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  1. Yeah agreed 100%. By all means he should be an unlikeable character but the strength of the story and Adian Gillen's acting makes him very sympathetic and relatable. He is certainly one of my favourites.
  2. Hey we called the police once on... wait the minute, BOS!!!
  3. I love how Emelin doesn't back down and had to be pulled back by Gionta.
  4. PK didn't score, so they gotta show their plantation selves with some other target. The one who scored... for them...
  5. From another thread:
  6. @DarrenDreger: According to@aaronward_nhl the NHL on TSN crew has slowed video of handshake down and lip-readers should be able to decipher Lucic threat.
  7. Seriously. He is a good poster but has rat sh1t for a forum name.
  8. Com'on now Price was under seige while Rask wasn't too busy, at least in the 3rd. I'll say it: how Price was was how we needed Luongo to be in the SCF. Lu is always so emotional. Price - stone cold stoic rock solid, at least through 2 rounds.
  9. It's like they got away with so much the refs had enough and called the most obvious penalty and these fuckers bitch.
  10. Nothing wrong with stating facts and expressing your emotions.
  11. I can't sleep until I say the names.... Lucic, Ratface, Thornton, Boychuk....
  12. I don't get why CBC hires people that are blatantly bias.