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    Figured he is worth a thread of appreciation. For almost 10 years @-Vintage Canuck- has been here, reporting on trades, signings, rumors, post game, anything you can name. He has kept us informed and notified when we never did ask him to do so. He's been so good on these forums that beating him to announce things has turned into an accomplishment in upon itself. Today marks his 100,000th post and I personally feel that this is a great time for us to show appreciation for all the hard work he does putting us first. If you look on -VC-'s profile where it says "Interests" you will find and I quote "Making the Canucks Community a better place for everyone.". From the community to you, @-Vintage Canuck- thank you for making these forums a better place for everyone. I look forward for giving you appreciation again when it comes down to 100K Likes! Truly you have a heart of a Canuck.
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    Alright, here it goes... ...test, test, 1, 2, 3... ...did CDC crash? #100K
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    The Good Guys (Subject to Change) FORWARDS DEFENSE GOALIES Possible return: The Other Guys Last Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVhH5oHLwh0
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    Lost my little sister to kidney failure this morning. She was a huge Canuck fan. Me and my father are going to watch the game together... Funny how sports is a family event sometimes bringing us together... We'll be cheering our team on for her. I think Myers is a huge hole to fill. It's going to take a team effort to handle a hungry Blues team.
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    This is a presentation I have wanted to create for quite a long time. I am proud to finally be able to share it with everyone. The film, titled Pavel Bure: A Rocket Through Time, is an 85-minute retrospective about the career of one of the NHL's most dynamic, electrifying, compelling figures of all time, Pavel Bure -- The Russian Rocket. There are many hockey films that communicate the history of their subjects through interviews and narration, but often a lack of footage of the players undermines the illustration of their impact on the sport. In the case of Pavel Bure, more often than not, people are only ever told about Pavel's tenacious, mesmerizing ways on the ice; most highlight reels only capture a small fraction of Bure's brilliance. Words and phrases such as "electrifying" and "he could bring people out of their seats" need to be reinforced with a corresponding visual representation. This feature is a non-stop show-and-tell of Bure's abilities as a player and his effect on the hockey world. Over 300 of his goals at the NHL and international levels are on display here, as well as a plethora of other defining plays and attributes including his end-to-end rushes, assists, explosive body checks, forechecking, creative, improvised plays and intelligent decisions in all three zones. He was the complete package -- a sniper, playmaker, end-to-end rusher and warrior on the ice with a lethal goal-scoring instinct and an ability to elevate his game to even greater heights when the stakes were high. There were many additional nuances in Bure's game that were often overlooked during an era when the odd late-night highlight may have been all that many people saw of him. Many of those lesser-known elements are on display in this presentation. Each stage of Bure's career is highlighted during the film, from his days with CSKA Moscow to his final days with the New York Rangers. The images are accompanied by a soundtrack of carefully-chosen excerpts from film scores and popular recordings of songs from the 1970s to 2000s designed to reflect the themes and tone of the events throughout Bure's story. It's a soundtrack for a star whose presence and aura transcended the sport. He became an idol to an entire generation and had a transformative influence on the hockey culture of the cities he played for, especially Vancouver. The phenomenon was known as Pavelmania, and the on-ice reasons for it are fully exhibited here. Pavel Bure was a special player, once called unstoppable. He was the sixth-fastest player in NHL history to score 400 goals and continued to be a dominant force to the very end in spite of the injuries and challenges that robbed one of hockey's all-time greats of consistent opportunities. His jaw-dropping brilliance was a unique gift to the sport, and thus his legacy must not be lost with time. Enjoy the presentation.
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    Golly, it's almost like JB knew what he was getting in Miller.
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    Credit to Goldy. He didn't complain or sulk and just put his head down and went to work. I'm rooting for the kid and hope he makes the most of his opportunity.
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    "In the room, in the intermission, he was the one doing the talking. He showed it on the ice. He did a great job, that's why he's our captain." - Virtanen on Horvat
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    I don't have access to the Athletic article (paywall) but if anyone does and wants to post it, feel free and I'll edit this OP. Otherwise, an apparent summary of the main talking points: https://www.nucksmisconduct.com/2020/1/21/21075556/six-main-takeaways-from-jim-bennings-interview-with-the-athletic And (with credit to @Wilbur) ... https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/qa-canucks-gm-benning-trade-deadline-playoff-race/
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    "I tell you what, that couldn't feel better for our group. It wasn't that pretty early on, we knew it would be greasy. We stuck with it. We talk about finding an identity, we're going to remember this game down the road." - Miller
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    FULL REPLAY | Troy Stecher's 1-0 Goal FULL REPLAY | Bo Horvat's 2-1 Goal FULL REPLAY | Adam Gaudette's 3-1 Goal FULL REPLAY | Tanner Pearson''s 4-1 Goal FULL REPLAY | Loui Eriksson's 5-1 Goal FULL REPLAY | Elias Pettersson's 6-1 Goal FULL REPLAY | Tyler Toffoli's 7-3 Goal FULL REPLAY | Tyler Toffoli's 8-3 Goal FULL REPLAY | Jake Virtanen's 9-3 Goal CONDENSED GAME | Bruins at Canucks
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    Well my 4 year olds first game was a success and she got a puck from the captain bo at the end of warm up
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    Vancouver Canucks (21-15-4, 46pts) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (18-17-6, 42pts) Decade vs. Decade The first game of the 2010 decade was played on January 2nd, 2010 against the Dallas Stars. The first game of the 2020 decade is being played on January 2nd, 2020 against the Chicago Blackhawks. Throughout this GDT I have posted a few side-by-side comparisons on how things have changed since the start of the 2010 decade. I hope you enjoy the GDT. Starting Lineups D.Sedin vs. Miller - H.Sedin vs. Pettersson - Burrows vs. Boeser Raymond vs. Pearson - Kesler vs. Horvat - Samuelsson vs. Eriksson Glass vs. Roussel - Wellwood vs. Gaudette - Bernier vs. Virtanen Hordichuk vs. Schaller - Bolduc vs. Beagle - Rypien vs. Motte Edler vs. Hughes - Ehrhoff vs. Tanev Mitchell vs. Edler - Salo vs. Stecher Rome vs. Fantenberg - O'Brien vs. Myers Luongo vs. Markstrom Raycroft vs. Demko Jan. 2nd, 2010 Lineup vs. Jan. 2nd, 2020 Lineup Game Location vs. GM Place (2010) vs. Rogers Arena (2020) Team Logos vs. vs. 2010 Logos vs. 2020 Logos Team Captains vs. 2010 Captain Henrik Sedin vs. 2020 Captain Bo Horvat Bonus Video: Canucks @ Stars - January 2nd, 2010 Fun fact: Loui Eriksson scored the Stars only goal this game, in Vancouver's 3-1 win. Last Meeting vs. Blackhawks Fun fact: You don't really need to watch these highlights. Game Time 7:00pm PT Watch & Listen Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2020! GO CANUCKS GO!
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    it's an honor to have the first GDT as well as the first thread of the 2020 decade. I worked hard on this GDT so i hope everyone likes it. Let's hope this decade is the best in Canucks history. GO CANUCKS GO!
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    "Playing well with these guys, they're playing a hell of a hockey game right now... That's all I'm trying to do, give it everything I got and make it hard on the coaches to take me out again." - Gaudette
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    _______________________________________________________ Last game... _______________________________________________ Rosters... AT ______________________________________________________ Canucks News... _______________________________________________ Stuff...
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    Wow, wasn’t expecting a thread for this... First off, thanks for all the love and appreciation over the years, it means a lot to me. Instead of being it about “me”, I think everyone that contributes to this forum needs to be appreciated as well. Each member is unique and has their own style which is what makes it great. We have a lot of knowledgeable folks here that enlighten us on many subjects, not just hockey, through their experience and background. When it comes to this forum, I think we all want to see this forum improve and be the best, although no forum is perfect, it’s definitely worth coming here for news and discussion. I do enjoy reading each other’s opinions and feel every opinion should be respected, even if you disagree with it, and that is what creates healthy discussion. I do find it amusing when other people make fun of this forum for what it is, but I do think it’s a great community to be a part of. It may not be as vast as HFBoards, but I strongly think we, as a whole, share a stronger bond. Special shoutout to @StealthNuck for giving me the chance to become a moderator and to the entire moderating team for the great teamwork. If you have any feedback about this forum, feel free to contact any moderator or myself. Thanks again everyone! Go Canucks Go!
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    I blame the guy who made the “We have made the playoffs!” thread.
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    A pretty cool behind-the-scenes video when he was privately named captain during a Canucks team meeting before the NHL season began. The moment when his teammates found out that he would be the next Canucks captain, with Travis Green leading the way, and Henrik & Daniel coming in and doing the honours.
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    Nooooo! That means they'll be giving up a 2022 4th rounder! That 4th rounder could be anybody! It could even be Toffoli in 9 years!
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    He Protec He Attac His name is Zac Known as Big Mac But most importantly... When Greener puts him into the lineup he make impact
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    There have been a significant amount of negativity among the Canucks fanbase all across the internet recently. Not going to lie, the Canucks are not good lately. They have trouble winning games and lately, they seem to find ways to lose games. However, in this post, let's take a step back and see how far this team has come over the past few seasons. Let's go back to the dreadful 2016-17 season. For the Canucks, that was a miserable season. The Canucks finished the year with a record of 30-43-9 by a total of 69 points. It was a terrible season for many reasons. Personally, I remember watching the Canucks got shut-out in 3 straight games; watching depth players/AHL regular players such as Megna, Chaput, Skille, Cramarossa etc. taking up regular roster spots. The team as a whole generated very little value in terms of entertainment. Bo Horvat was the only bright spot on the roster that season (although Boeser join the team very late in the season, but at that point he is still more of an unknown at the NHL level). In comparison to many other teams top-star young players, Bo wasn't quite at their level (this is to no disrespect of Bo). There were also some younger players on the bubble such Sven Baertchi, Markus Granlund and Troy Stecher etc. that were on our roster, and the fanbase really hope atleast 1 or 2 of these players will be able to take that next step and be a consistent top 6 forward or top 4 defenceman at the NHL level. That season, the Canucks finished 2nd last in the NHL. If it wasn't for a historically bad season from an extremely underachieved Colorado Avalanche, the Canucks, likely finished last overall. The narrative at the end of the season was, the Canucks need to rebuild. The Canucks need to "play the kids." Many fans wanted players such as Goldobin, Gaudette, Demko etc. to be given a roster spot as soon as next season, because we want to "play the kids." The 2017-18 season was a slight improvement record wise in comparison to the 2016-17 season. The Canucks finished the season with a record of 31-40-11, improving by only 4 points (only 1 more win) in comparison to the pervious season, the overall sentiment among the fanbase is very different. That year, we saw a young rookie by the name of Brock Boeser coming into the league, took the NHL by surprise, scoring 29 goals in 62 games and finished 2nd place in the Calder Trophy voting; on top of that, it was fun watching Boeser being named to the NHL All-Stars, winning the accuracy shooting contest among the best shooters in the league and adding an All-Star MVP title to his belt. Although the Canucks finished with a very similar overall record than the previous year and only winning 1 more game, it did felt like the Canucks have won more than just that. In fact, as I was suprised to find that the Canucks only won 1 more game than they did in 2016-17 because it felt like we won atleast 5 more. Again at the end of the season, knowing that the Sedins will retire, the fanbase once again wanted to inject more youth into the line-up. More younger players in the line up the better. And I have read posts stating roster spots should be "given" to the kids as soon as next season. The 2018-19 season was the first season since 1999-2000 season we will not see a pair of familiar and identical faces on our roster. Most sources projected the Canucks to be one of the teams to finish absolute last in the league. Where will the goals come from without the Sedins? What was Jim Benning doing signing players like Jay Beagle and Antoine Roussel? And last season, we witness the debut of our very own and very special player, Elias Pettersson. Pettersson stormed out of the gates with 10 goals in his first 10 career games and carried onto have a signifcant rookie campaign. Pettersson brought in something the fanbase desperately needed argubly since 2011 - that is hope. The Canucks were fighting for a wildcard spot for the majority of the season until the wheels finally fell off near the end of the year. The team was playing meaningful games and took a major step forward. We start to see the development of a new core group of players. Here we are today, almost 2 months into the 2019-2020 season, the Canucks are still currently sitting in a playoff spot. They have played some games where they look absolutely amazing, dominating the opponent from start to finish and we also have seen some very terrible efforts like the ones we have seen recently. However, there is one thing we have to realize is we have got our wish. We are playing the kids in the line-up. The current top 5 scorers on the Canucks are: Pettersson (31 pts in 26 GP), Miller (26 pts in 26 GP), Boeser (24 pts in 26 GP), Hughes (21 pts in 25 GP) and Horvat (20 pts in 26 GP). Four of the top 5 scorers on the team are young players drafted and developed by the club and they are the ones leading the charge. We have finally got what we wished for line-up wise: a team consist of a core made up of Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat and Hughes with Thatcher Demko getting some quality back-up goaltender games in net. This has been the type of line-up we have all been hoping for in years. The torched has been passed, Bo is now the new captain of the team (another thing the fans wanted for a long time). This team is now at the hands of these "kids" we have always hoped to see in the line-up. And they are the best players on the team, and they are leading the charge. However, we have to remember, these players are still young and with young players, it comes with excitement, and with young players, it also comes with inconsistencies. We have to understand that just because they are in the line-up now and they are putting up good numbers statistically, it doesn't mean they do not have deficiencies in their games. We will have to understand that there will be stretches (like the one we currently have right now) where the team is not very good. And we will also have stretches when the team is very dominant (like what we had in October). Regardless, this team is now at the hands of the young players. We either sink or swim with them, and whereever this team finish in the standings, it depends on them. For this very reason, I think the Canucks have made a giant leap forward this season. The young players have shown what they are capable of when they are on their game, and they give us glimpses what it could be for years to come. We just have to be patient and show support and tolerence when the team does not perform well in stretches. Our best players are still under-25, which means there are still room for them to improve. It took Mackinnon 4 full seasons in the NHL before he broke out in his 5th season and become the player he is now; it took Leon Draisaitl the same number of seasons before he is who he is today. What is very encouraging is that Pettersson seems to be well-ahead of Mackinnon was when he was at the same age and I can't wait to see what Pettersson can be in 2 years time. Brock Boeser is getting a lot of flack from the fanbase right now (yet he is still scoring at 24 pts in 26 GP rate), however, who is to say isn't a more complete player and dynamite goal scorer in 2 years? Bo Horvat is the new captain and put a lot on his shoulders and has been improving every year. Quinn Huges is an absolute suprise as if one were to tell me that Hughes gets 21 points in his first 25 games before the start of the season, I would not have believed them and here we are, his career just got started. Wonder how much he better he can be by the time he is 25? Demko had a fantastic start but had 2 rough games lately, but he had shown many signs of a future #1 goalie and he will learn from the bad games he played. Our fantastic October had led to us to believe that the Canucks has "arrived." November is more of a reality check and market correction of where the team is at overall. We are not contenders, atleast, not yet. We can't expect the team to go in and dominate every game like an elite cup contender would. Hopefully, we will get there one day. The Canucks are still a work in progress, but we have came a long way since the end of the 2016-17 season. No more are we watching Michael Chaput, Jayson Megna, Jack Skille and Philip Larsen etc. Instead we get to see Elias Pettersson, Brock Boeser, JT Miller and Quinn Hughes on a nightly bases. We have came a long way. This team is much more entertaining to watch than the team we had 3 seasons ago, and over the course of the last 3 seasons, the team is icing a more exciting team to watch each year. I will always get behind this team and cheer them on. The future is here, let's enjoy the ride from peaks and valleys together, Go Canucks Go!
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    We really showed how good our PK is by killing off that 20 minute powerplay.
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    Jim Benning joined Andrew Walker and Satiar Shah on Sportsnet 650 this evening. On hockey culture: "When I played, Pat Quinn was the GM and one thing I learned was that he treated everyone with respect. I said to myself if I ever get to work in the league or GM someday, I’m going to make sure our organization treats our players with respect. We have tough decisions to make on players and those are tough conversations but I think from our standpoint, we always try to be honest with the players and treat them with the respect they deserve. Hockey culture has changed, when I played in the '80s coaches yelled, screamed and embarrassed players. Society changes, the expectations of what’s proper and what’s not, it relates to hockey too. I talk to Travis about this and he liked the coaches that were honest with him." On injuries: "Sutter is back skating, Beagle is close to playing, Roussel is going to do a conditioning stint in Utica and he’ll be back. Ferland has traveled to Pittsburgh and he has an appointment tomorrow, we think he’s going to get cleared. He can start practicing again." On the trade market: "Tough to make trades right now. There’s talk going on between GMs but not usually do you see a lot of trades this time of year. We’ll continue to have talks to find out where the marketplace is. We’ve got to look within for solutions to the problems we have. I'm in constant communication with all GMs and every team is looking for top-6 forwards and scoring. I’m excited to have a full roster back to see where we are with Roussel in lineup. I’d like to take time to assess when we have a full team playing and we’ll decide from there." On goaltenders: "Markstrom has not only been a good goaltender for us but he’s a really good person and a guy that we want around. A leader in the room and someone we want to have around going forward. When the time is right we’ll have the conversations but he’s a guy that all things being equal we’d like to sign him and continue to be our number one goalie and work with Thatcher. We don’t want to rush Thatcher and goaltending is a tough position – he’s a young player but we want to have two good goalies." On Juolevi: "I was down in Laval this weekend to watch Utica play two games and talked to the coaches down there. The reports from them is that Juolevi had been excellent for them. 22-25 minutes a night, PP and PK time. Was used as a match-up guy vs top players – they’ve been happy with his development. It’s disappointing that he’s not in the lineup now but he’s going to be evaluated in the next few days and hopefully, he’s back playing sooner rather than later."
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    Pearson 23 points in last 23 games. Give Tanner some love folks.
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    Petey has 11pts in 10 games. Last time I checked, that's like really good. He's on pace for 90 some points under Greens "crippling system" Awful.
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