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  1. Aw...thanks. I'll leave that role to the people who do such a great job now. I prefer to just pop in and out, read a lot of posts, comment occasionally and marvel at the breadth and depth of people's passion.
  2. Keeping positive thoughts for all of you who have property or friends with property in the fire path. Nice to see some areas are being reopened so people can go home, will be a big mess to clean up, replacement of fridges and freezers, soot, ash, smoke smell but I'm sure people will roll up their sleeves and get busy just being happy to have a home to come back to. Not everyone will be that fortunate sadly.
  3. I'm still laughing at the title of the thread....CDC Consensus....based on a few years of reading comments on threads, that's a lofty goal for our discussion board.
  4. Not sure now is the time to be quibbling over semantics of what exactly this looks like. Maybe a fair comparison for people living in the LML is picturing a 20 block segment of each city (Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver etc) on fire all at the same time. People living in the Interior are much more remote, with vast amounts of land in some cases between each home. They don't have city services to rely on, and by the nature of where they live are usually much more independent than city dwellers. I grew up and lived most of my life in various areas of the Interior. In some cases they don't have insurance for something like this as they aren't in a fire protection area and insurance is cost prohibitive. Yes, those are choices that people make, but it's still heartbreaking to see the impacts a disaster like this can have. I hope and pray there is no loss of life for either the people being evacuated or the emergency responders assisting with evacuation and fire fighting. Going to be a long summer. I also found the meme of Christy Clark and the fire not humourous but that's just me. Not finding much funny in this situation, although the Keremeous Fire Dept sign did make me smile. Looking for ways to help out now. Our company does Comfort Kits to donate, so spending my day helping put those together to be shipped up to evacuated folks. Also donating to the Red Cross...every little bit helps.
  5. Good grief, that's a sight now I can't unsee.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Sorry, tried to embed a tweet from Jeff Patterson about the Canucks Video Coach leaving the team but I can't get the embed bit to work.
  8. Yeh, midway through last season there was a lot of hand wringing over our lack of any sort of elite center in our prospect pool...who was going to replace Henrik. I haven't looked at all the stats on every center in the draft, but Pettersson looks pretty good, seems to have potential to be that elite center we need. Isn't that better than going with "safe"? As an earlier poster said, people will complain because water is wet. I laughed for quite awhile, great observation! We all know next season won't be pretty, but after that we should start seeing more of our youngsters start to make an impact, and in 3 - 5 years I think we're going to have a strong team again. Cup Final? who know's, but we will be competitive! For the couple of posters on here who are spewing nothing but negative...and have been for the past couple of years now, I'd suggest finding another team, or another sport. You are so disenchanted with what is happening with the Canucks that it can't be good for your health, and reading your posts is painful.
  9. Someone big enough and gentlemanly enough to let me hide behind him and get me out of the bar safely, so probably the Big Irishman!
  10. I just did some hunting on my best friend Google, apparently 2010 in Montreal. "2010: Looters smashed windows and clashed with police on Montreal's Ste-Catherine St. after the Canadiens defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in the final game of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. At least 25 people were arrested."
  11. Forgive me if I don't quote the previous posters. My opinion based on what I've read in the past half hour over a couple of different's going to be a long summer
  12. I totally agree with you that the product is vastly different from the hockey of the '70's '80's and so on. I don't have to google, I'm of an age that I can remember watching the Broadstreet Bullies, Scott Steven's hits, various enforcers and pugilists on almost every team. My comment was directed more towards the difference between regular season and playoff. If we were unskilled enough to finish so badly during regular season, we are a long way from being strong and fast enough to compete in the playoffs as the game is vastly different.