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  1. Um, so the Canucks will get better? They can't get much worse.
  2. That bar must be owned by the refs.
  3. Let me correct you:
  4. Johnny Canuck looks pretty tough, guess its not the right fit for our team,
  5. I have only one concern: does he chew gum?
  6. The Canucks have been programmed with a "turn the other cheek" attitude and till this changes we will never win a Stanley Cup. On top of that it makes for very frustrating hockey to watch.
  7. The odds of alll three teams being bumped from top three picks has to be lotto max comparable.
  8. Ha I'd laugh if he tripped and fell with the cards.
  9. They should let my wife pick the draft order, she knows nothing about hockey but it's amazing what you can get her to do for rings and necklaces.
  10. 4:30 is the initial draw, if it doesn't go Bettmans way they hold another at 4:40 and if needed a final one at 4:50. The rsults of the preffered lottery are announced at 5:00.
  11. Book? What's next, talking about the weather? morons!
  12. I remember when we mattered but nowadays we're pretty irrelevant.
  13. If everyone is praying to god then god is screwed as he has to disappoint 14 fan bases.