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    To the random Kings fan at Staples: don't be screaming in my ear at the urinal about how the Canucks suck....after the first period....dumbass.
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    fell off the wagon. having some sambuca on ice. fallen tea toddler.
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    Just got approved to become a notary public in Saskatchewan!
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    Pettersson has 17 points in 14 SHL games so far. Just throwing that out there.
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    "Somebody reacted to a post". Super weak and utterly lame. I've always enjoyed knowing who's giving rep, creates a sense of camaraderie and community. Also, can't tell who's repping posts anymore. Really, really lame.
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    New job! Passed the physical exam and the drug/alcohol testing yesterday. Heading to Red Deer this weekend for a week of orientation and training! I'm excited about this new opportunity!
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    I genuinely make myself laugh at least 4 times a day. I'm such a weirdo, but a funny weirdo.
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    Always feel like a jerk when I can;t understand someone's accent. You say "pardon me?", they repeat themselves and you still don;t understand and just kinda nod like an asshole hoping it wasn't something you needed to respond to...
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    Been in San Jose less than 15 minutes and already got a "Go, Canucks, go!" chant from another fan on the street. We out here!
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    Kole Lind = 29 points in 18 games Elias Pettersson: 17 points in 15 games and 6 points in 7 Champions tournament games Jonathan Dahlen : 13 points in 10 games including 4 game winning goals Adam Gaudette: 15 points in 9 games That is something to be happy about after a rough week in Canuck land.
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    CDC is in straight denial. WE are battling hard and actually getting some calls ? yup I said it ? WE are fighting through adversity and NHL media actually gives praise to us now ? YEah its the Apocalypse !
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    Funny how all the Virtanen haters have gone silent.
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    So not only did Dorsett nullify McDavid, but he apparently stole his talent too.
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    My son's message to me: We had Brocktober and now it's Flowvember. Brock talk.
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    some fans are more interested in getting rid of our players, than rooting for them to play well and win.
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    New mouthpiece, same garbage from the DPS. The NHL will simply not clean up its act voluntarily. Any player who sues these scumbags for criminal negligence should win the Masterton.
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    A vote for trading Gudbranson is a vote for making the Canucks an easier team to play against. Hard no.
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    yeah i think the beer me emoji is going to be my go to upvote selection
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    I want somebody to like me. Thank you, somebody. Thank you very much.
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    good luck canucks and thank you all for your efforts.
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    Need more kids. Bought too much candy. Way too much. Lol
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    Arizona Coyotes FINALLY win! It's a Halloween miracle!
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    Thoughts and prayers with Patrick Eaves and his family tonight. GBS is a tough battle and it can be a long one. My dad was diagnosed with it 11 years ago and unfortunately never fully recovered. While it is possible to fully recover from it, sometimes it doesn't happen that way. I hope he gets back to where he was before. I Wish nothing but the best for him.
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    Sabres signed F Cliff Pu on Monday. Interesting, I thought his career was dung.
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    Imho, not healthy to re-open healing wounds: comparing players we could have drafted instead, players we shouldn't have traded, players we signed who aren't producing... This is sunk cost. If we really need to do that, then spend some time focusing on the other positive things. Nobody bats 1000.
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    It's always great to see the Leafs choke against a bad team.
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    Watching funeral procession for officer Davidson. seeing all the police officers in procession of honor makes me come to tears with pride. We are a great nation with many freedoms, which our police keeps us safe to enjoy.
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    Been feeling really down lately. I'm not finding consistency in my day to day life, and I cannot muster up any energy to do anything, even the things I used to love like working out or playing hockey. This is not a cry for help, I just want to know what others have done to get out of it... did you just wait it out, or make some big changes in your life or did something else...? I think I just really need a girlfriend
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    Scored big at work - got invited to the Jets vs Coyotes tonight - Dale Hawerchuk night and we have seats in one of the private boxes Woohoo
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    I refuse to believe the george takei thing
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    Sorry everyone, I got a little heated today in the GDT. Cooler heads prevailed and removed some of the posts. I'm going to take a self imposed timeout and won't be commenting on anything for awhile. I'll probably lurk anonymously GCG!
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    Is there any way to view recently created topics instead of the new version of recent topics?
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    TSN: "They entered Saturday with just 1 goal over their previous 2 games but the Canucks got a spark from an unlikely source..." Oh, you mean our leading scorer? Just goes to show how little TSN actually pays attention to or cares about us.
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    Off to find a happy hour. We need a beer mug emoji.
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    Calgary not making the playoffs and finishing near last without a 1st round pick in this years draft will make me so happy.... imagine that pick being a svechnikov, boqvist, hell even dahlin.. lol
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    Pettersson with the natural hattrick for Vaxjo today. Makes you wonder just how good this kid really is.
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    The commentary is amazing.....
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    Trying to figure out why anyone cares about the Leafs or Habs on a Canucks forum. \m/
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    People after the Canucks win: "WOO PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME" People after the Canucks lose: "Trade everyone for picks and tank"
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    I love working from home. I'm watching the Canada - Swiss game right now.
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    Someone should start a club on here and invite me so I feel included.
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