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  2. Getzlaf had his way with McCann last year and no one did anything about it. I sure hope we aren't the same way next year. It was embarrassing watching getzlaf rag doll McCann and no one would do anything. Gudbrandanson should help with that, but it was still pretty embarrassing.
  3. So far I like the prospects benning has brought in. We have 3 top 10 draft picks, among with boeser who could better than all of them. Gudbrandson was also a high pick. I like our young core going forward, and I expect we will have at least 1-2 more top 10 picks in the next few years. The one thing that I haven't likes about benning, is the mistakes he has made. The whole hamhuis/vrbata scenario at the deadline, the tampering, the lack of knowledge of the cba. He finally managed to pull off a trade where the Canucks didn't get hosed when we grabbed gudbrandson. I like the look of our team and the value of our prospects, but I feel that he has shot himself in the foot when it comes to dealing with gms around the league.
  4. Markstrom is the guy until Demko is ready, like it or not. I think markstrom is a great goalie and will get better over the next couple years, and make it harder for Demko to take over number one spot. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a two goalie system the first couple years Demko steps up to the NHL.
  5. Yes, practicing a wrist shot often should improve your wrist shot. But in today's nhl, very rarely do you ever get a clean, clear shot at the net. There's constantly guys in the shooting lanes, your skating at top speed, shooting from tight spots etc. professional golfers shoot hundred of golf balls every day, but they still make mis shots, and don't sink every putt. And golfers are standing still. Hockey is a difficult sport, and an accurate shot with a quick release has just as much to do with talent as it does with practice.
  6. Ya I didn't like that pick up either. You move subban supposively because he is a cancer in the locker room, then you pick up a player like radulov who is known to be a whiny teammate.
  7. Neither. Either way we have a $3.6 mil cap hit minimum for a third pairing defenseman, when we have tryamkin and Larsen to fit in the lineup. Larsen signed a one way deal, and tryamkin has the option to return to the khl instead of reporting to the ahl. Not to mention Biega is on a one way deal now. Someone is gonna have to be waived or traded, and that's still gonna leave one or two guys not playing regular minutes. Benning seems to overload on depth players, and a lot are on one way contracts. Doesn't make any sense to me. He says he wants to play our youth, then fills up all of our empty spots in the lineup with reclamation projects or guys that are overpaid for the role.
  8. Ya I get that 100%. That's why benning is being pressured into staying competitive. Last year when we played horrible, no one went to games. That's why if we ever do go full rebuild, it's gonna take a few years of this team playing horrible and aquilini to finally throw in the hat and just accept that a rebuild is necessary. Otherwise we will be a team that constantly struggles to make the playoffs, gets bounced in the first round when we do,and grows a losing culture with our young prospects.
  9. People don't seem to realize that when it comes to free agency now a days, you don't get a player for what he's worth. Free agency is a bidding war where multiple teams raise offers to outbid other teams. Erikkson refused to sign in boston because he wanted 6 years, and they would only offer him 4. I can guarantee there is a team out there that will give him 6 years at $6-$7 mil per, and benning is under pressure to get a scoring winger to make this team "competitive". If we get erikkson, it's gonna be for more than he's worth, that's just a reality. The right thing to do would be follow the leafs game plan last year, and sign low risk free agents to 1-2 year deals that you can flip at the deadline to load up on picks, but benning, for whatever reason, refuses to go full rebuild. Prepare yourselves, the Canucks will over pay for at least one free agent in the next couple of days.
  10. Not a chance benning goes after him. Benning feels character is an important attribute, and Kane has none.
  11. So many redundant threads. I swear every thread in this forum has 3/4 other threads about the exact same thing. Everyone knows we need prospects to replace the Sedins in a couple years. There's have been countless threads on that topic. Everyone knows what our prospect pool looks like. Everyone knows we are lacking an elite scorer, and an elite centre as a succession plan. No need to keep starting new threads with different titles but the same old topics.
  12. What you're forgetting is by aquiring hartnell, who has a Ntc, he automatically takes up one of our spots to save a player for the expansion draft. That's why Columbus is having a hard time moving him, no one wants to risk trading for him and exposing a player who you could otherwise save.
  13. That isn't tampering, that is just a breach of the cba. Tampering is publicly talking about a player who is under contract for another team, as this may sway that players future decisions on where to sign, etc. Lucic "agreeing to terms" before the first wouldn't be tampering in any way, but you're right it would be a breach of the cba and I'm sure someone would get fined, or the contract might even get voided.
  14. I don't believe this. Never heard of this guy. When Lucic signs we will hear it first from a credible source like Friedman or Mckenzie
  15. Guaranteed both Lucic and demers have more teams to interview with and wouldn't just make a decision this early. I'll believe it on the first