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    If Pettersson can do this in the NHL I might need sedatives.
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    Don't like to judge, but (this left me NO choice in the matter). Dude at the gym. Yo. Hat on backwards, (nothing wrong with that, except when paired with...). Super short shorts + low hanging wife beater. Strutting around like a proud peacock, but not in a friendly way. Thug like. Plunks himself on the ab machine, immediately pulls out his phone, strikes a blue steel pose, then starts playing his pecs. You know the move...contract one, then the other, rapidly, in succession. Rinse, repeat. Too much, bro. I have to leave now, you're awesomeness is killing me...
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    I'm just here to jump on the Bo Horvat love & hype train.
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    Just bought my tickets vs. Blackhawks and Kings! I'm coming to Van, y'all! This is really happening!
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    Rick Dhaliwal shutting down bs 1040 "rumours" is my new favourite thing on twitter.
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    So yesterday I found out I won a free cruise and I may be getting sued, also Gary from Big Brother called and they'll be in my area. I sure do love my relic of a landline.
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    NASA's Cassini probe, while readying for it's death spiral, took up "close" photos of Saturn's rings when it passed in between them and the planet. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/dazzling-inside-out-movie-was-shot-inside-saturn-s-rings-ncna796306
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    i'ld like a hurricane named after me. smithers joe reaches land and heads in land. one scary bugger.
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    I will always remember Miller for this. Good times!
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    I really have to stop reading PGTs right after a game ends because all I get out of it is a bunch of emotionally impulsive nonsense.
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    IMO that Sedin thread should be pinned like the "Burrows? Do we really need him?" thread. That one was pinned after the trade so maybe the mods will pin a thread after they retire. Either way I think that is the perfect thread to pin because it really felt like a heartfelt message to the fans.
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    Got to hold a rock that's millions of years old... I love university already. Just gotta stop myself from being the class clown this year
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    Seeing teams put down ice makes me feel like a kid awaiting Christmas. It's magical.
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    Instead of cash, yesterday someone tipped my bf with s'mores ingredients. Not all heroes wear capes.
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    Watching my favBURRite player help cream the Laffs. 6-1 now. Woo.
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    How can anyone possibly hate Vegas when they haven't played a single regular season game yet?
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    So I was up at the VGH cardiology dept today and saw a listing for a staff physician named Dr. Hamburger
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    Bo's deal still leaves ~2mil in cap space before some guys get waived. Bodes well for trades later this year if it comes to that.
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    Y'all hockey is basically heeereeeee. Young Stars tourneeyyyy starts on the 8th to the 11th. Then first preseason from 16th to the 30th. Then the regular season a week later. ITS BASICALLY HERE. I'M READY, ARE Y'ALL READY?!
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    Anyone else completely tired of advertising, in all it's forms?
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    I may or may not have accidentally intentionally run through that children's water park on my lunch hour.
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    Signing Kerfoot would just top off the marvelous work Benning has done since he's taken over. He has stocked up our pool and it's only a matter of time that it pays dividends
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    My new telus fiber internet is pretty crazy....
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    So who's gonna wake up 4:30am in the morning to watch the Canucks game on thursday?
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    I think we're a underrated team, Honestly if the Twins get their sh!t together, which I have no doubt and other vets like Edler and Loui ..with additions like SG and Vanak we could be a pretty dang good team...Hutton, Tanev and Stetch always bringt it and than throw BoHo in the mix, why do we think so low of our team?..We might be in for a surprise! #underrated
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    Hey ladies, oh you crazies, Me and Zero request you in the Mercedes. And then we'll ride So zoomy inside The sky's the limit, this time I'm switchin' to glide. I don't give a hoot about what people have to say, I'm laughing as I'm analyzed. Lunatics anonymous, that's where we belong, Sure, cause I am one, till my strength is gone, Yeah, this beat goes on.....
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    laplante looks like a young gino odgick.
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    I feel like this team locked up its heart for the next 6 years. This must be what it was like when Linden signed his first long term deal.
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    yaa 4 more feet of laminant flooring to go and then the pellet stove goes in on Monday (ya I know laminant ,comprimized ) but at 1.60 a sq ft and a decent price on the stove b.c hydro ,and p.n.g. can shove their bills. heating should be around 100 a month now vs 500.
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    My Mikael Granlund jersey came in the mail today! I'm an incredibly happy Cramarossa!
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    what are the odds on someone beating @-Vintage Canuck- to the Horvat contact announcement?
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    People here get pretty nasty when you go against the hive mind. I have a new respect for those CDCers that are willing to be drowned in negs just to voice their unpopular opinions, knowing full well what the result will be.
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    Managed to score some free tickets to the Labour Day Classic vs. Winnipeg! University's off to a great start!
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    I go back to this every once in a while. "There's a lot of hair on that body." .
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    Linden names his son after Matthias Ohlund. Cool. http://www.bardown.com/canucks-president-trevor-linden-names-son-after-former-teammate-1.839545
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    I am not a Trump fan by any means, but I am kind of getting tired of hearing about him on every late night show I see
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    "Yo this is Snoop D O' double G, just watching Game of Thrizzles, @#$% not looking good for House Stizzle, ya dig my nizzles?"
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    Luongo's tweets are the best lol.
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    Pro Tip: Just because there is an eclipse does not make it safe to stare at the sun. Nothing has changed. You will still go blind. Don't stare at the sun kids!
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    Keith or Subban? Next vote wins! http://forum.canucks.com/topic/383775-top-30-current-nhl-players-29/
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    Vegas has made the list of teams I hate: - Anaheim Ducks - Arizona Coyotes - Boston Bruins - Buffalo Sabres - Calgary Flames - Carolina Hurricanes - Chicago Blackhawks - Colorado Avalanche - Columbus Blue Jackets - Dallas Stars - Detroit Red Wings - Edmonton Oilers - Florida Panthers - Los Angeles Kings - Minnesota Wild - Montreal Canadiens - Nashville Predators - New Jersey Devils - New York Islanders - New York Rangers - Ottawa Senators - Philadelphia Flyers - Pittsburgh Penguins - San Jose Sharks - St Louis Blues - Tampa Bay Lightning - Toronto Maple Leafs - Vegas Golden Knights - Washington Capitals - Winnipeg Jets
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    Bo's signed and there's hockey tonight? Bring it on!
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    you were already following lass. very glad to share thoughts with you. your a fine broth of a girl.
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    thank you, you can never have too many friends.
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    thanks for the follow. friends are the best collectables.
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    Just incase you needed another reason not to eat at Carl's Jr. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/franchisee-violates-food-safety-regulations-1.4250469