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    In the footsteps of the Sedins – Dahlén and Pettersson dream big Jonathan Dahlén and Elias Pettersson. Photo: Ronnie Rönnkvist Elias Pettersson was awarded the 2018 Elite Prospects Award as the most prominent junior player in the SHL earlier this week. As we handed out the award to the Vancouver Canucks prospect, we also took the opportunity to sit down and talk to him and fellow Canucks’ forward Jonathan Dahlén. Here’s a translation of the interview, done by Ronnie Rönnkvist in Sundsvall, Sweden, originally published in Swedish on our sister site hockeysverige.se. Elias Pettersson and Jonathan Dahlén. Here are the two most talked about Swedes in Vancouver at the moment. Heck, maybe even the two most talked about players for that matter. Ever since Daniel and Henrik Sedin let it be known that their distinguished careers were over, a lot of the future hope of the Vancouver Canucks have been placed on this duo, only 19 and 20 years of age. It would obviously be unfair to put pressure on these youngsters to perform at the same level as two future hall of famers, but you’ve got to admit that their potential is exciting. Especially after a season where both players took great leaps in their development. The two first got to play together during the 2014/15 season after Dahlén had moved to Timrå from HV71. And there was instant chemistry between them on Timrå’s junior teams. “The first time we were put together was after Christmas 2014. He was promoted to our team and put up insane numbers. We played together and did really well”, Dahlén remembers. Pettersson had four goals and 13 points in six games and complemented Dahlén really nicely on the team’s top line. “We both make fast decisions and want to play in the offensive end of the ice. We think the game in a similar way… Most times, at least”, Pettersson says with a wry smile. Dahlén: “I like to find openings and go there and it’s a bit more fun to play that way when you have someone who can put the puck on your tape.” Pettersson: “Yeah, I guess you can say that we have to different styles, but think the same way.” Photo: Ronnie Rönnkvist NOT PERCEIVED AS A DUO ANYMORE This season they proved that they can play good hockey away from one another as well. Elias Pettersson lit up the SHL during his first (and only) season with Växjö, winning the scoring title in both the regular season and the playoffs. Dahlén bounced back after a bout with mono during Vancouver Canucks’ rookie camp and led Timrå to a promotion to the SHL after five years down in Hockeyallsvenskan, the second-tier league in Sweden . “I think it was good for the both of us to get away from that a bit”, Dahlén says about constantly being referred to as a duo. “Elias did a really good job in Växjö and when I came back to Timrå, I proved I could play without him as well. It was good for us to get that confirmation. Not only to show people what we can do by ourselves, but also to prove it to ourselves.” The comparisons to the Sedins is something that they’ve had to listen to ever since Pettersson was drafted by the Canucks last summer. At this point, they can joke about it to although it’s an obvious honor. “They say that we are ‘the new Sedins’. No pressure…”, Pettersson says while bursting into laughter. “I don’t know if we can create that kind of chemistry right now, but if we do, I’ll take that any day of the week.” Dahlén: “We obviously play well together because our styles complement each other. If we get to play together as long as the Sedins did, it would be great.” “SOMETHING I COULDN’T REALLY IMAGINE” Pettersson’s season was as close to perfect as you could imagine. He won the Swedish championship title with Växjö while capturing gold with Team Sweden at the World Championships in Denmark. Dahlén, on his part, was the big star while Timrå qualified for the SHL. “I look at my season like… Not unreal, but something that I couldn’t really imagine when I started to work out with Växjö last summer”, Pettersson says. “That Timrå got promoted was also huge for me. I couldn’t have wished for anything more from that season.” Dahlén: “For a long time, my dream had been to get Timrå back into the SHL. It was pretty sick and unreal when it happened. I didn’t really anticipate that, even though we finished first overall in the regular season.” How much did you follow each other during the season? Pettersson: “We knew what was going on. It obviously got a lot easier when Dahlén came back and play over here as I always follow Timrå.” Dahlén: “I’m not really that interested in the SHL, but it was fun to watch Elias in Växjö. They almost won every single game and scored a lot of goals.” Jonathan, what did you feel about Elias’ success this season after making the move from Timrå to Växjö? “It’s hard to say something that hasn’t already been said. It’s pretty unreal to do what he did. Not a lot of players have been able to do that at his age.” Are you surprised? “I knew he would be fine in the SHL, but it’s not like I would have guessed that he would have 56 points, win the championship title and be dominant in the playoffs. And that he would become a world champions. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have guessed that (laughter)”. “Neither did I”, Pettersson chimes in with a big smile on his face. Photo: Ronnie Rönnkvist NOT AFRAID OF THE AHL After their success in Sweden it’s time for both to leave their home soil to make a mark in Vancouver. “We both want to play in the NHL as soon as possible and we have obviously talked a bit about playing together in Vancouver”, Pettersson says. “We don’t work out together during the summers, but we try to push each other. We’re both motivated by the possibility of cracking the line-up as soon as possible.” Dahlén went to North America after his season in Sweden ended and played a few games with Canucks’ farm team Utica Comets in the American league. “It was good for me to do that and get a feel of what it’s like. Just to feel that you’re able to play there. I’ve only played in Hockeyallsvenskan before, so it was good to get that confirmed, that I can compete there”, he says. “I don’t feel like it’s impossible to go directly from Hockeyallsvenskan to play in Vancouver. I’m going to do everything in my power to make that happen.” And if you have to go to the AHL in the beginning? “I haven’t even thought about that, I’ve only thought about the NHL”, Pettersson says. “Sure, it could happen that I don’t get to play in the NHL right from the start. If I don’t, life will still go on. There are players that weren’t even drafted that make it to the hall of fame. A career is long.” Dahlén: “I can’t count on playing for Vancouver (from the start). We’ll see what happens, but I’ll do everything I can in camp to get a crack at the NHL. If I get sent down, I’ll keep the same attitude down there, just work hard and try to get a call up as soon as possible.” Do you hope to get a chance to play on the same line with the Canucks? “Absolutely!” The question is answered really fast by both of them. Pettersson: “I would love to do that!” Dahlén: “To go from playing alongside each other on Timrå’s U18 team to playing together in Vancouver would be a pretty awesome journey.” Pettersson: “Yeah, to first play with each other in Timrå and then have Jonathan be traded and then me be drafted by Vancouver so we would end up in the same NHL organization is pretty cool. Especially as we both have had the dream of playing in the NHL.” Dahlén: “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was traded from Ottawa to Vancouver in February and that they drafted Elias later that year. I don’t know, but it can’t be that big of a coincidence.” Have you talked to Daniel and Henrik Sedin and received any advice that you can bring to Canada? “You met them more than I have since you were there training last summer”, Pettersson says while looking at Dahlén. “I’ve only said hi, but I think I’ll get a chance to talk to them again once I get over there since they’ll be staying in Vancouver.” Dahlén: “I even met them before I got drafted. They actually asked me about Elias, about “that center from Timrå”. That was way before he was drafted. They are really the most humble people you can imagine and their careers were so sick. You really just sit there with big ears trying to absorb everything that they say.” Pettersson: “It’s really good that there are several Swedes over there on that team. It’s nice to be able to talk Swedish every now and then. We’ll see how close they (the Sedins) will be to the organization. Vancouver will probably want them around to help the younger players, but at the same team they might need a break from hockey. You never know.” With files and photos from Ronnie Rönnkvist. @UffeBodin Uffe Bodinuffe.bodin@hockeysverige.se
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    Hey guys. Thanks for being patient while I move out. Over the next week or two there will be next to no sims. This has been a very hard month for me. I'll let you guys know when I'm settled in a new place (I may not have internet when I first move in.)
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    On behalf of all Canuck fans, I thank you, Jim Benning. You are a godsend for those who have suffered throughout this franchise's 48-year history. Thank you for turning around our scouting department. Thank you for our deep and talented prospect pool. Thank you for our good young players. Thank you for our new found hope. A hope for a very silvery bright future. Thanks, Jim Benning. You turned our scouting department around (Weisbrod deserves some thanks too). You revamped the scouting department. After a year of evaluation, you got rid of some ineffective scouts. Added new scouts. More importantly, you retained the good scouts and didn't just get rid of everyone like some GMs do. This surprised some, given the poor record of this group the past decade. You promoted a long time scout from amongst this maligned group, Judd Brackett, to Director of Amateur Scouting then allowed him to do his job. I knew you could turn our scouting department around. You had the experience and intimate knowledge of being a scout and how a scouting department works. You got this experience by taking the long and difficult route. No shortcuts for you. Being a scout for five years (first year with St. Louis the rest with Buffalo) and Director of Amateur Scouting for six (all with Buffalo). I am sure the Sabres thanked you too for your long and successful stint there. In the four years that you were a scout for Buffalo the average number of players they drafted that played 190 NHL games or more was 2.2 players/draft. In the subsequent 6 years as the Director of Amateur Scouting, they averaged 2.85 players/draft. The following 3 years after you left for Boston to become their assistant GM, Buffalo averaged 1.5 players/draft. The proof is in the pudding. You have transformed the Canucks from a team with very few good young NHL players and very few prospects of quality to one with a lot of good young NHL players and a lot of good quality prospects. Some of these young men you have drafted even have the potential of reaching star or even franchise levels. Players/prospects 25 and under (2013/14) Players/prospects 25 and under (2018/2019) Ben Hutton Ben Hutton Tyler Madden Bo Horvat Bo Horvat Jett Woo Chris Tanev Brendan Gaunce Petrus Palmu Brendan Gaunce Quinn Hughes Zack MacEwen Zac Kassian Elias Pettersson Ryan Stanton Brock Boeser Yannick Weber Sven Baertschi Zac Dalpe Markus Granlund Nik Jensen Troy Stecher Jordan Schroeder Derek Pouliot Darren Archibald Jake Virtanen Kellan Lain Brendan Leipsic Frankie Corrado Eric Gudbranson Mike Zalewski Nikolay Goldobin Ronalds Kenins Tyler Motte Eddie Lack Adam Gaudette Jacob Markstrom Oli Juolevi Hunter Shinkaruk Thatcher Demko Anton Rodin Jonathan Dhalen Jordan Subban Guillaume Brisebois Evan McEneny Evan McEneny Anton Cederholm Lukas Jasek Joe Labate Micheal DiPietro Cole Cassels William Lockwood Yann Sauve Kole Lind Alexandre Mallet Jack Rathbone Joacim Eriksson Jonah Gadjovich Due to your successful stint in Buffalo, you were hired to be the Assistant GM of Boston in 2006. During your eight-year stay in Boston, you worked tirelessly like you always do, to help Chiarelli construct what would be the eventual Stanley Cup Championship team in 2011. Your resume speaks for itself. Thank you, Jim Benning, for all your hard and excellent work here. You have been much maligned despite having achieved all you have. I have never been more hopeful and excited for a group of young players and prospects as the one you have assembled for us. I hope you receive the proper accolades and rewards when all your work here comes into fruition.
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    So funny to watch posters who clearly didn't follow the team that closely. Comparing Nonis and Gillis to Benning is ridiculous. Both of those GMs took over the team when they were peaking. Nonis had a defense core of Ohlund, Salo, Jovanovski, and Baumgartner all in their prime putting up 30+ points. He also had Naslund, Morrison, and Bertuzzi still producing, and the Sedins just entering their prime. Not to mention a great supporting cast of depth players including Kesler, Cooke, Ruutu, Burrows, Bieksa, and Linden. The fact that he couldn't make that team a contender is nothing short of a failure. Yes the Luongo trade was a great trade, however he failed to replace the offense that was lost and basically turned us into the Vancouver Luongo's the following season. The team relied on Lu to carry them night in and night out, and we wasted probably his best season because we didn't have enough offense in place. Then he has another year to correct this knowing that he still has the best goalie in the league, and he fails again to address the teams needs in any way. And you wonder why he only lasted 3 seasons as GM? Gillis also had the same luxury of getting a team handed to him that was in it's prime. He made some great additions to fill out the roster, but most of the work had already been done by Burke and co. He does deserve credit on bringing in Hamhuis, Ehrhoff, Samuelsson, and Torres. But did make some bad signings and acquisitions too however, which ultimately shortened the window of how long this team contended. A few smart trades and signings and this team could have still been contending in the 12-13 and 13-4 seasons. Benning's situation is completely different than those two. He did not get handed a core group that were in their prime, he got handed the Sedins at the tail end of their career, a core player that wanted to be traded, no starting goalie, and a prospect pool that was probably the worst in the league. He then goes out and gets Vrbata, Bonino, Dorsett, Sbisa, and Miller and turns them into a playoff team over night. Drafts Virtanen, McCann, Demko, Boeser, and Gaudette in his first two drafts and restores our prospect pool to credibility again. The first two years he worked to get this team out of the mess it was in wasn't always pretty. And sure he may have made a few questionable trades, but considering the tire fire it was and where they are now in terms of developing a legitimate core is nothing short of a miracle. Some teams toil away for a decade trying to right the ship, and it seems like Benning has almost done that in half the time. He deserves props for turning this team around. Sure we're not a playoff team yet, but we're in a much better position than we were 4 years ago when he took over.
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    Voting is a very sacred thing. Just because you don't like the way a person voted doesn't mean you can fire that person. All citizens are free and have the right to vote the way they want. You and Toews are really suggesting something bad for democracy and I'm shocked you two are ok with this. Essentially you two are saying I'm right and you're wrong when it comes to voting and punishing someone for not sharing your political view. Is that really a country you want to live in?
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    This is the best group of prospects I've seen in my lifetime of being a fan here. Not only do we have a ton of talent, we have a huge variety of skillsets. I hope he's allowed to finish what he's started instead of someone else coming in and taking all the credit.
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    Skip me I'm not home and won't look at this til tonight. Taking it for the team!
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    Eriksson was my favorite garbage man in the NHL for years before he came here. Was a fan of him in Dallas and Boston. He's got such a knack for those kinds of greasy goals. I hope it comes back. Like you said, we haven't had the kinds of offensive threats that really create those kinds of rebounds for him to tap in. Sedins were all about a controlled game and not giving the puck away. More rebounds means more goals for Loui. I smell a come back!
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    VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS Alexander Ovechkin / Anze Kopitar / Brendan Gallagher Anders Lee / Patrice Bergeron / Elias Lindholm Jeff Skinner / Ryan Getzlaf / Kyle Palmieri Nino Niederreiter / Ryan Johansen / Tom Wilson Robert Thomas / Joshua Ho-Sang Brent Burns / John Carlson Tyson Barrie / Dustin Byfuglien Alexander Edler / TJ Brodie Gustav Forsling Corey Crawford / Scott Darling / Linus Ullmark Loving my C/D depth, W/G are meh.
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    More and more guys are coming to the conclusion that Pettersson will start at centre. Given that Horvat, Sutter and Beagle are all trustworthy defensively and can take the hard match ups, why not? Pettersson may end up with the least ice of the 4 at 5 on 5 but if he gets mostly o-zone starts and plenty of pp time he could be very effective. Just give him the Hank treatment. And I agree with Eriksson on that line. He brings defensive responsibility but what is more is that Eriksson needs to play with a shooter, His skillset is to bang in rebounds. Maybe he can find the production that he had in Boston.
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    Do you see forests or just individual trees?
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    That kid looks way too young to have a beer with, no wonder he couldn't even walk.
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    Horvat will never be an elite #1 center, Pettersson has that potential, but he shouldn't be thrown into the deep end to start.
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    Lol keep playing NHL 18 that's just not how the real world works.
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    Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with you 1000% here. There's nothing wrong with a person believing that their countries top priority is to their own citizens. In fact, that's simply an objective truth.
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    Has anyone reassessed the plan of having Sir Elton moonlight serenade the big guy at his Siberian gulag(sans reefer) apt window? "Ohh Nikita you will never know How shoddy we've been in our zone We'll never see how good you look, paired with Hughes OHHH NO! Nikita we need you so ...NIKITAaaaaaa Captive by old Willie in the show!"
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    End Rant... CR, you sound like a bitter old man yelling at the TV. It’s summer relax. Plenty of time to rant and rave at training camp.
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    Seems like many of the 'practices' found at the clinic were more due to ignorance or laziness, rather than cost.
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    Looks like the SAN Jose jersey. Don’t care for the duck looking mask either. It’s all bad, and makes me .
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    Juiolevvi is going to be a far better player than Trouba. We will keep our player, and the Jets can keep theirs.
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    For a 23 year old 3rd round pick Tryamkin has shown great potential as a shut down Dman. Dmen take a little longer to develop so I think some seasoning in his hometown team with Avtomobilist will do nothing but good. Plus he can sort out his much talked about family situation. My guestimate is that he's leaving several million on the table to help out his home team. Sheer economics, and the fact he still fly's the Canuck colors on his Instagram make me sure he Will Be Back. My guestimate is he's making between 1-2 M there where he can make 3-5 M here. The detractors on this page that continually bash him personally look like nothing but trolls. They seem dead set on not letting anything positive about this 23 year old kid go through without debate. Really guys if you hate the kid so much stay off his page. Based on his last season games I watched the fitness thing is over for Tryamkin the kid learned his lesson well.
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    Fun to watch. Shows clearly how happy the team was with this draft. With Hughes, they’re positively giddy (as was I). And Woo is pretty clearly their guy from the opening of day two (really sounds like he was a clear first rounder on their list). Madden they’re also obviously quite high on and had targeted on their lists well ahead of the spot he’s drafted. Sounds like they were considering Skarek with that pick and probably had him as the top goalie in the draft (as did I). I really like the bit where Judd says he sees Madden replacing “our guy” (Gaudette) in his role with Northeastern. Should be fun to watch if TM has a similar development path to AG. Then there’s Manukyan, who again, they all seem really excited about at the table. As for Utunen and Thiessen, they’re less animated about them in the clips, but both were solid picks and from post draft comments it seems like they were happy getting both in the spots they were picked. I also like the bit where Judd basically says CHL goalies in the late rounds rarely ever pan out. Definitely a smarter move to go with the NCAA bound netminder in the 7th. Brackett always impresses me in these videos. Probably the best drafting decision Benning’s made since coming to Vancouver was promoting Judd to director of scouting and just letting Brackett basically run the draft table for these last couple years. Jim clearly still has the final say on everything but it’s interesting to watch how much everyone looks to Judd to make the call on most of the draft day decisions, even including the trades. This is what you want from a scouting department and its director and it seems like the Canucks are finally in a really good place with their draft table. It’s taken decades and several GMs for us to get here, so credit to Benning for finally putting a draft system and personnel in place in Vancouver that seems to be working well and likely should pay dividends for years to come.
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    You sound like a real NHL pro GM. You must work in the business. Please share with us your vast knowledge of how to rebuild an NHL team.
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    Troy Terry @Monty Final St. Louis Blues! Taylor Hall - Nathan MacKinnon - David Pastrnak Alex Tuch - Kyle Connor - Jaden Schwartz Ondrej Kase - Timo Meier - Dylan Larkin Mathieu Perrault - Christian Dvorak - Oliver Bjorkstrand Henrik Borgstrom/Troy Terry Ivan Provorov - Aaron Ekblad Shea Thedore - Andrej Sekera Sam Girard - Victor Mete Timothy Liljegren Robin Lehner Aaron Dell Thatcher Demko Goalies are balls but excited about Demko. D is young and weak. Forwards are young and exciting. Won't be a top team this year, but looking forward to the future.
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    I guess it's based on Dahlen having more experience playing at the pro level. After the Beagle and Schaller signings, I think Gaudette might start in Utica but get called up. Just a hunch I guess but both are definitely going to be playing with us soon anyway.
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    Really like my goalies and my centre depth and think I've got a decent blend of youth and experience. But I really hate my D 2018/19 Boston Bruins Lineup James Van Riemsdyk - Evgeni Malkin - Rikard Rakell Jake Guentzel - Mathew Barzal - Andre Burakovsky Conor Sheary - Sean Couturier - Pavel Buchnevich Jesper Bratt - Alex Wennberg - Charlie Coyle Kristian Vesalainen - Gabe Vilardi - Jake Virtanen Matt Dumba - Mathias Ekholm Kevin Shattenkirk - Sami Niku Nikita Zaitsev - Travis Dermott Julius Honka Pekka Rinne Antii Raanta
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    The Sabres waiting for their last Pick ...not sure if we´ll take a Veteran or a upcoming Youngster Forward . All in all i´m pleased with the Team ...Brutal that the Season is kinda 10 Weeks away
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    meh, my ears are STILL bleeding from the time I heard her sing the anthem.
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    Columbus Blue Jackets Ilya kovalchuck / Auston Matthews / Jakub Voracek Anthony Mantha / Aleksander Barkov / Mark Stone Max Domi / Brayden Schenn / Joe Pavelski Robby Fabbri / Matt Duchene / Cam Atkinson Andreas Atbanasiou Lias Andersson Sven Andrighetto Seth Jones / Mike Green Erik Johnson / Thomas Chabot Travis Sanheim / Anton Stralman Nikita Zadorov Jonathan Quick Devan Dubnyk
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    It always shocks me when its the more liberal types that go around saying people shouldnt be allowed to vote certain ways, to me it seems like that should go against their core principles
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    Lets say purely theoretically, the average patient cost to the clinic was 100 dollars. Now lets say through negligence, reusing equipment where possible, not using proper sterilization practices etc, they are able to reduce that by 75% per patient while billing for the full 100%. Over the course of 4,600 patients, that's 345,000 and that's just accounting for patients who required blood samples and other needle/related equipment procedures to be performed. 4,600 over the course of a year is only 12 patients per day. Clinics see upwards of 50-100 patients per day easily. Given this was happening, there's a good chance that other practices were not being followed and they were able to falsely bill for those as well. Medications? Write false prescriptions for controlled substances and get reimbursed, someone was definitely supplementing their income to the tune of 500K a year or more, depending on how long this was going on for.
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    Nah. It's okay were playing fantrax we play by their positions. This was my fault. I got all flustered from the excitement. Sorry for that hack job as a pick guys.
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    Excellent point. So many of us forget how impressive Jim Benning was as he came into the NHL. As usual the TO Laffers did a good job of screwing his development. Benning has seen all sides of the NHL game and if anyone should know the challenges faced by a young prospect it is him. To an extent he and Desjardin were on the same page as they saw slow and steady development as key without undue pressure. This is a tough challenge in a market that oversimplifies the process into a 'hurry up' return to CUP play.
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    That's ok I do that all the time. It's impossible to read everything, and IF you do you notice a lot of it is just the same thing said a little differently. As for skinny a lot of NHL players are lanky folks. I bumped into Kesler at Disney World six years ago and at first thought it was a skinny doppelgänger, he had the exact same face and looked like every other why the f$&k am I here adult, and shorter than I expected too. It was him though. Same exact thing on the ferry with Messier a day or two before it was announced he was coming to Vancouver. Can't be him he's supposed to be really big right? No mistaking that dome and grin. Now they aren't Pettersson skinny, he's a leaf that should hold on in a stiff breeze, but they were both a thinner than I expected they'd be, and yes I've seen the almost nude posters of Kesler, maybe he was lazy in the off-season and hadn't hit the gym much. Skinny arms, tallish but not that tall, and incredibly bored looking. eidt: on the Gretzky reference, -165 lbs 6'1 is a lanky frame, he pulled it off in spades though....almost every rookie not named Lindros still has some pounds to put on, remember Roenick and Bobby Clark both came in as skinny kids too (although they both played above their weight class, Clark from Flin-Flom especially, most pictures of these guys with their shirts off in the dressing room early on is pretty deflating, as in why didn't I give it a shot too, they just aren't that impressive). Stetcher is slight and he made it, Theo Fleury looked like a kid when he retired, when he started he looked like a grade schooler, Burrows a bit too. Quin Hughes too, it's not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in it right? Pettersson will be fine, OJ even more so as Finnish play the North American game to a larger degree already and he was skinny too.
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    Packs his own lunchbox? Hutton looks like the kind of guy that gets his mother to do it. Always smiling that guy. What are you smiling about I wonder.... Anywho, always down for a proposal that moves out Gagner.
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    North Koreans chose Kim Jong Un? That's stupid even for a troll.
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    Purt much. "We Love Quinn Hughes" https://streamable.com/28e5x
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    Every twenty years, something really good happens to the Canucks. All the other years, the Canucks are cursed and are double slammed with the weaker brother (e.g., Fedorov...Kariya...Pronger). Burkie got us Canucks fans the Sedin twins in 1999. Benning gets us the Hughes brothers in 2019. Easy breezy. Back to OP...Horvat or Pettersson. To-may-to or to-ma-to? Po-tay-to or po-ta-to? Does it really matter who's designated as the number 1? For all those fretting that Pettersson is too slight to play centre -- may I suggest you google a skinny kid named Wayne Gretzky? EDIT: Ooops. I see IBatch already made a Gretzky reference. Note to self: read a few more posts before posting (otherwise posting becomes redundant).
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    Have you ever considered that maybe that was the plan all along? They said repeatedly that they wouldn't blown it apart with respect to the Sedins, but slowly dismantled what they could, this team was headed for the basement no matter what even the average fan could figure that out, he's running an NHL franchise for a reason, I'm sure he's intelligent enough to know more than the average fan. His media repsonse are what they are, no ones going to say we are going to stink so don't bother buying tickets for the next five years or so before we start winning again, maybe that's upset some fans who figured we could miraculously draft five franchise players in a row (without the luxury of any first overalls, or anything above 5), but that's just ridiculous.
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    Holy moly, what kind of lazy, cheapskate slob makes it through med school anyways? Hope the doctors lose everything they have and spend a long time in jail. At least they'll be able to sew up eachothers torn rec.....
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    I am really looking forward to this new season and seeing how much the younger players have progressed from another off season of hard training. Virt is player i think could really have a break out season. His combo of speed and a heavy shot i think will really start to show results. Very exciting.
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    This has gotta require a time out in the troll dungeon by now, no?
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    And here they are: The list of 23 and 24 year olds isn't much better. There's a very clear reason why they are still unsigned.
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    Teams that win the cup usually have a superstar first line centre, a superstar defence man, and a really good goalie. I am confident we have all three of these with Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, and Thatcher Demko We have a solid second line center in Bo Horvat who we can rely on in big moments and a star goal scorer in Brock Boeser. Next season in Utica a lot of the prospects will have a chance to play together and build chemistry. Also Pettersson will get to play in the NHL We will also be able to hopefully add 2-3 more NHL quality prospects at the draft in Vancouver. We could also see the return of monster defence man Nikita Tyramkin who would come in handy during the playoffs. I see Elias Pettersson as our Wayne Gretzky. Quinn Hughes as our Paul Coffey and Thatcher Demko as our Grant Fuhr. Maybe Jari Kurri is like our Brock Boeser, We could still use a LW like Messier and a top line RD. Exciting times for Canucks fans.... GO CANUCKS GO!!!
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    Green sent McEneny down 2015/ 16. Had him for a full season 2016/ 17 and he was often the first to be praised by coach Green. He was injured in Cull's first season. McEneny took his ECHL season and should be complimented for his professional approach to a less than perfect situation. He has progressed every year. He will have a solid NHL career. I'm hoping it's with us.
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    Gillis did a fair bit of fine tuning on the blueline (Hamhuis & Ehrhoff). And Tanev today (undrafted prospect by Gillis) currently is arguably still the best D on the blueline.
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