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  1. So sad to see him gone, but knew having seen him a few times this year on TV that he wasn't doing very well. He has left an amazing legacy. He and Gary Player were always recognizing golfers who won various tournaments. Arnold would send personalized letters to golfers congratulating them, I've seen a few shared on Twitter. Gary Players sends out congratulatory tweets which is pretty cool as well. Love how people like that have helped to grow the golf game. Watched a 3 part series on Arnold Palmer last spring on Golf Channel, it's amazing to see how much he did for others. A part was when he and his first wife visited a local hospital in Florida that was overcrowded, after listening to the doctors and nurses he was quoted as saying "we can do better". He and his wife then set about fundraising and were able to open a new Women's and Childrens Hospital which was opened before his first wife passed away. He and his family have continued to support and fundraise. A true gentleman, RIP Arnold Palmer!
  2. In terms of our D, I guess it's a nice problem to have considering where we have come from to now have lively debate over which D players we can trade/send down. I personally don't think Sbisa is as bad as some people claim. He's strong, he has improved significantly since he arrived in Van, and he's constantly studying the game, seems to be a good team guy. He was forced last year to play above his skill level due to injuries which put him in difficult situations. Not sold on the value that Pedan brings, he's big and tough, but last season when he was on the ice he seemed to get skated around pretty easily on the rush. In my view he's quite a bit lower down on the depth chart than Sbisa. I'm not sure how much Pedan could move up the depth chart if required due to injury. I see Sbisa as a 5/6, Pedan as a 7 - 9. I think our depth would be more impacted losing Sbisa than Pedan.
  3. good luck! I do it about every 3 weeks, I don't find it that interesting, but certainly a decent cardio workout. Best time is 1:34, but I'm over 50, good shape but have had two hip surgeries. Working to break 1:30 before the end of the season. I'm jealous of these guys I see going up taking the stairs two at a time Tip of the cap to anyone who does the Grind or at least gets out and does something physical and takes advantage of nature for a period of time. We live in such an amazing part of the world. Go out and get a sweat on! This time of year doing the Grind take lots of water, between the heat and humidity it's tough.
  4. I don't think GMJB has as much of a problem bringing in players that other teams hate as bringing in players that his own team hates. For me that is the bigger concern, recall the issues Kane had in Winnipeg. Attitude issues within the team creates more problems and fractures within the chemistry of the team. Kane gives the impression that he is a pro with an entitlement attitude, that would be a problem on any team. I'm not sure that is something he will mature out of. If McCann was being called out for attitude issues, I can't imagine what would happen if Kane was brought in and had even greater attitude issues. Of course all of this is pure speculation based on hearsay. GMJB would have much better sources of information than any of us.
  5. Not broken hearted, not a Lucic fan and my fear at this time of year is that teams significantly overpay for assets. I'm hopeful that GMJB doesn't fall into that trap, we need to be strong on the budget so that we can manage our assets in future years to resign some of our kids to well deserved raises. We also need to be sure we can protect our best assets from the upcoming expansion draft.
  6. I drove home from Vernon yesterday, most of the PetroCan's I passed were closed. II didn't see any other stations closed though, so it was a bit strange, PetroCan would be closed but whatever brand on the opposite corner was open. Gas prices jumped about 9 cents a litre on Friday morning. Prices were at 1.12 at some stations, next door they had already gone up to 1.21.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if what we hear out of the Canucks is crickets in terms of Vrbata and his play this season. Disappointed in his season and his post season comments. I'm sure they are taken out of context, but they do nothing to enhance his reputation. He would have been much further ahead to keep his head down and bust his hump to play well, a la Burrows.
  8. I think I'll hold off on my freakout until the TDL has passed, see where the Canucks are at player wise at that time. There is so much that can happen, none of us are privy to the back room conversations, wheeling and dealing that is underway it seems a bit fruitless to start bashing people when we don't know the situation.
  9. Thinking perhaps Safeway should change their Million Dollar Giveaway from 5 goals by a player to 5 shots by a player to qualify? Not sure what ails this team but something is dreadfully wrong. Can we continue to blame it on the new kids on the team? Injuries? What I'm seeing is no hustle, no effort.
  10. Interesting times we live in as Canucks fans One question regarding Corrado, he didn't play well during the pre season and was outplayed by Hutton. What other options did we have for him? We had to send him down to Utica, no? He was waiver eligible and was claimed, we knew that was a risk. He wasn't injured at training camp, or at least not long enough to be put on IR? I suppose we could have kept him in the lineup and not played him, sent Weber down? He was also waiver eligible I believe? I got the sense from the way the Canucks were reacting to Corrado all over the ice he might not have been that well liked by his ex-teammates, or he said some things after leaving the Canucks that weren't appreciated? Could we have done the same thing with him that Toronto did? I don't know that we had the lineup space to have a player in the press box for 3 months?
  11. Several tweets about Mike Yeo confirming he's been fired by the Wild. Elliote Friedman retweeted from Michael Russo.
  12. The organization as stated (if I recall correctly) that the development of the young players is the purpose for which they want to make the playoffs. The opportunity to learn how much harder the game becomes when there is more on the line can't be discounted. Benning has talked about how beneficial it was for Horvat to play in the Calgary series last year. I doubt that anyone in the Canucks management team is under any illusions that we can contend for the cup, but I suppose the balance is whether we focus on developing our existing youth by getting them some playoff experience compared to the possibility of drafting higher. Don't see that it makes sense to create a tank situation to consciously lose to enhance our draft position, not the right message to send to the players.
  13. Saw this link on Twitter, story written at the time of his passing, but it was new for me so thought I'd share. Lots of things we all can learn about supporting people with mental health issues to help make it ok for people to talk about it.
  14. Wow, could you express your position or opinion without being so crude? There isn't any need for that level of gutter talk. On a more global level, disappointing to see how fast some fans flip flop between loving a player when they have shown improvement but heaven help the player if they have a bad bounce go against them, the same fans come out with torches and pitchforks. It's an 82 game season, there are going to be ebbs and flows, every player at one point or other will have bad bounces and positive things that go for them as well.
  15. thanks for doing all this and keeping it updated. Makes it so easy to follow all the youngsters as they progress. Did something happen to Dane Fox? I thought he was doing ok in the ECHL, haven't heard anything about him but don't see him on our list any longer. Being a lover of the underdog, I had hope that he would turn into another Burrow's type story.