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  1. Well, we made them look bad then we made them look good then we made them look so-so, in the end I win a pizza from a Hawks fan and I have beer and my wife has wine, it's been/will be a great night.
  2. I bet a large Pizza Hut meatlovers pizza that Vancouver would win against a Chicago fan at work, the only thing I can't stand more that losing money is Chicago fans.
  3. Many great moments but for me the biggest was him knocking out Chicago. Best of luck Alex, I'll be cheering for Ottawa.
  4. My wife does a better job of keeping things out than the Canucks do, if it was the other way around my life would be bliss.
  5. I agree, we need a good coach.
  6. Sadly the Canucks will teach him how to turn the other cheek.
  7. Sad LaBate was the one who stood out, wish the rest of the team had his grit, also wish I could hate Burns but he's such an awesome person.
  8. Maybe the best thing for them would be to trade them to a team that has a legitimate chance at the cup, they will never have another shot at it here and I'd love to see them win one.
  9. They predicted us to be the worst team since the introduction of the loser point, there is a lot of upside to that prediction.
  10. Hmmm, they got game and you might score.
  11. We fired Tort, thats enough for the decade.