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  1. Jebus 16 defencemen
  2. First and last awards garbage im watching
  3. Please kill me. This is bad
  4. Ohhhhhhhh. Sick burn kid.
  5. Whos the little person?
  6. Wow ok. I watched 12 seconds too much of that vid. Can I have those seconds back.
  7. Uh huh. So just NASA? Eh.
  8. Sad. For this to happen it's unbelievable and now there's rumours of up to and maybe over 100 missing/dead.
  9. a big reason i will watch less games next year. was about to buy his jersey.
  10. Why is comey going to prison? The delusion has reached fever pitch with a few of you here
  11. that is an opinion piece!
  12. Maybe with Qatar it'll start small and snow ball into a ww1 situation. I hope not though but everyone's taking sides now. And with a certain leader of the west no longer existing it hampers it more
  13. Maybe it had to do with that small conflict going on in Europe and Asia.also since the 1950s the USA has not wanted us to have a big military. I will say our military is a joke at the moment and needs major funding. We need a navy.
  14. Lmao. Good way to go bankrupt too.
  15. ohhhhhh, good one there, must have been hard to dig up that. YES WE KNOW SHE HAD A PRIVATE SERVER, YES SHE WAS A TERRIBLE CHOICE, SHE LOST, THE USA HAS A MORON IN OFFICE. ok so lets move on.