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  1. The Official Transit Thread

    130 is always fully packed around 3pm. Over 30 BCIT and high school waited in line.  We need more #130 bus during peak hours on weekdays. 
  2. Mogo- Has anyone heard of this company?  Instead of getting line of credits, my friend decided to take the loan from Mogo.  The amount you get will be based on your credit score.  Min. can be $500. He mentioned that the interest rate is much lower than the banks.  Is this company reliable?    https://www.mogo.ca/
  3. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    I don't want to see him on TV!
  4. My friend got a fundraising job. He will be working through an agency. The company receives different non profit company request.   He will get paid during the hours on the street. However, he won't get paid when he trains at the office. If he get a donor, he will receive bonus.  His manager told him that since this is a contract job, there won't be any deductions.  There are four types of position in the company. The first one is entry level. He can advance to the manager position within 6-9 months once he meets the target.   Why wouldn't be any tax deductions even it is a contract job? Is this a spam? (any information from the Employment Standards in BC on the website?) 
  5. No skytrain.  Many people had to take bus from Commercial station. 
  6. The Official Transit Thread

    Skytrain is not working again.  People are frustrated as they can not go to Rogers Arena on time.  Oh gosh. Once every few months. 
  7. Why is it so hard to bring Weber the line up?! I don't get that. Weber is like another Salo. He can make some good plays during the power play. He read the plays well . .  I really don't know Weber is in W.D's dog house this year. 
  8. No, that's not true. People in HK don't need to tap out when they get off the bus.
  9. Timeline for changing away from the 3 zone system. Looks like they're aiming to have their alternative by Q1 2017. Also shows they're planning to close the Compass gates Q1 2016."
  10. I heard that you can start buying "compass card" in Nov. Meanwhile, I noticed that all the signs inside the bus have now changed. It includes "stored value."
  11. Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Anyone use TD waterhouse to purchase stocks? I recently opened a new account with them. How does it work? What's their service fee ?
  12. My friend is about to take the English courses in BCIT. A year later, she can take any programs after passing level 6. She is interested in the Human Resources and marketing program. Is it easy to find a job after graduation job with these two programs?
  13. I talked to my friend the other day. He will save some money since he mostly takes the 480 from Richmond to UBC. And 41 or 480 after work. He will try not to take the skytrain. Initially, we will have to pay extra money to cross the zone. Starting next money, he will just need to pay $2.75 by taking bus. Why can t Translink use the system based on distance instead of the zone system ?
  14. This afternoon, I was at the Metrotown station. Two students' talked about Compass Card. A: "what happened if you didn't tap out?" B: "nothing happens." I wonder how many people listen to Translink and tap out every time.