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  1. We're not a democracy if we don't have tyranny of the majority? Well clearly we're not a democracy according to you. Respectfully, I can't be bothered with such nonsense.
  2. Well, I guess we disagree. I am of the opinion that 51% of Canadians aren't nearly smart and informed and educated enough to know the first thing about running a country. So to suggest they should dictate policy sounds insane to me, but so does wanting capital punishment, so what do I know? And that's interesting, considering under FPTP parties regularly win majorities with ~40% of the vote. Now excuse me, I have to go pray to my portraits of Marx and Lenin.
  3. By that token, we should bring back capital punishment in Canada. Luckily in Canada we don't have simple majority rules style democracy. This government is duly elected and has a mandate.
  4. Funny, I think Alberta is acting more like a guy rolling up on his date in his entirely unnecessary lifted F-350 with a set of brass balls and not a scratch, rolls down the window and through the cigarette smoke and with beer breaths tells her to get in. And BC date simply walks away without a word.
  5. If Elon Musk read your posts, he'd abandon his mission to save the human race and try to beat the asteroid to destroying it instead.
  6. Seriously? Not sure where I said there was a point. I just corrected the poster ignorantly saying they didn't vote and just appointed a dictator. They did. Why? Maybe it was the food at the polls. Maybe there were repercussions to not voting in the USSR. Why hold elections at all? Appearance of legitimacy, for one. I'm sure you can find detailed answers you seek with the use of Google.
  7. Not as much as every Muslim moving to Canada angers you. PS. The Soviet Union had voting. It's amazing the stuff you don't know sometimes.
  8. I guess you're an outlier. I said growing up, not dropping out. You know, becoming people who act like adults.
  9. Clearly third grade antics is how one should run a province. That's what happens when the party's base stops growing up around second grade. Third graders seem so much smarter.
  10. If my memory serves me right, it's standard fare to state the sample size and margin of error. Not as a caution, but as an extra piece of information. On that note, it's also usually good practice to provide all of the relevant information when arguing, particularly when chastising someone for not doing so. Oh wait. Here, let me get that for ya.
  11. I would say financial success is up there too, and not just for immigrants. I've seen several posters demean others based on what they presume (with no evidence) the other person's financial situation is. They also equate voting NDP with being a leech. And judging by their election, I bet there are many more like them. They're not racists and assholes though, they're just misunderstood.
  12. I know we've had a lot of laughs at the Albertans' expense today, and rightly so. However, there are serious issues underlying this election, and of them is how it will affect LGBTQ youth in that province. It's no secret that conservatives are no friends of LGBTQ, and Kenny is less so than most. So while the winners and their supporters are celebrating their return to fiscal idiocy and social backwardness, we should hope that they preserve Bill 24 and the human rights protections it afforded these kids.
  13. Naw man, that's just what people living in South Surrey want you think.