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  1. 18 D chess actually, Trumps the smartest person ever, hes so far ahead in evolutionary terms he makes no sense to most people cause there all less evolved. Also sleeping Sessions? did you make that up?
  2. why is OJ talking about the robbery and how he didnt do anything. isnt the reason for parole to show the board you show remorse or how you have changed since then? the guy never admits to anything.
  3. what are you being vindicated for? also thats good the CIA cant do that anymore, as syrian civil war just needs to end.
  4. pickles are the best and pineapple on pizza is the best ever.
  5. Wow I'm goin g to need to increase rent! I'm the keremeos area and my rental 2 bed room house goes for right now 850
  6. Tsn app has them under radio. That's what I use
  7. Am I from calgary? No. Live in the okanagan.
  8. 1965 oldsmobile f-85 1979 datsun B210 1994 nissan pickup. 2008 ford ranger (still have) 1995 chevy 2500(still have) started driving in 2004
  9. hey if the government wants to spend the money, maybe we buy the f-35 and some more super hornets and have two fleets of aircraft. but id think the best plane to get is the f-22 but the usa wont sell that to anyone.
  10. after doing some actual research, id say its best we go with the f-35. Its not the best for our country but for use with our allies and having the same plane will benefit us in the long term.
  11. i like the idea but in the end its going to cost too much money.
  12. Ive always wanted an oven chicken
  13. Looking like no rain in sight for at least a week or more which is bad news for us in the okanagan. Fires are going to start popping up here. Another new fire in Hedley, 30 minutes east of Princeton. Hoping hwy 3 stays open as i have to head down to the coast on wednesday. http://www.bcwildfire.ca/Situation/interactive-maps.htm
  14. What long term jobs exist in relation to a single pipeline? Maybe a hundred. Maybe less. There's no economic sense for bc to have any. We get 0 out of it and if there's a major spill it's a huge negative.