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    It’s amazing what happens when you can get a consistent save.
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    Pre-Season Game #1. Rosters TBD. There are sure to be many youngins, and a few chaperones. I have been looking forward to this for 5 months 11 days. GCG! (prediction: 5 - 3 Nucks) PS -- Thanks for all of the media links, most to page 9 consolidated above!
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    I'm hearing way too much sh*tting on Brock. No, he's not been himself yet but it's two games, he's coming back from a huge injury, and IT'S HIS SECOND YEAR.
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    Good chance my child is born today. That being said, they better &^@#ing win.
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    The only way Kesler is going to the Hall of Fame, is to show his kids the two best players he ever played with. Not that he wasn't a good player, but come on, if Mogilny, Roenick, Theo Fleury, etc are not in the HHOF, Kesler is not going.
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    Awesome stuff and good to know that our game is slowly growing.
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    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/sam-gagner-canucks-cut-didnt-see-coming/ Start of the article: My opinion on the key line there: "...I felt like I had a good enough camp and I’d shown enough in my 11 years that I was able to make the team.” He showed in the preseason that he was coasting on being a vet. His contract, having a sure spot. "In turn, the Leafs expect Gagner’s work habits, drive and professionalism to serve as the model for their forward prospects. " So we can expect more leaf young'uns to do more skate-bys and have deficient defensive coverage. He'll fit right in.
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    Ok..... The local Beer Fest is on today so just got home and got 15 mins to give some notes before people show at my place for the party... Team White ran this group much of the time. Nilson ate up the shots giving up nothing. Bachman came in and Goldobin got the first on a shot Bachman let by but honestly I think Nilson shoulders of to the corner. Great shot but 1.5 feet of height is serious. EP40 had some very subtle and slick passes to set up chances. Schaller was the best player on the ice. He was all over the place using his skating to make chances and get a few, He was slick on the boards. Joulevi and Stetch were together again and while not driving the play tons were solid when needed to be. Guddy was out A TON with Edler. Leipsic's speed is still noticeable. Palmu is &^@#ing tiny......but a few of his passes were from deep and on the stick at full speed setting up great breakouts. Bachman was hurt on a 2 on 1 with a great save. Toughed it out. He knows his role...appreciated seeing that so much. Dahlen was less noticeable but still went to the net. Good sign. Chatfield will be a serviceable call up I think. Beagle.....nothing gets by this guy and after every break in play he's chatting and calling stuff out. Leadership. I brought up EP40 earlier. He was playing center...didn't win a draw....but also didn't see him exploited and while not noticeable much when he was......it was hockey smarts stuff. MDZ had several give aways. Got a nice photo of Goldobin before the first goal...nice shot. He left after a mild stick in the face that clearly wasn't getting any respect from the boys. Singling this out: JV18 laid off of so many massive hits it wasn't funny. It's camp but if he wanted to....some guys were going to get &^@#ing steamrolled. He also had a few reads where he got behind the D and used his speed well. Nilson had a sick glove save on a JV18 breakaway. It's a smaller rink and chances weren't as easy to generate. The big issue was I felt was the WHL ref didn't want to impact things and let it play. Frankly it should have been a special teams show with what went down to let he PP and PK teams work imo. I expect to be there tomorrow again for the final scrim.
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    Beagle, Schaller, Sutter and Granlund with a great penalty killing display against a lethal team.
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    Hmm. I wonder who will win the poll.
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    "Come on guys, jeez. Elias is going to play plenty. He didn't tonight, obviously there were seven shorthanded situations & one powerplay. He's going to get a lot of powerplay time. He'll be fine with his ice-time, we don't have to make a big deal out of it." - Green on Pettersson
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    I don't know what everyone here is whining about and I usually don't post but had to chime in. I was actually at the game last night and watched Juolevi closely. So he made about 25 to 30 plays total the entire game. I count a play this way: 1. Puck retrieval. Getting back to the puck and making a decision on where it goes. 2. Pass 3. Breaking up plays, interceptions, takeaways 4. Battle along the boards 5. Pressure contain on odd man rushes. The way you scout a player is this. 2 simple questions: 1. Did he make the best available decision given all information available to him. 2. Is he able to physically execute the play given the decision he made. So out of 25 to 30 plays, he probably made the absolute best choice about 80% of the time. And that is by far the best out of all of our d man last night. It wasn't even close. I watched the other d man and juolevi made the right reads far better than any defenceman. This included edler. Because sometimes when I was watching the other d man play I would ask what in the world were they thinking? Except Juolevi. Now, he did make a couple of blunders but nothing significant. The other 5 guys I can't say the same. And the blunders were more associated with 2. physical ability than 1. So where does he need to improve on? He needs to be stronger and faster is the issue. His reads are impeccable but sometimes he isn't able to execute it. For example, there was a play whereby his physical positioning of stick and body was perfect to separate guy from puck but he couldn't do it because he wasn't strong enough. But I think that part will come. Now, here are things that you miss when you are not watching live. He was one of the few defenceman who understood sometimes the best play was to let a puck go by you to the other guy. He used small touch passes to diffuse hard situations. His stick positioning was great. On odd man rushes he was able to defend two guys at once and diffuse the situation whereas our other guys would just leave guys wide open (see just about every dman other than him). Also notice the number of odd man rushes that came against the canucks, very few came while he was on the ice. Lastly, on two passes to gudbranson he made the same pass but at two different speeds. That is impressive. One he zipped because he correctly calculated the interception distance and on another he feathered because he knew it would help gudbranson with his shot. All in all a very good game. Btw, if you didn't think he had a good game, look at the stats. How many goals was he on the ice against? He somehow made gudbranson look good which was actually really impressive cause every time gudbranson handled the puck the entire stadium could see that it was like he was handling a live grenade.
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    OPEN SEASON on our superstar Elias Pettersson... absolutely disgusting no response what so ever from this team. No push back what so ever... what a bunch of paycheck players.... not a signal one of them stood up for their 19 year old teammate... how do you think that makes him feel.. Just disgusting. What sickens me is we are going to see this all season now...over and over and over again. What is with this team...they never stand up for their superstar players... what's the message... you are on your own kid.
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    THIS was the Virtanen we drafted. Give us semblances of this every game Jake and you will shut all the haters up for good. You deserved those 2 points 100% tonight. KEEP IT UP!
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    EP40 with the equalizer Boeser with the game winner Nilsson keeping the boys in the game Oh hell yeah, a round to everybody
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    PROJECTED LINEUPS FORWARDS DEFENCE STARTING GOALIES BACKUP GOALIES *Lines subject to change. TIME & PLACE 4:00pm PT PNC Arena, Carolina. WATCH & LISTEN LAST MEETING Video credit: SPORTSNET BONUS Video credit: N2B Goal Horns My first of 2 GDT's this month! GO CANUCKS GO! P.S. which way do you see this towel waving?
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    Hitting is normal; throwing a player's head into the ice is not.
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    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, my name is Twilight Sparkle, and it is the greatest privilege of my career to serve as the new Vancouver Canucks President and the advocate for the Beast Incarnate, Brock Boeser! I understand how you feel, Tampa. You're in shock, which shows me your lack of intelligence, because we hate to say we told you so, but ladies and gentlemen, WE TOLD YOU SO! My client stood before you with a shirt. Now, here it is, and I know how difficult it is for you to read, but it says, "Eat, Sleep, Score, Repeat"! And you had the temerity to doubt the strategy of the greatest manager in sports-entertainment history, Twilight Sparkle, or the physical credentials of the most dominant athlete in NHL today, Brock Boeser! Hey, let's get one thing straight. Brock Boeser is not here to put smiles on people's faces; Brock Boeser is here to shock the NHL and put tears in the eyes of children! There is only one Beast Incarnate, there's only one conqueror of the NHL, and there's only one Brock Boeser! I bid you, adieu!
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    Linescore 1 2 3 T CGY 0 0 2 2 VAN 1 0 4 5 Three Stars E. Pettersson, C CanucksG: 1, A: 1 J. Markstrom, G CanucksSaves: 33, SV%: .943 C. Tanev, D CanucksG: 0, A: 1 Scoring Summary 1ST PERIOD CGY VAN 13:48 E. Pettersson (1) Assists: L. Eriksson, N. Goldobin 0 1 2ND PERIOD CGY VAN No scores 3RD PERIOD CGY VAN 1:52 N. Goldobin (1) Assists: E. Pettersson, L. Eriksson 0 2 2:20 B. Leipsic (1) Assists: J. Beagle, E. Gudbranson 0 3 3:08 M. Tkachuk (1) Assists: A. Czarnik, N. Hanifin 1 3 5:46 J. Virtanen (1) Assists: B. Sutter, C. Tanev 1 4 8:08 S. Monahan (1) Assists: J. Gaudreau, J. Neal 2 4 19:12 T. Motte (1) Assist: M. Granlund 2 5 Penalty Summary 1ST PERIOD 1:50 E. Gudbranson: 2 Minutes for Interference 4:22 T. Hamonic: 5 Minutes for Fighting 4:22 E. Gudbranson: 5 Minutes for Fighting 11:23 E. Gudbranson: 2 Minutes for Hooking 2ND PERIOD 4:41 M. Tkachuk: 2 Minutes for Slashing 12:21 B. Sutter: 2 Minutes for Hooking 15:25 B. Boeser: 2 Minutes for Slashing 3RD PERIOD 3:33 J. Virtanen: 2 Minutes for Tripping 8:48 D. Pouliot: 2 Minutes for Tripping 14:22 B. Leipsic: 2 Minutes for Delay of Game - Puck Over Glass
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    I have to ask, what brand of hockey is Orca selling these days? Apparently, and judging by the million times the word Battle is stamped across this site and elsewhere, the brand is that of a warrior, just not the kind you’d expect during the beatdown of the face of the franchise, in EP40, for instance. Last night, an identity and character defining moment for the team passed, again, and without a fight; a battle. Perhaps I confuse the word Battle with something more innately-hockey than the Canucks do, but I doubt I am alone here. After years of being labelled as a soft, gentle pushover team, easily bullied off of the puck (and out of several playoff series) and to end those consecutive eras of docilely passive culture and captaincies, the Canucks targeted free agency this past summer for players willing and capable of pushback against physicality. Or so it appeared at the time. Who could blame their approach with their precious, young star players expected to be playing on a roster made famous for its lack of desire to protect and standup for one another, let alone its stars. Genius Jim, as this forum has him labelled, had engaged the future by selecting three rugged free agents expected to address this team’s glaring need for defensive help, but more-so, the desperate need for physicality and toughness, not to be confused with goonery or the extinct enforcer role. Along with these expensive signings, given also with terms which have raised more than a few eyebrows within the hockey word, Orca has since also simultaneously deployed its latest PR campaign - Battle - to promote a new Naslund/Sedin-less era and brand of hockey with hopes of reengaging their fanbase’s historical appeal towards a team identity not that of a bullied victim or a perpetual pushover of a sports team. Perhaps that campaign has failed itself... so far, but, extra-rhetorically speaking, when would be a better time for the team to demonstrate their new-found guts? After witnessing the face of their franchise, in EP40, pounded into the ice, do you feel the Canucks and their PR team have successfully managed their roster, capacity and identity towards that resembling a team perpetually engaged in Battle mode, or do you see a misalignment between the two concepts and remain curious as to what the team identity truely is? What brand of hockey is a Orca selling to its fans and what is this team’s identity after last night? Speaking for just one fan, I’ll be holding onto my dollars until I know the answer.
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    Did everyone notice the sequence with Ryan McDonagh in the third? Canucks are trying to clear the zone, someone tries a pass to Jake at the blue line... McDonagh decides he'll step up and flatten Jake. McDonagh is not some spring chicken, he's been around, he's a solid 215 lbs... BUT... despite having the momentum, he bounces off Jake like he was a lightweight and ends up on his butt. Meanwhile Jake calmly clears the puck and heads for the bench for a change. So McDonagh takes offense, then the rest of the Lightning take offense and they all swarm Jake.... which doesn't work out so good for them either, as they all bounce off like pinballs and Stamkos who is also not a lightweight gets tossed on his butt too... with Jake's one hand. Afterwards on the Bench, Jake sits there like some overgrown kid who's a little worried somebody spotted him swiping the hot pie off the window sill... oblivious to the whole ruckus he's caused... I think that whole sequence helped to get the Lightning off their game and also got the Canucks going harder. Somebody on the Canucks needs to take Jake into a room and show him that video over and over again until he gets it into his head he doesn't need to play as cautiously as he does. He could be a one man wrecking crew if he wants to be.
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    Sounds about right. I’d hate to see how they rate our defence and goaltending.
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    No response. No F****** reponse from our team. I. am. so. F******. Disappointed.
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    Introducing the new owner of the Calgary Flames hockey club..
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    Vancouver, B.C. - Canucks General Manager Jim Benning and Head Coach Travis Green announced today the club's 23-man opening night roster ahead of the season opener versus Calgary on Wednesday, October 3rd. Benning and Green also announced the leadership appointments of Alex Edler, Bo Horvat, Brandon Sutter and Chris Tanev who will serve as alternate captains for the 2018.19 season. "Alex Edler, Bo Horvat, Brandon Sutter and Chris Tanev form our leadership group as alternate captains, supported by a wider group of veteran players," said Green. "Our team culture will be built from leadership by committee. It will be a big part of our process and our identity each and every game." https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/vancouver-canucks-opening-night-roster/c-300558000 Canucks to go with 4 alternates and not name Horvat Captain at this time. Personally I think its a good choice, because theres no point putting the extra pressure on Bo in what you know is going to be a rough season.
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    its my 5000th post! so im gonna toot my own horn and say I called it this morning.
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    You'd think with the year Boeser gave us last year, we'd give him a break after 3 regular season games. Come on, people. Want a whipping boy? How about Edler? Would Juolevi make half as many mistakes (and he's mistake-prone)? How about Markstrom? How many goals do we have to score per game in order to win? It's been 3 games. Give Boeser some time to get going before you start asking for him to get benched. Unbelievable.
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    There is no good reason for Matheson to not be in a hospital right now.
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    Since Noone signed up or posted i will do my best to create something from here in Sweden: Time for the 2nd Game of 6 on the road, this time in Tampa. Watch it on: SN360, SNP, SUN, NHL.TV In goal: Nilsson Scratches: Del Zotto, Biega
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    The BEST thing about a coach like Green is that he doesn't let noise like "Brock needs to play" when he knew the best thing for the kid with all the hype and pressure was to let him watch two games to digest the pace, noise and general nature of the game along with an ability to catch his breath as he was self-admittedly "gassed". Playing him in that opener may have done a lot of harm to Boeser - and Green didn't allow that to happen. His not playing had NOTHING to do with any promise kept/broken or otherwise. He made the team - period. He was managed to give him the best start to his first full NHL season - and that also seemed to work out well. Cannot possible see how anyone has any issue with this still other than a positive one.
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    As I thought. He has his only son, who's 2 years old. It's not like he needs the money. He wanted the flexibility and chance to be a Dad. Part of it is not just the toxic media. The fans are brutal too. Every move criticized to the nth degree. Where's the fun in that? Maybe instead of being selfish, and thinking there's some big conspiracy going on, maybe just be happy for the guy and appreciate what he has done?
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    2014 draft - current player points 1. Ekblad - 2 pts 2: Reinhart - 2 pts 3: Draisatl - 2 pts 4: Bennett - 1 pt 5: DalColle - 0 pts 6: Virtanen - 3 pts 7: Fleury - 0 pts 8: Nylander - 0 pts 9: Ehlers - 0 pts 10: Ritchie - 0 pts Virtanen is also +2 so far. It's early yet, but he's looking good. Atta boy Jake!
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    the PK is gonna give them lots of opportunities to stay in / win games this year. Why did benning sign those 4th line bums again?
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    Really happy to see Jake and Goldy out late with us up one goal. #progress
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    Rematch baby, let's go 2 and 0!!! Where? When? Who? VS actual lines, for those interested Previous Meeting: Happy turkey weekend everyone. May your bellies, and Flames' nets be full!
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    All these UFA's they've brought in(I think 9, over the past 2 summers alone?), has helped/will help us get thru a rough patch without putting youth unnecessarily through the ringer. Still got a ways to go, of course. So yeah, great they waived Gags, but we should appreciate all these guys to a certain degree. Deep down everyone must realize, we're paying dues for a drafting black hole from about 2006~2012. There's no easy way around that.
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