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  1. I dont understand how CoD is still a thing. Should have died years ago. havnt played since BO and have no desire to play now or ever again.
  2. i wouldnt go for anything other than a 4th line center. really no point otherwise, just a waste of cap space.
  4. he will have his own thing soon the guy has a following.
  5. The reasons its cheaper to buy produce from america and ill put these in bullets so there easy 1) Land availability More useable land. Climate plays a role in this also, South of the fraser is some of the best farm land. 2) Climate, Here for 4 months of the year even with a greenhouse its very hard to grow things at place where it can be profitable. 3) Price of Electricity or Fuel is more due to the colder winters so instead of buying a 3 dollar head of lettuce from cali u can get a local one for 15 4) Workers Cost of workers is so much higher than down there That idea about saskatchewan and greenhouses would cost a fortune and be very inefficient.
  6. Why do we keep bringing up polls. Most of the polls were right. She did win the overall vote by 2% but it didn't matter in the end cause that's not how it works down there. Its like a broken record. Just keep going back to it cause you have nothing else.
  7. people think NK is a threat to North america? thats laughable. they are a threat to South Korea and Japan. They are a joke of a country thats running out of time in general.
  8. well those rumors i posted are fake. So onto other stuff the airfield is back up and in use again. Congrats america, youve been duped.
  9. i dunno if true or not. but heres ur usual twitter rumor.
  10. Rumours coming out russia shot down 11 of the cruise missiles before impact. 70 shot but 59 hit the target. Time to start digging that bunker outback.
  11. LOL. trumps just going to attack. like he said hes not going to tell anyone. Lets get ready for WW3
  12. boooooooooooooooooooooooo
  13. he was sick before the game and there backup wasnt even in the stadium yet so he had to play, which resulted in him fainting. scary stuff to see and i hope it was just that.
  14. Sane train has gone off the tracks here. So stupid dumb conspiracies now. Man where else does this rabbit hole go.