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  1. Thanks for the reply but that article does not at all mention the Vancouver Canucks. I googled my question before posting and found that exact article which is why I'm asking here.
  2. When I was at the Arizona game a few days ago I saw Fred Brathwaite standing on the bench during warmup. I know he's trying to become a goalie coach in the NHL and is working with Hockey Canada to achieve that. Just wondering if anyone had any info on his current (if any) role with the Canucks or if he was just hanging out?
  3. Because after we traded Kevin Cannaughton, Corrado was the next potential young D in the depth charts. Prior to those two kids, Alex Edler was the last defensemen the Canucks drafted (2004) that developed into a full-time NHLer for the club. It's not like Hutton came out of nowhere, he was drafted the year after Corrado.
  4. Why a players momentum would force you to move in the opposite direction from a hit I'm not sure... Granted, it was a late hit, with that I'd say one game is warranted.
  5. I've been around a while. I remember those pages from early high school. I remember everyone having their post count reset at one point, or at least a significant part of it, and was kind of bummed about it because I had a few hundred at that point lol.
  6. He seems utterly unimpressed to be drafted by Vancouver. Maybe he just assumed he'd be taken earlier?
  7. Holy hell it's pronounced LEFT-tenant in Canada and sub-MARI-ner not sub-marine-er.
  8. So great they cut away early and went back to Joe Buck lol.
  9. God damn it, well played Calgary since Bieksa was just given a game misconduct.
  10. Since the first game of the season?
  11. Luongo leaving is probably a "I don't wanna screw up my chance at Team Canada" rather than something serious. Play it safe and leave now and get it checked out. Most likely a groin tweak.
  12. Rick Ball **** yeah! Been following this guy since his time on CFAX 1070, he knows his $hit. Would prefer Jim Hughson but beggers can't be choosey. Go nucks!
  13. John Garret explaining the game of dominos on live TV. Thanks Cheech.
  14. 9PM pacific time would be 12 AM Friday on the east coast...
  15. Where?