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    Congrats! Daniel Sedin receiving his BC Sports Hall of Fame scarf from one of BC’s favourites -- Jim Robson: Henrik Sedin receiving his: Here’s the full list of inductees: Athlete Emily Brydon (skiing) Roy Gerela (football) Kelly McCallum (rugby) Daniel Sedin (hockey) Henrik Sedin (hockey) Builder-coach Darlene Currie (basketball) Ken Holland (hockey) Tony Waiters (soccer) Team 1968 New Westminster Salmonbellies (lacrosse) Pioneer Ralph ‘Hunk’ Henderson (basketball/football) WAC Bennett Award Ron Toigo
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    It's day after the loss to NYI Hope everyone has calmed down a bit. Boys are playing hard and that's all we should ask for. I gotta say I'm disappointed with one poster who is particularly hard on EP40. Usually I read most comments on PGT. And it was disappointing to read those comment from this poster. EP is the best thing to happen here since Bure. Give the kid a break.
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    5 mind-blowing surprises for the Canucks so far this season Unfortunately, 20 games in, and Pettersson is still well short of 50 goals. Some may claim that nobody has scored 50 in 20, but others will correctly point out that clearly size and weight are what is holding him back. You have to think that with five years of proper conditioning in the AHL, along with 30 more pounds of muscle, he’d have hit 50 easy. 2. Eriksson’s refusal to show off his wealth The six-million dollar man has had his share of critics in Vancouver. Brought in to provide top line scoring, Loui Eriksson has struggled to simply stay healthy, let alone score some goals. With the Canucks starved for offence at times, all eyes will naturally fall on the man brought in to be your hired gun. It’s like adding Thor to the Avengers. You expect the Nordic superhero to come in and kick some ass pretty quickly. Except when he shows up for work, he’s in a Puma track suit, and sheepishly admitting to you he forgot his hammer and costume back at Asgard. Next thing you know Thor is out there tossing a baseball bat at people, then jogging to pick it up so he can throw it again. Not exactly the sexy visual you had in mind when you brought him on board. That being said, this is the perfect time to lean into that contract, Ted Dibiase style. If you get no goals in 10 games, don’t worry. Just start cackling anytime someone asks you a question and claim “everybody’s got a price.” Make yourself a Million Dollar Belt and award it to the player of the game after each game. The catch? You only award it to yourself. Each game. No matter what. “Looks like I won it again, Murph! Ha ha ha ha!” Create a stable (Goldobin and Hutton seem like a natural fit) of people who live the rich lifestyle like you. Wear a suit made of money. Roll up to Rogers Arena in a Lamborghini driven by a horse. Pull out a wad of 20s and make it rain on the goalie when you score. Sure, you might not get a ton of points, but people will never forget you. 3. Horvat hasn’t been sent on a mystical quest to become captain Look, Bo Horvat will be the next Canucks captain. I know it. You know it. Bo knows it. Hell, on the Canucks’ dads road trip, Bo’s father, Tim, was basically the captain of the dads. You know if someone needed to organize the bus to the arena or do room checks, Tim was on top of it. Leadership runs in their blood so deep they probably pray in the godswood before defending the North every day. And I get that the team wants to be coy with it. Maybe take a year to let the shadow of Henrik’s reign recede into the distance like Zack Kassian’s hairline did back in the day. But what better time than now to show that Horvat is ready to become captain then by sending him on some heroic quest on an off-day to claim the “C”? Make him complete a Herculean task that only a real captain could do. Make him ride the 99 B-Line all day making sure every single person taps in when they get on the bus, front loading doors open only. He must remain calm and answer every question asked of him, and never once will he be allowed to show any anger or frustration. Show that he can survive the worst humanity has to offer in the form of angry people going to work and drunk people heading home. Media wants to know what he could have done better in a 7-0 loss? Pfft, that’s easy to answer compared to someone screaming obscenities, demanding to know why they have to pay to take the bus a couple of stops. If he can survive a day of that, surely he deserves to be named captain this season. 4. Motte’s lack of movement While Shotgun Jake has taken the NHL by storm, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the failure of Tyler Motte’s lack of viral content. Although it clearly started before Jake Virtanen’s fanatics finally found something to do with the beer their friends left in their fridge last Christmas, “Clamato Motte” never really found any steam. If Tyler Motte’s nickname isn’t Clamato, it should be #Canucks — Likes Dogs, Hates Nazis (@KentGBasky) March 13, 2018 It’s hard to pin down why this movement never hit its stride. Some will say chugging down reconstituted tomato and clam juice is “insanity bordering on criminal” but that clearly comes from someone who’s never had boiled Clamato on their way to work on a cold winter’s day. Nothing warms your soul quite like red hot ketchup oozing down your mouth hole. If there is a better way to go out in life then by drowning in Clamato, I’ve yet to hear it. Still, all it takes is one crazy over the top goal celebration from Tyler, and this movement will reignite. Score a goal, pull a celery stick out of your glove, take a bite. That’s all it takes to make Clappin’ a Clam’ the next big thing. 5. Richmond hasn’t given the key to the city to Stecher yet Troy From Richmond is the best thing to come out of Lulu Island since Charlotte Diamond explored the inner workings of pizza and brought a divided country together again. Je suis une pizza! I am a pizza! And while you would think Troy being unable to surpass Derrick Pouliot on the power play depth chart would be the most shocking part of the season so far, the real crime here is how Richmond hasn’t done the right thing and given Troy a key to the city yet. Every night, Troy is out on the ice, consistently being one of the Canucks’ best defenders. On top of that, he is not fooling around out there. I dare you to try and find me someone who takes the game more seriously than Stecher. He can’t even joke around about Pettersson’s pronunciation of his name, due to the fact he’s so focused on being the best Troy he can be. Because of this, you can happily hand the key to the city to Troy knowing he will secure that key, and only use it in cases of emergency (I assume keys to a city lock a giant gate for when the White Walkers invade, but I will admit my Google research was hazy on this point). No one is suggesting we rename Richmond to Troymond (not yet, let’s wait for the first Stanley Cup win first), but the least we can do is honour a man who helped return prestige to a city that has barely recovered from the awful decision of putting the bathrooms at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Vancouver Airport tucked away in a remote corner, on the second floor, down some long ass hallways.
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    Willie made this trade ? Lot of power for an interim coach !
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    you do realize that teams play different when its only a 1 goal game? Not to mention the demoralization that happens to the team trailing by 1 when they give up another. Momentum shifts. Have you ever played any team sports? A team down by 1 has more determination to try and come back, whereas giving up a second goal can be the back breaker that seals the game. In this case a goal that should of been disallowed because it was an obvious kick, was what broke the back of a tired Canucks team.
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    People can’t give up on trashing the Virtanen pick because it’s one of the few nails holding together the “fire Benning” wagon. (Which, by the way, all the wheels have fallen off.. the horse ran away and I think it’s on fire.) I’m not going to say Jake is a better overall player than Ehlers or the Swedish Flamingo at this point, but if he can pace himself around 20-ish goals, 40-ish points while adding speed / takeaways / physicality that’s a rare and valuable piece of the puzzle... decent value for a 6OA (especially considering his draft class) and doesn’t leave me wishing we had taken those other two. Considering the misses that went around him in that draft I’m very happy with the pick if he can keep up that aforementioned pace.
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    I feel like people need to find something about Joulevi to complain about. First it was that he was solid defensively but doesnt have high end offensive potential of a top 5 pick, then its he producing offensively but look at his +/-, he must be bad defensively. This offense is great for his development, as he will continue to improve defensively at the next level due to his hockey IQ and as he gets stronger.
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    #1 Problem: Bo is burnt out from having all the defensive workload shoveled on top on him. He has no jump offensively. It was very obvious he was dragging his butt in his breakouts and also in his backchecks. Green is making a rookie coaching error in putting too much of the workload on his star player. Without a Bo with jump, one of the key offensive elements we have left is gone. The fact he is burnt out is also affecting his faceoff percentage. #2 Problem: The league now knows to key on Pettersson... he is getting no room... and without creative players to complement him and challenge the opposition, he is forced to try to do it on his own... its not working. Don't get me wrong... he made several plays which could have resulted in goals... he did get off a one timer... (without his usual zip) and he is still working hard, but he is also getting frustrated. He made several uncharacteristic mistakes. #3 Problem: It was a rookie coaching error for Green to play Markstrom back to back.... Markstrom is burnt out. The first two goals showed that. The decision to play Marky almost resulted in him going down with an injury... I am hoping his right knee doesn't become a problem after the game. The fact is, Green should be thinking longterm... Markstrom is his #1 goalie and the NYI game was meaningless in the context the entire season and the necessity to keep the #1 Goalie healthy. Green should have rested Markstrom and played Bachman... I think a fired up Bachman would have given just as good an effort as Marky. Even if he didn't... it's just a loss in a rebuilding year... no big deal. #4 Problem: Goldobin needs to sit on the bench for a game or two. I was hoping he would play better after last game's goal... but he played worse. The second goal was a direct result of him watching the Islander player glide past him and doing nothing. Put Gaunce in. That would give the team another defensive centerman who is not too bad at faceoffs and who can take some of Horvat's defensive workload. The team needs to tighten up and Gaunce is a proven defensive player. Overall the worst game of the season... but there is a reason... the huge number of injuries to key players are finally sapping the life out of the team.
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    Frees up future money, in the short-term makes the team a bit faster, and gives them a decent rental to flip at the deadline. Makes sense for a team in the Kings' position.
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    I'm still mad about that Sedin goal being disallowed. He was clearly guiding the puck in the net with a stopping motion, not kicking motion.
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    A few late comments. 1. The Canucks were unlucky to lose against the Rangers. Against the Islanders the Canucks were outplayed, but not by a big margin. A bad play by Marky on the first goal, a bounce in off Tanev's skate, and a bounce-in off Kuhnhackl's skate (marginal kick-in, but I can see why the goal was not overturned). The games were not that different from games earlier in the season when the Canucks came away with points. 2. To some extent we are observing regression to the mean. Earlier in the season the Canucks were getting more points than you would normally expect given the quality of play. The last three games they have gotten less. As of a few games ago Pettersson had a shooting percentage of about 36%, for example. That is obviously not sustainable. 3. Fatigue was also a factor tonight. As Imm says, it would make sense to bring Gaunce in, and maybe Biega. And I voted for starting Backman tonight. Marky looks tired. 4. On the subject of fatigue, I am sure it is affecting Pettersson. Big minutes, playing center, absorbing a lot of hits (some cheap shots) from bigger and stronger opponents, lots of travel and lots of games in a short period. It is tough to get used to. And he would be a lot better with Boeser on the wing. I would keep his minutes down. And we just have to be patient. 5. I have been down on Goldy for a while. The 3rd goal (I think it was the third) was on him. Just a lazy backcheck. The trouble is that it happens much too often. And he has not been good on the PP. Too many sloppy passes and too many losses of possession. He scored against the Islanders but with the all the looks he gets his scoring rate is too low. He needs to focus -- bear down and bury the puck. He wouldn't be playing top 6 if Baertschi and Boeser were healthy, but I wouldn't wait for those guys to come back to try someone else with Pettersson.(And Green has tried different combinations. Hope something gels.) 6. On the positive side, nice to Jake playing well, nice to see Leipsic have a strong game, and Bo continues to play well.I also continue to like Hutton's game. And Stecher does not get enough respect. 7. And injuries are hurting. It is about time that the Canuck injury situation "regressed" to the mean. I would love to just have an average level of the injuries right now instead of being the hardest hit team in the league. All the key injuries: Edler, Boeser, Sutter, Beagle, Baertschi, and Nilsson are really hurting the team in obvious ways. And I guess none of those guys are close to returning.
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    Nothing to worry about re:Pettersson. The team has no top line right now, period. Horvat is forced into shutdown service, Baertschi is out, Boeser is out. Pettersson's line is isolated - and the rookie does not have a full complement, period. Not only Sutter and Beagle absent to stem the opposition and produce territory, but likewise on the blueline - and it all adds up to an exhausted, depleted young group of players stepping up into roles they're not all ready for. Nothing of real concern - aside from the health of the club. This will pass. Not even mad. These guys are hanging in there pretty well, considering. Very impressed with them, nearly to a man.
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    Pouliot's fine in his natural role as a 6/7 guy. Our entire team is being forced to play above their pay grade and it's showing with the fatigue of a grueling road trip. It's not really any one player's fault; the team isn't constructed to withstand the amount of injuries we're dealing with on a long-term basis, yet. Our team's been one of the pleasant surprises of the entire league this year and I refuse to throw our kids under the bus for having a stretch where they're playing about as well as was originally expected.
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    Team is tired and injured. Another good effort by the boys. No complaints. This team is playing as hard as they could. No surprise they lost. Good effort.
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    25 year old Jake is going to be a beast.
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    Sometimes feels like retirement announces the player...
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    But that just gets in the way of banal complaining.
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    Bobby Brink (LW/RW, Sioux City. USHL) has got to be a riser right now. Has been tearing up the USHL this month (has already two hat tricks in Noverber IIRC) and now has 26 points (11G 15A) in 15 games. Those are great numbers for a 17 year old in the USHL (we're talking top-20 all time U18 points per game level). He's actually the league co-leading scorer in the USHL rights now, and he's scoring at a better pace than guys like Boeser, Gaudreau, and Connor did as top non-USNTDP players at the USHL level in their draft years. Plus Brink is one of the younger kids in the draft, with a July birthday. Stats-wise, and even with league-to-league QoC considerations, his numbers should put him right there with many of this draft's top names from the CHL, USNTDP, and Europe. I haven't seen Brink break into the top-31 on any of the services yet, but only seems a matter of time before he gets some potential first rounder hype, if he keeps scoring at this rate. Haven't seen much in the way of scouting reports yet either, but from what I have seen, he's a little undersized (5'10"), maybe a bit raw, and has somewhat mixed reviews on his skating (apparently needs a little fine tuning), but this kid can really rip the puck, has top quality scorer's instincts, strong puck skills, and also plays a solid two-way game.
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    Wyatt Arndt is a refreshing bright spot in Vancouver sports media.
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    You need to read the responses. It just isn't this simple.... And some say "complaining", some say "discussing". The board is based on....discussion.
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    Haven't been here but, if that's the case, very disappointing. The what have you done for me lately's that don't look back far enough. Or, keep things in perspective. If he'd just get all the highlight goals all the time... No one does that. Plus, he is so committed to winning on every inch of the ice, not just in front of the net. This kid is special and those who don't see it are the ones who needn't watch the games, but scan the highlights. That's what they take away from it but there's a lot of other stuff that happens worth watching for. EP is also the type who'll likely be hard on himself. There is no need for anyone to slam this kid. He's given us a whole lot to be excited about and will for some time. There isn't much to criticize about his game, so anyone doing so is likely setting the bar at...perfection.
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    If it was only a different type of showers, you can be sure he'd would've been there.
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    This is such a bad argument. If that is called 'no goal', the whole complexion of the 3rd period changes.
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    Madden was named Hockey East rookie of the week. https://nuhuskies.com/news/2018/11/12/mens-ice-hockey-tyler-madden-named-pro-ambitions-rookie-of-the-week.aspx He had 1G 3A 4 points in two games this past weekend. First game, he setup the gamewinning goal (primary assist) with under two minutes remaining. Second game, he scored with under 5 minutes remaining to tie the game and force OT. Talk about clutch. Northeastern won both games, after coming from behind, and getting those critical primary points from Madden late in both games.
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    I agree to some degree, however, momentum can be shifted in situations like this. Probably matters little, but it still doesn't excuse it.
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    Greatness takes time, struggle, obstacles overcome, lessons learned, patience. No superstar has ever caused their team to win every game or been immune to slumps. It's still hockey. Give Petey a break and hold yourself to a higher standard instead.
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    Its funny because how I see Olli is a Edler-like kind of guy. Guy is likely going to go greatly unappreciated for years, but is a minute munching dman in all situations, likely to see the best players match up on a nightly basis. Not a lot of flash, but gets it done at the end of the night. Kind of player that gives you a glimpse of a number one dman, but can sometimes leave you wanting more, but overall you like his whole game regardless. Many people have stated that Alex Edler is an extremely intelligent player and person overall, feel the same about Juolevi.
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    Yeah they're tired alright. They have played a lot of hockey so far + have had two eastern road trips already. Missing 2 top 6 fwds, #1 dman and their top 2 defensive fwds has pressed players into roles above their heads and has significantly increased minutes of play for others. Most of them (probably all of them) have been playing beyond expectations and are playing hard at it. I give then a ton of credit for what they have achieved, but I don't know if it's sustainable for much longer. Getting Brock back will help a lot, but they really need Edler, Beagle and Sutter badly. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen anytime soon, so I think we will see a bit of a roller coaster ride until then. I will keep cheering for them regardless of game outcomes, because the team's hard work, character and heart is obvious and I also see a vision of a future that looks very bright. GCG
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    Great news. The Olympics is a big waste of money. Not to mention corruption. Voters finally see through the BS of the pro-Olympic group.
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    at the start of the season who would have taken a .500 record at this point knowing the schedule maker handed them 7 home games 14 road games (including Thurs) Edler, Boeser, Pettersson, Sutter, Beagle, Baertschi out for 5+ games? Boys will come home and hopefully put in some good performances.
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    I wonder if Dubas will ever make another "we can, and we will" statement, when it comes to signing players. That was a mighty presumptuous statement to make which kinda blew up in his face, what with Nylander now holding out.
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    Watched the game late last night. Canucks looked like a tired team out there, especially by the third period, but who can blame them really? The schedule's been tough, the roster is banged up. That kick in goal... Come on. Really? That's one of my favorite screw jobs in NHL history. Legendary stupidity from the tools in Toronto on that one. Derpity derpadoo On to the next one. Hope the boys got to sleep in today
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    Trump also blew off visiting Arlington cemetery on Monday. Instead he choose to tweet about the recount in the Florida election and demand that only ballots from election night be counted. As American service members vote via absentee ballot, and there can be delays in getting the ballots through the mail, Trump essentially called for the disenfranchisement of military members the day after Veterans Day.
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    Good god that would be awful for the Canucks. Lucic totally sucks. Pulj is a good prospect but no way he is worth what you suggest. This is a very bad proposal for the Vancouver Canucks. Horrid actually (seen Lucic's contract?? sheesh).
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    I don't know, you don't want to see players deliberately kicking at open pucks in front of the net if they become legal. The current rule is fine. The consistency in the enforcing of the rule is what needs work.
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    Safety issues with kicking at pucks in the crease? The easy fix, and safest, is to disallow any goal off a skate.
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    Exact same play as Sbisa's and Burrows in LA which were BOTH NO GOALS! You tell me the difference between these plays, I am dying to hear your explanation.
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    Jake is becoming the player JB drafted. He’s going to score 20 plus goals, and be a physical force. Thank goodness JB drafted Jake, and not a soft, perimeter 60 Point winger. Where are all the Jake haters? Did they slither their way over to another of our young developing player’s thread? Toronto fans are the worst!
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    there was kicking motion, that is all the evidence needed.
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    "He's playing a lot more games in shorter time than he's used to. Playing on the road in tougher match-ups. He still does something you love every night. He's a real smart kid and he'll figure it out, I'm not worried about that." - Green on Pettersson
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    Jake with his 8th of the year, 6 shots on the night, 2 hits in 17:32 ice time. Pretty good game for Jake. Plus 2 goals away from team lead.
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    And just when you thought the roadtrip couldn't get anymore exciting, we're off to Minnesota
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