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  1. I miss buffalo burgers, .
  2. If he can fly that's good news.
  3. Canucks are too soft and have been for a long time and the other teams know it and will exploit it, it's one weaknesses that need to be fixed.
  4. After the hit Hall skated around like he didn't have a care in the world, there is payback that does not involve neck breaking, by letting it go you're ensuring it'll happen again and more often.
  5. Q: what pieces are we actually missing? A: all of them.
  6. Who knows, maybe Hall will get a 1 year suspension and a retroactive penalty so the game will have to be replayed from the time of the hit. what really is disturbing is how the Canucks just keep taking it, no fight back means no deterrent from it happening again.
  7. That was pure stupidity, they should suspend all the players that hit him with their skates, if a player goes down injured anyone coming within 10 feet should automatically get a penalty.
  8. Lawn bowling has strikes?
  9. I heard NJ was piping 703 Easy Street into the Canucks dressing room over and over again.
  10. We got the exact pick the idds said we would.
  11. Didn't Trev say Willie would retire a Canuck?
  12. Should have taken that time out you saved there WD..
  13. Why not neither the refs nor the Canucks will do anything about it.
  14. Geez, even their goal celebration lacks lustre.
  15. Canucks look like they just don't care.....about anything anymore.