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    Our Twins were born this morning. A Boy and a Girl. Both happy and healthy!
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    Wife and I went for Ultrasound yesterday and SURPRISE. We are having TWINS! We have a 2 year old son already so our family is jumping from 1 child to 3. We are both very excited and terrified at the same time. We are keeping it low key for a few more weeks before telling everyone but I needed to tell someone. Figured my CDC Family would be a good place to freak out anonymously.
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    smithers joe is out of the hospital and things are getting better. was bleeding inside. doctor thought i had leukemia but clear of that.
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    Find you someone that looks at you the way Tyler Motte looks at Tim Schaller.
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    Hello everyone. I don't wanna start a thread, because I feel im not worth the read, so i'll leave it here. To be honest, I'm not feeling being on CDC anymore. I've had a lot of fun over the years, got banned once upon a time, and I thank Stealth for letting me back in with you guys, 3 years later, and giving me a second chance. I've grown up a lot over the years from when I first started posting to now. I've shared a lot of my pain, heartbreak and triumph over the years, to even sharing my stupid ugly face a couple of times, and I thank all of you for hearing me out, and allowing me to be an outlet when I felt I had no one to turn to, but I'm at a crossroads if I want to move on from CDC. I'll always be a Canucks fan first, but other sites (not reddit, not HF) are taking up most of my time, and I simply don't have the motivation to sign on here anymore. I'm not too great with words, but if anyone wants to keep in touch with me, i'm heavily active on twitter @Milahvee if you need a sig, wanna talk canucks or just need someone to talk to, don't be shy :3 i'll catch y'all down the road~
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    [Proposal] Keep Boeser
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    I'm having a coffee with SCOTT FN NEIDERMEYER!!!!!!
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    The comments from Laine and the fact that there are reports of a bit of discontent in the Jets' room makes me so happy our guys aren't divas...even if they like Fortnite. Good on paper doesn't always mean it works. I feel our team "works" together. Bo accepts his role when others are out. Petey just wants to be better. Jake is working toward how he can be his best and is working hard to prove that (not talking to the media about how unfair it is). Stech is a beast. Quinn's a treat. Brock wants to be here with his brothers. Etc. That's a team.
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    My wife. who knew absolutely nothing about hockey when I met her, just said the following when I told her brock boeser signed for 3 years: "Oh, that's awesome! That's when Luongo's recap penalty expires so we will have cap room to re-sign him!".......... yep, I've done my job converting her to a Canucks fan. Work accomplished.
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    It still irritates me so much when people call the Sedins "soft". They were far from bruisers but they didn't shy away from contact and winning those loose puck battles in the corners. How can these people ignore all the hacking/slashing/crosschecking that these guys continuously endured in the corner for their entire career while they looked to create offense for our team? They brought us 1 win away from a Stanley Cup with their blood, sweat and tears. In hindsight I do wish that Daniel had crosschecked the rat in the face, it wouldn't have made him any tougher but at least it would not have given many of these ingrates the opportunity to look down upon everything the Sedins did for this franchise.
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    If you're at the game tomorrow, dont boo Kesler, if for no other reason than to show respect for the Sedins.
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    From Thatcher Demko's Instagram....
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    I think this needs to be said. A big shout out to @Stierlitz and the other posters keeping us constantly on top of our European prospects away from the local media conjecture. You guys are absolute beauties
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    Trying to temper things, because I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. But my boss just put in an offer to buy a new office. Six minute drive from my house (which means I'll bike in the summer). Gorgeous office with 3 beautiful bathrooms (vs the one we share now...that doubles as our "kitchen sink"). A HUGE full kitchen...guy lived/worked at the office. All SS and cherry/granite in the loaded kitchen. Fireplace. Hardwood floors. (He has a huge wall mounted TV, pinball and pool table in there...wish those could stay). Gorgeous SW facing building with skylights (one right over the reception desk that would be mine). Rather than an ugly industrial area, there are two massive shopping areas up the road with a number of restaurants/amenities. STOKED. Come on now, get'er done. Movin' on up time.
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    I'm noticing how a lot of the troll posters seem to disappear when things are going well. They either stop posting completely, or don't comment on Canucks-related stuff. What do you bet they're all back in full force if and when things aren't going as well?
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    After informal skate...EP hung around and is working on his shot/one timer. God, this kid's brilliant.
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    There are only two NHL players with 60+ points & 100+ hits this season (take a guess, it’s incredible): 1- J.T. Miller - 63 pts, 105 hits 2 - Alexander Ovechkin - 60 pts, 167 hits
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    BB is only 22 people. Patience
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    Vancouver is such a fickle fan base. Top of the world when we win and the sky is falling when we lose. It’s an 82 game season people. Chill.
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    I have made it a priority the last year to make sure I let a lot of my good friends (both guys and girls) know that I love them. I am a straight male and a large demographic of my friends come from a group that aren't typically receptive to that sort of affection from a male friend. At first, many thought it was strange, but the more I said it, the more they became receptive too it. The more they became open with their feelings with me. Today, my a good friend of mine couldn't make a phone call for a minor reason. Not a big deal, its life. But he ended up saying how much he appreciates me as a friend and that he loved me. Honestly idk why I made this post, but him saying that made my night. I recommend trying it out. It could change relationships.
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    This Utica Comets tweet is brilliant
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    So my Aunt Betty died on Tuesday. Had advanced lung cancer. Never even knew she smoked, and quit only a few years ago. Refused biopsies, and treatments, saying save them for younger folk. Took care of her house and dogs. Lived on her own terms, feisty, and no one was more loving. Thanks Aunt Betty.
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    Probably already been posted, but people are awesome.
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    This is awesome. Schneids giving a post-game interview for a simmed game.
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    Luongo made his choice. Lets leave the rafter space for someone who's heart is here.
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    you guys can tear the team down, i’m going to take a break and cheer my team on now, to the end of the season. i might be back in the summer. GCG.
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    At times like these, think back to last year. We're still in it. This is supposed to be fun.
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    “They were some of the toughest guys I’ve ever coached. Competing for pucks and once they had it, try taking it away from them. Anybody who played with them was instantly a good player. They made a lot of careers.” “They took a lot of abuse and played through it at a time when the NHL permitted more stuff,” added Vigneault. “I give them full marks. If somebody got reckless, they would make you pay on the power play or bring momentum by having the puck so much." AV who has had a number of years as a HC with multiple organizations says that the Sedins were "toughest guys I've ever coached". Yet there are people (even on CDC) who use a couple of incidents in a long career in order to call them "soft" or refer to them as "turn-the-other cheek hockey" or otherwise disparage them for not being bruisers. These guys weren't fighters but they absolutely had a toughness to them and it showed itself in the way they fought for the puck and the abuse they took to set up their teammates. AV is right, they literally made the careers of a few guys.
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    I used to defend Green, but it’s getting harder for me to do that. The systems that are currently in place do not suit the offensive players on this team, and our defensive systems are even worse. No more collapsing and giving the opposition so much time and space. We get destroyed 5v5 playing such a passive defensive system. To me Benning has put together a good team on paper. I don’t think he is the problem (He won’t be on the hot seat unless we miss the playoffs next season imo). It is up to the coaching staff and ultimately the players to execute. I think they need a new (and more experienced) voice behind the bench, and to employ an offensive strategy based on puck possession to be successful. In my opinion, Benning should let Green, Brown, and Baumgardner go. Bring in an experienced head coach and let him pick his staff, but retain Manny and Ian Clark. I think the players have lost all confidence in our systems. This team needs a shakeup in the worst way. We can still salvage this season if we act before it’s too late. As soon as the holiday roster freeze is over, pull the trigger Jim. Your team needs it.
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    Congrats to Brock on his hat trick. Tears of joy that Dad's getting to cheer him on and is likely his very good luck charm.
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    Time to &^@#ing bury some Coil fluffing trash statuses from a once semi-respected CDCer. Alf. Stop it
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    My work peeps get me. This was on my desk this morning. I'm not eating it...I'm framing it for my wall.
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    DiPietro gets his first Comets start tonight. Juolevi is playing on the top pair.
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    Petey (@ Northview) on Brock...been talking to him..."he'll sort it out ... or I'll drive to Minnesota and pick him up". DO IT PETEY!
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    Happy birthday, Gino. So glad you're still here, defying the odds and being awesome.
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    So how do all the Benning haters feel about having to keep up the rage for 3-4 more years? Better hydrate.
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    Who should Van target for next GM?! That's a thread title on HFHaterz site from March. It's got 22 pages! :^) All that hatred leads to heavy cognitive dissonance. As if one were to rely on CNN to stay informed! CDC is so MUCH more balanced, reasonable..a place where things can be discussed, refuted, or simply mulled over.
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    9 years ago today....
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    Burkie has TG in his Jack Adams candidates. I trust his judgement.
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    Noticed that adding Jack Hughes and Kakko points together and they are still seven behind Quinn.
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    My wife, who has become a pretty big hockey nut, still isn't a big enough nut to follow other teams. So she doesn't know who Tyler Toffoli is. Well, when I saw the trade, I yelled out "BABE, WE GOT TYLER TOFFOLI!".... she said.... "What? I'm not tired of Chipotle". So we got Chipotle tonight for dinner and then I explained to her, over dinner, who Tyler Toffoli is.
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    These are the best comet jerseys! (Flying comets!) Link below:
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    We got the better Hughes brother. You heard it here first.
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    Thanks St Louis, suck it Toronto!
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