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    Is anyone else sick of the media trying to run people out of Vancouver? Click baiting our star players, ruining their mental state, making them question their relationship with JB. I'm done with this clown and his bad headlines. ADDITION: I think it would be fine to say: Would trading Boeser be a way for Benning to improve the Canucks vs. Benning wants to trade Boeser.
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    As much as I thought about moving/closing this because it is not Canucks Talk (it belongs in Fairy Tales and UFO's where all Sekeres reports will be going), I'll let it fly. Might move it to Proposals though...it's one of our better ones. Another mod may change that status but I'm all in favour of social distancing the rumour mongers to a distance of at least 3,000,000m from our team. And making them wear masks over their mouths.
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    FREE AGENCY ANA - Mike Fisher - 1 years, 1.5M per ANA - Kris Russell - 1 years, 1.5M per ARZ - Greg Campbell - 1 years, 1M per BOS - Josh Leivo - 2 years, 3.775M per BOS - Philip Larsen - 2 years, 1.15M per CAR - Tobias Enstrom - 1 years, 7.5M per CGY - Patrik Berglund - 1 years, 5.25M per CHI - Viktor Stalberg - 1 years, 1.5M per CHI - Matt Read - 1 years, 1.5M per DAL - Ryan Shea - 3 years, 3.775M per DET - Anton Khudobin - 1 years, 1.5M per DET - Matt Stajan - 1 years, 1M per EDM - Leo Komarov - 2 years, 1M per EDM - Carter Hutton - 2 years, 0.7M per FLA - Melker Karlsson - 1 years, 1M per FLA - Jonathan Bernier - 1 years, 0.7M per LAK - Nikita Korostelev - 3 years, 3.775M per MTL - Korbinian Holzer - 1 years, 0.9M per MTL - Jared Boll - 1 years, 0.9M per MTL - Cody McLeod - 1 years, 0.9M per NJD - Radim Vrbata - 1 years, 5.25M per NJD - Jay Beagle - 1 years, 2.75M per NSH - Kyle Brodziak - 1 years, 1M per NYI - Patrick Eaves - 1 years, 3.25M per NYR - Jussi Jokinen - 1 years, 4M per NYR - Antti Niemi - 1 years, 0.7M per OTT - Darcy Kuemper - 1 years, 4.5M per PHI - Andreas Martinsen - 1 years, 1M per SJS - Boyd Gordon - 1 years, 1M per TOR - Antoine Vermette - 1 years, 3M per TOR - Colton Sceviour - 1 years, 3M per VAN - Patrick Sharp - 1 years, 8M per WPG - Henrik Sedin - 1 years, 1M per WPG - Daniel Sedin - 1 years, 1M per WPG - Jack Johnson - 1 years, 9M per WSH - Mark Fayne - 1 years, 1.5M per WSH - Joffrey Lupul - 1 years, 0.8M per Please send in lines, denote players that are under a 9 game trial.
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    I miss Chris Farley.
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    Montreal fires thejazz97
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    so Drance "thinks" a positive outcome is the best one? wow, what a wordsmith .
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    Give it to 'em, Brock! https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/ben-kuzma-ferland-unfit-to-play-boeser-bristles-at-trade-speculation-as-camp-opens?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1594683041
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    To OTT: Bo Horvat To TBL: OTT 2020 2nd + BOS 2020 2nd + Carl Grundstrom + Lukas Dostal
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    Is that J.D. Burke off-camera firing the negativity cannon?
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    Introducing, Arizona's new 2nd line: Arizona Coyotes Opening Day Roster: Max Domi - Nolan Patrick - Anthony Duclair Matthew Strome - Dylan Strome - Ryan Strome Clayton Keller - Joe Veleno - Christian Fischer Lawson Crouse - Greg Campbell - Jamie McGinn Travis Sanheim - Aaron Ekblad Michael Matheson - Michael Stone Kevin Connauton - Anthony DeAngelo Jonathan Quick Mike Smith Matthew Strome and Joe Veleno on 9 game trials to see if they are ready to stick with the big club.
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    Montreal sends down thejazz97.
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    So in an era of telegraph, party line telephones, newspapers, and the new radio medium. They were better educated, and worked together?
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    It’s so rare to draft a Calder finalist. Up until recently, we only had 3 in franchise history (Linden, Bure, and Ohlund). But somehow, we’ve now had 3 in a row - only the ‘69-71 Rangers had done that before, and that was far from a 30/31-team league. This is historic. We should build around this. Having 2 of those guys on the team in ‘94 worked well, maybe if we had a 3rd we would have won. Just because Boeser has been eclipsed by Petersson and Hughes, doesn’t mean he’s not a special player. And just because he’s had a few freak injuries doesn’t mean he won’t have a long and illustrious career. So far he’s been the best goalscorer we’ve had since Bure, and he’s just entering his prime.
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    After spending another year out of the playoffs, Anze realizes his chances at winning another cup are dwindling. He is determined to carry the Flames to the playoffs, and give himself another shot at glory. The Ballad of Kopitar I gotta get out, I gotta break free Ain't gonna live in misery My mind's made up; I'm winning today Come hell or high water, I will crush Bishop's soul Gonna score my way, assist my way, back-check my way Back to the top 'Cause I never say die, I never give in I'll never stop bailing out Cam Talbot I'm breaking out of Hell From the bottom of the west It's a long way down From the bottom of the west I gotta get out From the bottom of the west
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    What stuck out for me with that article was the quote: “NBC was not happy with the NHL having two Canadian hub cities for its return to play. Apparently, NBC wanted an American hub city.” Sorry not sorry to “upset” NBC and what exactly were they thinking the NHL was going to do? Have a hub city in the worlds epicenter of covid outbreaks?! Sure it’s about the safety of the players. Which is why the NHL chose Edmonton & Toronto for the hubs. I’m glad they Gary and the NHL didn’t cave but holy smokes, what a bunch of fat cats wanting their staff on their turf regardless of how the US is doing with the outbreaks.
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    Montreal rehires thejazz97
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    Thing is, there's timing involved (as Honey Badger is just alluding to on the radio). It's a time of positivity as we gear up for hockey (finally). Canucks have an exciting team that has a chance to battle to get into playoffs. Why now? Why throw this crap out there? Can't find anything that looks at that...you're looking beyond it? Crap reporting. If the team's on a 10 game slump and people are grasping for answers mid season.....maybe. But can we have nice things for a little bit here? COVID's taken a toll on everyone...maybe find the silver lining and keep the speculation at bay if it's something that stirs the pot. Sescareus.
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    Arizona hires thejazz97 as assistant janitor
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    lol no offence but when someone asked for a doctor you were the last guy ever on the list, next to d-money paging j-23 to the operating room why do people that have no medical training feel the need to pipe up as if they know a person better than there own doctor. Infuriating. Are you a doctor? Did you go to university? Do you play professional sports? Do you know Michael personally? Have you ever had a nasty concussion playing sports? Do you even play sports? Do you know his exact medical condition? Maybe you and TreMac can open up a little shop in White Rock.
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    Yeah I'm all for this. Tired of our local media playing games. Making up lies to create a story, its actually pathetic. I have zero respect moving forward for Sekeres. The media (worldwide) needs to start being held accountable and to a higher standard.
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    Leafs losing in the first round isn't all that much an upset anymore, is it?
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    They did a poll in Louisiana asking people if Obama or Bush was to blame for the Katrina response. In a slim margin, more people blamed Obama. The hurricane was in 2005, long before Obama was president. A lot of these folk are just sheep following their shepherd, facts don't matter.
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    Ottawa doesn’t do the first deal (why would they?) The NJ deal is awful for Vancouver. Whats the motivation in trading away Miller? This retool actually sets back Vancouver significantly and makes them a worse team now and likely in the future.
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    50% will be going off on Virtanen not in the lineup, the other 50% will be going off on Eriksson actually being in the lineup. Maybe I'm going to stay away from CDC when the play-in starts....oh who am I kidding, this is what CDC is all about!
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    Boston Bruins - 2018/2019 Marchand - Krejci - Panarin Rust- Bergeron - Tippett Debrusk- Backes - Leivo Vatrano - Spooner- Acciari McAvoy - Krug Maata - Carlo Larsen - Miller Rask Subban Starting in net--we have an elite goalie in Rask and a growing back up with Subban--all good here. On D, an improved back end features our young stud in McAvoy who lit up college and is ready to step in and have the Boston D generate a lot more offense. Up front, we added defensively with FA Josh Leivo as well as our 2nd Calder hopeful in Owen Tippett who we hope will mesh with Bergeron this season. Our top 6 looks pretty deadly and we are aiming for a playoff spot this year. The rebuild is over and we're now moving on up. We do some interesting prospects still in the queue including Jared McIsaac (Mike Green comp) and D and Cam Morrison (James Neal comp) and Blade Jenkins (Brock Nelson comp). Ryan Donato and Jakub Zboril are the two most likely callups should the need arise.
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    I think if everyone stays healthy, there’s about a 50% chance Virtanen starts the play-in series as a healthy scratch. And if that happens, there’s about a 100% chance that 50% of Canucks fans lose their minds.
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    Considering that the NHL is pushing a return mainly for monetary purposes likely to cover the TV contracts, it's no wonder that they have to appease to them. This was probably the "snag" in the Vancouver bid as we weren't going to declare them "essential service" during the conference finals and finals.
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    sorry @Tanev, looks like I won’t be able to work for you after all!
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    Montreal recalls Andreas Johnsson
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    Given how the league has bent over to NBC regarding playoff scheduling for ages now, them caving for something like this isn't much of a surprise. At least it is only for games in Toronto. What worries me is for the Conference and Cup finals, when everyone moves to Edmonton. Does NBC take over then, too? I hope not. Doc Emrick sucks. As does NBC coverage, for the most part. Hopefully they use Canadian broadcasters for those final series, and give people down here a better experience, and teach 'em how it's done.
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    If any player's mental state is 'ruined' by a simple rumor then maybe it's for the best they get moved.... to Florida where no one cares about hockey. But by all means if you don't like Sekeres and TSN then don't listen to them. Personally I don't want Boeser traded but I have no doubts that Benning has taken some calls or inquired about moving him - just like every other GM has with 99% of the players in the NHL. Some people on here are far too sensitive these days. Personally I was told to 'get help' - like wtf is that? That's something you say to someone with a drug problem or a mental illness - not someone that has an hockey related opinion you may not agree with lol.
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    phew https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/us/u-s-canada-border-set-to-remain-closed-until-at-least-august-21/ar-BB16IWtu?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds
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    In all fairness i think we all just assume tanev will be out at least 15 games a year, im still a little (pleasantly) surprised he has been so healthy
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    Canucks recall Daniel Sprong, Thatcher Demko, and Thomas Chabot
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    Same people that were praising boeser as an elite scorer, was the toast of the town 2 years ago..all.of a sudden hes expendable just because we have toffoli lol. Virtanen will be out of town before brock ill tell you that much
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    It's sounding more and more like herd immunity is a pipe dream. The virus is also mutating to a more infectious strain, though thought to be no more deadly, just more infectious........but who knows?
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    Virtanen living in peoples head, rent free
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