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    Fourteen years ago my son met someone ON THIS SITE....they were married on Sunday. Two of the attendees also met on here, are married and expecting their second child. So this site delivers!
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    I just ordered a Beagle Canucks dog jersey for my beagle.
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    Vancouver Canucks did two things today. 1. MUCH harder team to now play against and PK will be significantly better. 2. Added a ton of competition for roles that will create so much more in terms of the on-ice product. No $11 million for one guy, but the money spent was well spent.
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    Hey Botchford, im tired of hearing your tripe on the radio. If the Canucks wanted to block their youth and were in a win now mode they would have signed guys like Neal and Stastny. Signing defensive minded grinders, a couple of which can stand up for the kids, is a big sign that this management team wants to replace the lost production of Vanek and the Sedins from within the organization. Stop citing Canucks army in an attempt to show that Beagle isnt a scorer...he wasnt brought here to score. For @#$# sakes....this isnt rocket science.
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    A reminder that despite missing the playoffs this season, the Flames' earliest pick in the draft is currently 105th overall.
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    Live feed from Ottawa Senators HQ
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    Eight years ago today, I joined CDC.
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    13) You 12) can’t 11) rank 10) the 9) greatest 8) Canuck 7) legends 6) they 5) are 4) all 3) great 2) heroes 1) Bartkowski’s mom
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    Bought my first hockey stick after skating practice yesterday
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    For all the hate MDZ gets and trade Tanev talk, those 2 (and Stetcher) went to the hospital and stayed there when Boeser got badly injured.
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    Minus is back! Let's celebrate!
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    This video is so great! I can’t believe what happened at the end! That’s straight from a Hollywood movie. Edit: link didn’t work, here’s the tweet I found the video from.
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    Anyone else waiting for the "Jim Benning Mic'd up at the draft" video?
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    I'll just point out that I beat @-Vintage Canuck- to breaking the news of the Canucks signing Granlund ....which happened while the Canucks brass were busy with a scouting meeting. Coincidence?
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    CDC in summer is never a place where facts get in the way of a good thread/discussion but past few weeks are a new standard in that regard. This is partially fueled by other "chat" sites and the media it would appear (including Vancouver media who seem to have lost the concept of what their jobs are). The Vancouver Canucks have one of the best group of prospects in the entire league and arguably their best in their entire history. At least one or two of those prospects will enter the line-up each of the next several years. One of those is one of the better goalie prospects in all of hockey. They addressed an issue on team toughness and face-offs without harming access to the top 9 forward positions for emerging youth. They brought back who many (most?) regard as the planet's best goalie coach who took at cast-off tall goalie and turned him into a multiple Vezina winner in Columbus. They have the runner-up Calder winner who if he had played a full season may have pushed for some of those first place votes. They have a coach who seems to value where the game is going. This team is going through a rebuild and seem to be checking sooo many of the key boxes. Why all the angst and hate? There are no guarantees but it is hard not to see real reasons for significant optimism with this hockey team.
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    Rip minus button. A short but memorable comeback. ROH?
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    Probably the best thing I've seen in a long while... And I'm not even a Zeppelin fan
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    Stoked to see the prospects today! Hockey in July is awesome!
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    Interesting to note: None of Roussel, Schaller, Beagle were drafted. Worked their butts off to get where they are today and aren't guys who take anything for granted.
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    In all thy sons command
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    New pic... love it. wayta goo Jimbo
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    Beers for everyone looking forward to people complaining about our draft day!
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    If Hughes signs and goes to Young Stars, then WOW. Roster would include: Dahlen, Pettersson, Juolevi, Lind, Dipietro, Hughes, Gadjovich, Gaudette.
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    Sacha Baron Cohen is back, and he is absolutely killing it.
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    If Goldobin, Leipsic, Gaunce, Boucher.. etc. Don’t make the Canucks next season, then why would anyone else in the league claim them on waivers? By the time a prospect requires waivers, they should be at or near their potential. Canucks twitter is acting like it’s Corrado 2.0, before it even happens. And don’t argue about asset management. Losing your bananas over AHL players is a bad look.
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    Just chatted with Ken Hitchcock about the player contract/bonus issues currently going on...apparently he's renting a place in West Kelowna for the summer.
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    The legend speaks on summer hockey.
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    Who else can't wait for Woo to start running people.
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    [Discussion] Discussing Discussions
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    Achugh sniff. Just showed the dragon slay of a goal...man, those were the days. That day will forever live in my memory.
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    Any word on what Tavares ate for breakfast today? I missed TSN this morning.
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    NBA is done. Parity in that league is a joke. I mean, go Pistons, and go Celtics, but there’s no reason to pay attention for now.
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    Jokes on the leafs. They have to pay Tavares 11 million a year. Elias is still on his entry level. Elias>John Taveras
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    Oh Toronto, how is it possible that I despise you even more today?? UGH, I can't wait for the discussion that should go on 24-7 for a year and bust into the evening news and children's programming to celebrate the cup that still ain't gonna show up.
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    i'ld like the canucks to find a job in the organization for dan hamhuis if he retires. him and bur.
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    Just booked my first flights for a hockey trip this fall! Buying game tickets within the hour. Today is like Christmas!
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    Calgary could have selected Dobson if they kept their pick.
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    Would love to see DSP here. Young enough to still be useful when our youth hit their prime and brings some size, toughness, and clutch scoring to the bottom 6.
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    So happy about this draft
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    For those of you worried about Hughes' height, The Sabres' coach Phil Housley is 5'10" and he is in the Hockey Hall of Fame for his play as a defenseman. And he did it in the 80's & 90's when the game was MUCH rougher than it is today.
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    My Top 10 draft prediction: 1. Dahlin 2. Svechnikov 3. Kotkaniemi 4. Tkachuk 5. Zadina 6. Hughes 7. Bouchard 8. Dobson 9. Wahlstrom 10. Boqvist
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    I'm in my mid 30's, and I was just asked for ID when purchasing wine. Maybe this under eye cream is working!
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    I mean, I get it, but I don't like how Sedin Talk reverted back to Canucks Talk. Drank a couple severals for Burr tonight, what a cat; ECHL + ball hockey star to Sedin triplet. If he communicates the game as well as he thinks it then he'll make a good coach for the Habs farm club. *assistant coach
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    "Bill, I believe this is killing me."As a smile ran away from his face"Well, I'm sure that I could be a movie starIf I could get out of this place."
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    Wow, amazing game between BEL and JAP.
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    Nylander, Horton for Tanev and 2018 3rd?
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    Hell yeah. I love Beagle. Please be true.
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    Happy 20th to me!
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    Had a dream that Quinn Hughes fell to seventh and we drafted him.
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