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    If we want energy maybe we should play a guy like MacEwen instead of a guy that doesn't put in a consistent effort?
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    No, Newell Brown was telling Green to make sure Markstrom drops the puck back when they pull him.
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    TomorrowBet your bottom dollarThat tomorrowWe'll be contendersssss
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    Attention CDC Hello This is important. @StealthNuck , please change Alf's title to "Lodi G". Him or me, man That's right
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    I’m almost positive these issues will be corrected once Ferland, Sutter, Roussel, Motte etc., come back in and Eriksson and Baertschi come out.
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    At least everyone else around us is losing. Parity in the nhl is at an all time high. Its becoming the NFL where one year you can be trash and the next season your in the superbowl.
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    So I don't want to talk about the game. Haven't bothered yet in the PGT and I won't. Phillip's Black Magic is an amazing dark beer and I picked up a bottle of Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey recently, also very good. After spending some time with both bottles and a bong, I feel a lot better about things. Canucks gotta find a way to the middle if the ice though. And drink. &^@#
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    Had a lot of scotch so having trouble focused right now. I love our team but think we are too easy to play against. We are soft. We need to show the other teams that we will fight for every inch of ice and that they will have to suffer to play against us. Are we ( my apologies) pussies?
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    sure, but he can not dress Eriksson and play MacEwen instead...
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    I love us. Son of s butch I am upset. I just want us toplsyfood and win. When we’re Lodi g I drink A LOT.
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    Being scored on first 15 of 22 games is not acceptable and largely on the coach not preparing the team to be ready.
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    Leivo on the 5v3 is unacceptable. I like Green and Leivo, but that was a terrible decision.
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    I don't usually make threads... Hopefully this sparks some good discussions. A lot of what I will say is obvious but I haven't seen any sort of discussion around this so here goes. I am under the impression that the Canucks could be contenders for at least 3 seasons(2022-23) and here's what I'll have to say to support it and what would have to happen... What will happen in 3 years... Our young guys will become established vets first of all. Petey, Boes and Hughes will be entering the prime of their careers with possibly Gaudette as well. Demko could likely be the starter as well or at the very least be knocking on that door. Secondly in three years time we will have 15 million in cap free from Loui, Lou, Beagle, Roussel on top all the other contracts we'd shred within that time(Sutter, Baer, Pearson, Benn, etc). We don't have a lot of cap right now but it is only gonna go up during the next few years even with us re-signing Boeser, Petey and Hughes. Of course we are gonna spend some of this cap to replace some of these guys since not all of them will be replaced by prospects moving forward but we should have enough for a major piece or two. What would need to happen within 3 years... We'd need one or two of our D prospects to develop into a top 4 defenseman. Between Juolevi, Rathbone, Teves, Rafferty, Woo or whoever we draft in the next few years it would help us tremendously since it would offset us from having to use the cap space we have. One is a big ask and two seems unlikely. With Edler probably retired by then and question marks regarding Tanev, while also being on the tail end of his career, we'd need two guys to replace them. We'd need to draft/sign at least one more top 6 forward, possibly two if Pod doesn't pan out. We have other guys like Hoglander, Palmu, Madden, but Pod is our only high end prospect atm. We'd still have Miller for another season in 3 years but Horvat needs wingers desperately and we might not see that until we get more cap unless someone surprises us in our system Demko would need to become the starter. Plain and simple. Nothing against Markstrom but I hope he isn't signed long term for his next contract. He should be signed to another short term deal but who knows if he'd want that. DiPietro is also playing pretty good right now and looks like a good fall back option and perhaps could step into a backup role in a few seasons. Benning would have to sign some guys as not everything is gonna pan out the way we want, and even if it does you always need more. It really comes down to who steps up in our prospect pool and who he can draft in the meantime to make it easier for him in Free Agency. Summary -Cap will continue to go down even despite needing to sign Petey, Hughes and Boeser to an extension. 15 million free in 3 years. -Young guys we have will be established veterans in their prime. -Need 2 more top 6 forwards via trade/draft/development -Need 2 more top 4 D via trade/draft/development -Demko needs to take the reigns 3 years we COULD be contenders if all goes right but even if we weren't quite there yet we would be knocking on that door. When do you think the Canucks will be contenders and what do you think it would take to get there? State how long you think and why!!!
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    Donna Brazille made that same point on Real Time last Friday, but I'm not so sure..... While it's true that all of the top candidates are out-polling Trump, once again, we're talking about National numbers. Hillary out-polled the Dotard nationally as well. The Dems need a candidate that can beat trump in swing states, like Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. In those states, grandiose ideas like Medicaire for All don't play nearly as well as they do in Blue states. That's why I'm hoping (I'd pray, if I believed in prayer) that they nominate a moderate like mayor Pete, Klobuchar, or even Uncle Joe, rather than Bernie or Warren. Just get that Orange Clown out of the White House and let him get back to doing damage to his own companies, rather than America, and by extension, the world. the "big ideas" can wait until someone with a brain takes over the Oval Office.
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    One could/would hope but in this day with tribalism and division as strong as ever the only way i could see it would be if enough republicans backed another republican to challenge trump for the 2020 nomination but I dont see that happening. I really have little to no doubt that no matter what, Trumps base will stay with him. This taken from reading various sites and articles as well as discussions with friends/family who are supporters and live in the US. I can imagine those on these boards that support/voted for trump would confirm this as well.
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    Perhaps time to target a starter
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    Being upset about not winning is normal. It doesn't mean they are bailing on the team. You people throw the word band wagon around a lil to ez. I am surprised that you...Deniro are so passive about these losses. We fought to try and stay in the race last year...with must win games in the last leg of the season. We didn't make it. Now we lost 8 games so far this month EIGHT games... thats 16 points give or take due to ot losses. I have seen this team...the Canucks dominate.. and this current team does not have the stuff. While our team looks good on paper. It does not bode well on the ice. I know you are not trying to bait anyone. But like i stated earlier...i appreciate your blind devotion. You are one of those..."as long as you had fun..that's all that matters" type of guys.
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    So as I understand under normal circumstances there's no way for Trump to get out of this. But afaik US Senate has to decide on wether or not to indict Trump. And seeing as the majority of the Senate are Republicans that's somehow not going to happen? Could someone with better knowledge about the process weigh in on that?
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    Injuries have taken thier toll on Tanev. He's not the same guy he was 3 seasons ago. Do you really want to extend a defensemen that 69 games is the best he's had in 4 years? I like Tanev. But I'd like to see a d-man who can remain healthy the majority of the season. Or as Bieska put it. "Why can't you block shots with your shin pads like everyone else?"
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    The Canucks best players need to start playing. If they can't get the Canucks wins no one will. Whining about guys like Leivo makes no sense. Put the responsibility where it should be - on Petey, Boeser, Horvat, and Miller. That game was total garbage. Getting rid of Green makes the most sense if this continues for much longer at all. And if that happens don't go pick another rookie coach like the last two. Get an established guy that has shown he can win please. On to the next one I guess.
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    So I went out tonight. Food. Drinks. Conversation. Checked in just now. LOL.
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    Im not sure if you'd call Burnaby Joe very smart. Before the Duchesne trade, the fans were basically calling for his head, and was saved by the absolute robbery of that one trade.
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    Im not surpised, Leivo is the teacher's pet. Last game against Colorado, the 6th forward with the net empty was Josh Leivo. Green has an affinity for him, Leivo hasn't done much this season
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    You win some, you lose some. Such is the art of drafting. I remember I was shocked when JB didn't pick Tkachuk. I remember I was also shocked when JB didn't pick Glass or Vilardi the following year. I do agree with you that Rathbone will "make us forget about OJ" -- as bad as that sounds.
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    I concur. It's that bad when you have players playing like this. Boeser is not the man that should be a triggerman. I would vote for Adam Gaudette, he is a sharpshooter and can score goals that is at a bad angle many times in college. Also, drop pass zone entry when they are 5 on 3 PP? That's showing me that they obeyed the coach Newell Brown on this one. They have no imagination because of Brown. Sorry to say that, he has to go. Zone entry with 5 on 3 PP is easy to go in.
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    Sure, swap Baer for Goldy. It won't make a difference. I'm not sure why Green puts the blender on every line except Petey and Boeser... Bo and Boes is and has always been a good combo. Maybe blend around the Captain instead of putting him on the merry go round. Didnt see Bo Baer Brock once in Baers call up, yet that was once our top line. What the &^@# eh? Green is a dick. Totally. I really hope I get to go source a scooter safe bouncy castle
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    This https://www.nhl.com/video/benn-nets-backhander-in-front/t-310501390/c-4629007 https://www.nhl.com/video/benn-roofs-ppg-for-second-goal/t-310501390/c-4630844 Or This https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/recap-canucks-stars-march-16-2017#.XdTQHOLfbgo.link https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/recap-canucks-stars-march-16-2017#.XdTQHOLfbgo.link
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    Goldy and energy in the same sentence? Masterful creative writing.
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    lol and some of us fans thought Louie was going to have a come back season.
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    It was a crappy game, and things aren't going our way right now. One thing I learned in life; Nothing is ever as good as it seems, and nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Things will turn around, I have faith. Look at Dallas as an example, or even us, just the opposite lol. We'll get our energy back, get healthy, and consistent. I believe
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    What he left out is how in Australia, age 20-21 is the most frequently unemployed age range in Aus by the numbers. Far easier to fire someone and replace with a younger worker for less money. It appears on the surface to work in employing a younger demographic but tends to leave post secondary students and earners scrambling for work.
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    Oh I agree. I saw the weaknesses and all the Green lovers kept saying we were great fans on here started to take upcoming opponents for granted just like Green did
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    Lafreniere-Pettersson-Boeser Miller-Horvat-Podkolzin
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    That bites. Time for some brisket and George Strait. It will be okay.
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    I’ve never seen a team lose so much momentum after each and every power play.
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    Due to his diminuitve stature, are we permitted to anoint him as Little Boner?
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    sharing this here because i feel any one of you who does not speak up right now about this is going to regret it in the future. y'all know i'm not an idiot- give it a shot and share with your government your concerns on Hong Kong and the Chinese concentration camps that are now 5 years old. https://www.international.gc.ca/gac-amc/contact-contactez/enquiry_service-service_renseignements.aspx?lang=eng Maybe I've gone mad again, but Hitler's personal secretary of his last two years didn't even know about the Holocaust; whereas we have /r/HongKong to show us what horrific and unforgivably evil things are being done to people who are fighting for the freedoms we simply take for granted. Please write. And then right directly to your area's representative. I know my ancestors would be ashamed of me if I didn't.
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    Where the heck was that Leipsic in Vancouver?
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    Looks like Leipsic is doing what he has to do to stay in the league. Wish he played like that here.
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    Brendan Leipsic's running around knocking Anaheim Ducks around, kind of hilarious to watch! Great game (especially given the result so far).
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