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    Best part of the game tonight was Joey "Savage" Kenward
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    Expecting the now is disappointment. The future requires patience. Gaudette is the NCAA leading scorer, Pettersson is killing the SHL. Boeser is the top NHL rookie. This loss is not worth getting upset over.
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    Horvat, Sutter and Baer coming back to the team like...
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    Green should win the Jack Adams. He achieved the impossible. Winning a coach's challenge against Toronto, in Toronto.
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    Great game to be at. My son brought his "For those about to Brock We Salute You" sign and held it up to the glass for warm up and Brock came over and gave him a puck. Pretty cool.
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    Jim we won't have Horvat, Baertschi, Tanev, and Sutter for a while... Are you nervous Jim? DO we need to worry Jim? So Jim...how about that Boeser kid? You're doing a fine job Jim
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    Yup, it is a few days early but somethings happened to me in the past week that compelled me to put something out there for all to consider. I am assuming the vast majority of those posting/reading CDC are very much living with what I will term "first world problems" in that getting food, shelter and medical care is pretty much a given. I don't for a second assume that none of you or yours is 100% healthy or isn't facing some big challenge in life and maybe even facing mortality but, again, I assume that most are having pretty minor challenges in life and having spirited hockey discussions can therefore become an important thing in life. Wouldn't it be nice if the entire world could have such a luxury - that having silly chats about professional hockey players was important as all the other things were under control? If you are with me to this point, try and stay here for the the following that I have only tweaked a little to protect the kid/family if anyone should recognize this. At a hockey camp for kids recently, one kid came the first day with full goalie gear that was so ill-fitting and, too boot, he simply horrible. I mean the type of horrible when you know that no matter how many hockey camps his parents would invest in, he would be marginally better at his absolute peak than air in stopping anyone from scoring from pretty much anywhere on the ice and perhaps even from the stands. He also had one of the most ridiculous haircuts ever for a goalie - hair was always in his face and it bugged me to the point I almost screamed a few times "you will see the bloody puck better if you could actually see anything!!!". However, the kid showed up each and every day until the last day when he was missing. I selfishly thought "whew, I don't have to struggle showing him stuff that he won't ever really use today and can concentrate on the 'better' kids". At the end of the session, was signing the little certificates all the kids get when this lady is waiting for me to come off the ice and identifies herself as the missing kid's mom. Her eyes are red - from crying I guess, perhaps had a fight with the kid...whatever, I am late for an appointment. I am selfishly thinking that she is going to want something done for her son missing due to some lame excuse. She comes to me and hands me a card - a hand-drawn Christmas card with a big goalie holding the hand of a little goalie - it is from the kid. He says how much he loved the camp and loved me showing him stuff. He says it made him feel like a real goalie He is sorry he couldn't be at the last session as his chemo was moved up a day (I see the word "chemo" and my head explodes....dark spots around the edges stuff). It got worse. He went on to say on the back that he hopes he can come to the next camp if the doctors allow it but it was a big deal this time and they are not so sure he can come. He said he loved me for being his friend and wished me a wonderful Christmas. He thanked me for not bugging him about his hair wig like all the kids in the dressing room did (I don't dress with the kids, we use the officials room - explains the hair...yup, I am officially an awful human). I was (and am while writing this) a teary mess. I spoke to his mom - he has brain cancer. He will be lucky to make it to the summer if they cannot get the latest course of treatment to shrink the inoperable tumour. I went home and cried for about an hour. To everyone on CDC, particularly those I spar with on occasion (often?) - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE BEST FOR 2018. I say this sincerely and from the heart. Life is short. I am young but not so young as to be as short-sighted as I was to have a kid snap me out of it. A kid that may not live for all of 2018 let alone get to be my age and get to argue about silly things on a hockey chat site. Please enjoy your time, your friends, your SO, your family and most of all your life. I started a thread so that if ANYONE else wants to share a story or simply wish the rest of CDC good wishes at this time of year, please partake. Moderators, please feel free to delete if you must and I will cut/paste onto a status update but either way I hope any/all that read this think hard about what is really important.
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    Since Horvat went down the team has gradually started to lose its swagger and sense of confidence. At the beginning of the season the team believed it could win any game... and the players believed they could come back from a deficit. But that is now eroding fast. From my perspective you can tie that loss to Horvat's absence. He was, and is, the real leader of the team. Over the last two years he has quietly taken charge of the Canucks and made it his team... showing by example and by effort game in and game out, providing the inspiration for the rest of the team. Maybe he doesn't wear the 'C' or an 'A', but he shows leadership every time he is on the ice... both in his demeanor and in his play. Horvat is the complete package... he can score, he can be physical, he can be a playmaker, he can control the faceoff dot and he can be a shutdown forward. Sometimes it is easy to overlook how effective he is because he just gets down to business every shift. But he also has the ability to single handedly pick up the team on his back and lift them... with his end to end rushes. It is the threat of him taking the puck end to end is which makes the rest of his linemates more effective... the opposing team has to respect his rush and that means more room and time for the others on his line. He forces the opposing team to key on on him and his line and that opens the game for the rest of the Canucks. By drawing the focus of the other team's best players, he gives the Sedins and the rest of the team the kinds of line matchups which they can take advantage of. It is no surprise Eriksson and the Sedins were thriving when Bo's line was intact... now Eriksson has disappeared... the Sedins are still scoring, but that is because they are getting #1 minutes, and they can no longer be a #1 line. Boeser has continued to play well, but he is feeling the pressure and the focus of the other team's checkers... he would have a lot more room if Bo was wheeling on his line... not to mention he'd be getting a lot more pucks on his stick as a result of faceoff wins. It's gonna be another process to rebuild the confidence of this team again after Bo returns... it probably won't happen right away. For one, its an ankle injury, Bo's skating will be affected, and he will take time to get up to speed. But I believe we will see the change in direction start to happen when Bo comes back. If there is one thing which I draw from the season... it's that the MVP of the team is Horvat. Yes, Boeser is getting better and he will be great... but all the dimensions which Horvat brings to the game makes him a special player for the Canucks.
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    No Boeser point. Feels like we lost twice today.
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    Even though I posted this in the GDT, I'll post it here too Its not all bad ladies and gents, the future is bright
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    The young kids are playing well, let the season unfold as it should and net another high draft pick we need. This rebuild is almost over
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    .......Why did I come back The last Canucks game I'm watching in 2017 was a Brock Boeser 4 point night. What a lovely gift Boeser, thank you... TODAY WAS FUN CDC, I'LL TALK TO Y'ALL ON JANUARY 2ND! HAPPY THURSDAY!
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    Congrats to Brock! 20 goals already? …just wow, im so stoked about the Nux future! Merry HoHo CDC!….. i had to whip something up for us for Brockstar goal celly’s……sorry ive been really busy for the last year and havent been able to put as much effort into creative stuff….but ill get a sketch done of our new supa star for the new year and hopefully have some time to do some more gifs for the new guys
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    I want Marky to bury me at my funeral, so he can let me down, one last time.
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    This is what happens when you tank for the upteenth time and is the reason why Benning and Linden try to make this team just a little bit competitive.
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    "Heard u wuz scoring." -Boeser to Barzal, probably.
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    Real impressed with Hutton tonight. By far our best defenseman AINEC. Gudbranson pissed me off today
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    Who cares? Boeser is a great player with great future for Canucks. A Calder is a glorified popularity contest. Moreover, Barzal has been excellent but also plays on a far stronger team so the fact he gets more points is "meh, whatever". Just enjoy the best rookie you have had for a long time (and think about all the rookies for the next few years, it should be great for Canuck fans in that department for a while).
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    I'm starting to feel more indifferent about our results. I'm not on the pro-tank side nor on the anti-tank side, neither do I see us making the playoffs. I just want to see our prospects play, learn from their rookie mistakes and develop. Boeser is another reason why most of us will continue to watch games until the end of the season no matter how bad the team does.
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    Nope. This has been discussed a million times: they want to retire Canucks. /thread
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    Vanek three feet from the hat trick and he drops it to Brock. Stay classy Thomas.
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    Our goalies make nice saves then they let in bad ones. Reminds me of my grandmas goat- it would make lots of milk then kick over the bucket
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    I don’t normally start posts on here so bear with me. Especially if this is a topic that has been beaten to death. The question is, are we too hard on our team? Especially this year. I know if I take a step back I am guilty of this. In certain games I’ve yelled at my TV “Get rid of Nilson, Marky, Eriksson, Edler… trade for xxx yyyy whatever.” Yes we have player performance and team performance issues. It isn’t an overnight fix to get us in a level of compete for the cup. Most of us all know that. Yet still, (and I am speaking for myself more than anyone else)we forget that when the game is on. Does our level of devotion to our team actually perpetuate the god awful and borderline slanderous Vancouver media? Adding more pressure on the team and the individual players that are singled out? Would we be so critical if we got the cup in 2011? Or has that led to us having less patience than other fans? Sorry if this is a jumble of thoughts. I’d just like to know people’s opinions. I’ve been a die hard Canucks fan my entire life. That will never change. Sure a loss is depressing, but since I was a kid no matter what was going on I always had those guys that get out on the ice for us. I’m proud of my home city of Vancouver, proud of my home team. I know most if not all on here are too. Does that pride translate in to unrealistic expectations? The point of NHL hockey is to entertain the fans. With the likes of Brock, JV18, Stetcher the past few games… we are being entertained. We are also being shown that there is hope for the team we love. Thanks for letting me vent and ask questions!
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    Why exactly did Linden do this presser? "I thought I'd gather you all here today to basically talk about absolutely nothing and answer zero questions." Wait a second.......Did Linden just purposely gather up all the local media hacks in one place to methodically waste their time, and offer them up nothing to mirror the garbage they already write? Damn! Well played, Trev.
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    https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/news/down-goes-brown-nhl-western-conference-trade-grades/ar-BBHpo2j?li=AAggNb9#page=7 http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/goes-brown-nhl-eastern-conference-trade-grades/ SN graded all the NHL teams for their 2017 trades. Other teams, West and East, can be scrolled through. Fwiw, here are their comments on Benning's deals. ----------------------------------------------------- No mention of the Hansen deal - perhaps belonging in the 'to be determined' column - not looking too good for SJ, for Van, we'll see how Goldobin progresses. I personally would consider the Pouliot deal to be in the 'best deal' running - not just for this team but one of the better deals around the league this year - but that is with the benefit of seeing all of Pouliot's games here. The one thing that made me really laugh: (and highly ironic after all the whipping Benning took from the national media as they fluffed Leafs mngt to no end....) The Leafs 'best deal' of 2017 was wasting a 2nd round pick during a rebuild to rent a player for a hopeless playoff 'run'. This one, imo ranks as one of the worst / dumbest deals of the year - but hey, criticizing the Leafs probably isn't a good career move, so SN used the kid gloves here. #justdoitliketheLeafs Anyhow, good work in 2017 GMJB - with the miss of the year looking like it could be the Gagner signing - however nevertheless with solid efforts in free agency (Nilsson, MDZ, Vanek) and at the draft as well (very excited about the futures of Pettersson, Gadjovich, Lind and DiPietro...)
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    He's already supposedly sold ownership on a full rebuild. Shielding Benning from ownership meddling is a big part of Linden's job. I highly doubt our ownership group is stupid enough to consider firing him now that they're starting to see the benefits of his moves. They had to know better than anyone how bad of a mess Benning inherited.
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    Ummmm, how about Jim Benning?
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    There seem to be a lot of people speculating about the possibility of Jim Benning not being given a contract extension. One of the main knocks against him has been his trading. Here's what all of Jim Benning's major trades combined have ended up looking like. I have replaced draft picks with the players that they were used to select and I have also combined a number trades together to show what pieces actually turned into. Ryan Kesler Rasmus Asplund Jonathan Ang Deven Sideroff for Erik Gudbranson Nick Bonino Luca Sbisa Derek Dorsett Cole Candella Rasmus Andersson for Sven Baertschi Eddie Lack for Guillaume Brisebois Nick Bonino Kevin Bieksa Gustav Forsling 2018 4th round pick for Brandon Sutter Derrick Pouliot Alex Burrows for Jonathan Dahlen Jannik Hansen for Nikolay Goldobin Petrus Palmu Kristoffer Gunnarsson The Gudbranson trade looks better when you take into account that the pick used to draft Jared McCann was acquired in the Kesler trade. That trade still looks like a loss since the picks that the Canucks sent were all used to draft good players. The Baertschi trade still looks like a steal, though Andersson is looking like a good prospect. In hindsight the Lack deal looks like a steal if Brisebois can become a half decent NHLer. The Sutter and Forsling deals look less bad when you consider that pieces the Canucks acquired in them eventually turned into Derrick Pouliot. The Burrows and Hansen trades look like huge steals. Jim Benning may not be the worlds best GM when it comes to trading, but every GM makes mistakes occasionally. Looking at how his trades turned out I would say that Benning is at least an average trader if not a bit above average. We will see what Benning can do this trade deadline with guys like Gudbranson and Vanek, but I definitely think that he should be given an extension and people should stop complaining about his trading.
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    Hard to read and confusing. I am trying to figure out if you are concerned about losing Benning due to Linden or if you want Benning gone but don't think the other guys you want (Holland and Armstrong mentioned) would work well with Linden unless he has a new title....do I have it right? I can figure out you think Linden is an issue and needs to be moved away from hockey decisions. If you saw any of the footage of the 2017 draft you would not have seen Linden anywhere near the table nor part of the discussion prior to picks being made. What makes you then believe he is more involved in any other decision? Benning has spoken to media but today, for one example, Benning is in Buffalo and Linden is in Vancouver so if Vancouver media were going to talk to someone it was Linden. Again, not really sure of your point other than you clearly think Linden is not capable of making strong hockey personnel decisions. Right?
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    And here it is. Video in the link. http://www.shl.se/artikel/ql8pajbhy-403dd/the-next-canucks-swedish-superstar Elias Pettersson is on a historic pace for a junior in the SHL. A prospect that has Canucks fans excited for the next generation of Swedish talent to wear the green and blue. ANNONS From a young age Elias Pettersson fell in love with hockey and never looked back. Even in his very first hockey game at the young age of five he scored a hat trick, which was captured on home video by his father watching from the stands. That love for the game would soon turn in to obvious talent and that talent would put him on the path to his dream of one day playing in the NHL. Projected to go 9 th overall in the 2017 NHL entry draft Elias Pettersson jumped up 4 spots and was selected 5 th overall by the Vancouver Canucks, a pick which surprised many and was met with mixed feelings in Vancouver. However, with his success this year in the SHL, that trepidation has turned to pure excitement among the Vancouver faithful, even Pettersson himself had trouble putting in to words the emotions he felt walking up to that stage. – It was amazing, I didn’t know where [I was] going to get picked… I knew [the Canucks] were interested in me and I had a good chance of going there, but I had no idea. But when they called my name it’s a feeling I will never forget. FOTO: Jonas Ljungdahl / Bildbyrån Growing up in Sundsvall Sweden, about 4 and a half hours north of Stockholm and hometown of Detroit Red Wings legend Henrik Zetterberg, he played for the Timra organization throughout his youth years where he developed his skill as a gifted forward. Playing for the J18 Timra organization he notched 65 points in just 40 games. Although he struggled in his first season of professional hockey with Timra in HockeyAllsvenskan (the second-tier professional league in Sweden), he found his stride last year, potting 19 goals and 22 assists, the most by a junior in the league, in 43 games. His offensive talent carried into this season and has many around the NHL talking about him as the next young Swedish superstar. Even Pettersson himself is surprised at how well he has done in his first SHL season. – I didn’t think I would [score] this many points… but I’ve been working hard to be the player I am today and I will continue to work hard to become the player I want to be… always trying to get better every single day. As a future Canucks prospect, he is aware of the Swedish talent the team has seen throughout the years. Names such as Naslund, Ohlund, Edler and Sedin are recognizable to every fan of the green and blue and to know he’s being looked at as the next big Swedish player to come to the Pacific Northwest he’s excited to try and fill those shoes. – I look positively on [the opportunity] because many Swedish players have made it and have had a good career in Vancouver, so I’m looking forward to it. FOTO: Jonas Ljungdahl / Bildbyrån Pettersson is not the only prospect fans are excited about, many are saying that the Canucks prospect pool is the best they’ve seen in years, perhaps even the best ever. Brock Boeser, Jake Virtanen, Jonathan Dahlén, Thatcher Demko, jus to name a few, have a lot of people excited about the future of the organization, Pettersson included. – To see Brock and Jake doing well… and hopefully me and Jonathan can do good in a few years… we’re very excited for the future. Besides his obvious talent, speed and soft hands one concern has been raised by many fans, his size. Standing over six feet tall he has the height, but he weighs in at just over 160 pounds. In the SHL his light weight has allowed him to be quick and agile, moving around the bigger players in the league with ease, however the NHL is much more physical, and his light weight could put him at a disadvantage, something Pettersson acknowledges. – Play wise, and the technical stuff I feel ready, but not the physical stuff, but I’m working on that everyday… more battles, more physicality, that will be the biggest adjustment [to make]. FOTO: Ola Westerberg / Bildbyrån Despite his success so far this season he remains humble and realistic about his expectations for the future and although playing in the NHL would be a dream come true, it’s not something he wants to rush in to. – I want to be in the NHL, because that has always been my dream, but I want to be ready, not stress it. As is the Swedish tradition, his reserved attitude and shy demeanour during the interview gave him an air of humility, but it wasn’t hard to tell that this young man is very excited for the next step in his hockey career. He’ll have plenty of fans eagerly awaiting the first time he slips the Orca over his head and steps out on to the ice as a Vancouver Canuck.
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    Me the second Brock Boeser got injured...
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    Naw Dowd is a solid 4th liner. Vey is an offensive guy who's not good enough for top 6 and too soft for bottom 6., Menga is a useless piece of trash.
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    Good article from Sportsnet. Nice to see what former teammates thought of the most dynamic duo in Canucks history. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/big-read-being-third-sedin/
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    The Canucks are undefeated this year - hoping they can keep it this way.
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    Been a Canucks fan for 40 years...seen a lot through the years, however I've NEVER seen a team set up for future success like this one, and it's getting better by the day. Are injuries every good? Nope. I don't like seeing players go down, it was hard watching BB slide to the bench yesterday, felt bad for the kid. But he will heal, he's young, in great shape, he'll work hard and come back better. But I'm a realist here, and I want to win the Cup, I sat in my basement and watched the Cup runs we have had through the decades and had to live with the loss to Boston....I want more now....and to be honest, with what is in their prospect cupboard, I see this team at taking a run for the cup in 20/21 or 21/22. Patience grasshopper. And I view these injuries very differently than most. Are they bad? Sure, broken bones are never fun, they require healing time, some players miss games and it could cost awards etc, but were we going anywhere this year? Of course not, and I'm not talking about a first round playoff loss, that's not going anywhere, I'm talking legit shot...so nope, not even close. So these injuries? They will heal, and I actually don't mind the young injured guys actually getting rest for their bodies as their other injuries heal. It's a bright spot to look at...long seasons take their tolls over time on bodies...I consider this rest for some of these guys...they will need it for the Cup runs about to come in future years...that rest gets banked, these injuries will heal and they will come back 100%. Some will be even better. Furthermore, the injury bug is only putting us in a better position to do 2 obvious things: -better draft position (yes, fully aware of the lottery) that will help us add a very good player that will help in 3 to 4 years, maybe sooner. -help JB unload some players at the deadline and beyond as we won't be chasing the playoffs, and it only makes sense...hopefully adding some picks and young guys for the next 3 or 4 years. Do I love watching playoff hockey with the Canucks...sure...but I'm after more, and so should all of you. I want a top 3 to 5 pick this year...you add another game-changer to Petterson and the young talent they have in the cupboard...wow. It is an incredible time to be a fan because we have something we haven't had in a long time. Hope.
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    That applies to any player under contract lol. Hutton can play 20. MDZ can play 20. Stecher can play 20. Heck I can play 20. Doesn't mean it's a good 20.
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    3 pages in and nobody mentions the Vanek hatty. Props to him. Shotty D and shotty goaltending.
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