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  1. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    Another reason Canada should call it quits on NATO. We have nothing to gain, have to send troops into harm's way on another country's call, and we're allied with an extremist regime that's aiding terrorists? Yeah, I'd say it's overdue by some 25ish years.
  2. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    Yeah... sounds like what you're doing. 
  3. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    "Pretty much documented", meaning... what exactly? Some right wing blogger wrote some bull$&!# that got picked up by Breitbart?  Let me get this straight - you're saying he had an item with him all day, showed it to anyone that would look, had the alarm go off during class, and yet somehow got arrested for having a BOMB?! Ming boggling doesn't even begin to describe it.  What does an Asian kid with a firearm have to do with this? In what non-TV world does a bomb look like THAT?! You're giving Stretch Armstrong a run for his money. Ahmed is a kid, I don't hold this against him. Hopefully it doesn't &^@# him up as he grows up. 
  4. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    Wow. Yeah, that would be exactly the same. Ahmed came to school screaming Allahu Akbar and running around with a clock-bomb-vest and a dead-man's trigger. Yep. You're making a very intelligent argument, as always. What do I know though? I'm clearly pretty dumb! 
  5. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    Not only are these not mutually exclusive, the fact him bringing a clock to school in a case caused such a $&!# storm should tell you plenty about the treatment of ethnic minorities and Islamophobia in the land of the free. Yes, blame the Muslims for trolling, not the sad environment that allows for said trolling to occur.
  6. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    Typically the complaint about Muslims is that they're changing America. Yet here we have a Muslim family engaging in a time-honored American tradition as sacred as Thanksgiving - suing the $&!# out someone - and people are bawling. 
  7. Justin Trudeau Sworn In As Canada's 23rd Prime Minister

    That is absolutely, without a doubt, clearly, patently false. 
  8. Well it's a good thing you actually said something about this, you know, in the fourth post, otherwise we'd all be stuck here thinking "who gives a...!?". 
  9. France to Take 30,000 Syrian Refugees

    Just when I thought "Hey, this looks like I poster to whom something might actually get through", you go and double down on the ignorance and fear. Well, at least you'll spare us any more of that. lol
  10. The ISIS Thread

    A small person with big, dumb friends. Better?
  11. France to Take 30,000 Syrian Refugees

    No, I'm not as scared as you. I might be if I lived in Syria, but here? I'm more scared of overcooking my rice. And I use a rice cooker.
  12. What are you listening to?

    Glad I could help! When in doubt, I listen to DOOM. 
  13. France to Take 30,000 Syrian Refugees

    They're not "those guys over there", they're real people with, for the vast majority, identical life goals and dreams. They want security, they want their families to be healthy, they want shelter and food, schools and a future. "They" don't train their kids to hold guns, some do, but by and large they're the minority. And there's no evidence that refugees are out to destroy us, or even being used to as a cover for those who are. Maybe why RCMP and CSIS said they are confident in the plan to bring them over here in such a short time frame. You're looking at a single point of data, and extrapolating it to paint a billion people with the same brush. There is no critical thinking in your posts, it's just fear and ignorance. Is there a chance some bad elements make it over? Sure. Just as there is with literally any other group of people coming over here. We can't be 100% sure, but that shouldn't paralyze us into inaction. These refugees will be grateful to Canada for our help, and whether they stay or go, they will carry it with them for the rest of their lives, be they young or old. 
  14. France to Take 30,000 Syrian Refugees

    It wasn't monstrous, it was ignorant. Very, very ignorant. It was also a few other things, but I'll keep that to myself, lest you go report-happy. 
  15. What are you listening to?

    Damn that's a sick beat! I have all three Duck Seasons downloaded, and somehow I missed this being on shuffle.