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  1. It’s still a red wing first and foremost. I’m not saying all logos are good, just ours is the worst, I almost started a poll on to rank the nhl logos but it would be tough to get impartial results.
  2. Awesome, but killer whales are pretty much everywhere but I guess more are elsewhere, otherwise why would those tours waste so much gas travelling so far away. There’s an octopus at the aquarium that I remember or what about Grinder and Coola, they’ve been on Grouse for 20+ years. Irregardless, you’ll never convince me orcas represent Vancouver and I’ll always hate the logo.
  3. Check where Vancouver whale spotting tours go....hint, it’s quite a ways away from Vancouver, even into the US. I do not associate an orca with Vancouver, maybe Victoria, but definitely Vancouver.
  4. Natives made art out of every animal they saw, so what does that have to do with Vancouver or hockey....nothing, BCs national mammal is the spirit bear. Kill the orca!
  5. Actually most logos represent the teams name, not the sport, not the city.
  6. At least the rink and stick represent hockey, you know, the sport they play, the orca represents nothing but a corporation that once owned the Canucks.
  7. Orca has nothing to do with Vancouver, of the 5000 known orcas half live near Antarctica, only 75 live anywhere near Vancouver, a used condom can form a C, that stands for someone finishing what they started, I wish the Canucks could.
  8. Walking whales is still better than a sharknado.
  9. Orca does not represent Vancouver, it represents a corporation, The official mammal of BC is the spirit bear. Killer whale can be found pretty much anywhere and are actually more common in colder waters than Vancouver has. In fact there are only 75 killer whales in or around Vancouver.
  10. Look up the meaning of the Bruins logo, it’s not as simple a a B for Boston. I could form a used condom into a C, at least that represents someone finishing something they started. Not sure where you get I’d cheer for another team over a logo, I wouldn’t but I do have the right the hate it.
  11. Look at any other NHL logo, it represents the team name and/or hockey, ours represents neither, I stand by worst logo of all logos in the history of logos, I hate it that much.
  12. I’d prefer the Flying V non logo uniform to the orca, I have been a fan since day one and the orca represents nothing I love about my team, it’s a horrible, horrible logo.
  13. So why the orca, that came after, was corporate and ushered in the Messier era, the worst logo of all logos in the history of logos.