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    What I did on my summer vacation. I was getting much too negative on here so I gave myself a 6 week self imposed time out. So I went over to HF Boards and trolled the Benning haters until I got banned it was fun and therapeutic.
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    Walked 7 km, got groceries but most importantly. Steamworks Flagship Hazy IPA.
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    I wouldn't use this game as a measuring stick going forward. Why risk injury just before the playoff season. Better to conserve energy and get a feel for this whole new experience in playing professional sports during a pandemic
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    This is awesome. He should be able to do this every game if he wants.
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    OMG..what whiner you are.?....If you're going to call out CDC on HFCanucks.Go there, and frickin stay there. The worst type of fan... I am going to post what you posted on hf canucks here... "Like probably quite a few others on here, I'm a member of CDC as well, though until today hadn't gone to CDC in quite some time. Today I went to see what the buzz was on which of the Black Aces stuck with the Canucks, though without using my identity to log in. Looking at the threads, the first one that caught my eye wasn't about the Black Aces but about Jim Benning. The original poster was trying to figure out just how good he was and his conclusion was that the best comparison was Bill Torrey, original general manager of the New York Islanders, who had that franchise in the Stanley Cup finals in their 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons in existence, in the playoffs for 14 consecutive seasons and won four Cups with the Islanders. The next example given, by another poster, was Jim Devellano, who was hired as GM of the Red Wings by their new owner in 1982. The Wings had just missed the playoffs four years in a row. Under Devellano the Wings made the division semi-finals in his 2nd and 3rd seasons, won four Cups and made the playoffs sixteen consecutive seasons. A third example of greatness similar to our Canuck GM was given by another poster, who didn't name the comparable general manager but was of the opinion that Benning's record was comparable with the drafting done by the Oilers in their first three NHL drafts. In their first draft the Oilers drafted Kevin Lowe as the last pick in the 1st round, had no second round pick, took Mark Messier in the 3rd round and Glenn Anderson in the 4th. They followed that with Paul Coffey, Jari Kurri, Walt Poddubny and Andy Moog in 1980 and Grant Fuhr and Steve Smith in 1981. The Oilers made the playoffs in each of their first 13 seasons in the NHL, including five Cup wins. There you have it, folks. Our very own Jim Benning is comparable to Bill Torrey, Jim Devellano and his drafting comparable to that done by the Oilers in 1979-81, while some of us just don't properly appreciate it. It must be really nice to be able to live in a world of alternate reality and be able to believe in it." Two faced Twit.
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    WTH's up with Kes? Tried to like him again, just totally smashed that out of the possibilities with his Trump support. Really?
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    hope jake and oli play tonight if not coach will be in hot seat when team comes up short
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    These new camera angles do not mix with drinking. The game is spinning!
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    Bob and Doug splashdown.
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    Finally Got my all time favorite jersey
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    Giving us exhibition hockey and then taking hockey away for two straight days is brutal.
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    juolevi looked good tonight i say give the kid game 1
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    Jake Virtanen is done cant even make the exhibition roster. Bust of a pick, he is nothing going to become a impact player. Benning bros saying it takes time, guess what his time is done. He is another Steve Bernier
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    RIP my best friend, his bday today! Happy Day of Life to all! Hockey all day is a great way to celebrate!
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    Sweet Baby Jesus Sportsnet, enough of the Nick Robertson headlines.
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    Who plays RW for Lafreniere - Pettersson?
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    I bought a fudgesicle , 30 seconds later it turned in to a milkshake.
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    100 days to go!
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    Regarding Ferland Pick one: a) stays healthy, No real impact in the game b)stays healthy, massive impact c)injured in 5 games or leas d)injured in 5-15 games How do you feel about him based on scrimmage and moving forward? Can he be a major impact or was it just another loss?
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    I love how CBC has the whitest guy possible talking about Black Lives Matter - Ron Maclean
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    I wish we'd get some rainy days
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