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    Whether we’d won or lost, this series has already paid dividends. Quinn Hughes coming out party as a playoff beast and one of the NHL’s premiere #1Ds. We’ve never had a player like Q. Almost every Stanley Cup winner has a true #1D, and now we have one of the best in the world. Boys coming together and overcoming adversity. Pushing through bad reffing, winning when Marky doesn’t carry us, chipping away at leads when down, working it to OT, and coming through with the series clincher. Kids leading the way, and vets stepping up and supporting the kids (even Sutter actually looking “foundational”). Team toughness and guys standing up for each other, and punishing the opponent when they try to take liberties. Never quitting. Just so much for this young team to build on, moving forward. Of course, still lots of room to grow and improve, but this group, especially the youngsters, is starting to learn how to win in the postseason. I’m excited to see how deep we can go this year, but even more excited about what these kids can accomplish in years to come.
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    Quinn Hughes is the next super star in the NHL Controls the game in every aspect.. just a gem. Going to be a treat watching him in a Canucks jersey for next 15 years.
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    How can you not love Chris Tanev? Bruised body, long greasy hair, maybe 4 teeth left in his mouth. What a beauty.
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    I was thinking a lot today as I soaked in every second of hockey...both on the radio and TV. Sitting outside in the sunshine in August with....hockey on? How weird is that? The following is an "all about me" deal that comes with the hope that some of you might share your thoughts, feelings and experiences too. When Covid hit, I was in a very stressful job carrying much of the load at work. The more I did, the more my boss piled on and it was a thankless job with little appreciation ever shown. I didn't mind the workload as I'd rather keep busy than be idle....but the expectations were starting to be unreasonable and his attitude was awful. He was very stressed and that was starting to impact me. It wasn't unusual for him to have screaming matches on the phone with clients...all within earshot of me. I ran the office over Christmas and into January when he went "home" to Italy for a vacation for a month and a half. When he returned, COVID was just starting to get going and rumblings about it spreading had me concerned. I immediately took a proactive stance with it...just in case. I tuned in early on when precautions were being set out...one of which was to keep our distance from one another. Our small office was difficult to facilitate that in and I had to establish boundaries and set some rules. My boss reluctantly agreed to them, but often forgot to follow them. The final straw was him coming at me at my desk in full on open mouth coughing fits. This happened regularly. I'd remind him to please cover his mouth and he'd snap back that "he didn't have COVID". He did have asthma....but he'd also travelled to Italy, so....how the heck did he know? Long story short, we butt heads for awhile and then he let me go very abruptly in March. He was already agitated and my "nagging" him to be safe during COVID was obviously too much. His ego had inflated and he said "I don't need a damn secretary anymore". I could have likely fought it, but it was exhausting to think of and I also was caring for my father who is immune compromised so just didn't have it in me. See ya. So I lost my job in late March. I also had a 10 year old bunny....my BFF...who'd been going downhill since November, 2019. Thing is, he was a fighter and would always improve and surprise us. He was so resilient. Until he no longer was and I lost him, too, recently. At the best of times this would be super rough. But COVID is really emphasizing how much my life has changed in the past 6 months and it's a bit daunting at times. Very weird. I hate change but am learning to embrace it as a challenge as I move into something new. The job stuff is whatever...I'll get another job (and just tested for a good Gov't job...fingers crossed). I've always been super upbeat but, at times, it's a bit of a facade and I battle depression (on a minimal scale). Nothing serious, as I recognize it and am aware of what to do. But it's there, smouldering and needing to be extinguished at times. Like during COVID. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am a sports NUT. I have not missed a single Canucks game in.......well over a decade. I even had a small portable colour TV that I packed around when a game was on and I HAD to go somewhere (like a wedding once). A little obsessive. My car broke down last year in the snow and I had to take transit home...there was a game on and so I hopped off the bus at the mall, bought a small shower radio (LOL) and listened to it on the next bus until I got home. Can't miss a game. Ever. Come hell or high water. Or Covid. Although hockey's my number one passion by FAR, all sports are my thing. I love going to "the track", I love football - both NFL and CFL, tennis, curling, golf, even poker (btw it isn't a sport...it's a game). So when COVID starting stripping sports away, that was presenting a huge hole for me. I wasn't really seeing family much (as we were all wanting to protect my Dad). and so it was just me at home. Trying to find "stuff" to do. I'd always find sports on TV to occupy my time and be in my zone, but they were falling away, one by one. It was so weird as all the things that make me feel "whole" were suddenly gone. The only thing I really could do was workout, but that leaves a lot of empty hours in the rest of the day to fill. My bun was the final blow. The house was suddenly eerily empty. He was all of two pounds but he filled my entire world and my days were busy tending to him. He'd been on medication every 2-4 hours....so it was a constant thing. Then it wasn't. So what now? No job. No family. No bff bunny to tend to. No sports. What kind of empty hell am I in here? And so, just at the very right time, hockey has returned and it feels like it has almost saved me. It was sink or swim time and I was sinking. Fast. It's obviously no secret how stoked I was for the exhibition game and the build up was incredible. I know we all are feeling this...it's not just me. I love it here because I've found "my tribe". Other people as crazy about this team/game as I am. And so hockey's back and it's so damn good...something to be hopeful about. I can't begin to describe how "normal" it feels to hear the sounds...the commentators, the radio banter. Like familiar friends. I am watching every second of every game...because I can. I am lapping it all up and feel so grateful that it's back. You start just taking things in life for granted until...they're no longer there anymore. When I heard hockey would return I was pretty skeptical of what that would look like. I think many of us were. What it would feel like. No fans? Are you kidding? I imagined silence and awkwardness. How would this work? WOULD it even work?...I wouldn't believe it would be "game on" until the very day it actually arrived and WE MADE IT! I kept waiting for the bubble to burst...for that dangling carrot during planning to suddenly be yanked away because it wasn't doable. I think I held my breath for weeks. It's amazing that it's actually here...that it's back!!! It's different, sure....but it doesn't feel a whole lot different. It isn't glaring...it's familiar and good. It's also exciting to see how it's all being put together. I take none of it for granted and have a new appreciation for every single aspect of the game. The efforts being made...the community pulling together. The joy that people are sharing....the enthusiasm about it all. The togetherness. The uniqueness of it all...although it's something terrible that we've been forced into accepting, it also shows strength, patience and resilience as we find new ways to do things. Together. Suddenly things are even starting to feel normal again. I am comforted by this thing we call hockey. I have always loved playoffs and watch if we're in them or not.....and that will be no different. I'm loving every second of this deal and feel optimistic and hopeful again. I honestly didn't think we'd make it "back" to hockey....as the uncertainly swirling around covid isn't dissipating and everything is a wait and see deal. One day at a time. I feel blessed to have this community....hockey really is something special and this "family" we have here is testament to that. Cheers to play ins and play offs and friends and hockey. Here's to our team...win or lose, they give us something really special to cheer about. In closing, I'll use Dr. Bonnie's words: Be kind, be calm, be safe. And our words: Be(at) the Wild. GO CANUCKS GO!!!! Thanks for listening. How are you feeling about hockey during this weird thing we're stuck in called COVID? Are you enjoying it as much as you expected? More? Will you watch whether we're in it or not?
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    Just want to give a shoutout to Tanner Pearson. He scored two clutch goals early in two games, and set up Bo’s tying goal tonight. This guy is a playoff performer.
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    Never thought I'd be doing three post-season GDT's in a row, but I have been assigned this position again!!
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    Hands up if you've scored as many 5 on 5 goals in this playoff series as the entire Minnesota Wild roster!
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    How to celebrate in the bubble, Tanev , “ I think we’ll think of a few things after I get undressed” awkward silence
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    I was curious to see the comparison of players as well between that period, so here it is:
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    VANCOUVER LEADS SERIES 2-1 Vancouver Canucks (2-1-0) vs. Minnesota Wild (1-2-0) PROJECTED LINEUPS FORWARDS DEFENSE GOALIES *Subject to change. TIME & PLACE 7:45pm Pacific Time. Rogers Place, Edmonton, Alberta. WATCH & LISTEN GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!
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    Which ever way the series goes, Canucks will gain very valuable experience against the defending champs.
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    SERIES TIED 0-0 Vancouver Canucks (3-1-0) vs. St. Louis Blues (0-2-1) PROJECTED LINEUPS FORWARDS DEFENSE GOALIES *Subject to change. TIME & PLACE 7:30pm Pacific time. Rogers Place, Edmonton, Alberta. WATCH & LISTEN GAME NEWS GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!
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    "It's obviously a tough day for my friends and me. It's crazy how time flies. To get one for him, it's something special. Emotional day for sure and tried to make the most of it on the ice. He’s why I wear number 6. It’s a huge goal and it was nice to get one for Ty." - Boeser
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    well, we have a few days to get the new coach in before the next round
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    Probably one of the closest, tightest-checking series of the playoffs so far. Minnesota played a gritty, tough game but at the end of the day our star power and clutch players really shined. 1) Our top line was decent tonight, not fantastic, and they've been checked to death this series. No Sutter opened up play a bit more for them tonight but all 3 of the guys had a decent game. Was nice to see Pettersson and Boeser develop some nice chances and of course Miller's little things wins us the game (the screen). 2) Pearson was a monster tonight, I knew this would come as soon as we signed him but he's a playoff warrior, knows what it takes to win, scores us some big clutch goals and a huge play to tie the game that was all him. Obviously Bo didn't look that flashy but ends the night with a solid 3 points and couldn't be more clutch to tie it. As for Eriksson he was surprisingly useful tonight, had a lot of jump in his step and might fly under the radar here in the playoffs where experience will certainly help. 3) Our tertiary players have been outstanding this series. I think Sutter's been one of if not our best forward this series. Everyone was hating on him during the regular season but JB knows what he's doing, this guy is a tried-and-tested playoff performer and he really performed tonight. Huge goal to get us back in the game when the game was on a turning point and he's had about 7 A-grade scoring chances in the last 2 games just born out of hustle. He's a true warrior playing with 4th liners and he's getting the job done in all respects. This is what you want from your "foundational player" - such a solid 3rd line center. Motte had another strong game, Virtanen was good at times then quiet in others, hope Beagle's alright but had a hell of a strong game as well and I thought Zac was really generating some good offensive pressure and zone time, not only with his big body but nice quick hands in tight really help. We've got a really solid 4th line out there (as long as Beagle's alright). Roussel wasn't too noticeable tonight. 4) Edler, Stecher, Tanev and Juolevi all had a very solid game. Any time you don't notice the defencemen, that's a good game for them. Shame that Green basically shortened our bench to 4 defencemen, we can't keep that up in the future but at least there's a bit of a break now. 2 games in a row and we played our top-4 hard. 5) Myers obviously was atrocious going to the penalty box so many times but I agree in that it's not his fault, the refs were just calling everything, hardly playoff-worthy. Next round will be interesting and of course he should have learned after the first 2 penalties of the series to keep his hands down, but he made a hell of a play when Hughes made a huge mistake in a pivotal point in the game. Solid defenceman, just needs to clean up the penalties but in all honesty I think that was just specific to this round for some reason. 6) Obviously Hughes was a monster again tonight for us, plays around 27 minutes and scores a huge goal and an assist for us to get us back in a game that could have gone away from us when momentum was really swinging against us. This is when you need these stone-cold guys, and in the past in the playoffs this is where our team has been blown out. Hughes is by far our MVP so far this post-season and hopefully it continues. 7) Markstrom really had a rough night, he almost cost us the game on several occasions, including the time he went out to play the puck and should have been scored on to be fair. Poor guy will beat himself up but he and the goalie coaching staff have to address that short-side because you know the next team will pray on that. He's been so good for us so far so it's only fair his team bail him out for a night. On the whole I'm very impressed with what Green has managed to do against an extremely stingy defensive team. If the Canucks can blow a solid-Stalock and Minnesota defence open the way they did today, they can score on just about anyone. This special teams has been huge for us, the PP is clearly a weapon and if we keep having 5+ PP nights, we'll beat any team. We have all the components to go far this playoffs, if our PP is clicking, bottom-6 stay solid and goalie stays hot then we're in with a good chance!
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    One of the best things about this game (and series thus far) is how Boeser is shutting people up.
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    “Marky doesn't give himself enough credit. He's been a brick wall all season and we wouldn't be where we are right now without him. I couldn't be more proud of our guys. Our young guys stepping up in their first series. From goaltending all the way up we found a way to win.” - Horvat
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    I could step in dog crap, lose my phone, drop my bottle of red wine on the carpet and it'd still be a good day. (now watch, I've jinxed myself)
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    @Roberts looks like you just signed yourself up for another GDT tomorrow.
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