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  1. Gaunce & 2nd for Kane
  2. Yup, everything he is going to bring to this team can't be measured. Especially in the room where these stat nerds wouldn't understand because they have never been part of a competitive hockey team.
  3. Anyone who thinks Gudbranson is "dead weight" or that this trade doesn't help us, has obviously never played hockey before. No stats will show the differences this man will make for this team, so it's no wonder all the geeks don't get it, whereas the hockey minds do. Guys like McCann are easy to come by, guys like Gudbranson aren't.
  4. Exactly. I can't stand these "now generation" so called fans that think running an NHL team is like a video game. Stanley Cup or bust. They have never stepped foot in a dressing room in their life but they are experts somehow. I miss the days where everyone just cheered for their team to win. What an interesting concept eh
  5. First off with Sedins under contract you can't rebuild. They are two superstars. No matter how bad the team, superstars will win you games thus preventing tanking. They are impossible to trade at this point. Secondly how many other teams are trying to "rebuild" right now? Oilers, Sabres, Jackets, Hurricanes, Flames, Leafs, Bruins, Avs, etc... Easier said than done. That's a lot of competition to tank. What if Canucks firesaled all their vets but can only muster a 7-10 pick overall? What is the point of that? Trying to suck with no benefit. Its easier to just bring in young players and compliment them with vets like Sedins, Eriksson, Burrows, Edler etc so they can develop properly. I don't understand what has happened to this generation of "fans" thinking that by trying to lose it will win us a cup one day. I would rather be like the Wings/Sharks/Preds over the past 7 years rather than the Leafs/Oilers/Sabres which is essentially what your asking for.
  6. Yeah he is awful defensively. He is a liabilty which you don't want in a secondary scoring type player, only guys that put up 50 plus points can get away with that which he isn't either, so kinda leaves him in no mans land. Better off with a guy who might not produce as much as Pirri but prevents a whole lot more.
  7. Vrby on a one year deal could actually really add some depth to our lineup even though Im not a fan of the guy
  8. Yeah, Im stoked to see what Rodin can do, could be a huge addition to the team moving forward if he can chip in some secondary scoring
  9. So you would rather watch a sequel to last season? Im not saying over play them all season and burn them out, just periodically to create offence if need be. PS players like ice time, they are big boys they can handle it
  10. Yeah, like I said it's about the room, not public perception. It don't bother me none if the guy likes to party as long as he puts up points and has his team mates back and doesn't cause drama in the room like he did in Winnipeg apparently. I think this organization is begging for some personality and swagger right now.
  11. I think if Willie spreads out 4 lines of mediocrity that sputters to create offence again, its worth looking at stacking a top six and playing them heavily
  12. You don't think Granlund can be a 3C? How about Rodin? Guys are more than capable of playing 14 minutes a night
  13. Exactly my point with this debate. 2 legit stacked lines (with what we have) versus 4 spread out lines. Its not like we would have a $&!#ty 3rd line by doing this either... Baertschi Granlund Rodin/Virtanen/Burrows would be just fine as a 3rd and allow us to play our top six alot.
  14. I agree, I mean his stock is probably as low as it will ever be. For me it just depends on if he is a good team mate or not. I could care less what he does outside the rink as long as he cares about hockey when at the rink. Just because he parties does not mean the guys in the room won't accept him, that is more about the management and media who care about that crap. Its also a bit of a game with NHL'ers about not getting caught and when something goes public. Guys like Kassian and Kane haven't figured out that part yet. Trust me there are a lot worse stuff going on behind closed doors from guys you wouldn't expect, but key point to that is closed doors. Out of sight out of mind. If he can just live a little more discretely all is well that ends well.
  15. David Booth publicly claims he is having reoccuring nightmares of John Tortarella