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    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/daniel-and-henrik-sedin-dear-vancouver/ Dear Vancouver, Before this season begins, we wanted to write a letter to the city, and to everyone who has supported us for the past 17 years. Aside from being brothers, we have always been best friends, and we have played together on the same line since we were 12 years old, so we wanted to do this together, too. Daniel When I think of Vancouver, I think about one thing: Home. We came here as 20-year-old kids, and we were just trying to stay as far away from the coach as possible at practice. We had no idea what our potential could be, or how long we would stay. But we have grown into men in this city, we have raised our children here, and we have made so many memories over the years. Of course, we’re not so young anymore. Henrik When I wake up in the morning, I still think we’re 26. Daniel But obviously we are not 26. We’re 36. And with one year left on our contracts, many people are asking us what the future holds. When the time is right, we will sit down with management and discuss it. People say our window for winning a Cup has closed, but we have said it before, and we will say it again. We won’t play anywhere else. If we are going to win a Stanley Cup, if we are going to achieve our dream, we’d only want it to be in Vancouver. If we did it anywhere else, I don’t think it would feel the same. Henrik We are Swedes, but this is our home. The first time that really hit me is when we went on one of our bike rides up the mountain. In the summertime, we love to wake up at five or six in the morning on Fridays and start riding way out by the airport. We head north towards the mountains and wind our way through the city. Then we hop on the Stanley Park Causeway and start the climb up towards the Lions Gate Bridge. Then up Capilano Road — and everybody in Vancouver knows what’s next. The Grouse Grind. Almost three kilometres straight up Grouse Mountain. It definitely beats you up. But coming down the mountain in the gondola with a coffee in your hand is the best feeling in the world. You can see all of Vancouver as the sun is coming up. There’s nothing better than that. It never gets old. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s just home. Daniel We have been incredibly lucky. Not only to play in Vancouver, but to play here together. I never thought it would happen. That’s just not how things work in the NHL. Heading into the draft in 1999, I thought we’d go off to different teams and that would be that. We had heard some rumors, but we really felt that way until about five minutes before the first pick was made. Thomas Gradin, the Canucks Swedish scout, and Brian Burke, the GM, came up to us in the stands. They told us they had made a few moves and were going to take us second and third overall. Henrik Markus Naslund. That was my first thought. Markus was from our hometown in Sweden. Daniel We knew a little bit about Vancouver because of Markus and Thomas, but you would almost never see the Western Conference teams on TV in Sweden because of the huge time difference. It was only Rangers and Leafs on the news. We didn’t actually pay that much attention to the NHL overall. We just wanted to play for Modo, our local club. That was our dream. We are Swedes, but this is our home. Henrik For Swedish kids — at least in the ’90s — the NHL was still the unknown. I think we watched our first full NHL game when we were 16 years old. So we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I remember the year before we came over to the NHL, our agency invited us out to Penticton, B.C., for this three-day camp. I don’t remember a lot from those few games, but I do remember playing against one guy. Daniel Joe Thornton. Henrik Joe Thornton. He was a year older than us, but he was like a man among boys. He was just huge. Every time I got close to him, he’d knock me right off the puck. Daniel I remember sitting on the bench watching him, thinking, How good is this guy? We are seriously going to play in the same league? It was kind of a whirlwind. Henrik We spoke to Markus on one of our first trips over. He told us about Vancouver. He explained how we were going to fall in love with the city and the people. I think he knew that we were a bit overwhelmed at first. He had been in a similar situation a couple of years before. That sort of support from him really meant a lot to us in the early stages of our career. Daniel And then everything was perfect from there. No problems. Henrik Exactly. No, obviously, our first few seasons here were hard. We weren’t physically where we needed to be, and the criticism was a lot to take. We had been built up a lot in Sweden. People told us how good we were from the time we were 15, right up to the NHL draft. And now, here we were being told the style we played wasn’t right for the league. That everything we’d done since we became linemates at 12 years old wasn’t going to work here. There were nights when I’d go home and not turn on a radio or TV for days because I didn’t want to hear what was being said about us. During the ’04 lockout, when we were back in Sweden, I wondered how we could come back and become the players the Canucks drafted us to be. We worked really, really hard physically during that time to be a bit more like Bert, Markus and Brendan. Daniel When we came back, we could see our work paying off. We also found a linemate who let us play our game in Anson Carter. PHOTO BY JEFF VINNICK/GETTY IMAGES Henrik He knew how to be successful in the league. He helped us work on our cycle game down low because he gave us that confidence to get in those gritty areas and be physical. He was sort of the opposite of us. Daniel When we started playing with Anson, it was an eye-opener for me. That’s when I realized that we really can play in this league, and we can be really good. Before that season, every time we would go back to Sweden in the summer, a part of me would think, Can we really do this? Should we just stay here? Everything clicked for us because of Anson. He’s probably why we’re still here at 36 years old. Henrik When Markus left in 2008, that’s when we sort of knew we had to be the guys. We had some talented teams over the next few seasons, and we had a lot of personal success, but for me, the thing that I think about all the time is the 2011 Cup run. That was a really special time in the city. I remember driving into downtown before the games, and you’d see 75-year-old ladies wearing our jerseys, and then right next to them, seven-year-old kids wearing our jerseys. To me, that was so neat. It’s a special feeling when an entire city is behind you. PHOTO BY DARRYL DYCK/THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP IMAGES Daniel It’s still hard to talk about what happened against Boston in the Finals. It was like climbing to the top of Mt. Everest and then having to turn around with four feet left. Henrik After Game 2, when we went up 2-0, we didn’t let our minds wander. We were focused heading over to Boston. It’s just … I’m not sure — it’s hockey. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. I try to remember all the good from those few weeks. The fans on the street, the atmosphere, the celebration. Daniel We went up to a suite after Game 7 with our families to eat some dinner. Watching the smoke rise from the riots and seeing everything happen on TV — it just broke my heart. I felt empty. Henrik It was just some people acting stupid. What people don’t understand, and what I want them to understand, is how supportive everyone was to us in the weeks after the Finals. It was such a roller coaster ride that month. I was just exhausted. Mentally, physically, I didn’t have anything left. It’s the hardest trophy in the world to win and when you’re that close … “hurts” isn’t the right word. It’s beyond that. But we still had to take our kids to school. We had to go out into the world. And everyone we met was really supportive. Not a single person said a bad word to me. Just support, support, support. We will never forget that. If we are going to win a Stanley Cup, if we are going to achieve our dream, we’d only want it to be in Vancouver. DANIEL SEDIN PHOTO BY JEFF VINNICK/NHLI/GETTY IMAGES Daniel We always believe in our team, but we’re not dumb. We understand how the NHL works and what it takes to be a Cup contending team. Every club has to go through periods when they aren’t playing their best and changes need to be made. We weren’t expected to make the playoffs in 2015 but we did, and we should have played better against Calgary. We know that anything can happen in hockey, and that feeling brings us back to the rink every day. The team we have heading into this year is young, and they’re going to be a lot of fun to play with. That’s why our focus right now is simple. We’re going to take this year to work hard and build something special with the young guys around us. And when it ends, we’ll see where we’re at and what we want to do. Henrik If we’re going to win a Cup, we only want it to be with Vancouver – that will never change. And if the moment has come and passed already, then so be it. This is my home. This is our home. This is our family’s home. Vancouver has given us so much and we’ve tried to give everything we have in return. So we will do our best to teach this new generation of young guys. PHOTO BY JEFF VINNICK/NHLI/GETTY IMAGES Daniel Bo Horvat has grabbed onto that quickly. It’s a little unusual, because he’s a young guy, but he’s already a leader. We don’t have to do much when somebody isn’t doing the right thing because we know Bo will get on them. He’s in first everyday, and out last. You can see in him that desire to improve everyone around him — you can’t teach that. Henrik I have to say … when we met Jonathan Dahlén after his trade from Ottawa last year … that was the first time I really felt old. I mean, we played with his dad! I was like, This guy could be my kid. Daniel Our hope is that these kids can fall in love with Vancouver the same way we did. It is crazy how quickly the time has gone by. We are not 26, no matter what Henrik says. We’re 36. So you start realizing that your time is coming to an end, eventually. We’re going to take this year and appreciate everything about it, and never look too far ahead. Who knows, we might have a few more years left in us. Maybe we need to speak with Jagr. But whatever happens, we are Canucks, and we will always be Canucks, and this will always be our home. Sincerely, Henrik and Daniel
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    You know what. Dorsett gets a alot of unwarranted heat from these boards. This guy bleeds green and blue. He didn't get to choose his size. He didn't get to choose this team. This is the lunchbox, blue collar kind of guy you want on this team. You hear about guys complaining about ice time, starts, special teams and linemates then you have Dorsett on the other hand. Guy puts himself in danger going toe to toe against the biggest guys in the league to protect your Horvats and Sedins and Stetchers. What's he get at the end of day? No ring of honor, no HOF, no cup ring (with this sorry ass team anyway). On top of all that gets the cdc hate. I like DD. I don't mind his contract for what he does. I hope he can play like this for a long time and retire a canuck. I'm glad he's feeling better and am excited to see his spark plug style play again.
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    Saw this on reddit and had a good laugh. Thought CDC would appreciate this
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    Daniel Sedin “In our 1st meeting with Travis Green, he told us we were not good enough last year.” This alone is the best thing a fan of the Canucks could possible want to hear. If this coach is willing to take on legends, think of how he will get on players down the line-up. Those of you posting that spots will be gifted and that not all 23 spots on the roster will have to be earned and kept through effort, I think you are underestimating this coach.
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    Why is everyone so against the idea of Vanek? he had 48 points in 68 games last year (3 points less then Hank in fewer games) and was then traded at the deadline for a young player and 3rd round pick. I get we want to stay young and give kids a chance, but in a way isn't signing Vanek also a play for the future? Let the kids bake in Utica and play meaningful minutes, keep the team semi competitive and hope for a trade deadline flip for a free draft pick. Makes sense me.
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    Tuzzi is arguably the biggest man to have ever played for this franchise. I'll take his word for it. I really wish he would join the organization again. We've got so many former players... Clouts, TL, Baums, now Salo and many more... Bertuzzi is one of the greats. I'll forever respect him for standing up for his best friend, team captain, and reigning league MVP even though the outcome was bad. He made the right choice. Too bad 10 guys jumped on top and piled on the pressure to Steve's neck. EDIT: Adding this in here. If Bert just sucker punched him and 10 other players didn't pile up on them, there would be minor injury and we wouldn't even be talking about this. It's not Todd's fault that 10 clowns thought it was a good idea to pile up. You head hunt our captain, you deserve to be head hunted. In no way do I think Steve deserved to have his career ended... but the punch was just pay back. The sad part is that 10 other guys piled on top and broke his neck. Very unfortunate but wouldn't be in that spot if he didn't head hunt the league's reigning MVP at the time. Naslund had just won the Pearson and was a pure elite sniper... Steve was a 4th liner.
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    I'm okay with this, it's a 1 year deal, get him his points and flip him for a third at the TDL. 50 games in Utica isn't going to ruin any prospect
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    I mean maybe they loved Petterson or Makar so much they would have traded down but I'd bet "Neither" was an example of "ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer."
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    several years ago, i had a weird dream. in this dream, a man came up to me and said he was taking my fathers memory home, to give him a proper burial. he asked me, if i could give him any ideas of what he could say about him? i couldn't tell him much. the more i thought about this dream, the more i came to believe, i was meant to deal with my memory of my father. so dad, i do this for both of us. ..dear dad, i have to admit, i know very little about your life or about you personally. i know, because we were told, that you put us into a foster home, when i was twenty months old. we were told that you brought us a bag of withered apples to eat. that meant you came to visit us. you kept us together dad, i thank you for that. we were told, you threw my older brother into a thorn bush. as he was lifted out, cut, bleeding and crying, you told him that it would help him become a man. i don't understand your actions dad. it is something, i would never do. i have to believe that you really thought, you were making him stronger. i know that you spent some twelve years in a mental hospital. i don't know why you ended up there. but it must have been very, lonely and degrading. i am sorry you had to suffer for such a long time. dad, we met for twenty minutes, when i was sixteen years old. i wanted to hug you, but you never gave any indication, that you wanted to. i realize dad, that i was a stranger to you. i prayed that had you know me for a longer time, you would have put your arms around me and told me, that you loved me. you disappeared after that dad. none of us, ever heard from you again. many years later, my sister discovered that a john doe who died on the streets of los angeles in 1961, was proved by dna, to be you. that meant dad, that you lived on the streets of LA for seven years. when i try to picture you there, i see you cold, hungry and lonely. you've lived so many years with no one to love you and care for you. dad, no one should have to live a life like that. dad, all these years, you've been a non-person to me. i appologize to you, for blotting you out of my memories. i now see a man, who struggled to make a living during the dirty thirties. your, having trouble supporting a family of 5 kids and a sickly wife, must have weighed heavy on your life. in a way, you put us into a position to have a better life.. and even though it is too late, i love you dad, forgive you and thank you.
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    Great interview by McKenzie, however ya dropped the ball on the thread They seemed to spend the most time on individual players, so I'll start there: Forwards: - Confirms 10 forwards are locks: Sedin, Sedin, Horvat, Baertschi, Granlund, Eriksson, Sutter, Vanek, Gagner, Dorsett - A lot of time on Virtanen. Says he was kept that one year because of a lack of depth. Have to be patient, see him as a powerforward and those take time. Doesn't look out of place amongst men, played his best hockey after world juniors. - They identified Molino as a guy who could come in and replace Hansen's speed. Top 9 guy good in both ends, scouted by Smyl. - Likes Burmistrov from scouting junior days in Barrie, N. Brown liked him as a powerplay guy. Sees Burmistrov as a playmaking centre. - Goldobin, could impress will be given games, has proven self at AHL level - Boucher has a 'great shot', scoring forward. Wants to see him in excellent shape in camp, 'put it together' - Boeser looked good at the end of last season. Great in both zones, lethal from the circle down. exceptional shot - Dahlen sick for another 2-3 weeks, wants strength back before coming to NA, expects to start in Utica, get used to NA game Defense: - He confirms with McKenzie that Edler, Tanev, Gudbranson, Hutton, Stecher, MDZ are the set top 6 - Likes Wiercioch, big with a shot - MDZ finds ways to get pucks through - Biega, what you see is what you get, tough, works hard - Holm, great skater, able to move the puck up the ice, find open man - Juolevi 'will get a lot of preseason games', asked about a 9 game stint, Benning likes the idea. He's really close, want to see how he handles new body - Pedan hungry for a spot, 'we're not lacking depth' Goaltending - Loves Demko, wants to develop him 'the right way', which may include leaving him down there. Though Benning does say he could play some games with the Canucks, which would mean vaulting Bachman. - Markstrom/Nilsson split will be up to the coach in terms of games played. Sees Markstrom as starter heading in, thinks he had some bad luck last year. - Liked Nilsson in Buffalo, thought he had a good season. Big, fills net. Misc: In an ideal world, Benning would want a right shot power play defenseman. Thinks the Canucks will be successful if 4 lines are scoring. Sees 8-10 guys in Utica that could make it, many listed above. Bringing in a new coach, has connections with guys trying out, could create spots. Lists MacEwen among guys in Utica as added depth, and possible NHL time. Rodin wasn't really mentioned, neither was Subban. Says PTO guys will create competition, push guys. Asked about the remaining 2M in cap, didn't see a use for it. If anything else comes to me, I'll edit. Not to be a d*ck, but I've seen it a lot lately. Please, please, make an actual effort if you want a thread to create discussion.
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    Per Pierre Lebrun http://www.tsn.ca/canucks-sign-horvat-to-six-year-33-million-contract-1.850894 Same deal as Drouin, pretty good deal.
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    Quoted, bolded, italic'ed, and underlined for truth. Any trade proposals involving the Sedins should be immediately locked and that user should be banned. Jam Banning will never trade the twins.
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    The best part of this signing is that is pushes Megna further down the depth chart.
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    Less? He was our leading scorer last year as a 22 year old and we just bought a couple years of free agency. This is contract is already good value.
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    I don't get it.... but if we can move him for a good pick at the TDL I'll be happy.
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    Well, as promised I'm giving you some stuff that you might not get over here. Earlier today Elias had an interview with our local radio and the translation is something like this: (R is for Reporter and EP... well, you can guess that) R: What do you need to improve to make it in the NHL? EP: There's really no secret that I need to get stronger, but I'm very aware of that and it's something I'm working on every day R: Just bulk up basically? EP: Exactly! I'm a bit thin as it is right now... R: ...Thin for a hockey player maybe - you're twice my size haha! EP: Haha absolutely not! But yeah... gaining some muscles and I'll be ready for North America R: Do you feel any pressure regarding that you need to have a "good season" or even next year because if you don't the Canucks wouldn't let you go over seas? EP: Nah. I don't feel pressure, I never feel pressure. I've joined an organization in Sweden that are very driven, with superb work ethics in every aspect of the day. I'm really pleased with my choice of team in Sweden and they will make sure that I'm developing into the type of player that's going to make it in the NHL. R: .... But, are you feeling that your stay in the Lakers needs to be really good or? EP: *Sigh* no, it's nothing I'm thinking about. It's not like... let's say I have a bad game and then think "Well, next game I need to score two goals otherwise the Canucks wouldn't want me to join them in the future". All I can do is playing a solid game, doing my very best and the rest is just going to happen. It's always been like that for me. R: Yeah, well, it worked out last season... EP: Yeah, but... it's not guaranteed. It's hard work, every single day. You can't be successful without hard work. R: Vancouver are counting on that you're going to be one of their best players in the future, since you were drafted as #5. In most of the cases, players that are drafted as high as that have become very successful. With a fast car in the garage, money in the bank and so on. Have you even tried to grasp the fact that it might be you in the future? EP: Well, obviously you start to daydream from time to time... That many NHL-players earn a lot of money, and are living in their own dream world. But they have worked super hard and they've been driven to get to that level too. And it's always been my dream and I'm motivated to make it happen. R: Since it all happened this summer, have you felt the fact that people are recognizing you on the streets? Wanting to take selfies and getting your autograph? EP: Well, there have been some change that's for sure. Some Canucks fans have sent me messages with motivating stuff like "you're our next superstar" and "you're going to become one of the greatest" it's super exciting. I take my time to answer some of the messages, just hoping that it'll make their day. R: Do you enjoy being a celebrity? EP: Naah, celebrity is a stretch. I think hockey-people in Sweden and Canucks-fans knows who I am. But I don't really care if I'm being honest. I just try to have fun and enjoy my life. But I'm always going to take good care of my fans, if they want a picture or an autograph I'm never going to say no. I've been a fan too growing up, if it'll make someone's day, that means everything. Well... I think you might have a future captain if everything goes as planned
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    Solid signing! Anything to help the kids continue to grow and develop and relieve pressure on them. Excited to see what he'll have to offer
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    Updated: September 21st Main Camp Schedule (subject to change) Sept. 11: 10:00 am: Media Availability, Northview Golf and Country Club Sept. 12: 10:00 am: Media Availability, Rogers Arena Sept. 13 - Sept. 15: 8:30 am: Group 1, Rogers Arena 10:40 am: Group 2, Rogers Arena 12:50 pm: Group 3, Rogers Arena Sept. 16: 8:30 am: Group 1, Rogers Arena 10:40 am: Group 2, Rogers Arena Main Camp Roster A total of 66 players were invited to the Vancouver Canucks 2017 Training Camp: 37 Forwards, 23 Defencemen, and 6 Goalies. There are currently 56 players left in Training Camp. Forwards (Invited: 37 | Remaining: 33) Darren Archibald Sven Baertschi Carter Bancks Brock Boeser Reid Boucher Alexander Burmistrov Michael Carcone Cole Cassels Michael Chaput Jonathan Dahlen Derek Dorsett Alexis D'Aoust Loui Eriksson Jonah Gadjovich (CUT) Sam Gagner Brendan Gaunce Nikolay Goldobin Markus Granlund Wacey Hamilton Bo Horvat Joseph LaBate Yan-Pavel Laplante Kole Lind (CUT) Zack MacEwen Brett McKenzie Jayson Megna Griffen Molino Danny Moynihan (CUT) Anton Rodin Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin Jakob Stukel (CUT) Brandon Sutter Scottie Upshall Thomas Vanek Jake Virtanen Ryan White Defenceman (Invited: 23 | Remaining: 18) Alex Biega Matt Brassard (CUT) Guillaume Brisebois Cole Candella (CUT) Anton Cederholm (CUT) Jalen Chatfield Michael Del Zotto Alex Edler Erik Gudbranson Philip Holm Ben Hutton Aaron Irving Olli Juolevi Evan McEneny Andrey Pedan Dylan Plouffe (CUT) Ashton Sautner Jaime Sifers Troy Stecher Mackenze Stewart (CUT) Jordan Subban Chris Tanev Patrick Wiercioch Goalies (Invited: 6 | Remaining: 5) Richard Bachman Thatcher Demko Michael DiPietro (CUT) Michael Garteig Jacob Markstrom Anders Nilsson Assigned September 21: Jakob Stukel, Left Wing, Calgary Hitmen (WHL) Anton Cederholm, Defence, Utica Comets (AHL) Mackenze Stewart, Defence, Utica Comets (AHL) Danny Moynihan, Left Wing, Utica Comets (AHL) September 19: Matt Brassard, Defence, Oshawa Generals (OHL) Cole Candella, Defence, Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL) Michael DiPietro, Goaltender, Windsor Spitfires (OHL) Jonah Gadjovich, Left Wing, Owen Sound Attack (OHL) Kole Lind, Right Wing, Kelowna Rockets (WHL) Dylan Plouffe, Defence, Vancouver Giants (WHL) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Released [Information related to 'Released' will be posted here] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waived [Information related to 'Waived' will be posted here]
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    https://www.nhl.com/news/canucks-forward-dorsett-returns-to-ice-following-neck-surgery/c-291068056?tid=277548856 Poor guy, wish him nothing but the best.
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    He posted a good thread with a reasonable premise - just for this I will give him a plus. Just because you don't agree with him isn't a reason to push for a hate on. He and I don't often agree but I respect he has an opinion and quite enjoy that he seems to really think out his responses versus some others that simply troll here. I think CDC benefits from having different opinions and I like that he is here.
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    Your Vancouver Canucks play the LA Kings today at 2pm here is the lineup for the good guys. HOCKEY IS BACK!!!
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    Demers should be fined for mentioning a specific player about a trade on the table that he nixed. That is in the same category that got Benning in hot water with regards to PK Subban.
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    I'm just tired of writers pissing all over individual members of the team for stupid reasons, and I have no problem saying as much.
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    Terribly weak, but keep trying -- no doubt you can dredge up something out of this to complain about Benning, as always.
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    Jason Brough‏ @JasonBroughTSN 1h1 hour ago Not a ringing endorsement of Willie's system “We played with a little bit of grey area last year and Greener has come in and taken that out,” stressed the 25-year-old Gudbranson. “It’s simple. Once you have the puck, you know where to put it and if there’s a guy open, you know where to go. It’s very meticulous and very quick and actually relatively simple. It’s a good north-south game.”
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    It's around this time of year that the Canucks players rent out the facilities at Britannia to get warmed up. I'm making this thread just based off what I found on twitter. If anyone was there to spectate, please contribute! From what I can tell, Gagner, Wiercioch, MDZ, Demko, the Twins, Rodin, Baertschi, Markstrom are all out here already to practice.
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    there's no reason for them to do that, lol what kind of question is that?
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    I think it's been proven it doesn't matter where you finish...
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    The article clearly states: http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/2020-vision-what-the-vancouver-canucks-roster-will-look-like-in-three-years
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    While you are probably right it's the thinking of TL and JB, its a very easy statement after winning the lottery...
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    I met Jake at Chopped Leaf the other day. Had a good chat with him. No one there knew who he was so it was real relaxed. Asked him about the coaching change in Vancouver. He liked Willie (being PC maybe) and really enjoys Travis. He was happy about his training. He said he worked really hard on his weight and strength. One thing I noticed, he was really thick. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and was a big dude. I have met a few players over the years and none had a build like Jake. Jake just isn't cut yet, but he looks like he is 'farmer strong'. He had a very healthy salad. Driving a beautiful black SRT Challenger. I think he appreciated that no one really recognized him and he could sit and have his salad in peace while texting and surfing on his phone. Shook my hand a few times during the chat. I hope the dude crushes it this year.
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    Did Ovi actually think those selfish jerks running the NHL weren't going to shut down any and all avenues for players to go? Sure NHL, go to China with your pathetic pre-season games while the entire world wonders where you are in February. Moves like not going to Korea are why the NHL is a Mickey Mouse organization when it comes to global sports entertainment imo.
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    Not only is that adorable but demonstrates Wiercioch "gets it" better than Messier.
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    He will be 'hunting' for an NHL spot.
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    Linden of all people isn't going to let that happen - Sedin stays captain as long as he's in a Canucks jersey imo.
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    Good on JB getting this done, locking him up long term and not paying over the moon. In years 3-6 Bo this contract of going to be a massive steal
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    Laurance Gilman was on TSN1040 yesterday and the subject was Shane Doan and then the subject changed to Virtanen. Gilman made a huge point to say that both of their careers have run parallel. Both had great junior careers, despite Doan being on a powerhouse Blazers team and WJC dream team that year Both were drafted 6th and 7th overall Both have the same build, and hockey attributes Both had slow starts to their NHL careers. In year 3, Doan was still being sent up and down to AHL, and yet we are up in arms and calling Jake a bust when he has to be sent down still In Jakes first year, he matched Doans numbers while playing 20-30 games less. Doan didn't crack 20 goals until his 5th season, took 10 years to crack 30, and he consistently put up 50-65 points for the rest of his career and yet everyone drools over Doan and is demanding that he be put into the HHOF. If Jake can carve out those same numbers,(and I'm positive he will) I think fans will be doing the same. Can the fans here actually wait 10 yrs for Jake to crack 30? Yet Ferraro chimes in that Jake has a ceiling as high as Hansen and suddenly ppl want to trade him for a bag of pucks coz they figure he will never get into the top 6 in the line-up. NHL is literally LITTERED with star players that took YEARS to finally break out Naslund, Bertuzzi, also took years to break out....look how they turned out
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    Cant complain about competition and creating tradable pieces. Waive guys if needed but not at the risk of our future young players.
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    For those wanting all the kids to play, this is what it would look like.
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    Glad the deal was nixed. I much prefer Gudbranson to Demers.
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    In JB we trust, great interview . It's remarkable how different our prospect pool looks after just a few years. The poor guy inherited a tire fire and I feel like we are now barreling towards the light at the end of the tunnel. I fully trust in his ability to turn this team around in the next few years.
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    Notes on Interview Jim mentions Competition for jobs. That's professional jobs. NHL and AHL level. All these young kids want to move out of junior or into north America to start making a living playing hockey. Competition for jobs does not only mean a fight to get an NHL job. Younger players wont be in the press box. That's important. If they aren't going to see minutes in the NHL they wont be on the NHL team. (*speculation here*) Also that may mean that if AHL veteran players cant play a lot of minutes they may not be in Utica, and may get loaned or traded to another AHL team. They have discussed the idea of having some players play in Europe. Decisions will be made throughout camp as they see how each player stacks up against their peers. Juolevi, Zhukenov, Jasek, Palmu, maybe others. I LOVE what he says about rebuilding the entire organization. SOOOO many fans and media have complained about why they have been making their decisions and they have never looked at the entire picture. Having Jim explain this was great. It almost felt like he was so tired of the same questions and explained it as if he was talking to a child. Drafting a high pick and just plugging them into the lineup almost never works... you draft 7 players (ish) and then you spend 1 to 5 years trying to make them ready to join the NHL. You need great relationships with Junior, and Collegiate teams so you are able to influence how your prospects in their organizations are being treated. You need an ECHL team to teach players the basics of professional hockey. You need a COMPETITIVE AHL team so that your Main Prospects can not only develop, but develop in a winning environment! In the same manner you want to have Veterans on your NHL roster to teach the youth, You also need AHL and ECHL veterans on those teams to teach the prospects at those levels. When your team signs a player, you can rarely only look at where that person slots in on the NHL side, but how that causes a trickle down effect throughout the ENTIRE organization. That's why they get paid to make these decisions and we don't. Great interview, cant wait to watch the youngsters tonight.
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    Flyers GM denies ‘rebuild’ label, expects a playoff berth in 2017-18 After a dominant half-decade run that saw the Philadelphia Flyers earn five straight playoff berths – including a conference final appearance and go-round in the Stanley Cup Final – the orange and black head into 2017-18 having missed the post-season in three of the past five years. They Flyers flirted with a shot at returning last season, missing out on a playoff spot by seven points, but earned a pretty plum silver lining for the subpar finish in highly-touted prospect Nolan Patrick, added with the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NHL Draft. Set to debut their new, young marquee talent with the hope of climbing back up the standings, the Flyers seem ready for the tides to turn. Just don’t call it a ‘rebuild.’ “You’re not rebuilding when you’re competitive,” general manager Ron Hextall told The Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday. “A rebuild, to me, is when you go to the bottom and you pick high, high, high – and essentially, you’re not trying that hard to win. That’s not in our DNA. We want to win. We want to win as many games as possible. “We’re not going to go to the bottom of the league and pick first overall for four or five years. That’s no way to build culture. Our vision was to stay competitive, and build, and get younger — and that’s exactly what we’re doing.” While the Flyers have been shifting more towards their youth and away from veteran talent, Hextall said they’ve never sacrificed winning in the present in order to improve their chances long-term. “We also feel we did what was right — trying to win, trying to make the playoffs,” Hextall said. “A part of me says that was just. If you try to finish at the bottom and trade everyone at the deadline, that bothers me. How do you think the players feel? How would you like to be a player going into an 82-game season knowing the team is rebuilding so basically has no expectations to win. Think about that. That’s not in our DNA.” It’s undoubtedly a fine line for the Broad Street Bullies. While Philadelphia has ranked among the bottom three clubs in their division in four of the past five seasons, they’ve also faced the unavoidable disadvantage of suiting up in a grouping that happens to feature a few of the game’s most dominant clubs, particularly in Pittsburgh, Washington, and Columbus. Looking for a full reset to get back in the mix may have been enticing amid that climate, but Hextall said the price for making that choice was too much for Philadelphia to pay. “We can build without being uncompetitive,” Hextall said. “If you lose your culture, I’ll tell you what, it takes you a long time to get it back. People don’t understand the importance of culture. It is absolutely critical. It’s critical that your players know you expect to win.” And that is precisely what the club’s brass expects in 2017-18, despite the fact that their division seems to have become even more competitive since last season. “Do we expect to make the playoffs? Of course we expect to make the playoffs,” Hextall said. “We were close enough last year that you can circle a few games where you say, ‘If we would have won these games, we’re in the playoffs.’ I’m comfortable saying we expect to make the playoffs because our team, on paper, is good enough to make the playoffs. “That’s not an unfair expectation. But, again, it’s all about what happens on the ice.” http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/flyers-gm-denies-rebuild-label-expects-playoff-berth-2017-18/ so, while there's no directly canucks-related info on that article, the subject matter is obviously related, and hopefully the ensuing discussion is canucks-relared. does that clear up the thinking of benning and linden for anyone? is hextall just as idiotic as they are alleged to be by the fans and media? will hextall be hounded and betrayed by media the same way canucks management has been for 3 years, constantly accused of trying to serve 2 masters?
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    Making room for young players doesnt mean you waive a vet out of camp. Its not like you cant send a young player to the AHL for a week or two while you work out a trade or decide what veteran to waive. Just because a young player earns a spot on the big club doesnt mean he will be on the starting lineup. Waiting for an injury isnt a cop-out... Its a process, but the sky is not falling if some waiver exempt kids start in Utica even though they had stellar camps. We had over 350 man games lost to injury last year! We dont know what is said behind closed doors, and its not hard to tell Boeser or Virtanen or Dahlen to spent a week or two in Utica while they shuffle players out to make space for the spot they earned. Everyone knows we are going to have injuries. Knowing your likely the first call up is a byproduct of good asset management. Dont waive players unless you have to.
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