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  1. Well, with the start of a new season upon us I have to throw out my traditional "Oh well, there's always next year."
  2. If you're discussing foundation players the Stanley Cup is a long ways away.
  3. The mother of all elbows, oh wait, that wasn't a fight, guess I'm used to MMA.
  4. So you're saying tanking the tank was a good thing?
  5. Quick, where's a ref I can blame for this?
  6. Oh well, there's always next year.
  7. Everyone go home, Edmonton got first pick.
  8. Winning: F Tanking: D-
  9. Bah, I thought the Canucks were thanking us.
  10. I think you got the odds wrong, here's how it should look. 1st pick - Oilers 2nd pick - 11.4% 3rd pick - 11.3% 4th pick - 14.2% 5th pick - 37.8% 6th pick - 13.8%
  11. Maybe someone can make one of the "one's we lost" walking dead videos.
  12. Ugh, wife is calling and that's not a good thing. the 2015-16 Canucks have cost me so much grief.
  13. That's what my mom said, I didn't Listen, I have three kids.
  14. D'oh! See you all in September.