them this year. I wish the best to the all of these teams, but I will be returning back to Toronto.
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    The 'average peterson' is a sensitive , defensive, misunderstood person. It must be a new internet term.
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    Much smaller deal, but reminds me of Jussie Smollett. Dishonestly playing the victim hurts the actual victims. I find it very very unlikely that race actually played a significant role. Everyone knows he wanted huge money after one big year with the twins and his play evaporated without them.
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    My lungs are shot to hell. If I do any physical exertion, my lungs are ful of phlegm for two days after and I struggle to breath...........which makes it tough to be a farmer! I'm still not sure if I had a re-lapse in Mar-Apr or if it was just an aggrevation of the earlier infection, but it all goes back to the infection in jan-Feb, I still haven't recovered.
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    Art Ross Trophy - Ilya Kovalchuk (ATL) RU: Daniel Sedin (ATL), Alex Ovechkin (WSH) Rocket Richard Trophy - Phil Kessel (BOS) / Patrick Kane (CHI) RU: Rick Nash (CLB) Lester B. Pearson Trophy - Roberto Luongo (PHX) RU: Niklas Backstrom (MIN), Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT) Norris Trophy - Christian Ehrhoff (SJS) RU: Zdeno Chara (CGY), Keith Yandle (LAK) Vezina Trophy - Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT) RU: Carey Price (MTL), Jonas Hiller (NYI) William M. Jennings Trophy - Niklas Backstrom (MIN) Selke Trophy - Per-Johan Axelsson (BOS) RU: Simon Gagne (MTL), Cody McCormick (PIT) Calder Trophy - Mats Zuccarello Aasen (TBL) RU: Kevin Shattenkirk (MIN), Cory Roth (PHX) Lady Byng Trophy - Daniel Sedin (ATL) RU: Simon Gagne (MTL), Phil Kessel (BOS) Hart Trophy - Ilya Kovalchuk (ATL) RU: Rick Nash (CLB), Phil Kessel (BOS) Conn Smythe Trophy - Cory Schneider (VAN) RU: Alex Edler (VAN), Henrik Zetterberg (VAN) Bill Masterton Trophy - Johan Franzen (MIN) RU: Andrei Markov (ATL), Alex Semin (WSH)
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    We all know the sort. The '&^@# you, I got mine' types. These are the same people who don't see the value in protecting the (our) environment, paying taxes that go to social programs that help people, reduce harm, crime etc. It's not surprising they'd feel the same during a pandemic. '&^@# you, I got mine'. It's pure, shortsighted selfishness.
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    From what I've heard from JP, he compares Marxist ideology to the far left of today more so from the stance of adopting the victimized/oppressive narrative, in that anyone who is financially stable, successful, or the like, is the oppressor and everyone else is a victim. This mentality arguable adds to the tribal identity politics we're seeing more and more of every year. Adding to that, it's the idea that in society there should be an equality of outcome vs. equality of opportunity. Before deciding on whether or not any of that is a correct viewpoint, it's clear that it's a set of interesting ideas to think more about. In Western society, is there really as much oppression going on as the left wants to believe, or is it their own perspective that's oppressing them? Also, you can't use the term "butt load", as it's offensive language and discriminatory.
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    my daughter was one of the ones doing that.
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    He really does an injustice to those with legitimate beefs by doing this. This distracts from the real issues at hand and seems a little pathetic to me. Anyone with a brain and eyes saw what happened. He was the beneficiary of two great players who likely helped him get a post Canuck deal that highlighted what he was (wasn't) without them. No class at all to do this...if it was an issue, why now? Using this opportunity to lick his hockey wounds when he didn't pan out with consistency or success is pitiful. Sour grapes sound like whine to me. This is infuriating to me because it paints the club in a negative light after they provided an opportunity for him. But sure, ok Anson.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs Milan Lucic - Brad Richards - Jarno Siren (9.0C) David Perron (8.0B) - Bryan Little - Ales Kotalik Bobby Melin (8.5D) - Dirk Thomas (9.0C) - Michel Ouellet Raffi Torres - Brian Sutherby - Branko Radivojevic Slava Voinov (9.0B) - Ian White Trevor Daley - Anton Stralman Jonatan Loow (8.5C) - Christian Backman Mike Smith Chet Pickard (7.5D) I don’t know. The top 3 lines are going to see some tinkering, as I’m sure the 2nd and 3rd pairing defense will. Has to be a better year than the previous.
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    Keep those border doors closed
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    Sven Baertschi - Marc Savard - Johan Franzen Ryan Malone - Daniel Briere - Mats Zuccarello Aasen Ryane Clowe - Matt Stajan - Gustav Nyquist Sean Avery - Dainius Zubrus - Jason Williams Brian Campbell [A] - Cody Franson Alex Goligoski - Cory Sarich [C] Kyle McLaren [A] - Dennis Wideman Karri Ramo Sabrina Lahda Goal was to revamp the forward group, which we've done by bringing in plenty of grit and girth. Power forwards Ryane Clowe, Ryan Malone, and Johan Franzen will bring the physicality and scoring touch that we sorely lacked last year. We also targeted some upgrades for the penalty kill, which Sean Avery and Matt Stajan should do wonders for. Our most exciting story this season will be 3rd overall pick Sven Baertschi, who will hope to capture another Calder trophy for the franchise. We brought in elite playmaker Marc Savard to help set up Sven for success. Looking forward to the season!
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    A great example that there are many ways to live a healthy and successful life, but living with a victim lens may not be one of them. In response to Ben Shapiro, he's another great example of how many people have such an inability to actually understand someone stance(s) without thinking you have to support the person in their entirety. He may come across as a smarmy weasel when he speaks, and like JP I don't agree with everything he says, but he has some interesting ideas. And what's wrong with me thinking that? Does that make me a Ben Shapiro supporter or lover? Not a chance. I like some things he says, so what? But there are many people who would label me a racist or conservative, or whatever else, merely just by mentioning his name. And this goes both ways: why can't many staunch conservatives look at social programs like universal health care and see the benefit behind it without thinking they have to become a socialist if they like the idea? You'd think they would be seasoned already at cherry picking good ideas
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    Keep in mind, these MRAPs in the police force are not weaponized. They are not assault vehicles. They are armored protection for SWAT teams for the most part. These are no more war machines than barracks trucks and Humvees. It's not like they are in regular usage being driven up and down the streets. Most rural or small towns shouldn't require these MRAPs....and most don't have them. But unfortunately, we have some flat-out crazy people down here with fully automatic weapons....pyschopaths, drug dealers, cartel members, etc... One needs to only look at the "USA mass shooting" thread to realize that, yes, some of our SWAT teams do in fact need this type of protection for the loonies in this country.
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    2012 PHX Coyotes Michalek - Couture - Hejduk Grabovski - Boychuk - Stastny Richards - Arnott - Roth Ponikarovsky - Chipchura - Hunter Clouthier - Pronger Boe - Wisnewski Oleksiak - Pothier Luongo Harding Coyotes are excited for the upcoming season as they feel it is their best team in recent memory. See you on the ice,
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    Live look at Oilers bottom 6 on the ice:
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    The only people "rolling their eyes" about those who "demonize" on the entire planet are his very small band of kool aid drinkers. he is an absolute, unmitigated train wreck and has done, what i consider, to be irreparable damage to the US. Were the problems there to begin with? Absolutely. Did he and his band of incompetent psychotics intentionally light fire to the powder keg to watch the whole thing burn to the ground? Without question. He was and is completely unqualified for the position and there's a special place in hell for the morons who fell for his smoke and mirrors act. He always has and always will be a complete and utter scumbag of the worst kind.
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    Don't like how he's using the political bandwagon to throw the Canucks under the bus.
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    Dallas places claim on Pavelec Dallas waives Pavelec
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    Pavelec is not eligible for waivers
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    It's one of the more irritating things for those of us who consider ourselves moderately left. We get lumped in with these people. A great example is the recent NYT Op-Ed by Tom Cotton, where he called for military intervention and decisive response to protesting....the editor who allowed the piece to run ended up resigning....but he shouldn't have. A free press is one of the few bastions of liberty we have left and people should have the right to decide for themselves whether to read, or listen to an opinion. I think this is especially true with politicians. Voters should know the unvarnished truth of what that person stands for and then decide if it reflects their own values and vote accordingly. When you silence these views outright, you do a disservice to the people and you're tacitly telling them that they are unable to discern objectionable opinions on their own.
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    Nothing makes me more upset than these people. I am so sick of this element of society fighting important issues at every turn simply because it inconveniences their lives. Their reponse to a global pandemic is a carbon copy (pun intended) to their approach to climate change..........if they don't see an immediate cause and effect relationship, they refuse to believe it and if it doesn't affect them directly, they will actively take action against it. It's maddening. I said to my daughter the other day that as terrible as the pandemic and the human rights abuses are, if we don't act on climate change as soon as possible, none of it is going to matter anyway.
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    He still hasn't posted since March. Not sure if he's taking a hiatus while hockey is gone. That's what I hope at least.
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    I think the hundreds of millions of dead bodies piled up did that all on their own, with no help from, or needed by, Peterson.
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    I read CBH1926's post, and nowhere in it does he defend the sheriff department having the vehicle. He seemed to be only pointing out the inaccuracy of the meme that implied the sheriff department had spent $40 million on the vehicle, in which they really didn't. I have no qualms with someone debunking misinformation. Putting words in other people's mouths is just as bad as not seeing the forest for the trees, in my opinion.
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    thanks folks for being willing to engage in a reasonable way today, I actually learned some things and I thank you for that too, and not doing the childish confusey face pile on thing.
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    These were given as military surplus to police departments that wanted it, swat team etc. You had to pay shipping only, the old country got 212 of these donated by U.S army as well. Used in Iraq to protect against IEDs, it was cheaper to donate than to ship back. This is why I hate memes, so many of them are inaccurate and people don’t bother checking it.
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    I've been working at my local hospital during the pandemic doing POE Screening for Covid. Granted, I've only had limited exposure to the hospital, there are very few code whites (violent behaviour). If there ever is a code white it's security and police who deal with the person. The worse that I've seen with my own eyes was some guy losing his mind in the plaza outside the main entrance. The police promptly arrested him. I'm sure nurses go through a lot too, because I've been cussed out by people every shift. My dad is police officer and what he goes through would make the hospital look like a joke. He's nearly died on shift. He was leaving a domestic violence call, and someone called in a drunk driver in the area. Him and his partner responded and went to investigate. While on the way to investigate the call, another drunk driver hit my dad and his partner head on, on the highway. My dad was out of work for a while and still has some back pain because of it. Being a police officer is not glamorous at all.
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    From my Facebook feed: ”Local school board is deciding whether or not to make kids wear masks at school. Wifey shared it and asked what people thought. One of our dojo moms responded with this: Here's how I think requiring masks might work in elementary. Please don’t snap Billy's mask in his face. Your mask is not a necklace, bracelet, or any other form of jewelry. You should not be using your mask as a slingshot. Please put it back on your face. Please do not chew on your mask. Your mask should be on your face, not on the back of your head. I’m sorry your mask is wet, but that's what happens when you lick the inside of it. I’m sorry you sneezed. Here's a tissue. Wipe out the snot as well as you can. No, you may not blow your nose in your mask. Why is your mask soaking wet? You just came back from the bathroom? And you put it back on your face after you dropped it? I’m sorry you broke the elastic on your mask by seeing how far the band would stretch. Now you'll have to hold the mask on your face ... or use this duct tape. Please take the mask off your eyes and watch where you're walking. I don’t care if you have X-ray vision. Please take the mask off of your pencil and stop twirling it. I know the mask fits over your pants like a knee pad, but please take it off of your leg and put it on your face. What do you mean you tried to eat your lunch through your mask? Please don't share your mask or trade masks. I don’t care if you like Ingrid's mask better than yours. I’m sorry, but your mask is not school appropriate. We're not comparing our masks to other kids' masks… everyone’s mask is unique and special. No, you may not decorate your mask instead of doing your work. I don’t care if you have a Sharpie. You're not a pirate, please take your mask off your eye. Try to get the gum off as much as you can. Please don't use your mask to pick your nose. I’m sorry you tripped, but that’s what happens when you put your feet inside the elastic of your mask. No, your mask doesn't make it hard to get your work done. Your Mom will need to get you a new mask since you chewed a hole in that one. Why is there a shoe print on your mask? No, you cannot eat the snow through your mask. I don’t care if you were in art class and being creative; we do not decorate our masks. We do not beam other kids in the face with balls. No, their masks don’t make it not hurt. Please don't plug your nose holes with your mask. Who's making that noise? I’m sorry your ponytail is stuck, that’s what happens when you see how many times you can wrap it around your mask. I’m sorry to tell you, but your child thought her mask made her a superhero. She tried to fly off the jungle gym at recess … I’m sorry your breath stinks in your mask, maybe we should all try to brush better. Please take those cookies out of your mask. No, you are not a chipmunk.”
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    Being a person of color I sincerely hope that PC doesn't get out of control with race cards, etc... IMO there is a time and place to claim racism and this isn't one.
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    I'm not a NASCAR fan but know enough to know this is a big step for them. NASCAR just banned confederate flags. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/nascar-bans-confederate-flag-1.5606913 And Bubba Wallace will race in this car. That's a sweet ride.
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    The Kings are ready to get back to the ice and push for a high spot in the West again. Mostly the same roster as the young guys continue to progress. We'll see if Graham or Nemisz crack the roster depending on wave 2 free agency. They have the inside track for the spots at this point. Ryan - Kopitar (C) - Brown Wolski - Lecavalier (A) - Moulson Gates - Moss - Pacioretty Lehtera - Lehtora – Nemisz Yandle (A) - Johnson Quincy - Subban Ekman-Larsson - Graham Quick Reimer
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    Police do not need tanks, and machines of war. What purpose do these machines serve the police?
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    Or maybe you could try watching some of his actual games? The bulk of his early season games were limited to 1 or 2 shifts, it was not until the last 10 games of the season and playoffs that he was getting regular 3rd line shifts. Next year he will be in the top 6. Keep in mind that 18 year olds rarely play in the KHL, ever. Even with 8 points, that is near the top of all time scoring as an 18 year old. In a years time, he will hit the ground running in the NHL. He plays an NHL game in terms of physicality and in his own end already, the production will come with more opportunity in offensive minutes next year. Keep in mind he was one of the youngest players in the KHL and the WJC last season. Based on what he did this season, he goes top 5 in a redraft, without question.
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    You serious? Look at my badge - it's shiny. Respect is earned not garnered through intimidating and bullying.
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    In yesterdays update Dr. Henry indicated in the Fraser Health region a family of 30 people had a gathering in which 15 people became infected. No, I don't think the risk of anything has been overblown. I believe we've benefitted from good management and collective co-operation in reducing the risk. We are currently in a good position with relatively low rates of infection, but without ongoing care that could turn on a dime. People will either believe that it has been a risk and continues to be, or they won't. I think that's human nature. Evidence may be all around, but people will still deny it.
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    Like 14 states are reporting their highest rates to date, included an outbreak of over a 1000 people because of one goof who wanted to party, don't think anyone can argue this was 'overblown.'
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