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    I see that most people are pretty upset at the Jay Beagle and Antoine Roussel signings. I'm someone that'd be dancing in the streets if Benning got fired tomorrow, but I have to defend these signings for a few reasons. 1. First of all, everyone wanted Vancouver to get tougher which is what they did. It's a lot better in my opinion to sign toughness than trade for or draft it. 2. Some people have quoted Benning as saying that the NHL is now a speed/skill game so why is he signing these old guys? Well, if you look at the players he's drafted he DID target speed and skill. In the meantime, someone has to do the grinding so that our up and coming youngsters can play offensive roles. Been saying it for years, better to sign these types of guys instead of trading 2nd round picks for them. 3. To those that are upset about term and money, you should be used to it by now with this management group. If you want these contracts to look better, just compare them to what we gave to Eriksson, Sutter and Gudbranson. Contracts are one of Benning's biggest weakness but the ones today aren't terrible, just bad and that's an improvement. Baby steps. 4. Finally and most importantly, what do these signings signal. Benning didn't target the types of players that will actually make a difference in wins/losses. He signed guys that will fill the bottom 6 roles and this leaves more room for our talented forward prospects to break onto the 2nd line and get power play time. No Vaneks or Erikssons or Millers in a sad attempt to squeeze blood from a stone. This was a rebuild type of free agency day. At the end of the day we got some good 4th liners and overpaid them but why would anyone sign in Vancouver unless they were overpaid? They're small enough that you can trade them, buy them out or bury them in the minors if you get in cap trouble in a few years. There was nothing Vancouver could have done to turn this ship around any faster and IMO they didn't really shoot themselves in the foot.
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    On behalf of all Canuck fans, I thank you, Jim Benning. You are a godsend for those who have suffered throughout this franchise's 48-year history. Thank you for turning around our scouting department. Thank you for our deep and talented prospect pool. Thank you for our good young players. Thank you for our new found hope. A hope for a very silvery bright future. Thanks, Jim Benning. You turned our scouting department around (Weisbrod deserves some thanks too). You revamped the scouting department. After a year of evaluation, you got rid of some ineffective scouts. Added new scouts. More importantly, you retained the good scouts and didn't just get rid of everyone like some GMs do. This surprised some, given the poor record of this group the past decade. You promoted a long time scout from amongst this maligned group, Judd Brackett, to Director of Amateur Scouting then allowed him to do his job. I knew you could turn our scouting department around. You had the experience and intimate knowledge of being a scout and how a scouting department works. You got this experience by taking the long and difficult route. No shortcuts for you. Being a scout for five years (first year with St. Louis the rest with Buffalo) and Director of Amateur Scouting for six (all with Buffalo). I am sure the Sabres thanked you too for your long and successful stint there. In the four years that you were a scout for Buffalo the average number of players they drafted that played 190 NHL games or more was 2.2 players/draft. In the subsequent 6 years as the Director of Amateur Scouting, they averaged 2.85 players/draft. The following 3 years after you left for Boston to become their assistant GM, Buffalo averaged 1.5 players/draft. The proof is in the pudding. You have transformed the Canucks from a team with very few good young NHL players and very few prospects of quality to one with a lot of good young NHL players and a lot of good quality prospects. Some of these young men you have drafted even have the potential of reaching star or even franchise levels. Players/prospects 25 and under (2013/14) Players/prospects 25 and under (2018/2019) Ben Hutton Ben Hutton Tyler Madden Bo Horvat Bo Horvat Jett Woo Chris Tanev Brendan Gaunce Petrus Palmu Brendan Gaunce Quinn Hughes Zack MacEwen Zac Kassian Elias Pettersson Ryan Stanton Brock Boeser Yannick Weber Sven Baertschi Zac Dalpe Markus Granlund Nik Jensen Troy Stecher Jordan Schroeder Derek Pouliot Darren Archibald Jake Virtanen Kellan Lain Brendan Leipsic Frankie Corrado Eric Gudbranson Mike Zalewski Nikolay Goldobin Ronalds Kenins Tyler Motte Eddie Lack Adam Gaudette Jacob Markstrom Oli Juolevi Hunter Shinkaruk Thatcher Demko Anton Rodin Jonathan Dhalen Jordan Subban Guillaume Brisebois Evan McEneny Evan McEneny Anton Cederholm Lukas Jasek Joe Labate Micheal DiPietro Cole Cassels William Lockwood Yann Sauve Kole Lind Alexandre Mallet Jack Rathbone Joacim Eriksson Jonah Gadjovich Due to your successful stint in Buffalo, you were hired to be the Assistant GM of Boston in 2006. During your eight-year stay in Boston, you worked tirelessly like you always do, to help Chiarelli construct what would be the eventual Stanley Cup Championship team in 2011. Your resume speaks for itself. Thank you, Jim Benning, for all your hard and excellent work here. You have been much maligned despite having achieved all you have. I have never been more hopeful and excited for a group of young players and prospects as the one you have assembled for us. I hope you receive the proper accolades and rewards when all your work here comes into fruition.
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    I was browsing through some Canucks records and came across the list of all-time game-winning goals. I knew Daniel was at the top, and I knew it would be by a fair margin, but I was shocked at the gap: Daniel - 86, Naslund - 49. Then I started thinking, "86? That's an awful lot for a guy with fewer than 400 career goals." So I took a bit of a look through the numbers. Looking at the list of NHL all-time GWG leaders, none of them could stack up as a percentage of career goals. After digging a bit deeper, what I determined is that of all players that have scored at least 250 career goals, only Canadiens great Aurèle Joliat, who won games with 65 of his 269 goals in the 1920s and '30s, had a higher percentage of game winners than Daniel. Now, one could make the argument that having more game-winners in general, regardless of whether or not there are also more non-game-winners, would qualify as more clutch. They're still ending more games on their stick, right? Guys like Jagr, Howe, Esposito, Selanne and many others have more GWG than Daniel, while also having far more career goals. Personally, though, I've always viewed "clutchness" as a measurement of timely production relative to talent level. Guys I've thought of as clutch always seemed to outperform their expectations when it mattered most. Maybe the crux of the argument is that true "clutchness" doesn't reveal itself until the playoffs, making the premise of this thread entirely pointless. Oh, and for the record: Daniel's 86 game-winners were out of 393 career goals, which works out to, of course, 22%.
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    So tired of people *****ing about a kids weight. Weight can be put on. You fatties behind your keyboards should know that first hand.
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    Love these videos when JB Mic's up really gives you some insight on the hockey world. I like the JB wasn't really willing to give up those draft picks for extra picks just so they can select the guy they want. I've been impressed with the drafts that he has done I'm really excited for all these prospects they have acquired over the years and look forward to more of these videos.
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    I'll just post my usual response to our local media:
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    I went to the Canucks Development Camp practice at Rogers Arena and I was absolutely blown away by Quinn Hughes. Great skating, edges, and puck-handling. Now the question is: where will he be playing in October?
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    Brock Boeser scores hat trick in first game back
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    A little lotto luck going the other way for both teams, and where would we be? Add to that, Toronto started their shanaplan after years of not being really competitive, draft picks and all. Benning kind of walked into a tirefire from a prospect pool perspective.
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    Are we really doing this?
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    “I’m thrilled right now. I didn’t think I’d slip past Vancouver. If there was a spot I wanted to pick, it was Vancouver.” - Hughes
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    Curious to get the thoughts of others here, I hear daily on 650 ( I enjoy the Canucks coverage overall ) about a few things that grind my gears. Jim Benning: it seems the consensus in the media? Is Benning will be on thin ice come the end of his current contract. We are hearing Benning needs Hughes, Boeser, and his other notable picks to reach max potential on sky high ceilings in order to save his job ?!? I don't get it, am I one of the very few who sees with ownership in place the Benning/Linden regime here long term? Benning has greatly improved the teams overall depth and quality of youth I just don't see how he'd be on a short leash. Nikolay Goldobin: have heard more than a few times and again just now how little Goldobin is viewed even now how he is the Canucks reclamation project who maybe gets flipped for a 4th ir 5th round pick ?!? sorry what? I mean the guy was a 1st round pick, has shown slick skill, speed, and finish. Has spent time in the organization learning the defensive side of the game as well. 22 years old and a scorer's touch that will need scoring. How is he a reclamation project? If anything in a contract year, opportunity to play an offensive role, this reclamation project could pot 20 goals and make some defense look silly doing it. We saw flashes of this last year. Again, scratch my head when I hear project. Logjam at forward? Defense?: one if the biggest ironies here is fans and media alike complain for years the prospect cupboard is bare, not enough players pushing for NHL jobs and the complaint once injuries hit that the Chaput's of the World get minutes. Now the team has greater depth at all positions. Prospects knocking on the door and regulars and depth players under contract. Some people keep sounding off about the team needing to trade out players because there is too many now especially at forward. Or on defense where will Hughes ir OJ fit. You dont go into camp with only enough bodies to fill roles and you certainly add veterans where you can in the event prospects cant make the jump. Worst case is come the end of camp what? Biega, Gaunce go on Waivers ? nobody claims them because 30 other teams are trying to sneak their guys down too.... Like to hear others thoughts as maybe I'm out to lunch but seems there is a voice here that Benning is on thin ice, Goldobin is a project, and the team has too many potential NHL pieces on their roster.
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    This is the best group of prospects I've seen in my lifetime of being a fan here. Not only do we have a ton of talent, we have a huge variety of skillsets. I hope he's allowed to finish what he's started instead of someone else coming in and taking all the credit.
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    So sick of people complaining about the 4 year term and money that was giving out to Beagle and Roussell. I remember when Dorsett was giving out 4 years at 2.5 mill per everyone was complaining then. He became an instant fan favourite with his toughness and tenacity. Now that he is retired, people know how valuable he was and no one has talked about his contract. Money is not going to be an issue either. By the time our young guys are up for a nice raise, tons of people will be off the books like Edler, MDZ, Gagne, Gubranson, and etc. Good Job Benning on the signings. I much rather have these guys play the tough minutes than have Horvat kill penalties, block a shot and break his ankle. Skill young forwards are meant for the top 2-3 lines, theres is not point putting goldinbin or lepsic on the fourth line. If they are good enough, they will make the team to score and not play in a checking role. Beagle and Roussell will be a Fan favourite just like Dorsett!
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    I am surprised Ron McLean hasnt publicly blamed Burrows for all the BS going on in Ottawa.
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    Those huge California teams did well these last playoffs.
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    Uh, who is upset? All of the posters that seem to have good hockey knowledge are pretty happy if not ecstatic about the moves. Other than the 4 year terms (3 years better IMHO), these moves ticked all the key boxes for the Canucks. No one to interfere with top 6 forward talent development but adding oodles of leadership, a good dose of speed and some very nice hard to play against elements that include great PK and face-off abilities. If someone is "hating" this, it doesn't seem to be on CDC. I think Toronto media is in a Tavares delirium and perhaps that is where you are perceiving an issue? Or, perhaps you are reading the opinions of Flame, Oilers and other Pacific Division fans who are thinking "perhaps the Canucks are going to be harder to play against and they do have all those young studs coming....crap, they might just be good faster than we thought they would be". Is that it? Is that where you see the hate?
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    I've waited 7 years, 7 freaking years, for them to add a puck moving presence to replace Christian Ehrhoff. They have done that today. This team is finally going to take that next step into becoming an elite hockey team once again. I can't be any happier.
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    One of the reasons I like JB as the GM. Guy really respects his team and gives them ample opportunity to state their opinions. I notice that he isn't afraid to take their suggestions or give them credit where due. Very good leadership.
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    I am always happy to see trolls reveal themselves early on, it makes it easier to ignore them, prior to wasting time reading multiple posts.
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    Quinn Hughes | D 5'10" | 174 lbs | Vancouver Canucks Born: October 14, 1999 Birthplace: Orlando, USA Shoots: Left Draft: 7th overall, 2018, Canucks Scouting Report: Stats: --- Regular Season --- ---- Playoffs ---- Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014-15 St. Michael's Buzzers OJHL 1 0 0 0 10 -- -- -- -- -- 2015-16 U.S. National Under-17 Te USHL 34 4 7 11 10 -- -- -- -- -- 2016-17 U.S. National Under-18 Te USHL 26 4 22 26 10 -- -- -- -- -- 2017-18 U. of Michigan Big-1 37 5 24 29 26 2017-18 U. of Michigan Big-10 Statistics Unavailable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    I don't get the reasoning for Bergeven to come out and say this publically. He just looks desperate and if no good offers come in he has backed himself into a corner. Not sure what the French word is for tool. But Bergeven = Le Tool.
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    I suspect Toronto's regime had a bit of a head start by inheriting accumulated assets from missing the playoffs for the vast majority of the 10 prior years. They also had a lotto win where they drafted an elite franchise player (contrast that with losing draft position almost every year) It would also be interesting to examine their roster from 2013 to see if they had the same number of challenging contracts the Canucks had to move too (No trades, Kesler handcuffing management with a 2 team trade list). In the end I dont think they started with the same cupboard - so its hard (and probably unfair) to compare.
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    Only ignorant people compare them. Different expectations, different phases of the competitive cycle, different core of players. Apples to Oranges really
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    Follow this plan: 1. Get a huge face puncher from the AHL. One that is basically done as a hockey player but who seems to be a bit psycho. Pay him 3 million to just play one game. Put him in against Boston for one reason: to punch the living hell out of ratface. As our goon smashes ratface into the ice he must whisper in his ear...this is for the Sedins. Give our goon his bag of money and let him retire from hockey. 2. Find a 2nd AHL face puncher. Repeat #1 above when Canucks play Chicago. This time goon, after the beating, whispers in Keiths ear the same thing. Give goon bag of money. Of course I do not in any way endorse violence.
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    When Linden said they were willing to take on some bad contracts, I didn't have this in mind. 4 years!
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    Hate to see apples/mangoes compared. Willes likely serving up divisive, summer tripe. Also, league WANTed TO rebuilt asap..it's a cash cow, rising tide(terms of cap), to lift all boats. "Conspiracy theorist!" some will surely squeal at me. With all of the fake news & diabolical biz & gov't corruption, it's SOOO naive to think all teams(entire NHL) is run with integrity. It's so easy to have a few extra teams lob softball trades(for expiring UFA's) in the direction of Hogtown, for one thing. No, I haven't trusted how this league is run, dating back to the 90's. Shame really..cos' I love the game of hockey.
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    And with that, Willes makes his official entrance into the company of mainstream media muppetry and irrelevance. Equating the two teams in 2014 is the absolute height of myopic simple-minded ignorance. Not one mention of the previous years of high Leaf picks and young core already in place. Is there anyone left with an iota of grey matter than can put together an actual insightful, contextual, and rational article?
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    Kudos to the Canucks for doing this again, I find this stuff super interesting!
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    He is wildly inconsistent. He disappears for long stretches. He reminds me of Chris Higgins. But at least with Higgy we had memories of when he first joined the club and was good. No such memories of Gagner. Yes he put up 10 goals and 31 points. Can you remember anyone of them? Did any of them make a difference? I literally have no memory of him playing for us yet you say he played 73 games. He's like the plant in the corner of your house. Does nothing but he's physically there.
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    Wow. I had no concept if him falling this far to Vancouver. I honestly think he could be the best player out of this entire draft including Dahlin. I am tired, been up since 6 AM my time yesterday but am currently very pumped that Canes got the best forward and Canucks may have the best Dman. Quinn is likely a year away but I would not be shocked if he made it out of camp either - his WHC showing was impressive and he did not look out of place. He has an edge and will become the league's next Ryan Ellis in my mind. Wow, I am so surprised. I think short of winning the entire lottery and taking Dahlin, this may have been Benning's pick at 2. Shocked and very happy for the Canuck organization.
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    This will end up being the best d man we have ever drafted To the people who think he won't sign because he wants to play with his brother , I say whoever picks jack should be worried, not us . Jack is already a Canuck
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    While my wife is out for her monthly girl's night out and I wait for the call to come and pick her and her drunken BFFs up from wherever they are (yah...this is what my life has become), I'm left contemplating what might be for this coming season for the Canucks. Just curious what everyone's bold predictions (or wishful thinking) for the upcoming season are? Here are some of mine (caveat: lines are heavily blurred between what's real and what's fantasy): 1) Pettersson does what Matt Barzal did this past season and breaks 80 point barrier, en route to Calder Cup season (as a centerman); 2) Boeser scores 40 goals and quells concerns about his back and the myth of the sophomore jinx; 3) Gaunce makes the team out of camp and has a break out season and becomes Canucks permanent third line centerman, forcing Sutter to RW, where he re-discovers his 21-goal self of 2009-2010 and 2014-2015 (that's a two-for-one); 4) Hughes signs ELC and becomes the re-incarnation of Phil Housley/Brian Leetch; 5) Demko makes the team out of camp and becomes the undisputed number 1 goalie by Christmas; 6) Roussel -- Beagle -- Schaller form the best (and most expensive) fourth line in the NHL; 7) Pettersson, Dahlen and Eriksson form the Swedish Connection, resulting in Eriksson have a renaissance season; 8) Virtanen finally puts everything together and turns into the second coming of Cam Neely, Rick Vaive, Curt Fraser, Dirk Graham and all the other power forwards that the Canucks gave up too early on; 9) Juolevi makes the club, and plays with such poise that he makes Del Zotto and Hutton redundant, and removes any sort of urgency to re-sign Edler, forcing him to waive his no-trade clause at TDL to go play in Tampa Bay with his buddies Hedman and Karlsson; 10) Del Zotto, Gagner, Granlund and Hutton are moved out for a mittful of draft picks giving the Canucks a gazillion picks in the fourth and fifth rounds next draft in Vancouver where we know Benning, Weisbrod, Brackett rule the universe; 11) Canucks make the playoffs, lose in the first round in seven games, and gain invaluable experience. Everyone touts "losing this one in seven hurts, but it didn't kill us, so it will make us stronger". Would love to hear what everyone's predictions/hopes for the coming season are...
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    Did HF Boards have a power failure?
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    I honestly can't stand this guy. It might be the Max LaPierre effect. You like him when he's on your team but hate him everywhere else.
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    smh at the twitter guy protesting about not being able to take any more signings like this.... (or Sutter). "foundational?" 58.5% faceoffs this year. 25.2% ozone starts - and was a plus player (+3, 7g, 22 pts in that role) - playing with Smith-Pelly, Stephenson, Chiaison +7 with 8 points in the playoffs - with 24.4% ozone starts 2.1 on ice goals against per 60, only one player (Stephenson) was on ice for a lower frequency of goals against. Meh. who needs that?
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    Dobber prospect rating just put us at 4. https://dobberprospects.com/2018-19-organizational-prospects-rankings/ While I understand this is just one ranking, I think it was a fair, unbiased opinion. We have top end talent at D, forward, and goal tending. We even have built some decent depth in many positions excluding RD and LW. I don't think its unreaonsable to conciser us top 5, even with my blatant homerism aside.
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    Edmonton kills another prospect
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    Beagle and Bozak should never appear in the same sentence as the Sedins.
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    VAN Karlsson Ryan OTT Goldobin Baertschi Hutton
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    As long as they have no trade restrictions, then these contracts are fine. I'm sure we will be able to trade them when our kids need new contracts. I'm not buying the garbage some people are spewing about these contracts. You act like these guys are plugs. They're not. I bet they will prove themselves to be very important pieces to our team rather than expendable plugs.
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    Nah man, I honestly think you'll see a different Hutton this year.
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    Nobody long-term. Nobody asking for NTC/NMC. Nobody asking for career payday contract.
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    New NHL ready elite PMD. I am going to punch everyone in the mouth the complains about his size, just for the record.
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