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  1. LA couldn't score in the regular season. They are just hot at the right time and Chicago won the Cup last season - played a lot of hockey.
  2. What I say here on this forum everyday....
  3. Former coach too, of course.
  4. Well the Rangers are lucky. First they got the Habs the take out the Pres trophy winner. Then Price goes down in the 1st game. If luck would have it Toews would get hurt after beating the Kings.
  5. Thank god for beating the Bruins first before getting injured.
  6. Yeah agreed 100%. By all means he should be an unlikeable character but the strength of the story and Adian Gillen's acting makes him very sympathetic and relatable. He is certainly one of my favourites.
  7. Hey we called the police once on... wait the minute, BOS!!!
  8. I love how Emelin doesn't back down and had to be pulled back by Gionta.
  9. PK didn't score, so they gotta show their plantation selves with some other target. The one who scored... for them...
  10. From another thread:
  11. @DarrenDreger: According to@aaronward_nhl the NHL on TSN crew has slowed video of handshake down and lip-readers should be able to decipher Lucic threat.