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  1. [Poll] Logjam on Defense

    Just took a quick look at the D UFA's remaining that might be available for signing by the Canucks. Sbisa might be the best of the bunch, certainly the highest point total which is one area we want to improve in. I never thought he was as bad as some made him out to be, sure he gave up a few middle of the ice pucks, but so does almost every other D on our team at some point during a game. There seemed to the a lot of the usual "piling on" gang activity within CDC when it came to Sbisa. I suspect Mr. B is waiting to see what happens with Hughes before he makes a decision on signing another UFA.
  2. Ah, thanks. Took it from a TSN headline, should have read further. That makes more sense, couldn't see how he was earning that kind of money.
  3. He made $5.25M/yr for 3 years in his last contract. Not sure he's worth that much now, but it would likely be $4.5M/3 years or more.
  4. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Richard Bachman

    Thanks all for the humour, had a good laugh at the creativity! Well Done!
  5. Concussion Lawsuit and Player's Tribune Article Unlocked article written by Ken Dryden about the concussion issues and Gary Bettmans lack of action.
  6. Erik Karlsson's son passes away

    I'm surprised it was kept relatively quiet this long if it's been going on for as long as indicated. I have to believe that it's not the Hoffman family, they have been targeted by someone hacking their accounts. If it truly is Hoffman's gf...what an incredible mess and how could he stand by her. If it is her, she must have some significant mental health issues. No surprise that the team had issues down the stretch, can't imagine how bad their locker room was. One would think that a forensic audit of the Hoffman electronic devices could reasonably determine whether they were involved? One has to be pretty sophisticated with technology to be able to ghost with zero trace. Or so I'm told by our internal corporate security people who help with investigations in our company.
  7. Concussion Lawsuit and Player's Tribune Article

    For sure disturbing, but I'm not convinced that attitudes have changed all that much. Some teams are probably more enlightened and will provide genuine help, but when I see who was on the witness stand denying any knowledge of CTE I SMH and can't help but wonder if that attitude trickles down to the team management and how they deal with issues.
  8. I searched and couldn't find another thread on this issue so thought I would start one. I know there has been lots of discussion about how the game is played, hits to the head, rule changes etc. I read the Player's Tribune article this morning about Nick Boynton and his struggles both while he was playing and since his retirement. I've seen a few articles covering some of the evidence given by senior NHL executives during the lawsuit from the NHL players regarding concussions and their impacts. I am shocked by how boldly they deny any knowledge of CTE or long term impacts of head injuries and actually expect that people will believe them. It's sad to see how disingenuous people are when it comes to player health and the possibility of paying out major money for not protecting them better. Will we see changes in how the game is played? I hope so. We can't continue like this or the talent pool will dry up as parents no longer put their kids into hockey.
  9. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    I would make this trade as long as the add on from us wasn't one of our top prospects. If it was our 7th draft pick straight across, I'd be there in a heart beat. No guarantee that whatever we draft will be any better, could be worse. It will likely take 3+ years to know. I'd rather have a 21yo that still has promise and upside but is able to move into our lineup right away and grow with our young core. If JB thinks he's a promising player, I trust his judgement.
  10. Something that always strikes me when I see an assessment of this year's D is that it is an upgrade over last year (maybe not much of one, but supposedly it was an upgrade) and if this year's D is this bad, how good was Ryan Miller at saving the teams collective arses night after night? We saw this year with less reliable goaltending how bad things could be. I was a Miller supporter, but I don't think I appreciated how good he was. Back to this year's D, I hope with a summer to focus and train our youngsters (Hutton, Stecher, Pouliot) will come in much better next season. They will have been given a clear direction of what they need to do which arguably would have been different than last summer with a season played now for Green. MDZ is serviceable, but needs a solid stay at home D partner to cover when he's caught out of position trying to make a hit. Edler and Guddy made a solid tandem when they were paired together, Tanev when healthy is solid as well. If Juolevi is ready to challenge, someone will have to go, maybe a couple of someone's and pick up a decent UFA? We have some decent forward depth to trade now, finally.
  11. Three coaches including Gulutzen have been relieved of duty.
  12. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread didn't see this posted anywhere, it's an interesting summary of Jasek and Dahlen's last few games with Utica.
  13. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Rick Dhaliwal@DhaliwalSports Cull on Nikolai Goldobin injury : "He is doing well, I will leave it at that. He has a good attitude, I hope it's not long term." #Canucks 11:42 AM - Apr 17, 2018
  14. In response to those above questioning where the money will go to, I understand the Humboldt team management have enlisted the help of a Calgary law firm who is willing to work pro bono to establish how the monies will be distributed. It is certainly a lot of money, but there will be funeral costs for 16 families, lost opportunities for future earnings for those same 16 families plus the team members who are injured. If any of those people impacted could have made it to the NHL, potentially millions on lost salary. We don't know the extent of injuries other than the one player who is now paralyzed chest down. There will be significant rehab which isn't inexpensive. There will be counselling required for players, management, families, possibly first responders, that can add up in a hurry at $150 - $200 an hour. Potentially long term physical adaptive devices like wheelchairs, vehicles, housing, in home personal care assistance all can add up to significant costs. $10M can be burned through pretty quickly. Link to a CBC article about the same question.
  15. Big news

    Congratulations! So excited for you and your partner. So much good advice already, nothing to add other than fully support Smither's Joe's perspective. Enjoy the ride!