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  1. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    And how do you feel about illegal immigrants?
  2. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    Yeah, I didn't think anyone could take such a view seriously. Cut old people off healthcare? I can't think of even the most staunch fiscal conservative suggesting this is a way to save government money! Oh I know, there are many views of his that I find distasteful to say the least.
  3. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    You must admit, you hardly challenged or acknowledged the points I made in above posts. That's what made me fly off the handle before. You don't want to know what I deleted before hitting "Post".
  4. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    I was speaking more about the likes of Forsberg, Clam, Realtor Rod, Ambien, etc., most of whom are gone (or not), as well as most conservative supporters I've come across in person, in print, and on TV. If you felt I wasn't being respectful to you, I apologize, but that wasn't my intent (for a change; you must admit, I could be a lot worse ).
  5. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    I didn't realize I needed an /sarcasm at the end of that post. It was absurd, and it's purpose was to mirror the absurdity of Alf's position. Figures he'd take me seriously and suggest it may happen in the future. I thought my posting history would speak for itself. I sincerely hope you didn't take my post literally for a moment.
  6. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    Why? I'm not the one bitching about high taxes and Trudeau every chance I get. Also, what's with the non sequiturs throughout our exchange? I was being respectful because I thought we could turn a new page. Was that as silly of me as I think?
  7. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    The only people? I know it's common for those on the right to claim only lazy no-goodnicks like high taxes, because they don't pay them, but that's really not the case. I'm as middle class as it gets, I make over 32/hr and pay a good portion of my earnings in taxes, own a place, two cars between my partner and myself, and I love paying taxes. Do I feel our system could be more efficient with our tax money? Absolutely! Do I feel I'm overly strained? Not at all. I enjoy having solid healthcare, safe streets, progressive drug policies, such as Insite, good schools, etc. (Yes, I also respect teachers and what they do, and feel they deserve a better wage). Maybe it's due to me being from a country that has low taxes, crumbling infrastructure (literally), corrupt everything, and lack of any opportunity, but I recognize that to have a prosperous society, we need to pay taxes. Having one of the highest qualities of life in the world is worth it to me, personally.
  8. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    Huh? Even the Fraser Institute agrees. It was a political move, not an economic move. Are you sure you're not confused?
  9. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    Not at all, just pointing out the incessant cries from right wing nincompoops over Canada's tax rates. As for little change, that 2% off GST sure looks idiotic now. I mean, it looked idiotic then too, but it certainly still looks idiotic now.
  10. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    Maybe tell that to the rest of the right wing chorus wailing about being overtaxed. Besides that, if there's a relevant point in this post, I've failed to find it. Certainly you're not comparing historically homogeneous countries with established populations to a land of immigrants, are you?
  11. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    Does it matter what you meant? I'd rather live in a weak country with the highest standard of living than whatever you have in mind. You clearly haven't actually looked into it if that's what you think. Only one of these is from Russia, care to guess which? Are there any examples of successful capitalist countries? From what I see, all successful countries are social democracies, with varying degrees of both systems.
  12. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    Arriving at Mao and Stalin in nine pages? You guys are slackin'. Can we blame capitalism for every native activist killed in South America over logging the endangered forests? Every person poisoned by industrial pollution in the developing world? Every burn victim by their landlord saving a buck by bucking fire-proofing in their buildings? Every worker who tries to unionise and ends up murdered? Like Forsberg said, capitalism doesn't care whether you're a man or a woman, gay or trans. He just forgot to add, "dead or alive". Highest standards of living are in countries that are not the most powerful in the world. You think it's a coincidence? I don't. Ever heard of Alabama or Mississippi? There're plenty of places in America that are no different.
  13. Ontario Election - Progressive Conservatives Win

    My what a communist?
  14. TWU Lawschool decision

    And homophobic businesses will flourish. What a solid defence of capitalism.
  15. TWU Lawschool decision

    Didn't you claim discriminating businesses would go out of business? What happened?