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    If 12+ playoff GMs react this, could potentially sim at least the start of the playoffs tonight... Know I said tomorrow night so need to make sure majority is ok with it...
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    Because of overpaying plugs and forth liners we have come to this.
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    Not related to Covid. I’m More than a little drunk right now....?just don’t know where else to vent ....I Got a hysterical call from my Mom this AM... to come over to my Uncle Daryl’s apartment, immediately. So I rush over and... ....he was dead on the floor. that was my fcking day.
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    First of all, it's a rumour from Sekeres of all people. Secondly, not all rumours are even true (not much news to talk about in Canuck land right now). And thirdly, if we are exploring trading Brock, it's not because we are dumping his cap (but if we were JT Miller got a golden 1st round pick back, so there's that), it's because we are trading from a position of strength (potentially re-signing Toffoli, Virtanen is on the bubble of a top 6 spot, we have Podkolzin coming as soon as next season, want to give MacEwen a full time spot, etc) to likely a position of weakness (most likely RD). I don't want to trade Brock, but there is reasoning to it.
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    And here's the problem about your so-called "unbiased" or 'neutral' analysis. "I don't think anyone can give Benning more than an average or below average rating rating at this point, he has presided over 5 years of the most futile results in the entire league." This is a very curious statement. First off, how are you measuring your average? Are you looking at playoff appearances? The lack of playoff appearances was generally expected given the fact that the Canucks as a whole were generally older and didn't have a good prospect cupboard. With Benning at the helm, this was supposed to change. So to look at this draft success, I chose this particular page because it is closest to the current time period (~6 months ago) https://thecanuckway.com/2019/12/13/canucks-jim-benning-success-draft/ From the article: While Benning and the Canucks have had a rough ride during his tenure, he didn’t have much to work with when he got here. All we really know is where we are now. They came in preaching a fast rebuild, but the Canucks had core rebuild pieces they didn’t move, and it kept the legacy of the players alive in Vancouver. That’s something that is fairly underrated in the eyes of the fans. Overall, aside from a few missteps and general bad luck with injuries, the Canucks have a very solid pool of players thanks to Benning. And while I know that Brackett also has a lot to do with that, we still have to credit his boss — and hopefully his boss credits him. What I got from this article is: While Benning is far from perfect at his job, looking at the results of his picks, specifically Hughes, Pettersson, Boeser, Virtanen (to some extent) alone, these are pretty good picks. This article actually credits Benning for having the foresight to pick Hughes. Most people DID NOT expect Pettersson to be picked (a lot of people including myself also did not know at the time who Pettersson ACTUALLY was). Yet a lot of these people are now the ones that are rewriting history. They now think that Pettersson was a no brainer pick (it wasn't). In this specific instance, Benning DOES deserve credit for making the decision as recommended by his scouts, specifically Delorme (yes, the guy that everyone likes to crap on). Did people even know who Brock Boeser was? Look back at the thread and most people were more worried about Boeser jumping ship. Many fans had PTSD from the previous pick from Minnesota by Nonis. People were overanalyzing his draft day reactions - i.e. he didn't look too happy. Were all people happy about the Hughes pick? Certainly not, some people thought he was too small. And there seemingly were other players that could have been picked at the time (i.e Midelstadt) So, if we were to be neutral, we can't simply deny Benning's success and highlight his failures. However, you are not actually neutral. You are part of the group that has been pointing out Benning's flaws specifically and coming to the conclusion of "average" or "below average". Any success that Benning did have is dubiously attributed to "luck". Yet this makes no sense because Pettersson was an above average pick. Fact. Boeser also was an above average pick. Fact. So is the Hughes pick. And I haven't gotten into the latter round picks like Gaudette. So are you saying that Benning selected well because he was only lucky? Using that kind of logic, any bad decisions he made was unlucky, wouldn't you say? If everything was based on luck, that means a person's decisions will have almost no bearing on reality. We can theoretically put a monkey at the GM position and any success he gets will be based on luck. But this is not reality. Decisions have to be made IN REAL TIME, without necessarily the benefit of hindsight like most of you posters get. We also haven't talked about the UFA signings/trades. Eriksson is generally considered to be a failure in hindsight. Yet the trade that people crap on about Miller turned out to be excellent for the Canucks. There have also been other "minor" trades like Motte that have proven to be very instrumental to constructing the identity of this team. The fact is, most Benning bashers have been proven wrong about the Miller trade. Some critics say Miller simply outperformed expectations while other observers think Miller performed exactly as predicted. Why is there such a difference in opinion? Biasness is surely one reason for this difference, but there are other reasons too. My point I am trying to get at is that the biasness of all posters have sometimes led to wrong judgements. Yet the people who complained about the Miller trade have either been silenced/disappeared, or they will wait for an opportunity to pounce on something that fits "their" narrative. So here we are: the biasness of posters. @Tre Mac in particular made a point about Benning being equivalent (more or less) to Milbury. After his point was easily invalidated, he never bothered to reply again. Yet I've already seen him re-appear to bash Benning now. This is what I mean. Some people have no intention of changing their entrenched opinions. My advice is: don't claim to be neutral and speak for people who try to be unbiased, when you're in fact not unbiased. This is my issue with your post. It's obvious Benning doesn't fit your statement of "the most futile results of the entire league". So much for your 'unbiasness'. By saying this, you have written off the successes of Benning, while highlight his failures. You therefore belong in the so-called anti-Benning crowd.
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    Fully agree with what he says. Penalizing a team for legally complying & completing a league approved contract more than a decade after the fact. The Canucks are at a handicap and feeling it’s effects now (ultimately didn’t allow us to sign Boeser long term) and for future seasons. All because Lu took the honourable approach in retiring and not sitting on LTIR. ...I’m appalled that the ruling was upheld in this case, a pre-existing contract retroactive to the rule implementation. How the Canucks weren’t able to defend this and get it overturned is beyond me. Literally everyone in hockey (analysts, commentators, etc) agree that the rule is bogus for contracts signed beforehand and somehow it still sticks. you can bet your ass it won’t be the case for contracts such as Weber’s. 100% if he calls it quits early the Predators and him will work hand-in-hand to ensure he’s shelfed on LTIR. As many former players have already done. But the Canucks are tagged for Lu. NHL is gonna NHL ...
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    With the first overall selection the Wild select Alexis Lafreniere... OMG Brackett is a genius!!!
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    Congratulations to Judd, wish him the best of luck. BUT I still feel like this shouldn't have been allowed to happen before the 2020 draft is carried out. He knows all our draft pick preferences and the order of our draft picks... that's invaluable knowledge to a conference rival. The staff's contracts should have been extended, just like the players' contracts, until this season has concluded and the draft was conducted.
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    What I find absolutely hilarious is, when people were casually discussing moving Boeser for a top 4 RD throughout the last year no one made a peep, but the second a reporter, who’s known for stirring the pot, says he’s a possible option to be moved, said people straight up lose it It’s comical.
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    Is anyone else sick of the media trying to run people out of Vancouver? Click baiting our star players, ruining their mental state, making them question their relationship with JB. I'm done with this clown and his bad headlines. ADDITION: I think it would be fine to say: Would trading Boeser be a way for Benning to improve the Canucks vs. Benning wants to trade Boeser.
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    Haha, nice. You just know there are a handful of CDCers waiting and hoping the Wild draft a bunch of HOFamers so they can bash Benning and the team.
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    Hey there all! I had this idea for a new write-up and seeing as it's Canuck-focused I thought some on here might enjoy it, especially seeing as we're all eagerly awaiting the start of the play-ins in August. You can view it here on my site (which has cleaner formatting): https://hookedonhockeyhistory.wordpress.com/2020/07/09/top-10-seasons-for-canuck-goaltenders/ I've also posted it below since I know it can be a hassle to navigate to another site:
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    I'm sorry but you can't decide for someone on how they prioritize their family based on how you do it. That's their call to make, not yours. He's in a position to not have to work and maybe $$ isn't everything to everyone. My job ended when my boss got fed up with me insisting on protocol being followed in order to protect my son and father, who are both vulnerable with health issues. He said he didn't need a secretary any longer as he coughed, open mouth, walking by my desk. He'd just been to Italy. The new girl was willing to stay quiet ... new boss, wasn't going to risk it. But I'd rather starve than compromise my commitment to my family and his attitude was dangerous. "I don't have it" was his go to. How the hell did he know? To suggest he "just wants a summer off" because he put his family first is in really poor taste. Everyone is different and we have to remember that. Just because you do something doesn't mean others have to as well. That's rather unreasonable. I'm sure the fact that his family won't choke is reason for him to not sweat it if the fans are choked. He didn't let his family down. That's the most important thing here. We're all free to decide and this thing is nothing to take lightly. Some keep calm and carry on with fingers crossed and that's ok. Some make sure and take every action they can...and that's ok too. It's a very personal decision and each individual gets to decide what works for them. I'm starting to think this may be your M.O.
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    I don’t think that’s fair. The Canucks aren’t going to play him or they would have before. Why leave the family to enter this bubble just to sit in the press box?
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    You were planning on cheering for Calgary before this?
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    Only after Benning has exhausted all salary dump options and we have Toffoli signed do we even consider this. Even then I see Brock as part of the core. We are not in the position to be trading 23 year old players that haven’t even hit their peak yet. That’s just a bad idea. Trade Pearson or Virtanen if you absolutely have to dump a winger.
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    Aaaaaand Sekeres just lost all credibility. Now it sounds a lot like he's trying to push an anti-Benning narrative.
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    1st, Dumba and the rights to Judd Brackett (with a no Benning influence clause).
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    Man I love that trade we made for him. Guy is a key part of our bottom six and while fans were hoping for a pick in the Vanek return, I am so glad we have this spark plug on our squad. Him and Gaudette are two guys I see come up big in this play-in/postseason.
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    Reminder that it's not just the deaths...
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    Top 5 Prospects Lists as per Position (Based on PA, player must be eligible for Calder):
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    Brock is a team guy and is great on and off ice. Brock is a golden child that Canucks are very lucky to have. the only, only way Canucks could possibly think of moving Brock is if he has a chronic injury that will never 100% heal. Which don’t believe is the case so I call BS on Sekeres and his click bait. Trade Matt Sekeres and 2 hockey bags of puck too Toronto for Elliote Friedman. ......Jimbo make it happen.
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    I heard a rumor that Sekeres numbers are down and he’s looking for some attention
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    I feel that this team realizes they are capable of beating anyone and confidence is a huge factor. With that, it can be a gruelling deal to do it in a series vs a game. I try not to project because there are so many variables that come into play it makes it impossible. I feel this team could win it, but it sets me up for disappointment if I concentrate there. I try to just enjoy the ride...win or/and lose. I'm just so excited to see hockey again. Although playoffs are pretty special and this will be a new deal that won't have all the same feel to it, it's something. Different but something. I love the grind as teams beat each other up trying to get there in the stretch. Survival of the fittest element will be missing to some degree. They're all getting a fresh start at it, which could really play into our favour. Petey admittedly broke down a bit at the end of the season....was a lot to adjust to the 82 game season. He's chomping at the bit and that's scary good. Quinn. Brock. Bo. Marky.
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    Playoff Preview: Vasy mother&^@#ing levsky went 51-9 That's equivalent to winning 6 out of 7 games in a 7 games series (you only need 4 to win) That's equivalent to landing 44 club thots in a 52 week calendar year where you go clubbing every Friday That's equivalent to having an army of 6,400,000,000 out of 7,500,000,000 world population That's equivalent to winning 10 out of 12 periods in a 4 game series...good luck winning a series where you win 2/12 periods That's equivalent to winning 5100 dollars and losing 900 for every round of poker played (+4200) That's equivalent to hitting a draft scout 9/10 times That's equivalent to banging 6620 broads in a year if you ask out 150 people on the Vancouver seawall everyday That's equivalent to getting away with 59 out of 69 murders That's equivalent to bending it like Beckham and scoring a screamer from 40 yards out So excited GMs, you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus TBL's 25% chance and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winning at playoffs. But then you take TBL's 75% chance of winning, if you was to go one on one, and then add 66 2/3 per cents, TBL got 141 2/3 chance of winning at playoffs. See GMs, the numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at playoffs...
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    March 13 https://imgur.com/a/PplXsbB March 14 https://imgur.com/a/8QtbT2P March 15 https://imgur.com/a/IFb1aLx March 16 Standings Will be a bit before next sims, need to wait for imgur to unkill itself
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    As much as I thought about moving/closing this because it is not Canucks Talk (it belongs in Fairy Tales and UFO's where all Sekeres reports will be going), I'll let it fly. Might move it to Proposals though...it's one of our better ones. Another mod may change that status but I'm all in favour of social distancing the rumour mongers to a distance of at least 3,000,000m from our team. And making them wear masks over their mouths.
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    He had one job. But it’s still fixable, I guess. Just needs to get out his trusty old Sharpie:
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    Out Of Our Blue. We Rise. The Columbus Blue Jackets have wrapped up their season, and most likely their off-season as well, in what was a disappointing year where they missed out on qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs by 2 points with a team that was pretty much the same roster as the previous season. However there were still a lot of positives to take from the regular season. A big part of the reason the Columbus Blue Jackets missed the playoffs this season is due to their anemic powerplay to start off the year, which was an astounding sub-5% for about the first quarter of the regular season, and there is no doubt a lot of games were lost because of that. The other key issues was the lack of production from their top line, namely Nick Foligno and Cam Atkinson, which might have gone hand-in-hand with the lackluster powerplay, and the lack of 3 natural right-handed defensemen, which ended up seeing Ryan Murray switch over to his offside. On the more positive side, Seth Jones took a step forward in his defensive game this season, looking like a much more complete defenseman. Although he only amassed 37 points as opposed to 50 points last season, he looked much better defensively this year and looks poised to enter the elite group of defensemen in the league very soon. On a smaller note, there were some smaller improvements from Sonny Milano (21 points last season, 35 this season), and Oliver Bjorkstrand (46 points last season, 53 this season). Markus "The Nut" Nutvaara also made his appearance onto the scene this year, playing in his first NHL season, and led the team in +/- with a +21, while being responsible defensively. Heading into the off-season, the Blue Jackets made one significant trade in acquiring one of the best RD in the league in Drew Doughty, sending sexy Alexander Wennberg, promising prospect Eeli Tolvanen and the 13th overall pick in the 2018 draft the other way to Montreal. While it's tough to lose Wennberg as he was one of the more productive forwards on the roster, Pierre Luc-Dubois will look to make his NHL Debut this upcoming season, but will have a decent amount of production to try to fill as a rookie. Regardless he'll be given every opportunity to be a threat on the roster playing in the top-6. The Blue Jackets also made a more minor acquisition picking up Devante Smith-Pelly to help in the bottom-6, and doubling the amount of coloured players on the roster. Seth Jones will surely help make him feel welcomed to the team. Overall, the team still has some spots on forward that they can improve on, and will still seek to do so, but the team is probably set barring any more significant trades, meaning they'll be skipping out on free-agency this off-season. The Columbus Blue Jackets look poised to be a true contender for the first time in franchise history with their current roster, but the Metropolitan Division is truly a bloodbath and even making the playoffs will still be a challenge in itself. They'll need significant progression from their forward group this upcoming year for that to truly happen, and for Dubois to click right away, otherwise the team could be in trouble. With that said, here is how the 2018-19 Columbus Blue Jackets shape up for this upcoming season... Nick Foligno - William Karlsson - Cam Atkinson Brandon Saad - Pierre-Luc Dubois - Josh Anderson Sonny Milano - Boone Jenner - Oliver Bjorkstrand Matt Calvert - Brandon Dubinsky - Devante Smith-Pelly Zach Werenski - Drew Doughty Ryan Murray - Seth Jones Markus Nutvaara - Dalton Prout Sergei Bobrovsky Joonas Korpisalo
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    ANA Cam Fowler 2 3.750 ANA Nick Ritchie 2 2.000 ANA Josh Manson 2 1.100 ARI Max Domi 2 5.250 ARI Ryan Strome 2 3.500 ARI Michael Matheson 2 2.000 BOS Bryan Rust 2 3.000 BOS Colin Miller 2 1.200 BOS Frank Vatrano 2 1.000 BUF Jack Eichel 2 5.500 BUF Sam Reinhart 2 5.250 BUF Hudson Fasching 2 0.800 CAR J.T. Miller 2 5.250 CAR Elias Lindholm 2 5.000 CAR Jaccob Slavin 2 3.000 CAR Brett Pesce 2 1.250 CAR Ryan Murphy 2 0.800 CAR Lucas Wallmark 2 0.700 CGY Dylan DeMelo 2 0.900 CGY Darnell Nurse 2 0.800 CGY Derek Forbort 2 0.800 CHI Riley Sheahan 2 1.100 CHI Joakim Nordstrom 2 1.000 CHI Vince Hinostroza 2 0.700 CLB William Karlsson 2 4.000 CLB Oliver Bjorkstrand 2 3.750 CLB Ryan Murray 2 2.500 CLB Boone Jenner 2 1.500 CLB Markus Nutivaara 2 0.900 COL Calvin Pickard 2 0.900 COL Chris Bigras 2 0.700 DAL Jared McCann 2 1.500 DAL Stephen Johns 2 1.200 DET Dylan Larkin 2 4.000 DET Petr Mrazek 2 3.000 DET Anthony Mantha 2 2.500 DET Tyler Bertuzzi 2 2.000 DET Brandon Montour 2 1.750 DET Dmitrij Jaskin 2 0.900 EDM Connor McDavid 2 7.500 EDM Laurent Brossoit 2 0.700 FLA Brady Skjei 2 2.200 FLA Devante Smith-Pelly 2 1.400 FLA Alexey Marchenko 2 0.900 FLA Devin Shore 2 0.800 LAK Jack Campbell 2 0.800 MIN Matt Dumba 2 3.750 MTL Phillip Danault 2 3.000 MTL Daniel Carr 2 0.900 MTL Cedric Paquette 2 0.800 NJD Dylan McIlrath 2 1.000 NJD Miles Wood 2 0.700 NJD Jon Merrill 2 2.000 NSH Miikka Salomaki 2 1.000 NSH Juuse Saros 2 1.000 NSH Petter Granberg 2 0.700 NYI William Nylander 2 5.250 NYI Brock Nelson 2 2.200 NYI Devon Toews 2 1.100 NYI Scott Mayfield 2 1.000 NYR Boo Nieves 2 0.700 NYR Kevin Hayes 2 4.250 NYR Jimmy Vesey 2 1.300 NYR Ryan Graves 2 0.700 OTT Mark Stone 2 6.000 OTT Cody Ceci 2 2.000 OTT Jake Virtanen 2 1.200 PHI Tobias Rieder 2 1.750 PHI Louis Domingue 2 0.800 PHI Tom Kuhnhackl 2 0.800 PIT Noah Hanifin 2 2.200 PIT Jason Zucker 2 6.500 PIT Dominik Simon 2 0.700 PIT Shea Theodore 2 1.500 PIT Tristan Jarry 2 0.800 SJS Tomas Hertl 2 6.750 SJS Martin Jones 3 5.250 SJS Aaron Dell 3 0.800 STL Robby Fabbri 2 5.250 STL Troy Stecher 2 2.000 STL Joel Edmundson 2 1.000 TBL Vladislav Namestnikov 2 2.500 TOR Ryan Pulock 2 2.000 TOR Andreas Johnsson 2 1.300 TOR Martin Marincin 2 0.800 VAN Madison Bowey 2 0.800 VAN Markus Granlund 2 1.300 VAN Sven Bartschi 2 2.200 VAN Daniel Sprong 2 0.700 WPG Nikolaj Ehlers 2 5.500 WPG Josh Morrissey 2 2.500 WPG Jacob Trouba 2 2.500 WPG Joel Armia 2 1.750 WPG Adam Lowry 2 1.750 WSH Tom Wilson 2 1.750 WSH Ryan Hartman 2 1.300
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    The following players have signed contracts in the NHL from Europe: Elias Pettersson Jesper Bratt Kaapo Kahkonen Kirill Kaprizov Miro Heiskanen Oskar Lindblom Rasmus Asplund Roope Hintz Sami Niku Valeri Nichushkin Victor Olofsson Vladislav Gavrikov The following players have signed contracts in the NHL from College: Adam Fox Cale Makar Casey Mittelstadt (CHL purposes) Charlie McAvoy Clayton Keller Dante Fabbro Dennis Cholowski Dylan Sikura Henrik Borgstrom Jordan Greenway Kieffer Bellows Ryan Donato Sam Lafferty Tyson Jost
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    Just seems silly to me to keep toffoli over brock if that is what it comes down too. Toffoli has ONE year over 55 points. Brock already has two. Food for thought .
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    Predicted this would be said a couple pages back, maybe I could be a TSN insider as well!
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    Isn't it interesting that if you add up the salaries of 1/3 of the roster, then number looks big.
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    Dhaliwal is reporting what Sekeres is saying, but I guess that how they corroborate each other? Perhaps this isn't to save face, but maybe Toffoli has shown to be a good fit in the top 6 and they could actually get value from Boeser in a trade to bolster an area of weakness (have to trade something good to get something good back)? What a terrible thought.
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    Minnesota about to have the best prospect pool in the league in coming years meanwhile the Canucks are back to crappy drafting
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    March 5 https://imgur.com/a/1vkfOip March 6 https://imgur.com/a/rjatBIb March 7 https://imgur.com/a/XfW1T45 March 8 https://imgur.com/a/rUuCuVh Standings 10 minute break before I sim next set so send in new lines if you want to change things up.
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    Pictured: Brandon Manning observes the Oilers season FLY ER DIE: DAUPHIN DIVE The Flyers have concluded their deadline business, making a couple of moves. First, out-of-favour Brandon Manning was sent to the San Jose Sharks for a chance to resume his NHL career. Second, recent first-rounder Henri Jokiharju was sent to the Arizona Coyotes for young playmaking centre Laurent Dauphin. Dauphin has been impressing early in his NHL career, playing a big role on a rebuilding squad. He posted 44 points in his rookie season, and looks set to surpass that this year, already having 39 points in his first 60 games. Dauphin will slot in as the Flyers 3C, allowing the struggling Scott Laughton to play in a more suitable role on the 4th line. Henri Jokiharju will be a tough loss, but was deemed expendable due to the impressive rookie season of Mac Weegar, who looks to have earned himself a long-term place in the team. Top RD prospect Philippe Myers also awaits in the AHL. Mark Rubinchuk was also sent to Arizona as a throw-in. Manning was sent to San Jose for free as a token of goodwill, and has already found himself a spot on their roster. He will surely look forward to playing against his old acquaintance Connor McDavid. The Flyers currently hold a 30-24-4 record, and barring a miracle run, look to be missing the playoffs in a stacked Eastern conference. The team currently has the best powerplay in the league, led by offseason pickup David Savard, who has 25 powerplay points, tied for the league lead. In: Laurent Dauphin Out: Henri Jokiharju, Mark Rubinchuk, Brandon Manning Projected Lines Brayden Schenn - Claude Giroux [C] - Jakub Voracek Travis Konecny - Sean Couturier [A] - Nail Yakupov Michael Raffl - Laurent Dauphin - Tobias Rieder Tom Kuhnhackl - Scott Laughton - Jannik Hansen Mikhail Grabovski Shayne Gostisbehere [A] - David Savard Ivan Provorov - Radko Gudas [A] Jordie Benn - MacKenzie Weegar Clayton Stoner, Andrew MacDonald Philipp Grubauer Louis Domingue
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    February 9 https://imgur.com/a/VFlPPvG February 10 https://imgur.com/a/w2ShZ9v Standings There are now no more NHL games before the trade deadline. Will be posting Olympic Rosters and Boxscores and simming up to the trade deadline in game soon. 60 game AHL stats will be uploaded soon, teams may PM me for one more non AHL prospects stat requests.
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    As it is my understanding Luongo retired because he was getting a front office job with the Panthers. Had he gone on LTIR he would have cost the Panthers money, had he gone on LTIR on the Canucks payroll then he was ineligible to take a job with the Panthers. So he chose the route he did out of self-serving reasons not due to some "honourable approach". On one hand I accept that he did not owe us anything yet I can't help but feel annoyed. I think he is a likeable person but I am no longer a fan anymore because I see him as a Florida Man now and a Panther for life. I sincerely hope the Panthers continue to play in half-empty stadiums wallowing in irrelevance. As an aside, Chris Pronger took a job with the DOPS while being employed by the Coyotes, this was considered permissible by the league. We shall see but my guess is Weber will take the money to sit at home like 99% of the guys that go on LTIR. They get to keep collecting the last of the pay cheques while helping to avoid the recapture, its a win-win both ways.
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