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    “I knew if I scored, I wanted to show some respect to my idol.” - Roussel on saluting Burrows
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    Man is inflation bad in Canada. At the start of October it used to be 5 goals guarantees a win, now at the start of December it has grown to 6.
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    Virtanen - Gaudette - Roussel This line has so much potential.
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    Great night to get our 14th win of the season............
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    I think everyone can see the importance of Edler to this team. Our pk is just not the same. We’re getting pinned in our end way too much as well.
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    How dare we hold people accountable for their actions. How dare we! I should be able to beat and abuse people as much as I want darnit, especially when I have a position of authority!
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    Adversity's our middle name. Bring it, refs. That all you've got? Hopefully Bo will slap a shot that ricochets around the boards and hits you in the butt some day. Where your brains are safely stored away and brought out only on special occasions. I'm sick of horrible officiating but, sadly, have gotten used to it. What the hell were the Sabres whining about? It ain't always pretty but the 2 points is all the counts. If you find a way, good enough. Can we just talk about Miller?
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    Can I just say the the skate jerseys rock.....they are absolutely gorgeous... Man do they ever suit this team. Great game. A few moans about lost leads...get over it, as it will happen again... part of growing... Quinn Hughes is so much fun to watch... every single shift, he just creates somethings on the ice. After he was drafted a lot of posters were ecstatic, while I was indifferent, as I didn't know, what to expect.... boy oh boy have I ever been converted. As much as EP were breaking ankles with his moves last year, this year its Quinn doing the show stopping performance... Besides that, Miller is my favourite forward now. Hansen used to be, but Miller has taken over big time. How the hell JB got away with this steal is beyond me... Magic... And finally while it was good to see Ferland back, The third line was killing it... Was looking forward to see Roussel back, and he has not disappointed... Looks like he is trying to make up for games missed by scoring 3 in 2 + he was at it again, doing what he does best.... Hockey is fun... and once they get their defensive game tightened up, we will be lethal.... Until then it will be real fun, as this team can score goals galore... Onwards anf Upwards....
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    Glad Burr's night isn't a Hockey Night In Canada night. I don't want Ron Mclean and his possible pathetic attempts of reconciliation soiling this night. Love you Burr. Many fantastic memories thanks to this fine man.
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    Wowza. What a great night. The Burrows ceremony, Roussel getting the first goal on his first shift, MacEwen with his first career goal. That game had just about everything a Canuck fan could ask for. While nobody got the full possible 6 points, 8 people correctly predicted the Canucks 5-2 win (not counting the one person that made the prediction several hours after the game ended). Shout out to @the grinder @petmar74 @Blaze04 @DS4quality @HOFsedins @Whaleroad Train @Salacious Crumb and @goalie13 for getting the final score right. Next up, expansion cousins night... Predict the winner and the score. (4pts for both, 1pt for just the winner) Bonus question (inspired by @Roberts) - What is the score at the end of the first period? (1pt) Updated leaderboard: My predictions: Canucks win 4-3 End of first, tied 1-1 Good luck, and Go Go!
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    Team is still super frustrating to watch. Need to start playing a full 60 every game. If we can consistently do that, we could go for a run in the Playoffs
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    At the game, lost my voice screaming after that OT goal!
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    after 2012 elimination by kings, we should have made major roster changes.
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    I don't think so. If you look at how old everyone else is on our blueline we need as much young promising D as we can get in our system.
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    I really love how some people don't even leave themselves any wiggle room. Everything is such strong rhetoric. No "I'm skeptical because A, B, and C, but we'll see." No, it's "Worst. Trade. Ever." It's laughable.
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    Coming in with some late comments. 1. Exciting game and a big win. The team needed to put together wins and against Ottawa and Buffalo and it did. 2. Despite Wilfred's comment that we don't need to talk about Miller, I am going to talk about him anyway. I agree with the consensus that he has been the Canucks best player so far this season. Personally, I would have named him first star of today's game. Last year he got 13 goals in in 75 games. This year he has matched that in 30 games. And it is not just scoring. He is playing good defence, is excellent in the face-off circle (78% today), and contributes to the physical game (2 hits today). He has also been helping out effectively on the PK. He led the forwards in TOI today. I did not like the trade for Miller when it occurred and if his performance this year had been similar to last year I would have continued to have reservations. But Miller has obviously played way above expectations. He is scoring at better than a point per game and does everything well. So that trade is looking great now. 3. Hughes. I thought Hughes had another outstanding game. I was very glad to see him get on the board with an assist in OT as he deserved it. He almost scored in the first minute on a nice shot that almost got through Hutton. And he had a lot of great set-up during the game and some great looks himself. His 5-on-5 CORSI was 70% -- vastly better than anyone else in the game. Admittedly, he was not playing shutdown but, even so, that is a fantastic number. He does a great of job skating the puck out of trouble in his own end and keeping the puck in the O-zone with outstanding skating, passing, and hockey IQ. Like Miller, I think he has exceeded reasonable expectations by a big margin. He may not win the Calder but, barring injury, it seems pretty clear he will make the 3-man shortlist. Would be great to have a rookie in the top 3 for three years in a row. 4. Horvat. Horvat was hard-matched against Eichel and still had a CORSI percenatge above 50%. He did not get on the scoreboard but he had an excellent defensive game. I hope he is okay. 5. The fact that the Horvat line had the toughest minutes meant that the Beagle line had softer minutes than might be expected. But they still had a tough game and Beagle ended up -3. Their CORSI numbers were very low. Yes, Beagle and Ferland had some good high energy shifts, but they also had shifts where they had a hard time getting to the puck. We can't expect them to be great in their first game back and they weren't. 6. Agree with DeNiro that what we are seeing should remind up of how valuable Edler is. The PK has struggled since Edler went down and Edler is the guy you want out there when the other team has pulled to goalie. But Myers did have a good game tonight. Even before he scored it looked like he was getting much more engaged offensively. 7. Aside from Miller, the first line is still a bit quiet. Both EP and Boeser got on the board tonight, but I though Boeser in particular struggled and that we would expect those guys to do more, But fortunately the secondary scoring -- Roussel and Leivo -- came up big. Getting Roussel back has been great and Leivo seems to have really found his game. 8 Referees. Yes, the referees had a tough night. But I do not buy the story that referees are somehow biased against the Canucks. The Canucks still lead the lead in power play time and power play opportunities. Hard to see how that could happen if there were some general refereeing bias against the Canucks. As for the Horvat hit, I did not like it, but the referees did not see it, Neither did the coaches, the other players, or most of the spectators. 9. Demko was okay but not great. The Canucks gave up quite a few high quality chances and Demko was better than his save percentage of .821 suggests for tonight. Hope he can hang in there. But right now I think the single most important player on the team for making the playoffs is Marky. If Marky plays well, I think we are in. If not, I don't see how we can make it. 10. This would be a great time to put together a win streak. The Canucks have two days off before facing Toronto. and then they play every other night till Christmas. With the Division very close from 1st place through 6th place, every point is big.
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    I’d say fine at most but wouldn’t be surprised if there was no consequence, did not look intentional at all but man the refs......no wonder they’ve never worked a playoff game.
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    yeah, I mean its not like he was separated from his family to score political points.
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    That was quite the hip-check.
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    Late to the show here, works a bitch, and haven't had time to read all the comments from after the game, but just wanted to say that seeing Burr back on centre ice was magic. The presentation was good, and when it culminated with the dragon slayer moment, a tear appeared in my eye... not often that happens, but to relive the elation and jubilation was precious....priceless... Speech by Hank was very very good as well... Just so good... From the game itself, it was great to see the bounce back by Demko... and to see Roussel, in many way so like Burrows, get the first goal was just the icing on the cake and very fitting. Great job Canucks...
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    His son is cute. Future Nux player...
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    It was pretty loose in our own end but the guys didn't try to stop scoring tonight, so that's a step forward. They got pinned in a few times, but they got the puck back often this time, even if it was just chipped out. There were a few 5 alarm fire call levels of panic as guys were caught out of position, due to going hard at the other end mostly. We can run 'n gun with the best of teams, so /shrug. I guess as fans we get to learn to be scared to death. The Cardiac Kids for real! Petey, Brock, and Miller are learning, I can see it. Brock is getting physical in the O-zone. He's a tank! They're being deployed head to head with the best in the league. And they are treading water while learning to get the puck back in their own end. People complaining about Brock in the D zone, but when he's back and defending, he is as good as anyone at stripping pucks. Petey's board play has impressed me thb. He doesn't take crap, and he uses the boards as they should be in patrolling that half wall. I am gonna start calling him Dank, because he's got both Sedin's game in one player. Now that Petey and crew are taking some of the load of Bo, its no wonder that line has sprung to life. Roussel is a motor. Good on Big Mac, first goal is a big deal and I hope he gets a few more. He's always around the puck and hounding it. Gaudette looks extremely dangerous at times when he pounces on those loose pucks. His D play has been improving every game. Jake looks to be loving the game right now. Gutsy effort by Demko. Schaller looked good at center to be honest.
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    "He will play....you know he'll play...he will play on NeoCitran. He will play, and he'll play on Tuesday night at Rogers Arena....." hmmm, it's not the same....maybe I will leave the dramatics to the professionals....
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    As a survivor myself, I wholeheartedly endorse this message.
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    Chill Alf. He posts highlights of every Comets games and since the Comets don't put together a highlight package for the away games he uses the video highlights provided by the other team.
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    The fact he was playing PK his first game back shows the coaches belief in his defensive abilities. Bo Horvat is a team worst -8 on the Canucks, that alone should tell you how irrelevant +/- actually is.
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    Man, am I ever happy to have Roussel back and that he's playing with Gaudette. Those 2 bring terrific energy to the ice and hopefully they can build on last night's chemistry against Buffalo on Saturday. Demko was the best player not named Burrows on both sides of the ice last night. Looked focused, solid, and set for nearly every shot he squared against. That kid can play. And Pearson's latest multi-game stretch has him up to 18 points and 6th in team scoring. Can he get to 20 against and make it 6 players with 20 points? All signs point to yes!
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    I thought the ice was bad in the barn tonight, and then remembered Mason Raymond's in the house. .
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    Perhaps this could be the game where he fully emerges, & EXPLODES on the scene?! ************************* Gotta say, missing Vancouver this morn. This is one day I'd really like to be out there, in that beautiful town. Enjoy it y'all. GCG!
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    Roussel will be stoked to get going tonight...I'm sure he will be a burr in the saddle of the Senators...
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