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  1. We should just bring Jarkko Ruutu over for a year. His shootout move is deadly and he is very physical. Give him his proper farewell retirement tour in all those cities he is loved in, like Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Philly, Boston, Colorado, LA and Minnesota...especially Minnesota.
  2. Komarov is like Hansen, great guy to have on your team because of the versatility. Contributes in many ways. Always been a fan of the guy, but not at Gaunce's expense.
  3. My theory on JB's asset management... Everyone knocks him for this but I think he pulled off a pretty sneaky aquisition in Gudbranson. I believe he saw first hand how low a prospects trade value can be when playing in the minors. Take Shinkaruk for example, he shopped him for a year before settling on a guaranteed 3-4th liner with upside in exchange. I think Jim Benning planned to play McCann all season to raise his trade value. He was able to parlay McCann into a 6"5 right shot top 4 physical Dman that is captain material. You could argue Shink and McCann are very similar players but look what McCann landed us compared to Shink. All because he was played in the show instead of junior then the minors. He changed the perception of an identical type prospect. Slow clap for JB.
  4. I hear ya, I think fans are just excited we actually have a valuable trade chip which we don't really ever get around here. Fans are just excited at the idea of who we could actually get in a deal with Tanev's value. A young star is not out of the realm of possibilities and attractive to fantasize about. I love what Tanny does but for a first pairing Dman I think you want some offence as well, and not just being a solid Dman. If Tanny in a package fetches us an elite young forward, Id love to see it, otherwise he is a great asset to have.
  5. We will be returning to status quo this year, Canucks make playoffs and are Canadas best team while Leafs and Oilers miss playoffs again. Then more articles back East will be written this time next year saying the same thing. It has been like this for over the past ten years now.
  6. I have experienced both. Although Kane is fun for awhile it turns out not to be healthy. Virtanen is the best choice for a long healthy marriage.
  7. Jagr absolutely had many problems off the ice. Back then no one cared though, and no social media. He used to show up late for practices ruin a couple drills then leave early. He was selfish both on and off the ice. There are many more stories Ive heard from Constantine his former coach that I will not share here. But the guy has always marched to the beat of his own drum and truly doesn't care what others think of him, people accepted that and now love him for it. He had swagger before it was perceived as ignorance like Kane now in today's generation.
  8. Fact: Jim Benning has been apart of building 3 Stanley Cup contending teams over past 25 years. Fact: Tanbir from Surrey knows a lot about computers. Seppsy from the Riv says I'll put my trust in JB regarding opinions on whats best for the Canucks
  9. Yup, everything he is going to bring to this team can't be measured. Especially in the room where these stat nerds wouldn't understand because they have never been part of a competitive hockey team.
  10. Anyone who thinks Gudbranson is "dead weight" or that this trade doesn't help us, has obviously never played hockey before. No stats will show the differences this man will make for this team, so it's no wonder all the geeks don't get it, whereas the hockey minds do. Guys like McCann are easy to come by, guys like Gudbranson aren't.
  11. Exactly. I can't stand these "now generation" so called fans that think running an NHL team is like a video game. Stanley Cup or bust. They have never stepped foot in a dressing room in their life but they are experts somehow. I miss the days where everyone just cheered for their team to win. What an interesting concept eh
  12. First off with Sedins under contract you can't rebuild. They are two superstars. No matter how bad the team, superstars will win you games thus preventing tanking. They are impossible to trade at this point. Secondly how many other teams are trying to "rebuild" right now? Oilers, Sabres, Jackets, Hurricanes, Flames, Leafs, Bruins, Avs, etc... Easier said than done. That's a lot of competition to tank. What if Canucks firesaled all their vets but can only muster a 7-10 pick overall? What is the point of that? Trying to suck with no benefit. Its easier to just bring in young players and compliment them with vets like Sedins, Eriksson, Burrows, Edler etc so they can develop properly. I don't understand what has happened to this generation of "fans" thinking that by trying to lose it will win us a cup one day. I would rather be like the Wings/Sharks/Preds over the past 7 years rather than the Leafs/Oilers/Sabres which is essentially what your asking for.
  13. Yeah he is awful defensively. He is a liabilty which you don't want in a secondary scoring type player, only guys that put up 50 plus points can get away with that which he isn't either, so kinda leaves him in no mans land. Better off with a guy who might not produce as much as Pirri but prevents a whole lot more.