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  1. The scary part is you don't know what they are really talking about. They might well be coming up with constructive solutions, but we just don't know. The combined influence of these people can buy presidents, start wars, crumble economies and create other men made disasters anywhere. The fact that they blatantly exclude Latin America, Africa, Russia-MidEast-Asia gives you a very good indication who their agenda, whatever it is, is targeting.
  2. Pope Francis visited Palestine, invited the leaders of both Palestine and Israel to come to The Vatican to pray with him. That's what should be talked about here, not this chip crap.
  3. Help Finding Good Free VPNs

    I love the design of their site. Cool when I scroll up and down. Questions that I don't think the site has answered: 1) I'm on Mac. Since I don't have split tunnel, how easy it is to turn on the odd the VPN? For instance there is no need for me to be in VPN right now as I'm just surfing normally. 2) Can this be installed on multiple devices (paying on fee)?
  4. LA couldn't score in the regular season. They are just hot at the right time and Chicago won the Cup last season - played a lot of hockey.
  5. Hawks playing soft.
  6. Good idea. That would double Italy's GDP and make them a 1st world country again.
  7. Dr.Phil interview with V.Stiviano

    'Fabulous' body required.
  8. Dr.Phil interview with V.Stiviano

    She does have the whole PR thing down pad. Either she was actually telling the truth, or she is an excellent lier.
  9. Dr.Phil interview with V.Stiviano

    I did not, have sexual relationships, with that man.
  10. We are not gonna watch Nashville style hockey even if Trotz is hired. Ok? Besides, we want to win. End of story. I don't care what style. I don't care if we win 16 games in the playoffs via 1-0. I really really really don't care how we win.
  11. Help Finding Good Free VPNs

    +1.. just realized the Mod doesn't have a plus 1 button
  12. More like lack of effort. I only put forth effort when the original comment deserves it. You were comparing cars to guns, which deserves nothing more than
  13. When was the last time law enforcements wanted to arrest somebody but decided not to because the said person had guns?