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  1. Garrison has been fantastic for us and hes still improving.
  2. I am so excited about the Jays season. We are winning the World Series I bet.
  3. Was a great win by Murray . Glad to see hes back on his game !!!! And you are right. Ferrer is the little engine that could, but has to hope the other 4 get upset or injured to win a slam.
  4. Good for Rafa !!!! Its great to see hes back challenging Roger and Novak.
  5. I am soooooo stoked about the Jays this year. I think we have the talent to go all the way !!!!
  6. The show is addictive isnt it? A whole pile of my friends and family cant get enough of the show.
  7. Wow. This is great news. I always knew he was good defensively but did not know he could serve up these kinds of numbers. I am so excited about his future with the Canucks.
  8. Lol. Mine is Goldie McMuffin.
  9. Wow, its going to be a guys dream come true final. Sharapova vs Wozniaki
  10. This is a good read. Thank you for posting this. I am also a fan of guys who take slightly less than their worth so they can keep their core group intact.
  11. OH HI! You've just won todays free profile visit!