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  1. Interesting analysis of the impacts in Sweden compared to others as they took a markedly different approach.
  2. The video I watched I felt so sorry for the police officer - he was talking to her and she kept saying she was being tracked, the conversation was being recorded and beamed out, clearly she had a really high belief that big Government is spying on everyone and everything is a conspiracy. My immediate reaction in watching her tear the display apart is that she was 'batsh&t crazy'. Not sure what ever happened to the more well accepted approach of "if you don't like something, walk away".
  3. I just spent half an hour on CapFriendly playing with numbers trying to figure out what increases and how to sign players and for how long. All I achieved was a headache. I'm glad it's Jim B et al's problem to sort out. Who do you trade? Who do you resign? Can you bring Tryamkin back, if you do, how?
  4. Thanks for this, interesting article. Still so many unanswered questions and the truth may never come to light.
  5. Lots of detail on the proposed agreement.
  6. Easy there CBH1926! Have you never had Bailey's with your morning coffee?
  7. Interesting info, glad to see if accepted it will provide some labour peace for a longer period.
  8. Maybe. It depends on how they are living right now. If they are self isolating and keeping their social circle very small, they may be safer where they are. In coming into the NHL bubble, they have to rely on every player, coach and staff member of every team involved to do the right thing and be conscious of the collective good. That may be a tall ask.
  9. I don't fault any player (or anyone else) for being concerned about contracting the COVID virus. For many of these players, they know their hockey playing career is relatively short, 8 - 10 years. Yes, during that time many of them will make what looks to the average person as phenomenal money. I understand that their take home pay is significantly different, and what some don't appreciate is that not only are they looking to provide for their own financial security but that of their family, being parents and potentially siblings. I look at Boeser, his Mom up til recently was working two jobs to support their family (not sure of current status), his father is unable to work, he has a disabled sister who may not be able to work. He may have second thoughts about risking his career earning potential for a smallish chance at a Stanley Cup this year vs better odds at a longer playing career. My guess is that for most players that do contract COVID, it may be largely a non event, flu like symptoms for a week or so, But it seems like 10% +/- of people who survive end up with long term symptoms that come and go, including signficant reduced lung capacity. Not sure I'd want to run the table on those odds if I felt responsible for other people.
  10. Showing my age, thought this thread was about Harold Ballard.
  11. Sadly that seems to be what researchers are finding right now although it's probably too early to tell and there hasn't been enough research to provide a clear answer. Certainly it seems to be the case with those who have few to no symptoms.
  12. Is anyone calling for a trade? Or merely stating that might be an outcome of his actions?
  13. I think @debluvscanuckssaid it very well. Yes, he absolutely can do what he did. It's sketchy legal in that there is some question over whether the "nightclubs" are opening the way they are expected to. Yes, he's 23. However, he's also a professional athlete who has a higher profile than the average joe. His actions will be held to a higher standard. In this city because he's a local kid and was drafted high (perhaps higher than he should have been) he is viewed with almost star status. As a fan, I expect professional athletes to largely behave as role models in the community. Sometimes Jake has been seen as that, when he's out and about doing good things. Unfortunately, he is also often found out and about doing questionable things that cancel out the good. Filming yourself while driving - not smart. Being in a nightclub atmosphere during a pandemic - not smart. He's human, he's young, I guess we need to stop looking to him for any sort of leadership. He doesn't seem to make the connection that how he behaves in the community WILL impact his on ice persona and his next contract. Every misstep moves him up the trade bait ladder and reduces potential income. He's not so talented that he can't be replaced.